Fiona Barnett – Witness of VIP Satanic Ritual in Bathurst, 1985

Bathurst, October 6, 1985. A ritual performed under the banner of “The Order of the Eagle”. VIP’s present were, Richie Benaud (BBC, Australian News Personality & His Birthday), Kim Beazley Senior (Politician, Communist Party Member), Bruce Spence (Actor and a Communist), John Avery (Head of NSW Police at the time), and other notable people. Fiona was brought here by her handler, Dr. Leonas Petrauskas (Theosophist, Rosicrucian & the son of the Deputy of the Supreme Soviet. He is also documented as being a Nazi Dr. close to the Luftwaffe).

3 thoughts on “Fiona Barnett – Witness of VIP Satanic Ritual in Bathurst, 1985”

  1. Thankyou Fiona Barnett for standing up here in Australia and for the rest of the world. You truly are an enlightened beautiful soul. Its time for us all to stand up stand together
    .Where we go one we we go all. Karma Justice for all these evil satanic paedophile blood thirty worshippers worldwide and drain the swamp once and for all.Full disclosure~Planetary Liberation~Global Awakening~”Victory of the Light”

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