By Jeff: Dawning upon a new chapter in my life after graduating college is frightening, but brings with it a tremendous opportunity for the future.

I’m working everyday at a job I hate, around a bunch of negative people who are currently not happy with their lives. I can now understand why the majority of adults these days are miserable. What I believe is the cause to the misery is not the terrible job they are working, or the negative people who bring them down for eight hours, it’s that fact that they think they do not have an alternative. 

Get a grasp on the reality you live in.

It’s the fact that they haven’t found that direction and passion yet. This isn’t a bad thing though. Luckily for me, I am obsessed with creating art.  Art is my alternative. It’s something that I will always have no matter what, and I know that my current job is only temporary. I have the ability to dictate my direction in life, many of us struggle with understanding this concept. Find something you love, then do it. The road will be paved ahead of you.

What I find most unbelievable is how we point the finger towards something we do not understand, and make up fabrications from our own imagination to give ourselves an explanation for what we do not understand. As humans, I always found it very bizarre that we find things we don’t understand as “funny.” People create all sorts of hypotheses about pyramids and spirits. The pyramids point to the skies in geometrical alignment with the stars, some might describe them as a “stairway.” Maybe something extraterrestrial took place?

When you were 6 and were playing with your Legos….what did you do? Did you build as high as you could until it collapsed? Because I sure did, just like every other kid. People who try to define human existence are just lost. We are here, right now plummeting through space on a scale your small mind can not even fathom. Beautiful things happen everyday but we don’t accept or realize them most of the time. As a majority, we’d rather take in negative energy.

What was the last thing you heard on your local news? How someone was stabbed and raped? Perhaps a murder? How about some poor 15 year old that was killed for his sneakers? Take a step back, don’t look at society and people like you and me. Look at society as a cancer, the world we are building IS cancer. WE are the cancer to planet earth, especially when we treat it in the way we do now.

We keep building, growing, burning, and tearing everything this planet has to offer down. We are single handily ripping it to pieces, piece by piece. In the words of Joe Rogan, we are the cancer:

I completely agree, because if you have ever lost someone to an illness you know that you never win. When it “goes away” it’s not beaten. It comes back stronger and ready for more. That’s what we are doing to this gift we have to destroy and take for granted. Whatever gets destroyed, rebuilds and comes back even stronger. This beautiful and most of all NATURAL place, has just lost all together.

We’re so focused on our own business that we forget what we are LIVING on. I understand the strive for prosperity and survival, but it’s disgusting when you classify that waste of life Kim Kardashian as a priority. The exploration and curiosity of the human mind is so much more wonderful than letting the mediocrity of reality TV control it. It is very easy for someone to preach happiness and prosperity, but it is entirely more respectable to live by the words you preach than to speak them. When life gets too hard to hate the thought of what you’re doing, there is only one thing you can do. I think the only result in trumping life is to look up. Look up and the millions of stars you can see with your tiny human eye, then imagine that times 100 billion.Then 100 billion times infinity.

When you grasp that concept, measure whatever is “bothering” you against that massive accumulation of unimaginable numbers of LIFE throughout the universe. Do you still find yourself important?  Find your own happiness, find something that every time you do, you smile. There are not much things to live for, but what I have found to live for is laughter, good spirit, and making other people happy which in turn makes you happy too. That’s truth, that’s love.

Making other people happy with what you love?

Yes! That’s happiness!


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