The condition of spirit possession, (that is, full or partial takeover of a living human by a ‘discarnate’ being) has been recognized or at least theorized in every era and every culture.

In 90% of societies worldwide there are records of possession-like phenomena (Foulks, 1985).

Extensive contemporary clinical evidence suggests that discarnate beings, the spirits of deceased humans, can influence living people by forming a physical or mental connection or attachment, and subsequently imposing detrimental physical and/or emotional conditions and symptoms.

This condition has been called the,

  • “possession state”

  • “possession disorder”

  • “spirit possession”

  • “spirit attachment”

Earthbound spirits, the surviving consciousness of deceased humans, are the most prevalent possessing, obsessing or attaching entities to be found.

The disembodied consciousness seems to attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, exerting some degree of influence on thought processes, emotions, behavior and the physical body.

The entity becomes a parasite in the mind of the host.

A victim of this condition can be totally amnesic about episodes of complete takeover.

…An attachment can be benevolent in nature, totally self serving, malevolent in intention, or completely neutral. Attachment to any person may be completely random, even accidental.

It can occur simply because of physical proximity to the dying person at the time of the death. In about half the cases encountered in clinical practice it is a random choice with no prior connection in this or any other incarnation.

In the remainder some connection can be found, some unfinished business from this or another lifetime.

…Any mental or physical symptom or condition, strong emotion, repressed negative feeling, conscious or unconscious need can act like a magnet to attract a discarnate entity with the same or similar emotion, condition, need, or feeling.

Anger and rage, fear and terror, sadness and grief, guilt, remorse or feelings of the need for punishment can invite entities with similar feelings.

Severe stress may cause susceptibility to the influence of an intrusive spirit. Altering the consciousness with alcohol or drugs. especially the hallucinogens, loosens one’s external ego boundaries and opens the subconscious mind to infestation by discarnate beings.

The same holds true for the use of strong analgesics and the anesthetic drugs necessary in surgery. A codeine tablet taken for the relief of pain of a dental extraction can sufficiently alter the consciousness to allow entry to a Spirit.

Physical intrusions such as surgery or blood transfusion can lead to an entity attachment. In the case of an organ transplant the Spirit of the organ donor can literally follow the transplanted organ into the new body.

Physical trauma from auto collision, accidental falls, beating or any blow to the head can render a person vulnerable to an intrusive Spirit.

The openness and surrender during sexual intercourse can allow the exchange of attached entities between two people. Sexual abuse such as rape, incest or molestation of any sort creates a vulnerability to Spirit invasion.

Violence during the sexual abuse increases the likelihood of intrusion by an opportunistic spirit.

A spirit can be bound to the earth by the emotions and feelings connected with a sudden traumatic death. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, remorse, even strong ties of love can interfere with the normal transition.

Erroneous religious beliefs about the afterlife can prevent a spirit from moving into the “Light because the after death experience does not coincide with false expectations or preconceived notions of the way it is supposed to be.

Following death by drug overdose, a newly deceased spirit maintains a strong appetite for the drug, and this hunger cannot be satisfied in the non-physical realm.

The being must experience the drug through the sensorium of a living person who uses the substance. This can only be accomplished through a parasitic attachment to the person.

Many drug users are controlled by the attached spirit of a deceased drug addict.

Spirit attachment does not require the permission of the host. This seems to be a “violation” of free will. It also appears to refute the popular notion that each person is totally responsible for creating his or her reality and that there are no victims.

The apparent conflict here stems from the definitions of permission and free will choice. Ignorance and denial of the possibility of spirit interference is no defense against spirit attachment.

Belief or lack of belief regarding the existence of intrusive entities has no bearing on the reality of these beings and their behavior.

In denial and ignorance, most people do not refuse permission to these nonphysical intruders. Individual sovereign beings have the right to deny any violation or intrusion by another being.

With limited, if any, knowledge and distorted perceptions of the nature of the spirit world, the nonphysical reality, many people leave themselves open and create their own vulnerability as part of creating their own reality.

It is fashionable today among many “new Age” enthusiasts to attempt to channel some higher power, a spirit teacher or master who will use the voice mechanism of any willing person to speak “words of wisdom”.

Some use the terminology “for my highest good” when calling for a spirit to channel through.

This activity constitutes permission and welcome for a discarnate spirit. The identifiers such as “master” and “teacher” and qualifiers such as “for my highest good” will be claimed by the entities as personally valid identifications, qualities or attributes…

The host is usually unaware of the presence of attached spirits.

