According to Robert Morning Sky, just about everything you have been taught is a lie, including your true galactic lineage, religion and following the light upon death.

Robert’s Hopi and Apache lineage ties together the missing pieces of what our indoctrination facilities (schools and churches) do not tell us and do NOT want us to know!

In general, Morning Sky’s genetic lineage story follows Zecharia Sitchin’s story, but not completely.

This is, indeed, a slave planet where we have been genetically modified to become subservient slaves to our masters.

While most of the controlling extraterrestrials on this planet are malevolent, we have received help from benevolent Pleiadians, who are trying to help EA undo what the Reptilians, Sirians and malevolent Anunnaki have set up on this planet for us.

This is part of the untold story from a New Mexico UFO crash around the “4 corners” area of the United States in August, 1947.

Apparently, 6 Apache Indians on a vision quest, including Morning Sky’s grandfather, rescued the lone surviving Pleiadian (called a “Star Elder”). This particular Pleiadian used crystals to project images to communicate the history of our solar system and mankind, itself.

According to Morning Sky, the light at the end of the tunnel leads to a soul regeneration center where your soul becomes trapped in the reincarnation cycle on this planet, in order to continue serving those entities who are in charge of Mother Earth.

This was put into place by the Reptilians, who were given free reign of the planet in order to get people to go into the tunnel of light.

To those who are religious, this story may rock your boat. According to Morning Sky, the Sirians are responsible for all religions in order to control man.

The Anunnaki’s Enlil appointed himself as God of this planet, despite his brother Ea (as in EArth) and sister being responsible for the genetic creation of mankind.

Enlil is the same “god” that is in the Old Testament of the bible. If you appease Enlil (or follow god’s commandments) you will be “rewarded” with your place in “heaven”.

The problem is, your vision of heaven is the same soul regeneration cycle as spoken above. You will continue reincarnating as a slave and as you have done many times beforehand, and your memory will be erased from all previous lifetimes.

The etymology of words also plays an important role in today’s society.  For example:

Zu = Ultimate Master
Su = A Master


EA-SU = Teachers
EA-SU = Iesous = Jesus
DA-EA = Deus = root for all of the terms used for “God”.
Suffix EAU = The works of
EAU was changed to EAYU = EAWEH = YAHWEH = JEHOVA

The EASU planted clues deep within caves and caverns all around the planet to help us remember who we are and how to get out of this system. Some of the ESAU are even responsible for building the pyramid and the “Face on Mars”.

The biblical story tells us that Jesus is God’s son, but the truth is that EA’s first born son, Marduk proclaimed himself God and was called Amen RA.

He told the slaves that he was the one and only god and even changed the stela, hieroglyphs and pyramid descriptions to reflect his authority while removing the existence of all previous gods.

In addition, he eliminated everyone who did not pledge their allegiance to him.

The etymology of Marduk is as follows:

MAR (MR = son of ) DUK (dog – Sirius).  Marduk, the sun of a Sirian god, is literally a son of a bitch!

As part of the genetic experiment, EA and his sister gave the humans free will. Despite this, some humans went back to the slave system because this was all they knew.

Does this sound familiar? In today’s society, most people are clueless that they are actually economic slaves to the same system.

In exchange for going back to the system, Enlil assured them that if they obeyed him, they would be redeemed in the afterlife.

After being removed from his position by his brother Enlil, EA subsequently experimented with the sexual response of his creations by “cranking up” their libidos, which is why the average person thinks about sex every 10 minutes.

This was done in order to rebel against Enlil’s heirarchy.

Despite these experiments done to appease the Orion reptilian Queens, EA was still frustrated that he had created a beast who was unaware and had no passion or consciousness. At this point, he was approached from a being from another galaxy outside of the system.

These particular beings, in their evolution, left the need for their own physical bodies and learned to use internal energy “to climb the mountain. They didn’t need a rope. They didn’t need a ship. They were able to use their own energy.

As they used more and more internal energy, they needed less density. So, these beings from another galaxy were able to generate an evolutionary formula and plugged in a bird, a humanoid bird. As they evolved, these beings lost their density.

They lost their need for a physical body but they liked ‘bonking’. For courtship purposes, they retained their wings.  But in the dark, there’s no sunlight… the energy beings glowed.

They came to Prince Ea and said:

“Do you really want to give them independence? Do you really want to give them Free Will? I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to give you one of our own strands of DNA.

“If you hard wire it into the beast, you’re going to condemn him to passion, to inexplicable fire.”

