Undeniable Proof Emerges That JP Morgan Sunk The Titanic To Form Federal Reserve

The biggest false flag in history orchestrated by banksters

Shocking new evidence has emerged that JP Morgan carefully orchestrated the sinking of the Titanic so that he could form the Federal Reserve.

Back in 1889, a book was written by Morgan Robertson, spookily titled “Wreck of the Titan”, detailed the demise of a luxury liner that hit an iceberg killing everyone on board.

The book became eerily prophetic as the disaster would play out almost to the exact detail of the book.

What was different with the Titanic was the huge political implications it would have after it sunk.

Some of the wealthiest key figures in the financial industry died when the Titanic sunk, all of them had one thing in common; they opposed the Federal Reserve.

The book became eerily prophetic as the disaster would play out almost to the exact detail of the book.

Let’s get to the facts:

FACT: JP Morgan funded/built the Titanic

FACT: JP Morgan was booked on the voyage but canceled at the last second.

FACT: Friend of JP Morgan, Milton Hersey, also canceled at the last moment. (and survived to build the Hersey food empire)

What was different with the Titanic was the huge political implications it would have after it sunk.

FACT: There were no red flares on board to signal to any boats for rescue. Only white flares that signal a party and that everything is okay.

FACT: It was the first ship of its kind with the ability to seal decks electromagnetically which could also seal people below deck.

FACT: The Captain Edward Smith was one of the most decorated Captains of his time and would have been totally out of character by avoiding precautions.

FACT: The author of the book was poisoned to death a couple years after the Titanic sank.

FACT: The Federal Reserve was formed the very next year.

FACT: The Astor Family was one of the richest families in the world and John Astor III opposed the Federal Reserve.

John Jacob Astor IV, the richest man in the world at the time, a friend of Nikola Tesla, and an outspoken opponent of the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Astor gained his wealth, in part, as a real estate builder, investor, and inventor.

Other prominent Federal Reserve detractors, such as Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss, also died on board.


This was a book titled “The Titan” published 14 years before the Titanic sank and look at the similarities.

Did they hatch a plan at Jekyll Island to build a ship to eliminate the competition?

Similarities to the Titanic –

Although the novel was written before the Olympic-class Titanic had even been designed, there are some remarkable similarities between the fictional and real-life counterparts.

Like the Titanic, the fictional ship sank in April in the North Atlantic, and there were not enough lifeboats for the passengers.

There are also similarities between the size (800 ft long for Titan versus 882 ft 9 in long for the Titanic), speed (25 knots for Titan, 21 knots for Titanic) and life-saving equipment.

Beyond the name, the similarities between the Titanic and the fictional Titan include: Described as “unsinkable”

The Titanic was the world’s largest luxury liner (882 feet, displacing 63,000 long tons), and was once described as being practically “unsinkable”.

The Titan was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men (800 feet, displacing 75,000 tons), and was considered “unsinkable”.

Shortage of lifeboats –

The Titanic carried only 16 lifeboats, plus 4 Engelhardt folding lifeboats, less than half the number required for her passenger capacity of 3000.

The Titan carried “as few as the law allowed”, 24 lifeboats, less than half needed for her 3000 capacity.

Struck an iceberg –

Moving too fast at 22½ knots, the Titanic struck an iceberg on the starboard side on the night of April 14, 1912 in the North Atlantic 400 miles away from Newfoundland.

Also on an April night, in the North Atlantic 400 miles from Newfoundland (Terranova), the Titan hit an iceberg while traveling at 25 knots, also on the starboard side.

Sinking –

The unsinkable Titanic sank, and more than half of her 2200 passengers died.

The indestructible Titan also sank, more than half of her 2500 passengers drowning.

Went down bow first, the Titan actually capsizing before it sank.


Source: Neon Nettle | By Daniel Newton




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  1. From Julius Caesar to Lady Diana Spencer, there is one constant to every high-profile assassination which is beyond dispute – they do not just happen; they are ALLOWED to happen.

  2. Women and children get a spot on the life boats first. Plus I’m sure those men who stood against the federal reserve (parasites/dirt bag scum) were killed on board before the boat sank to make sure. These demons edge their bets.

  3. How on earth did 3 mega rich and important men NOT get a place on a life boat. in their room more than likely with a bullet in the head.

  4. Now explain how only three people were opposed to the World Bank and who finagled what to get them on the Titanic. Thank you.

    • They were invited to travel to England by the Federal Reserve for a meeting and yes very few people can be the deciding factor in many major decisions.

  5. All the great liners were in competition for the fastest crossing and that would determine the profitability of the ship, thereby justifying the excessive speed, the rich passengers/shareholders would have demanded it, maybe justified reducing lifeboats to reduce weight and increase speed? My mother travelled to the United States during the Second World War on The Queen Mary, converted to a troop ship. She said all the doors and much of the furniture had been removed to increase speed and she was so fast that she didn’t need an escort for protection from U Boats.