The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person’s own thoughts, desires and behaviors. The thoughts, feelings, habits and desires do not seem foreign if they have been present for a long time, even from childhood.

This is a major factor in the widespread denial of the concept and lack of acceptance of the phenomena of discarnate interference and spirit attachment, obsession or possession.

In most cases, a person can only experience and acknowledge the reality of the condition after an attached entity has been released. The realization may come some months after a releasement session as the person suddenly notices the absence of a familiar attitude, desire, addiction or behavior.

The symptoms of spirit attachment can be very subtle. An attached spirit may be present without producing any noticeable symptoms.

…A living person can have dozens, even hundreds of attached spirits, as they occupy no physical space. They can attach to the aura or float within the aura outside the body.

If any part of the body of the host has a physical weakness the earthbound can attach to that area because of a corresponding weakness or injury to the physical body of the spirit prior to death.

A spirit can lodge in any of the chakras of the host, drawn by the particular energy of the chakra or by the physical structures of that level of the body.

…An attached entity can be associated with any emotional track of a living person such as anger, fear, sadness, or guilt.

The emotional energy of the entity intensifies the expression of a specific emotion, often leading to inappropriate overreactions to ordinary life situations.

…The mental, emotional and physical influence of an attached entity can alter the original path of karmic options and opportunities of the host. It can disrupt the planned lifeline by hastening death or prolonging life, thus interfering with any specific checkout point.

An entity of the opposite gender can influence the sexual preference and gender orientation. An attached entity can influence the choice of marriage partners and the choice of a partner for an extra-marital affair.

Many areas of a person’s life can be influenced by one or more attached entities.

In short, spirit attachment can interfere with any aspect of the life of the unsuspecting host.

…The symptoms of spirit attachment can be very subtle.

An attached spirit may be present without producing any noticeable symptoms. Yet attached entities always exert some influence ranging from a minor energy drain to a major degree of control or interference.

Complete possession and takeover can result in suppression of the original personality. The earthbound spirit does not replace the rightful spirit in the body in such a case, it just usurps control.

An attached earthbound spirit cannot maintain life in a human body after the original spirit being has separated from the body in the transition of death.

From “Spirit Releasement Therapy

by Dr. William Baldwin

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  1. I totally agree. When an entity or disincarnate attempts to enter my world, I tell them: “Into the Light NOW” and they are forced to leave. Also: “I send any and all dark entities into the Light now. I am free and clear of all psychic debris.” (I say this twice a day.) Because feelings and thoughts become habits, people become use to having entities in their auras. When you smoke, especially pot, swear, seek excitement (including violent games like football), it leaves holes in the aura and entities enter. Because women are magnetic, and men are electrical, it is very common for men to use women as a dumping ground for what they have created and picked up. Smart women check the auras and intentions of males before becoming involved because truth is men don’t care about women. Therefore, we need to care about ourselves. A-sexual is safer and smarter. When men call women ‘cold’ tell them cold is not caring about women’s health. When they call a woman a witch because she is in a female body, tell them he is in a male body, does that make him a rapist and murderer? It is time we no longer let negative males get away which what they for all too long have encouraged each other to do.

  2. The author of this article states that:”Spirit attachment does not require the permission of the host. This seems to be a “violation” of free will. It also appears to refute the popular notion that each person is totally responsible for creating his or her reality and that there are no victims.” I fully agree. My two young daughters have been relentlessly attacked by negative spirit-entities for a number of years, to their mental and physical detriment. They have most certainly NOT created these problems, and are therefore victims. They have not created this reality themselves, regardless of the nonsense spouted by so many New Agers who like to blame people for the problems they experience. The attacks and control exerted on my daughters by malevolent spirits is absolutely a violation of their free will, and no attempts by the girls to rid themselves of these entities has ever worked.

    All of this raises a very significant question. Given that we all supposedly have free will, why is it that in so many situations the free will of a victim is not honoured by the universe? Evil entities, human or otherwise, are freely able to exercise their free will to harm others, yet the universe does not honour the free will of the victim to be free from harm exerted by others. The impression is that the universe basically upholds only the free will to do evil.There appears to be something very, very wrong in the way that this universe operates..

    • Ian Lewis, I do understand the devastating effects of spirit attachments on your daughters, affecting you as their father. There’s never a condoning of these practices. As I see the purpose of human beings now living on planet Earth, they’ve chosen to create a body, with the consent of their spirit-being, do you agree? Or don’t you see it that way, as part of creating our reality?

