One topic that really needs clarification in the controlled anti-zionist narrative is that …

A. “Israel” is comprised of 12 Tribes. Jacob was renamed “Israel” and fathered 12 tribes, not just the Jews. There were 12 tribes that exited Egypt, not just the Jews. There were 12 Tribes that occupied the Promised Land, and they fought amonst themselves when the Kingdom was split up.

B. There are Semites of every nationality that are not Jews, but of the remaining 11 tribes. Many live in Russia. Others in Europe.

C. The fact that the Khazarian Jews not only are not respectful of that fact, but also fail to welcome the rest of the Israeli clan to the land of Israel, produces bad Karma, which, alas, is blind.

D. Furthermore, if the Jews want to get really technical, the birthright was passed on to the seed of Joseph. 1 Chronicles 5:2. This point is moot if zio’s won’t acknowledge that Israel means 12 Tribes, not just Jews.

These salient facts need repetition, because they are the truth.

Beginning with the eldest son of Jacob (Israel):

Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph and Benjamin. Jacob also fathered Dinah, but she is not considered one of the tribes of Israel – feminists may have a bone to chew on here.

Also, at the end of his life, while in Egypt, Israel asked Joseph to bring his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, to him so he could bless them. In that blessing he adopted the two boys as his own, thus making for two more tribes. This is recorded in Genesis 48:5. As an aside, it was Judah who talked the rest of his brothers into selling Joseph to the nomads who then brought him to Egypt and sold him as a slave to Potiphar. The profit-motive started long ago.

Notice what he says to Joseph in verse 21: [Then Israel said to Joseph, “I am about to die, but God will be with you and take you back to the land of your fathers. And to you I give one more ridge of land than to your brothers, the ridge I took from the Amorites with my sword and my bow.”]

Then, in Chapter 49, Israel gives each of his sons a unique

But, it’s also very clear that the Jews don’t have sole rights to the promised land. The greater argument is made when the 12 tribes settled the promised (map) land after their exodus from Egypt. The reason we don’t see the tribe of Levi on the map is because this tribe was consecrated to minister in the Arch of the Covenant and later in the Temple of Solomon and Herod’s Temple. Instead, the Levites were given towns to dwell in among the twelve tribes (map) which became sanctuary cities, for those who fled from the law, which is what David had to do to avoid getting killed by Saul.

Parenthetically, the sons of Jacob were not borm of one woman. He was married to two sisters, simultaneously, Leah and Rachel, who also offered their handmaidens for him to impregnate. Long story. The twelve tribes are the product of four women. This is another topic of discussion.

We could discuss the two Kingdoms that were formed later and the warfare that ensued between them as recorded in Kings and Chronicles, but that’s tangential to the main point that the Jews don’t have exclusive rights to the land they claim as their own.

From a mathematical perspective, the Jews are outnumbered 11 to 1. There are 11 times more Israelites that are not Jews than there are Jews. This is not including Arabs, who are also Semites. So, this Anti-Semite narrative really doesn’t wash at all. And it’s not as if Jews don’t troll other Jews or as if there are no opposition parties in Israel or as if Orthodox Jews are not being jailed for demostrating against the draft. Of course, we’ll never hear the ADL or AIPAC, or the ACLU mention any of this, because it doesn’t serve their narrative. Anyone with any kind of European ancestry is 99.999% certain to be an Israeli Semite, a descendant of one of the eleven tribes. The rest of humanity has either descended from Esau, Jacob’s brother, from whom the Arab nations came into being or from Noah’s other sons or from whoever engendered the African tribes.

I’m not, by a long shot, an expert on Palestinian historicity. I see a spectrum of authorship on the topic, ranging from A History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era, a non-fiction book by Assaf Voll, in which, in characteristic Zionist chutzpah, the book’s 120-so pages were left blank, raising the book to the #2 position on Amazon, before it was pulled from sale – only after it condemned the Palestinians to having no history of any kind – to a more moderate view that the Palestinians of the late 19th and early 20th century were simply subjects of the Ottoman empire – an empire much like a modern EU where labor forces flowed freely, inviting the theory that the “Palestinian” region was home to a cosmopolitan population, as opposed to a unique race or culture – to the more archaic interpretation that Palestinians are somehow descendants of early Canannites, who populated the region before the 12 tribes moved in to conquer them, following their Exodus from Egypt.

With respect to invading Empires, that region has been conquered by Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Egyptian and Roman Empires; the remaining monuments attest to massive crossover of cultures, begging the question: are the descendants of these empires not equally entitled to Palestine?

