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Time of Completion

I have just been listening to An Hour with An Angel and would like to tell my readers about what I’ve heard. Before channeling Archangel Michael, Linda spoke to Steve Beckow about how Archangel Gabrielle had recently reminded her about the end of a cycle of 12:12. Linda explains that December 12th, 1993 was the opening of a transition period into the Golden Age. Then back in 1993 the Council of love told Linda that this would be the beginning of a 24-year cycle. Linda was in her early 40s at the time and thought “give me a break – 24 years!” So, she went on to explain that these 24 years from 12.12 1993 until now we have seen to be a time of intensity, completion, chaos, turmoil, expansion and Archangel Gabriel was pointing out to her that those 24 years had passed now and its time to CELEBRATE.

Its now the end of that 24 years cycle – its time for a significant opening, and a brand new Golden Light Grid has been anchored on Gaia by Archangel Gabrielle We are the people anchoring this new realm on Gaia, this new paradigm of existence. Linda mentioned that we are now in a ‘gap period’ between the 12.12 {December 12th} and January 1st, 2018 {a reminder here that we are right now in the portal opening that Cobra told us about between 17th and 25th December when we have direct connection with the Galactic Central Sun energies} when many ‘domino pieces’ will be falling into place. Linda reminds that neither she or the Council like giving dates but that when the Council starts sounding like they do now its time to pay attention! We have reached the completion of a period. We have been in a 24-year cycle and we are still standing! As the so called Harmonic Convergence took place in 1987 we have been in a 30-year Ascension process. During this time, we have had repeated waves of the Mothers Tsunami of Love, Spiritual Beings Tsunami of Love and the activations of our DNA {spiritual bodies} preparing us to be the creators and co-creators of Nova Gaia.

This has not been an easy process by any means. Most of us have had difficult, trying, even hellish experiences during this time. Linda used the description of sometimes feeling like you are in quicksand. But the foundations have been laid for the ‘Cities of Light’ all over Gaia to come into form with new types of government, community, neighborhoods and families. We are learning a new way of looking at partnerships, relationships and learning to use the ‘Universal Laws’ in a practical way to build a world that works for everyone. Divine Mother has spoken a while back about the ensuing worldwide ‘heart opening’ event. In fact, all my readers should be well aware that this event will be the key – most important aspect of the so-called Event. Like Linda Dillon we should all be looking forward to what lies ahead.

Archangel Michael

If you like me have consciously asked Archangel Michael for protection and or simply company on your journey you will be aware that he turns up at regular intervals deepening our sense of peace within. He explains that we need this inner peace to ascend to the higher realms. He gives us a gentle reminder that the entire Co of Heaven are an ‘interwoven’ group and are working side by side with us in the “assumption of our divine authority, which is part and parcel of anchoring peace in physicality on this planet.”

Archangel Michael on the Middle East

The following words are notes that I made while listening to Michael and are as close to a transcript as I could manage. We will soon have the entire transcript and I will add that eventually.

Michael spoke of the continual upheaval in the middle east area of Gaia, which he says have been ‘sectioned up / divided up into oblong squares that are not of truth.’ Tribalism, hatred, greed and ultimate forms of protectionism, isolation, limitation, lack has created an unholy/ungodly mess in which every faction is jockeying for power, NOT right stewardship but the abuse of, control of keeping self-interests and not protecting certain interests.”

He said; “look at Yemen where there is murder, mayhem, starvation and disease. How does this contribute to the wellbeing of people whether they are Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew? This does not reflect faith, only limitation, and levels of abuse so terrible. There is a political allowance to starve people, children to death. How can this relate to Love or Peace within or without. This chaos is coming to the forefront to be seen but the price for those who do not participate but are suffering victims, because of where they have ended up geographically, is an abomination that needs to come to a conclusion. ”

How We Can Continue to Help

Archangel Michael expressed a thank you to all of us on Gaia who are meditating and sending love to war torn places and places where people are suffering right now. He mentioned the many lightwarriors that travel with Him nighttime to anchor the elusive quality of peace all around the globe. He also mentioned the Star Forces ~ our Galactic Families and the light they are continually sending to us which has been titled ‘Porlana C’ and how they intervene more and more even on the surface catching bombs in war torn palaces etc. {I recall Cobra recently saying how the Pleiadians are continuously working on dissolving pollution etc.} Finally, and not in any way least how the human Gaian factor of lightworkers affect change by declaring and holding the vision of peace and love.

A reminder that we can decree and declare and command that the Universal Laws of Change, Transformation and Transmutation {if you like in the name of Sanat Kumara our beloved Planetary Logos} can be used by all of us at any time to transform any and all situations now. Your declaration, your voice, your divine authority gives you the right to do this and you cooperate with the Light Forces in this way.

To be continued in part 2.

Source: In-Light Universal;

PS: a reminder to take part in the meditation on the winter solstice 21/22 Dec which is the mid-point of the time this portal to the Galactic Sun is open. All details are available on PFC and my blog.

Therese Zumi

First posted on PFC on Dec 18th 2017 at 1331 PM CET

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  1. Namaste ?. With humble gratefulness of love , Eye send Love and release of Acceptance Of All Abundance For Gaia And Humanity. Please forgive our ignorance. With love and compassion for humanity Awakening and those in the Ascension process. Namaste ?

  2. Thanks you Michael and all the Galactics, we can’t thank you enough! We can’t wait for Gaia to be free and for all life on this planet to have abundance of food, water and love.

  3. Thank you very much for the detailed summary and the transcript, Therese Zumi. Sending the brightest Rainbow Reiki Blessings your way. Namaskar

  4. ..”State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of detaching Gaia from the Yaldabaoth and the two wormlike plasma parasites on all time/space dimensions & planes.. see Arch Angel Michael’s brilliant blue ray of light cutting the ties and detaching the two circles, releasing Gaia from the Yaldabaoth and plasma parasites. Give thanks for all of the lessons learned and to all beings who have assisted in freeing Gaia.
    According to Cobra we can help with the final push by doing this meditation.


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