1 thought on “SMOKING GUN: 2021 – THE YEAR OF COLLAPSE”

  1. Why do people keep talking about the Central Banks, the IMF, the Federal Reserve like they are legal entities that we will have to answer to should there be an “economic collapse “? When the collapse of the Cabal’s monetary system happens, we should be overjoyed. Those that simply refuse or do not or cannot understand what is going on will be forced to face the truth, and we will finally have an audience with all ears. They, along with everyone else will find out the scam of the financial system that we have been subjected to all our lives. A new system of exchange will be phased in that will not perpetuate this centuries old scam. What is all these scaremongering for…that the Cabal may want to collect the value of their FIAT money (which is worth nothing)? We will have Ubuntu or something else. Chill out.

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