The most archaic narrative that forms the basis for Palestinian land ownership begins with the post-deluvian generations of Noah. Ham, a son of Noah, was in turn the father of Cush, from which Nubia and Ethiopia came from; Put, from which Libya and Morocco came from; Mizraim, from which Egypt came from; and Canaan, who was the youngest son, from which Syria and Eretz Israel (later called Palestine after 135 CE) came from.

Canaan’s sons were Zidon and Heth, and they propagated into the Jebusites, the Amorites, the Gingashites, the Hivites, the Arkites, the Sinites, the Arvadites, the Zemarites, and the Hamathites.  Afterwards, these Canaanite families branched out even further.  The Canaanite boundary went from Zidon going toward Gerar, as far as Gaza; going toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, as far as Lasha. When the 600,000 Israelites came out of Egypt and were commanded by God to destroy these tribes, this is what they faced (map).

Now, we come to the Greater Israel promise (or Project), which God promised the Israelites through Moses their prophet. And this is where the polemic starts. Some argue that Israel should stretch to the Euphrates, because father Abraham was promised as much by God. Biblical text. However, Abraham is the father of both Israelis and Arabs. So, this argument does not hold much water for Israel. It holds water for descendants of Esau (Jacob’s brother), though. The Palestinians can claim that God gave them the same right to dwell in that region as he gave the Israelites.Traditional Jewish interpretation, and that of most Christian commentators, define Abraham’s descendants as Abraham’s seed only through his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob, to the exclusion of Ishmael (Isaac’s brother) and Esau (Jacob’s brother, upon whom the birthright did not pass).

Some argue that Moses was promsied even greater latitude and that the swath of land promised Israel was to stretch from present-day Beirut eastwards to Baghdad, south to the Persian Gulf (absorbing Kuwait), then westward across northern Saudi Arabia, swallowing Jordan & Syria, to the eastern bank of the Nile, by the Sudanese-Egyptian border, then north to the Mediterranean, along to Beirut. This is the Zionist Greater Israel vision. So, when people ask ‘what is the zionist end game?’, this is it. Your Mossad friends may corroborate this factoid. They will use proxies (USA-EU) to achieve their aim. Some have taken even greater liberties and pushed the NW corner of Greter Israel further north (map).

Biblical references: A B C

The real Jews, who see past the Zionist Crypto-Jews’ plans, are vehemently opposed to the very formation of Israel and, definitely, to any expansionist misadventures. Of course, the world knows that prior to 1948 Jews and Arabs lived in harmony within the region. That’s another discussion.



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  1. I’m glad your looking into the scriptures of the Eberyim (Hebrews) for answers.
    However, this is not a body of texts one can pick and choose from, as one will greatly err in the process. This is the problem of christians, as they take the Eberyeh writings and pick what they want from it and discard the rest, and do not understand that all things are connected together, and integral, and if one piece is removed everything falls apart. This is why christians are spiritually unenlightened and grope about in the darkness, in sorrow: because they divorced much wisdom to suit their religion of “do as thou wilt in the name of jesus” (my heart is not against christians, but rather against the religion of christianity, because despite how much the system works to make people not want to pick up the Eberyeh Scriptures, if one does pick up the writings, they are generally directed to the religion of christianity, where they will go to church and be told what to believe is in those writings, rather than read and actually find out, and make it to eternal life, and be saved from eternal deletion from existence).

    Please, read more of the scriptures, and be willing to reject all of the things you were told throughout your life, for most of our perspectives on life are false constructs force-fed upon us since we were born, and ones we were never taught to challenge, but rather the opposite.

    Anyway, in regards to your article, you wrote a few sentences that somewhat summed up the points in this that need to be addressed:
    “Anyone with any kind of European ancestry is 99.999% certain to be an Israeli Semite, a descendant of one of the eleven tribes.”
    –They are going to be descended from Yaphet (aka Japheth) Yaphet is the son of Noah who populated Europe. (Jasher 10:6-18) (Jubilees 8:25-29) (Josephus “Antiquities of the Jews” book 1 chapter 6) Semite is one descended from Shem, not Yaphet.
    “The rest of humanity has either descended from Esau, Jacob’s brother, from whom the Arab nations came into being or from Noah’s other sons or from whoever engendered the African tribes.”
    –many of the arabs are also of Ishmael, and as well from Abraham and his wife Qetura. Esau is the enemy of the children of Yakub (Jacob), and Esau is whom we know today as the “Sephardic Jews” (aka scribes, as in “scribes and pharisees”). Most of the people who call themselves “jews” do not fit the description of the people of Yakub written in the ancient scriptures, but do fit well the description of Esau and his affiliates.
    As for Africa: that would be Ham who populated that place. As well, Shem birthed many nations that were not only not stemmed from Abraham, but also not even from Eber. The people of India are Semites (albeit mixed a little, but are historically Semites). The Chinese and their kind are descendants of Cannan by one named Shin, who fathered the Shinim (the Qin or “chin”), yet were later on heavily invaded by people of Yaphet (Likely descendants of Magog, though who exactly I am am not fully sure).

