By Paul Joseph Watson,

The U.S. birth rate has hit a record low of 1.7, well below the replacement rate of 2.1, as more women choose careers over having families.

According to figures released by the CDC, the number of live births in the U.S. dropped to 3.8 million last year, which is the lowest level in 32 years.

Tumbling fertility rates combined with women choosing careers over babies is being blamed for the decline, with only women aged 35-44 seeing an increase in birth rates.

Birth rates for all other age groups is in decline, most dramatically amongst teens aged 15-19, with the birth rate for that demographic falling to 17.4 births per 1,000 women, down 72% from a peak of 61.8 in 1991.


It’s really remarkable, not something that we’ve seen over the last century,” said Prof. Buckles.

Just by coincidence, depression levels amongst women have been continually on the rise ever since the cultural shift which sent the message that being a homemaker was an unfulfilling, boring life.

Stories of women who sink into depression because they have left it too late to have children are also becoming increasingly commonplace.


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  1. Yes, I am sure that all of this is true. I especially wish to warn against knee jerk reactions to the declined and declining white birth rate and the dissolution of the family. People of one prejudice will want to mindlessly blame it all on women or “feminism,” whatever that is. People of another prejudice will want to mindlessly blame it all on men or “Men Going Their Own Way.” Having been unmarried until I was 44 years old, I became sensitive to people and institutions trying to pressure me into a place where my admittance was denied. Family life and child rearing is expensive. Once it fails on the individual level, divorce is brutal and expensive. A person of judgment will look it over twice and then three times and may ultimately decided to just not do it. Damned the pressure. My idea towards a solution is to get this message that I am commenting on out there and to spread it around as part of “Disclosure.”

  2. I left a comment on top. sperm levels have been dropping due to sterilization efforts in our food and drugs. its called AGENDA 21.


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