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“Today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” — Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, in a speech to the Tenth Islamic Summit Conference at Putrajaya, Malaysia, October 16, 2003.

“Let me state again what I have written many times already. Jews want those attacks on Syria, and the wars against Iraq and Libya. That is the proof Trump is in bed with the Jews.” (‘Peter’, below)

Paul Craig Roberts says: “Wars in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies and preparation for major wars against Iran, Russia, and China are the bread and butter for the powerful US military/security complex lobby.” This statement is misleading. It mentions who the wars are fought for Israel and then claims the ” US military/security complex lobby” is responsible for our wars. There is no evidence that all people that work for defense companies all want as many wars as possible to maximize profits; that they are all, in effect, bloodthirsty murderers.

Yes, wars are in their interest and that “could” affect executives’ opinions on whether to support a war, but the key part of the sentence is “Wars in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies”. That means the wars are due to Jewish influence, pushed by Jewish lobbies like “AIPAC”. And to the degree the “US military/security complex” has any power, it isn’t over who will be our targets. We don’t attack enemies of Switzerland, South Africa or any other country in the world. All our wars are fought against Israel’s enemies.

And that means Israel’s lobbyists direct our wars, not the “US military/security complex”.

China is the only country mentioned in the sentence in which Jews don’t have a direct interest. In both Iran and Russia, Jews have stated clearly they don’t like either government. So, even any contemplated wars are all directed or heavily influenced by Jewish lobbyists.

With all that said, the article by Paul Craig Roberts clearly mentions the “Israel lobby” as having a major say in the USA’s wars, as Lasha Darkmoon and other articles on this website echo.

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I continuously see comments on this website, however,  that say to me the commenter has no idea why we fight the wars we do, and I recently saw one by someone that one of the admin people told me in a comment was a very good writer and that is why the website featured an article by him.

(I won’t mention his name).

Recently that “good writer” wrote comments asking why he Jews don’t attack Trump for his military attacks on countries in the Middle East and this supposedly shows how Trump is in bed with the Jews.

Trump is in bed with the Jews (despite initially promising he would not be during his run for the presidency), but this “good writer” clearly lacks any knowledge as to what motivates Jews and US foreign policy.

Let me state again what I (and I’m sure others) have written many times already. Jews want those attacks on Syria, and the wars against Iraq and Libya. That is the proof Trump is in bed with the Jews.

What is so complicated about seeing that destroying Syria and killing Assad (the supposedly “evil dictator” that protects Christians) is in Israel’s interest?

The country borders Israel, has fought multiple wars with Israel, is an ally of Israel’s enemies (Iran and Iraq) and Israel wants the Golan Heights that it took from Syria in one of the Arab-Israeli wars, and Trump recently recognized as Israeli.

Despite laying it out again, I’m sure I will continue to see ridiculous claims and questions.

I have to wonder if this commenter isn’t actually trying to divert criticism away from Jews, a group he claims to oppose.



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  1. not many want to see the truth. its unbelievable how america managed to lobby for israel the whole way since jfk. no wonder we see bush obama and trump wearing a jewish hat in israel praying to a wall. i knew from many years ago that america had somthing to do with the jews when it comes to the us goverment. i coud not figure out what it really was. first recently i got to know about aipac of america. first then all the pices fell in place. first then i realized why we had all this terroist wars in middle east and that it was not a war of peace but a war on etnic clensing. i feel that we all have been fooled by the mainstream media. america had no reason to attack iraq. al these stories of weapons of mass destruction in the middle east was a lie. still the american people beleived it and the rest of the world did as well. that america go the united nations with them in a war against enemies of israel is unbelievable. now there is a new war against the west and is a war on free speach where people are acused for being a conspiracy theorist or antisemitic if they hold a independent narrative either against the state of israel of a distrust to the us goverment. i found lot of news stories from israel that claim all evidence against them are conspiracy theories pushed by antisemtic groups. this creates a bias that makes israel imune to criticism. we have been directed toward critcism of the left when in reality its a diversion of the truth. the real dilemma of conflict is between israel and their enemies and how the entire world have been fighting in their favior. by fighting antisemitism we are destroying free speach democracy liberty conservative views all together. all this cancel culture fake news and hate speach denial have resulted in silencing any dissent that could harm the war for israel and their fight against their enemies. i wish that the israel and jews could get along with their fellow races as ther all children of abraham and i hope the israel people will convince they goverment to make peace with the neighboring countries in the middle east and i hope that america will one day wake up to discover how irrelevant it is to what political party that is next in charge to that of any president of previous and comming american president and fight for peace and end these wars.

  2. it is well known by anyone who reads Israel is the cause of all wars in the Middle East,
    but it didn´t begin this way the USA thought it could control this odd county like a deep-sea carrier, but it changed now Israel has turned and direct the USA which war she has to fight

  3. “He who rides the tiger is often afraid to dismount.” How does Israel tell the world that they have been lying about their historical claim to the land since their DNA says they come from the Crimea and not Jerusalem? How does America decouple its “Chosen People” worship from its religion without destroying it? Knowing that the “Chosen People” hoax was created by the same people who created the “White Supremacy” hoax, how can you unwind one without unwinding the other? But how can you move forward in a cognitive dissonance that requires us to respect DNA testing for locking people up and sentencing them to death, yet requires us to ignore DNA testing when it tells us that the people occupying Jerusalem are Khazars who come from the Crimea and have NEVER had a historical claim to the land in Jerusalem?


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