    The truth is the so-called “jews” are not the tribe of Yahuda (Judah) and most are not even descended from Abraham. Most of the tribes are right in the U.S. , which is the land of assembly (poorly translated as Arsareth) which is spoken of in 2 Esdras. Your so-called african-americans, your so-called native americans, so-called gypsies, so-called latin-americans. There are others of the tribes who are scattered places, but they certainly do not consist of ruling populations of white europeans, nor kingly lines in Africa or the east. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68. The tribes of Y’shral (Israel) have defining characteristics due to forsaking YHWH, and the jewish people of today do not fit this bill, nor any prophecy stating what was to befall the descendants of Yakub.

    However there was much good information in this article, and certainly stuff going in the right direction! Keep searching! I myself have not finished the search either, and YAH has much to enlighten me to.

    I pray that you will continue reading the Eberyeh (Hebrew) scriptures, as they are full of ancient wisdom. Books such as 1 Enoch, Shepherd of Hermas, Wisdom of Solomon, all the writings of the prophets, and of course, the Torah, which when one understands the language of the Eberyim they will find a great wealth of wisdom in there, because the english language (as well as all others) do a great disservice to the Torah.
    May YAH give you a nice day, and lead you down good paths!

  2. Kryon’s comments on Israel and the Jews for your consideration:

    QUESTION: Dear Kryon, with the escalation of hostilities between Islamic Jihad and Western powers being played on a world media stage, how can a U.S. Light worker respond to friends, family and co-workers who want to ride the patriotic wave and create more warlike fervor?

    ANSWER: This is the test, is it not? We told you many times that the war would be the “old against the new.” You can see now that it is a battle between old and new consciousness. It happens within the old consciousness of the terrorist, and the old consciousness of the one sitting in the western home watching it. It is a worldwide conflict, but it’s about each person… not groups of persons. Doesn’t it strike you odd how you could be at war with something that has no border or defined structure? That’s because it is a war that will be won or lost through the individual choice of Humanity one-by-one.

    How can a U.S. Lightworker respond? The answer is with the enablement of “The Third Language.”
    Again, we tell you that this is a connection with Spirit that gives any Human Being a balanced wisdom
    to see “within” this battle. First, understand that despite what it appears on the outside, the battle is not between cultures or religions. It is between an old and new paradigm of civilization. Remember also that the U.S. was founded upon the idea that “all are created equally,” and that “all have a right to free choice.” Therefore the answer to your question is this: Respect the one who reacts with anger, for you are seeing basic Human response. However, give energy and wisdom to those in your leadership, and the leadership of the world through your power as a lightworker. Your consciousness can create change.
    It can shine light into dark areas. You can make a difference, even without speaking a word.

    Can you NOT take sides? Can you respect the right to free choice? Can you send light where it is needed despite the overwhelming Human response for revenge and action? Can you love those who might have less wisdom, but much compassion? This is why we call it “work.”

    QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I am sure beings are watching very closely over Israel and the events happening now in this territory, and I believe they also take part and assist sometimes. I have the feeling that many miracles already happened and many lives were saved. However, I feel that we, Israelis, need more understanding and empathy from the rest of the world. The dreadful events of September 11 in the USA have shocked us and most of the world, yet we also have to cope with evil, hatred and terror for a very long period. It is getting worse from day to day.

    So many innocent people were murdered. Our enemies send thousand of brainwashed young people to murder as many of us as possible. The propaganda is lying in the face of the world – on one hand they celebrate killings and continuous war, while on the other hand they complain that they are victims. Children are sent to fight against us and if some of them get killed our wounded they put the blame on us. How should we react at the moment? Until the light which people send can change the situation and we make the transition successfully, how should we react to the continuous killings – in the name of God, by Holy “Shaheeds” who for their killing “go straight to paradise”? At least we would find some comfort in being understood.