      As I perceive it, evil entities have given up on their resources of light, a black out so to speak, due to deep hurting, mistaken clues and intentions, entangled in their self-made web of lies, abandoning their true nature as a being of light born from Source.

      What seems to hold a judgment …. ” very, very wrong in the way that this universe operates”, is the other side of the coin, with freedom of choice applied in a restrictive way. On the other side of the coin, it’s inherent to the choice to have experiences of all sorts, to figure out how it works out, what will happen, in service to self and service to others. Which, to me, aren’t that strictly apart, as opposites. The notion of something being “wrong” creates a division of good and bad, white and black, causing us to live in constant judgment, labeling. Judgment is directly related to our freedom of choice, is it not?

      What I believe is the key in finding true understanding of free will, is the erasing of the line that creates this division and bring both good and evil in the circle. Like the symbol of yin-yang. A good person, who’s got some understanding of compassion, may ask the evil person who attacked the good person, both standing in that circle “Where does it hurt so much, that you need to hurt me in order to get healed?” It’s a question presented by Neale Donald Walsh, in one of his videos. It’s a powerful one.

  3. Well said, Mr Morgan. Until recently, I’d been under the ongoing harrassment of malevolent entities’ obsession. A lot that I’d researched confirmed this for me. At no point in time had I ever given permission for myself to have been under this sort of focus.

    • I think, LawSuth, apart from seeing harrassment as a general approach to all beings that seek and live the Light, in other words, non-personal, that entity obsession can be the result of living in a home with the front door open all of the time. Or the backdoor, in a slightly different state of mind or spirit.

      Not having given permission is a non-constructive way to deal with this, the intellect falls silent in those affairs, as I see it. See if you can use the same emphasis (in stating that you’ve never given permission) to turn 180 degrees and state that you’re not giving up your inner space. Be curious, find out and show the beings who cause this harrassment the door out. Not in.

      You may like to look into the article “The whirlwind of energies that matter and all that matters not” that I’ve written recently. Also The Even is Coming Soon channel has created an audio-tubby with that text.

  4. Spirit Possession? That’s a vast subject and for many who are programmed by the mass media movie industry, it seems to become a hunt for thrills, in want of suspense and chicken skin, not knowing that inviting entities deliberately is playing with fire.

    For what it’s worth, my view on non-physical beings and their “hobby” to meddle with human affairs, or instinctively feeling drawn to a human being without much awareness, is related to the way the laws of nature are expressed in form, nature’s work and human nature’s work. How life force energy is used and expressed, the more refined push and pull game so to speak.

    The so called “dark forces” though potentially fiercely powerful and destructive in their working, if they’re feared long enough and eagerly feed on that fear, are entities that invest a lot of time and energy to cover up their own authentic light or spark, walking far from Source for its Light is blinding to eyes that are open in darkness. Based on the delusion that it’s best to not feel, not love and not come to terms with all that is hurting within. As I perceive it, in itself, that’s a dynamic that cannot lead to creation, regeneration and evolution.

    For it’s a system based on auto-destruct, a self-imploding construct that, in a cosmic humorous way, prevents and protect life from being destroyed. That’s what the laws of nature are to me. Ultimately the darkness is a presence due to the freedom to experience, to try out. Let’s see how it feels to go into the opposite of Light. Which one of us, you the reader, hasn’t tried that? Going with the flow or swimming upstream, both directions ending at Source?

    We’re a planet with a population that is granted the right, some Eeyor types see it as an obligation and a burden, to experience and find out what works or not works for itself. That “us” may include attached energy or an entity, serving its own agenda at the cost of the host, but always indirectly serving the host’s agenda as well, a most clever scheme that is at the same time following the laws of nature: a human being ready for a catalyst of some sort. “Give and take” in a variety of forms with different levels of awareness and growth.

    To some of you it may sound harsh, when I say that all suffering is in essence self-made or, indirectly, a catalyst pushing one, knocking one down even, in order to evolve and grow. As in an invitation, a welcome. Being harsh would be the case when I’m coming from guilt and punishment. I’m not in a position to judge and correct another person’s agenda. In the game of push and pull of energies, there’s always resonance of some sort. Trigger. The attraction of polarities, yin and yang always seeking balance. Just like water flows in tidal waves all over the planet. However complicated and bizarre it may look, as I perceive it, it takes two to tango in the dance of life and love.