  6. HOW THE JP MORGAN AND THE WRECK OF THE TITANIC CREATED THE FEDERAL RESERVE IN 1913: When the Titanic when down on that cold April night in 1912, it had nearly a dozen wealthy businessmen on board nearly all of whom opposed Morgan’s takeover of the US financial system. But one person it did not have onboard was its owner, J.P. Morgan, who had mysteriously cancelled right before Titanic set sail. And within less than 2 years, the Federal Reserve Act would pass in December of 1913, and America would forever be under the control of Wall Street and the banking system. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/how-jp-morgan-sunk-titanic-to-ensure-federal-reserve-plot-against-america/

  7. do not think for a second those 3 men would have stopped the world bank from opening. Prolonged by some amount of time perhaps – however the course of history or today’s reality was not dependent on their deaths. Now unfortunately it is time for you to stop chasing the truth around in figure-8 motions and understand the truth for yourself and for the rest of us:

    – The course of history and of today’s reality is dependent on YOU –

    Shake a hand and tell your truths – tell your pharmacist, tell your grocery clerk, tell your postman, tell your boss. Tell your mechanic, tell the door-salesman when they knock, tell your waitress, tell your bartender, tell your children – and their school teachers.

    Print your truth on flyers and stick them on every door in your neighborhood and thumb-tac a message to every public note board you can find.

    If YOU do not do this — everyone of YOU — then someone in Cabal claiming to be one of you will just profit on a book with only part of your truth mixed with part of their lie and the book will be called something such as ‘The Untold Truth’ and your truth will certainly remain untold…… And it will be YOUR fault, just as it was the fault of your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

    And YOUR children and my children and their children and theirs – will continue to be part of a secret society that they know nothing about.


  8. Another view is see all this as a holocaust. When people worship dark spirits they have to offer sacrifice for time to time… like this Titanic; a grand luxurious vessel to offer bloody sacrifice of thousands of lifes!!! Same for world wars, mass shooting…dark ones never get satisfied for long.

  9. Truly, maybe it was not just the iceberg; maybe it was looking for an iceberg to justify the cause of damage, that could be another…and of course , if this book exists, it’s not mere coincidence; all this was planned way ahead. Probably even the death of aimed ones were executed before the ship sank…?

  10. Plus the evidence that Morgan had the Titanic switched with its near identical sister ship The Olympic which had been irreparably damaged a few months earlier and would otherwise have to be written off without insurance.

  11. We will never know the truth , accident or sabatage. I think that shop was just in the wrong place at the wrong time . And the the date of the passengers was very unfortunate.

    • Exactly. Seems it was most likely blown clean into three pieces by enough explosives to sever completely through the hull. If it had an iceberg gash it would have just slid under and settled peacefully to the bottom.

  12. Don’t forget, captain Edward Smith was a Jesuit, who obeyed his master Father Brown, who was also on board but apparently debarked before it left to cross the Atlantic.

  13. I wonder how it was managed to convince someone to increase the speed of the Titanic and cause it to hit the ice? Or was that a normal speed? Was the route chosen that would enable a probable accident?

    • Ruth Groening, regarding your question …”to convince someone to increase the speed of the Titanic and cause it to hit the ice?” here’s my tuppence:

      With the right kind of people in the right places, all planned in advance, everything is possible I guess.
      In company of limitless money. Who knows, eyes that should’ve been open were shut for a reason? Distraction with luxury and entertainment?

      I was amazed to read that levels in the Titanic could be closed off electromagnetically, though with J.P. Morgan behind this plan, electricity isn’t that far away of course. Made to be used for good profit as well.

      This story strengthens my plan, to avoid all large cruises and long trips by high-speed trains. More than ever, plans of this caliber can be concocted and put in action, I think. Not that I can afford such journeys,
      flying by plane isn’t my cup of tea either. Nasty chemicals damaging one’s immune system, bad smells and fear of height, all that means a no go. When I plan a world-trip it’s by going on foot with lots of stories in my memory archive, living from the sea and earning my food and shelter with crystal ball readings for children, on the beach, a la Mary Poppins style, but dressed in a seaweed skirt and green mermaid hair.

      Who knows, saving some of those who arrive at the shore swimmingly, the day after…… they may feel like dreaming, when they see me. I’m still working on growing a fishtail, ha ha.

      • You have made a lot of sense and I agree with you about cruises and flying. In an emergency, I probably would fly but wouldn’t like it.

        • Thank you, Ruth Groening. Even in an emergency I’m not flying. I really choose my own time to travel. In what kind of emergency one should be forced to fly, I wonder?
          When loved ones are dying, I can say goodbye to them on distance and when they’re in spirit again, they can visit me and pinch me for not having said goodbye, or happily winging it, saying “Hi!”.

          I’m feeling in my water .. ahem, that we will have much easier ways of transport in the near future. At least, maybe only on my planet of choice. For the time being, better grow a fishtail and make yourself a mermaid wet-suit, that will make you a fast swimmer. Even keeping up with dolphins 😉


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