    Our enemies spread their false propaganda and everyone listens only to them, while the continuous terror we have to cope with day by day is mostly being ignored by people who have only a very vague idea of the facts. Why do I have the feeling that what is really happening to us is of little interest to most of the world, but so many people are very quick to blame us for being the cause of unrest and terror in other countries? I would like to hear what is your answer to all this.
    — A woman and mother from Jerusalem

    ANSWER: My dear Israeli, you have struck the magic chord of the strings of the new consciousness. Indeed your description fits the frustration of the ages. The “unsolvable” problem also was supposed to provide the seeds for Armageddon… an energy which was provided to end the entire earth! What was needed all along, instead, was for the other parts of the world to “see” some of the truths behind the real battle, as we have stated within the first answer. This process has begun. It is slow, but it has begun.
    It is not the process of a political coalition, but rather one of education and awareness.

    How should you in Israel react? Just like you have for the past thousand years… with patience and endurance. But instead of patience without resolution, you now have something brewing that you never had before: The rest of the earth has had a profound insight as to what it feels like to have this energy
    at their doorstep. Gone are the days when you and your seeming enemies battle it out with the world turning its back, or not fully understanding the subtleties. Now the major powers of the planet must look
    at it closely and study the true roots of the issue, not the false ones.

    We have said over and over… “As go the Jews, go earth.” Do you understand now? Do those reading this who are NOT in the Middle East understand now? Your problems are now Earth’s problems. You also share them with those on the other side of town [meaning the Palestinians]. They also wrench their hands in frustration, wondering what to do. Do you think other mothers in those areas wish their children to be filled with hate and die? No. As discussed, it is not a group consciousness that is forming, but many individual ones together. This means that there are many in what you call the “enemy” camp, who are beginning to think differently about everything that was impossible in the past to solve. What happens in the future where you live, is what will guide the entire planet.

    Be peaceful with the fact that because of the new energy, the leaders will change and the structure will change. You may see the seeds of solution within your own lifetime as governments, schools, and even fundamentalist religions slowly understand that hatred is no longer the energy-hat will bring about the means of what they desire. Force will no longer equal peace… a very old consciousness since the beginning of mankind. It’s easy to die. It’s far harder to live in peace for a long time. This requires a wisdom that is just beginning to form. Let the children lead the way, for as they grow up you will see amazing changes… not like the ones you have seen over and over all your life. The ones who are
    being “trained to hate” by old energy adults are beginning to ask questions on their own, which may surprise you.

    By the way… when the prophet Muhammad spoke of Martyrdom, it was wisdom offered in the context of consciousness of those who would sacrifice their lives on the battlefield of God… a battlefield where warriors fought for unity and for the God of the Abraham! Paradise was never promised to one who would willingly terminate themselves by their own hand. This latter concept came from men, not God.

    (23) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I am an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem. I have been following your channellings for several years now, having read many of the Kryon books, online channellings, and Q&A archives via the website. I have a deep drive to uncover basic truths of reality, physical as well as spiritual. This is one of the reasons I have also studied Jewish philosophy and Kabalah.
    I can say that what attracted me to your teaching at first continues to attract me today; and that is the feeling I get of it being Truth, both in a physical (scientific) sense, but even more so in a spiritual and ethical sense.
    That having been said, I have some points of significant disagreement, at least ostensibly, and I would very much like to be enlightened about them. Not that they would negate the “99% plus” that I agree with; but still they are bothersome and some have ramifications in whether I should take action or remain inactive.
    A frequent theme mentioned in your channellings as well as in the Q&A is the irrelevancy of existing prophecies. In one Q&A you ask (rhetorically) if ANY existing prophecy describes what we are seeing today (implying that none does), and you go on to say that all existing prophecies are irrelevant now that the energy has shifted, etc.
    My question is: what about the Old Testament prophets like Isaiah and Ezekiel who in very many chapters, alongside prophecies of doom to Evil forces (Edom, Gog, etc.), also prophesize about “Wolves grazing with Lambs”, “Knowledge of God covering all as water covers the ocean”, “Death tears being a thing of the past”, “Swords converted to plowshares,” etc. (All of this is loosely translated from my memory of the Hebrew).
    Another issue arises in the context of “Question 1” (I emailed this question to Lee a few years ago, but the answer I received wasn’t very satisfactory. Perhaps you can satisfy me this time…). The question is: “What is the role of the Jews in the enlightenment of the the World?” Although in your teachings you refer many times to the fact that the Jews are special and intrinsically different, up till now (to the best of my knowledge) you haven’t given them any special role as a group or as collection of individuals. On the other hand, prophecies of Isaiah and Ezekiel, as well as compilations based on them such as RAMHAL’s, give a major role to the Jews as a whole and to their leader (the Messiah, King David, Scion of Yishay) or leaders (the Seven Shepherds) as the factor of divinely inspired leadership, continuing enlightenment, priests and etc.
    ANSWER: From LEE: Thank you for this fine question. First, Kryon has said that all past prophesy regarding the specific path of Humanity is moot. This would be in the form of the quatrains of Nostradamus and the specific timeline of the New Testament Book of Revelations. There is no prophesy existing that told of our 9-11 event, or the demise of certain dictators, etc. This is the kind of prophesy that is contained in Nostradamus and Revelation. There is an overall prophesy, however, of the goal of Earth. This overall prophesy exists in both Jewish and Christian scripture, and also in many of the eastern philosophies. So there is a difference between a “timeline prophesy” and the kind of prophesy that consists of “wise words of what is possible on the Earth.” You might even say that the Sermon on the Mount (The Beatitudes) also falls into the same kind of encouraging energy that is found in Isaiah and Ezekiel. It’s all from God, and the messages are the same.
    The answer as to why the Jews are here? What role do they play? This was answered in the three channellings given in Jerusalem on October 27, 28 and 29, 2005. At this writing, they may not all be on the website, but the plan is for them ALL to be posted there. OCTOBER 27, 2005 OCTOBER 28, 2005 OCTOBER 29, 2005
    The answer? The Jews are now commissioned with the task of bringing about the impossible: Peace in their land. Now you can understand why Kryon has said, “As go the Jews, go Earth.” The challenge in front of them is to create a new paradigm of coexistence within a very complex situation. When this can be agreed upon, the core reason for hating the West will be disengaged. Hate is easily perpetuated when it is fueled, but it stagnates when the reasons are removed. You might say that the entire fate of the Earth is in the hands of the Jews.
    Now… perhaps the Old Testament description of why the Jews are here begins to make more sense? They are not alone! But they must muster the strength and the wisdom to get out of the role they have played for centuries, and begin to put on their “hero” hats. Kryon even gave them a political prophesy. But I’m betting you were there to hear it, huh?
    Blessings to all of you in Israel!

