P atriots
A re
N ow
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C ontrol in the UK and DC

This is The Plan To Save The World & The Fall Of The Cabal! Whoever wins takes ALL

The lab-created Coronavirus was a cover-up for the mass mandatory vaccination agenda. Now it has become the biggest covert U.S. Intelligence operation that the world has ever seen.

-Be ready for Martial Law
-Be ready for schools to shut down
-Be ready for travel to be restricted
-Be ready for the internet to go down
-Be ready with supplies to get you through until it’s over
-Be ready to tell everyone panicking when it happens that it is all planned

In times of uncertainty &  fear nothing soothes the mind more that knowing that what is going on now is not a “Virus fault” but “The Plan To Save The World”

“Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing” 

To further understand “The Plan”, the ‘Fall of the Cabal” series speaks about false-flags with an objective perspective of time and alternative revelations, goes into human trafficking, pedophilia, media manipulation, ritual sacrifices, and finishes by offering a positive perspective of what’s being done as many awakened would attest to.

One of the most under circulated events she shows in the series is the footage of a naked child who fashioned an escape rope to attempt an escape from a second story Windsor palace window. The child heartbreakingly doesn’t make the escape and is shown falling.

Her effort contains thousands of hours of research and Ossebaard herself asks that annons do their own research and double-check everything she presents. As those who follow Prepare for Change know, the whole presentation aligns with the years of information this site has presented.

Please take the time – about three hours total – to view this important series below and consider sharing with your loved ones:

“Fall of the Cabal” Docuseries Red Pill



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  1. The Coming Collapse:

  2. Well there’s one thing we can all agree on. there’s gunna be big changes coming up.

    Just don’t get caught up in all this fear porn. The CV isn’t even having any real effect. Sure people are getting it but the symptoms are that of a mild cold.

    I read the other day that itis a descendant of SARS and originally contained two different strains of the AIDS virus. These were neutralised before being released, hence the reason its not having the effect that the DS wanted but the media is setup to push..

    But the cover of an epidemic means that people will be forced to stay home. It’s a lot easier to arrest people when you know where they are!

    So let’s all wait and see… regardless. I’m ready.

  3. Best humor comes from these writers who work for Cabal.Take down of Cabal,HA HA HA Cabal is taking us down by locking up whole planet.

  4. Make sure to see this right now.
    I guarantee that this will make ur day.

      • It’s an image with text, claiming the global lockdown is a ruse to make the long-promised mass arrests followed by global reset without the banksters’ fingers and hidden tech release.

        Same od fairy tale.


  6. Q-Anon?? I thought that ended when Mr Trump himself declared it a lunatic fringe group with no foundation in reality…That is the one time, Mr Trump started something I believe 100%. Which needless to say (if anyone read my 2016-2018 posts here and my political account on Twitter), I’d denounced the Q fringe, as “fantasy”, since 2016. Nothing has changed that opinion, since then.

    My personal opinion/analysis from observation of Mr Trump’s presidency;
    1. He is interested only in growing his (or that hidden within his friends / family), assets.
    2. He has used and abused the presidential powers of the Oval Office for his own profit.
    3. He is without question, having made it abundantly clear to every American and every national ally, that he is emotionally and mentally unstable, and clearly unfit for office.
    4. Congressionally speaking, he personally has set back environmentalism more than anyone holding the Oval Office and personally has blood on his hands not only through acts of terror, violence, and war but, by killing American government programs (and people dependent on said programs) to line high his, and his cabal buddies, pockets with massive tax cuts and funding the cabal defense industries with the biggest windfall of profits in history instead of helping the American people!!
    5. He reads and apparently accepts every nutty fringe theory out there, without facts and even when the obvious facts clearly oppose his theories (except Q-Anon which as previously stared, he publicly denounced).
    7. He has attempted to start new unfounded wars repeatedly, without legitimate reason, gratefully no one has taken the bait to attack the US directly (not to forget Trump selling out our allies the Kurds, and allowing our own WWII US ally, Turkey, to attack and massacre them -also our ally- [one whom, actually did something, in the middle east to insure peace], which just demonstrates his mental instability).
    8. The man is, as I said pre-2016, “A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES”. I hold to that statement 4 years later because Mr Trump has only made my opinion of him decrease, by his own personal words and actions, since then.

    Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY because it is not opinion…but FACT:
    Mr Trump has had, on his desk, since his Inauguration Day, an offer by, the largest public repository of gold and assets – The Global Debt Facility (GDF), an offer to replace the federal reserve ‘dollars’ with a truly U.S. Treasury Currency (for those that might not know “The Fed” is a private banking institution, not government owned, not,, of and by the people, for the people, but, of and by the cabal for the cabal).
    An offer by the GDF for the USA to print its own, REAL, TREASURY, GOLD BACKED DOLLARS, worth far far more than the current fiat Fed dollar (my understanding this would mean turning the clock back like, 50 years on dollar value, and buying power, replacing the Fed dollar with a Treasury dollars…imagine buying a 500K home built today for 50k, or getting 5-10 FULL bags of groceries for $20 instead of 2-3 items you get in one bag, today) , and yet, Mr Trump has refused to sign this offer (which would do more for the people THAN ANYTHING ELSE, he,, could possibly do) leaving the offer lay, without response or reply, indicating there is no question, he is today,, the number one, cabal instrument, in government circles, a true treasonous criminal.
    Anyone that thinks otherwise, respectfully add, needs to open their eyes and cease reading the cryptic allegedly coded messages off the ChinChan whatever website’s bulletin boards and stop self brainwashing with this Q A Nonsense Dribble, and get a grip on reality.

    Mr Trump, is not going to save anyone,, but his assets, his bank accounts, and of course, himself. There is ZERO indication any of the Q – fantasy, is true.

    • I always find one line replies like those received here to my prior post “Comical” at best, or “Sadly uneducated” at worst. Not one common sense reply and not any proof, no references to any evidence, to support such statements. Nothing Nada. Just name calling, thar is the Republican fall back created by Karl Rove, if you can not argue your position resort to name calling and attack8ng credibility, AN UNMISTAKABLE CLEAR CABAL SCHILL TACTIC WE HAVE WITNESSED OVER A DECADE NOW. Those real truther’s out there, know that game well.

      Hey I claim to see UFO’s but, I’ve posted countless photos I took as proof. Where is the Q-Fantasy group’s proof? Real Evidence? Not one shred of proof. I gave proof in my post, the evidence is there, for anyone with eyes to see.p, anyone willing to open their eyes and research, and it’s not in some cryptic veiled hidden meaning either, it’s plain English open, public, available for any to see.

      No,, people. This is the Cabal / Freemasons / Skull & Bones / Illuminati / Behrnberger Secret Society / Sick Elite Scum, Cabal minion groups,, “factions”, fighting it out, to see whom will rule the planet.

      Don’t be a fool. When the Event, the mass arrests come, we’ve been told repeatedly,, by Cobra amongst others, this will be PUBLIC, no dark back room deals, for immunity, or lesser sentences, that the criminals would be publicly arrested (Starting with the US Congress and White House, and,, now, utterly corrupted, Supreme Court, then Corporate CEO’s and down to corrupt officials in US State and local City governments, done by the US Marshall’s Service) publicly indicted, publicly tried, and convicted to serve their prison terms…

      Nothing short of this, will be acceptable to the American public, not after all these decades of waiting, and anyone that thinks the American public will stand for slaps on their wrists, self incarcerations at home, or jailing these elite scum in motel rooms with room service, or worse letting them remain in office, from the President, down, is fooling themselves. There would be mass uprisings, possibly leading to a full scale civil war (let’s just hope these criminals surrender and are, ALL publicly tried (including and especially Mr Trump, Mr Clinton, Mr Obama, and in particular 9-11 chief criminal Mr Bush amongst hundreds and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of others that are in violation of thei4 oaths of Office and/or have committed treasonous capitol crimes). There are too many utterly pissed off Americans, to accept less, I know, I’m one of them.

      The Clinton(s), Bush, Obama, Trump, AND the entire US Congress (those swearing allegiance to Israel), they must all, be arrested, indicted, tried, and imprisoned for treason, ASAP, as criminals and treasonous dogs they are. THAT WAS/IS, THE WHOLE POINT OF THE EVENT – removal of all criminals from government and corporate leadership teams. These people ARE, ALL, COLLECTIVELY the swamp (no it’s not just Democrats, nor just Republicans, try again, the multiple choice answer #3 is correct, it’s “all of the above”)…

      When (if now), the galactic’s intervene, the ships and craft drop through the clouds and land, in their masses of tens of thousands,,, we know, it is “the Event”. Until then, I do not see anything resembling the real off world resistance landing nor the planetary resistance moving to do anything “PUBLICLY” to make these arrests public in a 24-7 TV Broadcast (have Q nut cases forgotten the Cobra messages about taking control of all satellites and internet, every device worldwide broadcasting the same message?) showing not only the mass arrests, and PUBLUC trials but, running mass public educational programming?

