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A sleepless night does not only make you feel tired and weary. These are just the shallow effects of sleep inadequacy. However, if you dig deep, you will discover that there are a lot of horrifying repercussions than this.

There was this specific point in my life where I was not able to get the proper amount of rest because of extended deadlines. After that dreary period, I got sick and hospitalized. My doctor told me that it was due to stress because of fatigue and loss of sleep.

If you think that sleeping less is okay, you might change your might mind after learning its dire consequences. Here are the five effects of sleep deprivation to your health.

It Makes You Lose Your Appetite for Sex

Several studies have proved that the lack of sleep causes the decrease in sex drive for married individuals, this is a crucial thing, considering that sex is one of their fundamental roles and duties. Moreover, your days would be dry and dull if there if you can’t do the deed.

When you don’t have enough sleep, your body won’t have enough energy to sustain highly intense actions and exercises. Of course, stress and tension due to lack of sleep would lower someone’s libido. I know that most of us have experienced such kind of predicament in the past.

Furthermore, sleeping disorders deteriorate the testosterone levels of the body. Specifically, those that are currently suffering from the severe symptoms of the condition would likely deplete their testosterone count. Moreover, without testosterone, men can’t just function at all.

Increases Risk Factors for Different Health Issues

There’s no denying that sleeping can bring benefits to your body. It is the restorative process that we do to ensure that we can rejuvenate our lost energy and enthusiasm. It also hastens our recovery from a variety of illnesses.

What happens when you immediately the cut the amount of time you dedicate to sleep? Well, you might not like the answer.

You see. Sleep deprivation caused by sleeping disorders and other factors elevates your chances of getting sick. It might not be the direct reason why you will get sick. However, it is guaranteed that it can put your body to a sensitive position where getting ill is pretty easy.

A person who doesn’t sleep well is prone to various health diseases. They are also likely to fatal conditions like diabetes, stroke, and cardiac arrest. If these things sound scary to you, you must sleep appropriately already.

A Loss of Sleep Means That Your Skin Ages Faster

We all know the feeling of grogginess after a night that we are not able to sleep. Of course, physical manifestations also take place. For instance, those dark circles around your eyes are among the most common signs that you were not able to get a good evening repose.

Sleepiness causes skin aging. Take into account that when you don’t sleep well, there is an unprecedented increase in cortisol. Cortisol, by the way, is the stress hormone of our body. One of its notable effects is breaking the collagen of our skin.

Once collagen has been depleted, the smoothness and youth of our skin would eventually deteriorate. That’s not good news for those who are too conscious about the appearance of their skin. Human growth hormones, the ones that help in tissue repair, diminishes when sleep is not optimized.

Speaking of age, elderly persons are prone to sleeping difficulties. If you know one, you should try giving them a mattress suitable for the elderly. Once they can sleep properly, the luster of their skin goes back!

No Sleep Makes You More Prone to Accidents

If you think that you can’t sleep for the next coming days, I suggest that you would be extra careful on your work or in your school. After all, sleep-deprived individuals are very prone to accidents. Moreover, to put it bluntly, a lot say that they are the ones who cause it. Not a pretty thing to hear, right?

Some already consider a lack of sleep as a public hazard. You don’t have to go far either before you can see this taking place. For instance, there are a lot of vehicular accidents that involve drivers are drowsy or sleepy.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration of the United States, 20% of the annual car accidents are caused by drowsy drivers. It is already a significant number that you should be aware of.In 2016, there are around 35,000 Americans who have died from these vehicular accidents. Given our statistics, we can draw that 7,000 of those are due to drivers that were not able to sleep properly.

Sleep Loss Makes You Fat

A person who wants to lose his weight will have to sleep correctly. One of the ugliest effects of sleeping is weight gain. Of course, there’s scientific backing for this claim.

You see, when you don’t sleep, you tend to get hungrier than usual. Of course, too much eating can cause an uncontrolled increase in weight. Breaking your diet would cause obesity eventually. At this point, working out would be incredibly pointless.

Sleep loss can cause stimulation in your appetite. If you are in a diet right now, you would want to avoid such predicament. The peptide leptin (the one that tells your brain that your tummy is full) decreases as the number of hours of your sleep decreases.

Wrapping it Up

Therefore, it is essential that you solve your sleeping issues now. If you don’t want to be afflicted these hazards and fatal effects of your sleep deprivation, immediate intervention is necessary. For instance, if you can’t sleep well because of too much snoring of your roommate, you should provide them with useful snoring aids.

Do all the necessary things so that you can sleep better. Otherwise, you’ll succumb to various health problems.

That’s it for now. For your questions, drop them in the comment section below.


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  1. I’d also like the answer to that. I meditate, listen to crystal bowls do relaxation exercises and still can’t get carried away to sleep. I have also tried all the drugs out on the market and they are dangerous and really only let you sleep for around 3 to 4 hours.


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