    I’m an experienced human being, never too old to be young of heart. I’ve been in a hell of a learning curve, regarding entities, thought-forms and wanderers in astral planes, once in my life. Had to catch up with a lot of skills within that lay dormant and follow that progress consciously. I chose that experience to be a catalyst, also consciously. Telling someone to treat an experience as catalyst is nonsense, for that person may be in a very different phase and level of development. That sort of life-transforming experiences are highly personal and no manual exist as in “one size fits all”.

    One may find the most beautiful treasures in life when one knows where to look for them 😉 Understanding, before or after an event that holds a catalyst in its folds, is a most valuable quality when one is involved in experiences with non-physical beings, allowing “alien” energy in one’s energetic playground. With “alien” I mean energy that isn’t in resonance with one’s own frequency, incapable to be “owned” or even unsuitable to deal with. Similar to the consumption of a poisonous mushroom.The body may die.

    In my present life-journey with psychic abilities and energy-work, it’s been a colorful one and fortunately never damaging in effect. Though damage was present related to a once upon a time existence. For my spiritual evolution I accepted to journey to planet Earth again, as a soul, accepting to sort out a few trunks with “goodies” that I’d left in a locker, so to speak. In other words, the karmic wheel was given a fierce turn and lo and behold…. a catalyst arrived on my 59th birthday. Karma, to me, is the law of “what one sows is what one reaps”.

    Before the bottom fell out from under my life, first there was innocence combined with a strong intuitive knowing and gut feeling, growing up as a questioning child in the 50’s. Than there was a curiosity for all sorts of philosophies and religious systems, after hearing about Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, for the first time when I was 15 years old. I grew up in a very small world of a strict Calvinistic Church Institute, as a minister’s daughter in a family of 11.
    Some of you may know of my background already. That start in life has saved me from getting lost in space, pun intended. What if I’d been born in a New Age family? Too much of hippie close encounters and no discipline, building of emotional resilience and practicalities that serve one’s life and daily structure. Specially during emotional turmoil.

    In 1981, the first year I lived on my own, standing on my own two feet, I stumbled upon an Intuitive Training program, in Holland, which truly is one of many blessings that touched my life and made it move in many new directions. The urge to experience and taste, touch and change, to start with something new, explore and be creative, has always be strong in me. On my 59th birthday, Jan. 1st 2010, I stood in my living room, on my own, and out of the blue, or so it seems, I said “From now on I’m coming out of the closet and I’m going to show all of my faces and all of my masks” The previous months I’d noticed that a constant clashing with what I encountered in the outside world, began to turn me in a bitter person, withdrawing from socializing in a tendency to become a hermit. I’d promised myself to change that outlook on life, for being bitter isn’t my cup of tea at all. It’s not in my nature, see? Something must’ve stirred inside deeply. The dragon awoke, lying on its gold.

    If I hadn’t experienced energetic readings and healing work with energy, I wouldn’t have known what happened to me 6 months after that birthday, summer 2010. Although it took me a year before it dawned on me. I was at first totally at a loss, overwhelmed and desperate, though I kept structure in my working days and domestic life, seeing friends and family. That’s when my inner knowing offered wisdom, in sync with training in endurance at a young age, as the 3rd in row, the oldest daughter living with 8 siblings.

    Why did it happen, in life’s name? How on Earth….??!! Those “trunks in the locker” were definitely opened! And not by someone else, only by me! Did I find valuable objects in them? Trinkets? Masks? Magic wands? Love letters? A pirate’s wooden leg? Half an empty bottle of rum? A sword?

    A jester’s costume with bells? A handful of desert sand? Sleeping Beauty’s broken glass shoe?
    That’s how I’m able to share my experiences with the astral world and entities, plus the impact of a contract “made in Heaven” ahem and a few imprints that became ruling forces during a series of lifetimes that is as long as ivy climbing up into a giant poplar.

    What I’ve learned is, that a long lasting connection with the same soul causes all sorts of triggers, due to resonance with a familiar behavior or attitude, recognized in “the other”. The discernment to know that what one feels, thinks or senses, isn’t one’s own always, in that ivy-tower, is a saving grace and an entrance or portal, showing the tools and methods that may lead to the healing of all imprints present on the leaves of that tower and ultimately, to the restoration of one’s autonomy.

    The ability to see what’s beyond pain is the healing of that pain at the same time. As within, so without.
    I think that’s the definition of compassion. Is it not? Writing this journal of a meaningful event in my life helped me to see how much of what I’m saying is true in my life.To this day and all the days of my life.
    To see the Christ in everybody is a valuable excersize in mindfulness. Maybe it should start with the breath, in order to be in the moment and see that freedom of choice: to look at “the other” with changed eyes.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this long comment!


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