9 thoughts on ““Anonymous: Great Deception Is Coming!”

  1. There are no evil ETs period. The evil on our planet is 3rd dimensional down to animalistic and subplanetary…Spirit Arisen and off this planet Beings are beyond anything even remotely evil. Just how I See it if course.

    I agree with Cobra that we are on a quarantined planet and cannot explore the Universes as human beings until we truly Know Peace…

  2. don’t agree either on that.
    For Humans ‘aliens’ are all one. But in close look, there is a big outlined difference. Aliens for us are our extended Space Family and friends of other Planets and Dimensions, etc. Friendly beings/species, an extension of ourselves, another shape from humans. JUST LIKE MAMMALS.

    Now, as far as I know the greys, reptiles, etc. and demons are another thing’. Not aliens as such. Just demons (of satan).

  3. Yes, true.
    CERN has suffered a SHUT DOWN, for at least 6 months, engineers/scientists vaporized at once!

    GOD had a go with them;-)) ‘I AM the Only One God’.
    ‘Don’t you play Gods destroying my Creation, Earth and Humans, or you’ll see The Light’.
    He’s good warm kind embracing. But, he also knows Evil and Destructive force and he will not take it:-)

  4. For the first 22 minutes, I really thought that this sky pilot was on to something way beyond the altitude that normal sky pilots are capable of. Then he blew it big time in typical sky pilot style. He said that there were no aliens. There were only demons. God’s other children from other planets of His creation were not real.

    His voice reminds me of Billy Graham. Is that who this bloke is?

  5. I think this is old. I learned the light forces break CERN every time it starts up. I also learned a couple years ago the Steven Hawkings went from being an atheist to believing in God.

  6. Geeee!…Didn’t Cobra tell US that CERN was SHUT down some time ago???
    I found out ALL about “Switzerland” and it’s origins…MONTHS ago!

  7. There are no aliens? All aliens are demons? There is nothing “out there”? How would something like this even end up on this website? I don’t usually leave comments, but in my opinion this video should be removed.

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