The weekend of our Ascension conference in Sao Paulo was full of monumental changes for the planet.

It is not a coincidence that just a few hours before the start of the conference, the leader of the unholy four, George Bush Sr. has been put to death: 

A mass meditation was immediately issued to ensure his capture by the Light forces to prevent his reincarnation into a new cloned body:

The meditation and the operation of the Light Forces were successful, he was captured by the Light and escorted into the Galactic Central Sun, where he is going through a disintegration process right now.

The energy at the conference itself was amazing, around 400 people created a huge resonance field of Light.

On the second day of the conference, a huge breakthrough happened. We managed to anchor the Goddess energy as never before:

Pretty Pink Rose Graphic

More than 100 people from the conference expressed their commitment to create a physical Sisterhood of the Rose group in the area where they live.

They can find instructions for creating a physical Sisterhood of the Rose group here:

The group needs to meet physically at least once a week, to anchor the energies of the Goddess on the physical plane.

After the group is created, they can email  [email protected]  , so that their group will be listed on the Sisterhood of the Rose website and people living in their local area can find it and join it:

Many people were taking notes at the conference and these notes can be found here:

Prepare For Chance ~ Cobra ~ Sao Paulo Conference notes ~ 12/2/2018

Cobra ~ Sao Paulo Conference notes ~ 12/2/2018

Our conference has created a huge energetic impact:

And has started a certain manifestation cycle, about which more will be said at a later time.

During the conference weekend, important positive changes were happening behind the scenes, and quite many members of my team have been receiving offers for money and cooperation from the Illuminati network. Needless to say, all those offers were flatly refused, but this occurrence is an indication that after the departure of George Bush Sr. the dark forces feel weakened and those offers are first signs of their coming surrender.

Also, the day after the conference, a huge metallic Maman spider sculpture was removed from a park in Sao Paulo, just while the Sisterhood of the Rose was having a meditation there. The spider was installed there in 1996 and finally removed this Monday.

This week brings many changes. Since Goddess Vortex activations which were taking place behind the scenes in Paris from November 9th to November 11th, the Yellow Vest liberation movement in France is gaining momentum:

To prevent infiltrators from hijacking the movement and to ensure a peaceful transition, we have issued a peace meditation for Paris on Saturday:

Victory of the Light!

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  1. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey, salute dear Cobra, thank you from the core of my heart with blessings of ” MAA”. Vcitory of the light . Lots of love always. So be it. So it is. I AM

  2. Maybe George Bush died because he was in his 90’s. The probability of that being the case is pretty high. I’m sorry but i just can’t have that much faith in someone who i know nothing about (ie Cobra). I must obviously be of a different breed to you people from PrepareForChange. I truly believe it is based on hope . I too follow this website as i so want it all to be true (ie The Event). I am constantly on again off again with my faith and how do we truly know what we are being told is the truth. I have noticed in the past how Cobra has been angry with people questioning his words. Surely he must be aware that people are not going to assume that what he says is true, especially as we are not witness to much of the supposed goings on. The George Bush statement is a classic example

    • Richard, your first sentence sums it up. I’ll need to see a prediction in advance of a healthy 45 year old politician dying before I start buying into this story.

      I’m a regular reader of this website and there’s lots of good information in Benjamin’s postings and links. However, the whole Cobra angle makes it seem like just another religious control structure to me. Think about it. There’s a central figure who is in contact with higher powers and relays the word to his followers. There’s a day of reckoning coming real soon now when the good guys will triumph, all of those people who are causing you problems (real or imagined) will be punished, and life will be better. You need to keep going to “church” (e.g. meditations, SOTR meetings, conferences). Oh, and if you can help finance all of this please put something in the collection basket (I’m talking about the 10/13/2018 Situation Update post on “The Portal”, NOT Benjamin’s donation link)

      We need to break out of all control structures like these and start taking individual, concrete, and positive actions to cause the change we want to see in this world/reality. Responding to Cobra posts with “Victory of the Light” is easy but isn’t going to make a bit of difference.

  3. Nechci žádnou válku mezi Světlem a Temnotou. Přeji pouze společný mír.

    Who Are You? Light?
    … But you could be an ideas of the war from yourself…

    If you want to do this one thing and so just keep the having fun about the truth.
    Did you were so real and it has to been the final round for all these wars without warriors?

    Being the mirror from yourself.
    * yunasai the central sun, the kings’ blue-line 32.*


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