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Everyone Must Know This! ALERT MESSAGE..

5g = 90 gigahertz millimeter waves = like having the microwave door open all the time = weaponized frequencies = death. Pure Huwhite Powder

Wow, now I know why the local energy company sent us all correspondence about the ‘tree trimming’ that’s just started and will continue into March of next year. This is another valid reason to live off the grid. Wayword Love

After being a target by the government I’m detectingi high EMF readings 4 times a day inside my apartment and surveillance too monitor these effects on me mentally and physically and it’s killing me. I’m a 50 year old man who noticed these effects 6 months ago and I was mentally ok and physically a pillar of health a weight lifter now I can barely walk in the event of my death my body will be handed over to a trust doctor to verify why I died high EMF leaves evidence of brain trauma. Henry E.
I’ve often thought it was my smart Meter that caused my new single eared Tinnitus… thinking it’s the 5g cell towers. They have only gone up recently 24months the same as smart meter. Hell its probably both. Mri scan showed no abnormalities… so I’m left with this. Rampage

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  1. 20 bucks says in 5 years from now, you guys will be on to the next “weaponized tool of the elite that’s going to wipe out humanity” and no one will be talking about 5g. I’ve been following these sites for over a decade and none of this crap ever comes to fruition.

    • Hey Tyler, if you know what is happening 5 years from now, you might want to take it to a larger platform than this comment section, you are short changing yourself. We do our best to bring information to our readership in hopes of shedding some light onto some unknowns; many benefit from our content. Some people are feeling the same as you though, losing patience, anxious for any positive changes, hoping to be witness to the event. Our goal is to remain steady and a source of information to what’s currently happening, here and beyond, to the best of our ability. We understand a little ranting, and do not mind offering a place for that, just remember the Collective and what you are putting into the Field. With every word and every intention begins a vibration that will carry. Make it good! Cindy

  2. The human body has trillions of cells and each cell generates 1.4 volts of energy. This means the human body can produce the power of a lightening strike. Your consciousness guides and the directs the energy. After you learn to meditate, when you feel a directed beam affecting you immediately connect to All-That-Is and visualize the beam and its point of origin in space then visualize its point on you, then visualize moving the energy back up to the point of origin and exploding the device. You have the power to do this. ALL HUMANS DO. You must practice and exercise the powers of your consciousness. Until then try wrapping your head in heavy duty aluminum foil or Faraday cloth. You need not be in fear. All-That-Is has equipped us with everything we need to overcome. Go within and grow stronger.

  3. I can attest to the fact that they have been cutting down trees like crazy in my hometown. They used to trim the trees around the power lines but this year, they cut every one down. One neighbor lost 5 trees, and there was no arguing with the city about it. Her house used to have a line of trees about 10 feet from the street–offering privacy, shade, sound reduction. All cut down in 1 afternoon. We do not consent!


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