All Banks are Insolvent / Bankrupt — Economic Collapse — Stock Market Crash The whole banking system is one big octopus with its slimy tentacles in everything. The existence of the central bank and fractional reserve banking permits commercial banks to generate credit, which is not backed up by real funding. It is credit created out of thin air. All banks are today insolvent, hence the Repo Markets now being run by Central Bank money. Welcome to The Atlantis Report.

A bank has current creditors: on the whole, these are people like you and me who have our salaries or savings paid or deposited into our accounts on our behalf. We do not actually “own our money” that is stored in the bank. The bank does.

This may come as a surprise to you. However, this is a very well established point of law. Since 1811, this has been the case. So you and I are the current creditors to the bank, i.e., we are owed money by the bank. In fact, your bank statement is just an IOU from the bank, acknowledging that it owes you however much it says on the statement on demand.

Depositors are unsecured creditors on the bank’s balance sheet.

Riddle me this: when you take out a credit card, the bank is the unsecured creditor, and the debt is unsecured. They charge us quite a bit of interest, from 19 percent to 22 percent Yet when we loan the bank our cash via deposits, what is the interest that we unsecured creditors receive? 1 percent at best!

The assets of the bank are those people to whom the bank has lent its Your money to, i.e., all the borrowers of loans. As has been so clearly displayed during the 2008 crisis, they have lent their money out (formerly your money) over 33 times on average to borrowers. So when more than 1 of 33 of us clients of a bank wish to withdraw our money that is on-demand, the bank cannot pay it back as it does not have it.

As for banks, deposits are loans from the depositor to the bank. They represent liabilities of the bank. It is true that the assets of the bank (such as loans, securities, and reserves) are assets of the bank.

Banks are solvent only if the assets are more significant than the liabilities. The idea that a bank, or any other firm, is insolvent only because something might happen is absurd. There are many things that might happen to a bank, making it unable to pay off its liabilities. For a bank, if none of its creditors could pay off its existing loans, it would fail. It could happen. It is happening all the time.

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  1. Yes the banking system is an abomination and is going to crash as you stated. I suspect many sources alude to another fiscal instrument to be introduced. Many nations are arguing over what that will be and who will control it. There is a lot of data on that from other sources. I wish during an upcoming report you would investigate that.

    Question: There will be a period of time during the transition that the dollar will have value before it is replaced. Given that the banks will likely collapse, and we will not be able to make a withdrawal, should we withdraw our money now, or in slow increments to not set off a panic?

    • Disclaimer, the following is only and advise: You should withdraw your funds now and turn it into physical 1 oz gold & silver coins ( if less than 100K all silver; if more than 100k then 100K in silver and the rest in gold) Note: Do not buy “paper” silver or gold contacts. Remember that if you do not have your “physical” Au or Ag you don’t own it…whoever is holding it for you owns it!

      • You better hope your job doesn’t bank at your bank you just took your money out of …… that’s two bankruptcy’s and no job

  2. When people begin to say ‘NO MORE’ and refuse to allow themselves to be used to serve the dark forces agendas, then things will change. This is where we are, looking at the problems created and searching for solutions. Its time to outsmart those who do not have our best interest at heart.

    The reason for the creation of credit unions was to give individuals control over what happens to their money. And I have been informed that there are banks established that do not have connections to federal banks and the stock market. The dark forces have been trying to outlaw the credit unions because their plan to economically destroy our once great (divinely inspired) nation cannot succeed if people are not tied to the large banks and corrupted stock market.

  3. so what have the light forces did against it ?
    any advises what to do ?
    or are these informations only disinformation to scare people ?
    how can be a bank crash if MWHT supposed to cleaned already the system and control it ?

  4. Very well put. Banking and the monetary system is designed to destroy and impoverish. Surprise! But let’s go further. Who designed this system? It’s tempting to say banks, especially the banking cartel that designed the Fed. No, look deeper. Money/banking itself is designed to impoverish ultimately by those who want this planet impoverished and defeated and has long used money as a means to control, exhaust the populace and capture. It is a Draco system brought to this planet millennia ago and grown over history….and just waiting to come to the dramatic conclusion of a now gigantic system with a fail that wipes out most of us. If I had my way, we wouldn’t be talking about banks, we’d be looking to extinguish the real enemy below our feet.
    Why has any exposure of the “extraterrestrial subject” been dealt with in such a murderous, draconian way (pun intended) by “intelligence” agency men in black? Oh, because it would freak out the populace? No, because it would expose our dark lord controllers, those who want us dead or enslaved, and want dominion over our planet.


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