CO-RONAVIRUS: Keeping Away Anxiety, Fear, Worry, and more with Energy Tapping. A guide by “Chief Dr Iwowarri Berian James” (Nigeria)

This video contains
– short information regarding co-rona virus
– how to deal effectively with co-rona virus
– how to neutralize co-rona virus with music/ frequencies

Source: Chief Dr Iwowarri Facebook

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  1. Coronavirus is a virus that humanity has over time developed natural antibodies for, a virus that cannot survive in the presence of sunlight and/or heat or happiness and love for ourselves.

    The virus being sold to the public, it would appear, is a mutilated version of the virus found in meat, as is the mutilated E-coli virus which is also found in meat because of the unsanitary and very cruel conditions of the slaughter houses – to both animals and humans working there. (Taken from the book: ‘Fast Food Nation’)

    The reason humans get sick from eating meat, etc. is due to the parasites, harmful bacteria and food-born poisons and the lower vibrations of the animals being butchered – fear and pain. Most can be removed safely from the body with minerals and natural herbal blood cleanser but not the experience of the animals as they are being butchered that negatively affects our own awareness and bodies.

    Minerals are essential for the energy synapses of healthy cellular activity that energies our bodies and very essential for our immune systems.

    It is the modern medical practices that have just about destroyed our immune systems with the over-use of chemical antibiotics. Therefore, it is not possible to trust doctors and nurses who work under conditions that are destroying their own health – fluorescent lights, no sun, fresh air or exercise, stress, electronic pollution, and the constant programming and purchase of their loyalty by salespeople from the many pharmaceuticals. It is the nurses and doctor’s own financial needs that keep them tied to that corrupted institution that is constantly being sold to the public as our saviors.

    How sad so many individuals are so desperate for attention that they willing give their own personal power to someone wearing a white coat and all of the trappings that go with it. Our world is full of traps, but the U.S. medical is by far the worst.

    It is time we say NO and accept the responsibility of our own health by demanding a clean environment and food in which to thrive.


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