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TZ here; I must begin by saying that many people will question the fact that the Divine Mother of the duo Mother/Father One can really be channeled by someone? According to Archangel Michael there is no hierarchy in the Co of Heaven, but everyone is working for the Mother. Steve Beckow has explained many times how he sees things and that the Mother is the active divine principle moving through all of creation and the Father is the Still point. We cannot reach the Father other that through the Mother. I have been listening to these shows for 5 years now. I find that there has never been any reason for me to doubt who the Messenger is. The words flow for an hour or so during each radio show and Steve or Susanne {two shows on alternative weeks} can direct questions directly to the member of the Council of Love that is speaking through the channel Linda Dillon at that time. All I can say is that I do not believe that anyone would find anything other than PURE LOVE pervading these channelings. I have over these past five years written many articles to make the in-depth articles from Cobra and the Resistance Movement more easily understandable for newcomers and without this link to the Council of Love via Linda Dillon, and the work of Steve Beckow supporting people in their ascension process, I could not have done the work with Cobra. I need the interaction of the truth from both of these sources to find balance.

So really, I could just suggest to you that you either listen to this message from The (our) Mother or read the transcript which I will also provide in a link, but I will first introduce you to some of the themes that She discusses with us in this message, in the hopes that it may help you to be inspired to listen and because it helps me to anchor Her message within my own being.

Deeper Understanding of the Ascension Process

So firstly, I would recommend this message to anyone that is interested in the ascension process. Initially there is a discussion about heart openings. Steve speaks of someone experiencing recently a complete heart opening event and Mother says to him that there have been more of these taking place around Gaia. Steve mentioned in his intro to the show that

The Mother said that the heart opening for some will be sudden but for the mass of us it’ll be gradual. It’s already been underway and has been for some time…. She emphasized that Ascension is gradual and that it’s not usefully seen as step one, step two, in linear fashion. It’s more fruitfully seen as a flow of love that expands and expands.”

I would like to remind everyone at this point of the fact that although our development is gradual, and we have all been experiencing a change in our way of being, communicating, living in a state of forgiveness and tolerance, etc. Cobra has explained that the ‘real’ time of the beginning of the ascension process will take off dramatically at the time of The Event. You need to understand that this Event is being brought to its fulfillment through our united growth in Love and unity, {The Central Civilisation were so impressed with our unity in the August Eclipse Unity meditation, where so many Light workers joined forces in promoting it, that they concluded that we are ready for paramount change.} What Cobra is telling us is that when the veil has been lifted and there are no longer negative plasma beings with their paraphernalia controlling us on the plasma, astral and etheric planes, the pure white light of spirit – tachyon energy will be raining down on us and allowing for huge expansion of our beings on every level. No more fear, pain, worry, etc. We will very soon KNOW that we are indeed spiritual beings of Light in physical bodies and that there is no death. That is why the ascension process can really take off then. I will say once again what he has repeated time and time again. The ‘Mass Arrests’ will take place at the time of The Event. {yes, we know about some arrests and indictments etc. in the USA but its only the tip of the iceberg of what we will see later}. The financial reset can only take place then! BUT MOST important of all is that then we will be existing in a real ‘ocean of love’ for the first time in eons on this planet and that is when ascension will ‘TAKE OFF’. However, we need to be ready and prepared for that now and that is what Mother is preparing us for in this message.


“There are times when you have said to me or to my beloved archangels, “Well, I work within the old grid. I work with the old paradigms because that is simply the way things are.” What I suggest to thee, beloved, is that is not of truth. That is not how things are!

The truth of love, the truth of creation, the truth of your essence, the truth of my essence has never been of disarray, of hatred or greed or selfishness or fear, of lack or limitation, so that is not the way things are. That has been an absolute misconception of reality. And you have grown, and you have matured and some of you would say, “Yes, I have seen through the chaos and I have seen through the illusion.”

But it is not adequate to simply see through it or recognize it. It is also important, vitally important, essential, to see what is ahead of you, underneath that illusion…inside. And of course, the only way to truly discover and embrace that truth, that reality, that love, is through the knowing of your beautiful sweet self, of the immutable self that does not truly shift or change, that your essence is and always has been love and that everything else in this journey of being in form and of being the truth and the implementers of the Divine Plan is you in form being the love.

Now, I may speak this clearly because you are at the level of existence where you can truly understand, comprehend, integrate, anchor, and bring into action and form that which I speak of. So, so often when I have said to you, “If it does not look like love, if it does not feel like love, if it does not smell like love, then why would you engage it, why would you proceed?”

She has been cleansing us of anger and greed to be ready for a time of prosperity.

I (Steve) asked the Mother about the advent of prosperity and she explained that the time past has been used to cleanse us of all impurities such as anger and greed.


“In regimes that could be described as “dictatorial,” the dictators would find it getting harder and harder to invoke the force needed to maintain themselves in power. They’d find the weight of their position heavier, their physical health declining, etc. Dictatorships will fall……

She said that she will always send her warriors of Light to penetrate darkness but she herself will never engage with it. “Why would I engage with something that is not of love?” she asked.


“I am encouraging you, I am guiding you to make this beginning point of your new beginning very personal. What is dear to your heart? What is dear to your life? What is of ultimate importance to you?”

“When I pose this query to thee I am not suggesting…in fact, I do not truly wish to hear a response that is pat, a response that is “Well, I wish to heal the world; I wish to save the world.” Your world is your inner landscape and the mechanics of such a statement do not speak to the beginning point of your heart, your choices, your decisions, your actions, and your truth. So, let me phrase this in a different way…My beloved children, creations of my heart, what do you hold dear to you?

I am encouraging you, I am guiding you to make this beginning point of your new beginning very personal. What is dear to your heart? What is dear to your life? What is of ultimate importance to you? Your answer is close to you. Yes, for many of you it is to simply feel the divine presence within thee and your connection, your infinite, ultimate connection to us – the Godhead – more clearly, more perfectly, more consistently. But it is also to be in divine union, in sacred union, more deeply with yourself, with your partner, with your family, with your friends, with your community.

You do not go about saving the world and have no regard for those you cherish. That is how you express, how you experience love, and what it looks like, what this paradigm of Nova Being in Nova Community on Nova Earth looks like. So, before you jump over the moon, take time…and I mean every day of this year and every other year…take time to identify what is dear to you, what is the reflection that, in fact, builds upon your quintessential truth? What is the love that, in fact, acts as the catalyst for your quantum leap? It has need to be in that expansion of your heart wisdom, in the expansion of your wisdom vision.”

A final word from me is that I have barely touched upon the depth of info in this message from Divine Mother maybe a third of what she has to say so I warmly recommend that you either listen or read Her message yourself.

Transcript: Universal Mother Mary: Expand Your Heart Wisdom, Your Wisdom Vision, January 4, 2017

Mother’s New Year Message: Heart Openings and Ascension Itself are Gradual Expansions of Flow of Love

Therese Zumi

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