    QUESTION (34) Hi, Kryon. Pertaining to the channelling in Israel: “As go the Jews, so goes the world.” “Jews are different from everyone else.” “Jews have a different karmic link.” Don’t all of us have a part in what happens in the world? Aren’t we all equal and special, be that from the African tribesman to the Buddhist monk to the Presbyterian minister to the Catholic priest to the starving child in Africa or India? The Dalai Lama was just here in Toronto. Here’s a man who’s neither Christian, Jewish, Catholic nor Muslim. Yes, he’s Buddhist, but the feeling of togetherness and compassion that he exudes is universal. Doesn’t a person like that have an impact on how things go?

    ANSWER It’s been explained many times. The Jews hold a place in the Akashic Record of the earth that is a “core” energy. Yes, all are special in their own way; however, the Jews are specialists on this planet in a way that should be obvious if you look at all of Human history. It has nothing to do with compassion or universal love. Think of it as universal accounting.

    No other group has the attributes of a “race” without being one (according to anthropologists). No other group has seen civilization try to eliminate them repeatedly over the centuries, no matter if they were slaves or in modern times sitting in their own country. They’re a group that has a core energy to civilization itself. “As go the Jews, so goes the world” is a correct statement, and believe me, you shouldn’t envy this position, for it carries with it such seeds of responsibility that the load is heavier for them.

    QUESTION (49) Dear Kryon: Representing only 3 percent of the population, how do we account for Jews appearing in disproportionately large number in the professions such as medicine, law, and accounting, and excelling in the areas of classical music?

    My own sense is that some souls who come into Jewish families are dedicated to high levels of individual contribution to the culture. They bring in an essence of harmony and peace, and find expression for this essence in the professions, honoring the gift of a natural intelligence.

    ANSWER This has been answered before, but I will again say these things to you. When you have a pure karmic group, then they incarnate over and over into the same group until it’s time to leave that group. When they leave, they don’t come back. This is the “purity” of the karma. It carries with it both challenge and reward. The challenge is that it’s “seen” by others on Earth as a group that carries the core, and if the group is eliminated, then the conqueror will carry the core. You might think this is ridiculous until you look at their history.

    The good news is that any group like this (and it’s the only one) has individuals who really “know how things work” on the planet. They keep coming back in the same situations, and it shows. This is why they’re so good at what they do, and are the earth’s shopkeepers, artists, and musicians. Again, you can look around you and see this all over the planet. It’s not a coincidence, and I’ve given you the spiritual reasons long ago. You may have your own ideas, but truth is stranger than anything you can conceive, for it goes right back to the core of the Akashic Record, and what happens to entities who incarnate so often within the same family structures.


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