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This article is probably too small to hold a list of everything we tend to blame on Mercury when it is in retrograde, because we usually associate it with chaos. In 2019, one of periods during which Mercury is in retrograde will be between July 7 and August 2. However, despite what you may know or what you think you know about Mercury Retrograde, there is absolutely no reason why you should abstain from doing all the things you would normally do in your life, especially because Mercury retrograde happens up to three more times during one year.


In reality, Mercury is not in retrograde at all, because according to NASA, it is only an optical illusion. You see, Mercury is not moving in the opposite direction, but is rather orbiting the Sun while being closer to Earth. Celestial bodies which are closer to the Sun orbit faster, which is why we perceive Mercury to be stationary or moving in the opposite direction. However, that’s just the scientific part. Let’s take a look at some of the other secrets that Mercury in retrograde has been hiding from us. 


  1. Mercury Rules All Communications

According to James Patterson, who is a manager for Assignmentmasters, Mercury Retrograde is one the topics their customers are interested in  the most during this time of year. And it seems kinda fitting, because Mercury is often seen as ruler of all pretty much all forms of communication, and that includes speaking, writing, learning, reading, buying, selling, negotiating, as well as all written documents, ranging from contracts, agreements, manuscripts, to term papers, essays, assignments, and so on.


On top of that, Mercury’s domain are all types of code, travel, delivery, and basically any type of interaction and transaction. Services like UK Assignment Holic also see an increase in the number of papers they need to produce, because students tend to struggle with their written assignments during this period. 


  1. Don’t Make Plans

One of the less familiar secrets of Mercury Retrograde is the belief that you should abstain from making plans. This includes making plans for any long-term goals in life, as well as signing important contracts, leases, as well as any kind of collaboration and partnership. This means that anything that is put into writing, such as research papers, essays, and reviews, often requires revising, according to stats by, after Mercury returns to its usual trajectory. 


However, you may want to focus on tying up loose ends during this period, since that is also one of the things that is recommended during Mercury Retrograde. 


  1. Avoid Having Plastic Surgery 

Plastic surgery includes elective procedures which can be pushed back at any time, so it would best if you could avoid them during Mercury Retrograde. This is because, during this period, mistakes are a lot more common than in some of the others, according to research by While some errors may be easy to fix or they involve something that is not really important, having surgery is something that is definitely serious, so you want to avoid any risks. Of course, you should by all means have surgery if your life is in danger or if you are seriously ill, but improving your physical appearance can be postponed. 


  1. Keep an Eye on Machines and Electronics

During this period, you may also find that your machines, equipment, and computers may be malfunctioning or crashing. This is because Mercury Retrograde affects anything that has moving parts. For instance, you may want to back up your data, because it’s very common for hard drivers to stop working. This also applies to other computer parts, as well as servers and networks. Installing new software should also be done at a later time. You may also want to check on your car in order to avoid any potential inconveniences. 


  1. Avoid Driving and Travelling

While we are on the subject of car trouble, you will also want to avoid travelling during Mercury Retrograde. But, if you really have to do it, make sure you have enough gas in your tank, and that you are using GPS and maps which have been updated, double-check the address of your destination, and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything before starting your trip. If you are travelling by some other means of transport, make sure to check that your ride or flight is on time. Mark your luggage so that you can recognize it right away, and that it doesn’t get mixed up or sent to some other airport. 



As you can see, Mercury Retrograde affects us in a number of different and important ways. We hope that these facts and tips will help you through this period and that you will be able to make the most of it. Good luck!


Author Bio:

Scott Mathews is a college paper writing expert editor and writer at Easyessay and Apart from his work there, he is also a regular contributor to numerous blogs and online publications which are oriented toward education and students. In his spare time, he likes to spend time in nature, as well as with his with friends and family. 



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