Prince EA said, “In a second” and he took that DNA and went to the beast and hard wired it into the beasts.

Suddenly he (the beast) was linked to another race in another galaxy. Suddenly, he was aware.
“He was conscious. These beings were called AKU. The gift that was given to Prince EA (that) was placed inside of the beast, was known as the Gift of the Feather.”

“The AKU said to Prince EA, “Please let your beasts know this: “We’re going to include a hard-wired clue into this strand of DNA so that they will know (because they have never experienced this)…. they will know how and when you are in touch with your passion.”

When you’re one with your fire, here’s what’s going to happen to the beast.  He’s going to see feathers.  They’re going to manifest in front of them and he’s going to dream about feathered beings and he’s going to have feathered beings in his life… birds will fly in.

Suddenly, the feathers are going to become a crucial part of his existence.

The gift of the feather is this:  You’re One with your fire; feathers are going to be falling out of the sky; you’re going to dream about feathered beings; birds are going to appear; feathers are going to appear in the middle of your living room floor; feathers will be everywhere… it is the AKU.

They became known as Lord EA’s lords.  Prince EA’s title was Enki, Lord of Birds. Lord Ea’s lords were the Enkiats, the Ahnk-KAs… angels, who were responsible for the gift that came from them.

Prince EA, eldest son of the Sirian King, responsible for the lordship of Planet EArth and the solar system in his neck of the woods… Prince EA took his own DNA and mixed it with the beasts.

In doing that, the reject (the beast) became the son of the Lord Creator… he was offspring of the God of Creation, himself.  Lord EA endowed us with his own DNA with the right of royalty.  We can assume the damn throne of Planet Earth and our own solar system.

The “system said, “Jesus Christ! DON’T LET THEM KNOW THIS STORY” because if 51% of them stand up and say, “I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore… I want the aliens out, I want the Grays out… I have a right to the throne of this planet”… we’re going to take over and we have a right to do it.

And you know what? We’re going to make it a Free Willed, passionate, all loving empire.  The system doesn’t want it.

The current administrators of the empire government on the planet have lineage back to the Orion hybrid reptilians, while the money was given to RA’s (Marduk’s) children, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

As you can see, the names of Rockefeller (RA-KA Pharaohs) and Rothschild (RA-KA-M = RA-KAM = RA-Shield = Rothschild) are part of this war on consciousness.

Morning Sky added, “There is a war and we are the prize”.

Some questions that Morning Sky would like you to ask yourself include:

  • If we are being controlled by benevolent beings, then why aren’t they here and why are they covering up the truth?
  • Why does the government not officially admit to the existence of UFO’s?

Robert’s website

There is a LOT more that you should really listen to and discern for yourself, such as the Divine Feminine, ISIS, Ashtar Command, RA aka Marduk (the sun god), freemasons, shadow government (Chet-U) and much more. Please find the time to read The Terra Papers here.

By Gregg Prescott, M.S.



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  1. No disrespect, but my past life incarnations back to the Tribe of Dan (of which I have maintained the name ) forward into this day is contrary to much of this storyline. I feel the errors and liberties taken in composition of this is disingenuous to my Native American Chocktaw learnings and practices.

    • I have free will bring for 2 reincarnations, I have to believe in annunaki, reptilian in order for me to be a slave 😉 I am my own creator and I only have love for all the beings. Once we let go of all the ownership and attachments ; of land, good and evil , Jesus is the only son of a God and a good soul and rest is no good type of attitude- everything will enslave us.
      There are no good and bad and there are no one God. These are all stories and the creator is us ( collective sources ) because we were bored and need chaos and expanded more without thinking of consiquences. That’s my 2 cents . Other wise to me everything is beautiful and every soul is pure : just like me. Much love

  2. Hi Gregg …

    …please read the Wes Penre Papers for the full story …neither Enke nor Enlil should ever be followed or believed. You must not “go to the light” …you must exit this false “reality” to once again return to sovereignty and freedom.

  3. This site has already worked for the light. Many times it helped me with information that touched my heart. Now it seems to be serving the dark, I’m sorry to inform you, but my Siriana race is as involved as the Pleiadian allies for the liberation of Gaia. written in this topic saddens me and shows how the darkness unfortunately still infiltrates with his usual chagrin.

    Lets Work together, please stop with fake topics.

    We make the best for liberty Gaia ,souls and a Lot of sirians, like me.

    I’m really Sorry about u write here.



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