      Otherwise – without the above real world evidence, nothing about the assertions of Q, these asserted mass arrests, is real, THIS IS JUST FANTASY PROPAGANDA or worse, some faction of 5he cabal like, my assumption is now: Trump’s Freemasons cabal group, trying to seize control), this is just more staged cabal games, infighting amongst the factions. They’ll claim these hundred thousand or whatever indictments were served, those people arrested, oh you saw them on the street, well they made a deal, or oh yeah, they died, committed suicide (when perhaps it really was, a virus that killed them). What a great propaganda scapegoat this virus is, In reverse, for Q-Republican nut cases…

      No we’re not buying the same old Republican Propaganda games, this is exactly what they did to the Tea Party, coopted its message, put up propaganda, and quell the resistance. The Republicans did it with the Tea Party, then attacked the Occupy movement destroying it’s credibility, then infiltrated the “Anonymous” group with violent acts, then putting out all this cryptic BS garbage under the stolen name “Anon” (“Anonymous” Coopted again from real truthers,, can’t they come up with any idea if their own, or must they just steal real truther movements names, rip off, coop and poison, their platforms?).

      Like Democrats (though a lesser degree), Republicans,, make me sick, especially since I was, one, once, until I woke up, I even voted Republican on Reagan and again for Bush (second time), stupid as both votes were (I do not vote now, knowing doing so in a corrupt system is only supporting that corrupt system, and until undone,, I refuse,, to vote). I even tried voting Democrat too years after, only to be just, as disillusioned. So do not call me a Democrat, nor a Republican, I AM NEITHER.., I know the left boot / right boot on your neck, feels exactly the same or put simply, the right and left wings, parties,, belong to the same vulture picking at America’s dead carcass (long long dead carcass).

      No, I am not playing their game, I am no fool. I am, however a man of action, I was the ONLY PERSON IN HISTORY (to my knowledge) HAVING SERVED IN THE ARMY ROTC TO DISCLOSE THE SECRET “OFFICERS OATH” (told to Karen Hudes in 2013, picked up on by Q what, five years,, after the fact, and whom failed to mention where the disclosure came from btw it was not Q but, it was Global Debt Facility Signatory Karen Hudes that publicized it far and wide for these many long years – and she gave credit where it arose ie; me. It was a HUGE risk for me, I could have been arrested for going against those -criminally constitutionally corrupt- officers, that way), AND PUBLICLY DENOUNCE OUR MILITARY OFFICERS FOR BEING IN VIOLATION OF THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE, disclosing this “secret officer’s oath (from my albeit brief ROTC service in 1978 when I took that Army ROTC Oath to …“Defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”…).

      I have not wavered one bit, in my oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the American people, in fact, I fulfill it, in part here, in these pages, quite often actually, just telling the truth.

      Just to be perfectly clear, I stand for a:
      Independent free American State, free of rule by treasonous Israeli government dogs, not under the thumb of the cabal (as it most definitely,, currently,, is, and has been proven by election of our current corrupt President), free of the two party UTTERLY CORRUPT SYSTEM (as several, of the, so called,, ‘free elections’’ have demonstrated the corruption like the last – “free elections” that subjugate the voters in districts favoring certain parties and a complete ignoring of truly good people that would make excellent president’s, just because they do not subscribe to the Dem/Rep platforms of amongst other things, bowing to Israel’s every whim),, free of government invasion of personal liberties and freedoms, an America where the more than 5,000 suppressed patents are released, an America that agrees willingly, ultimately to form / join in a one world government (yeah I despise, the idea too, however, the only resolution to coexistence with galactic and planetary systems of government ‘out there’, and ending our national conflicts, IS a one world government guaranteeing freedoms of every planetary citizen equally, ending thru technology, personal needs like clothing shelter food etc, The basic human needs, assuring every citizen has these basic human rights and perhaps considering said technologies, a universal basic income – if, they contribute to society in some way) and an America empowered with these advanced technologies from replication, to free energy to antigravity to transport portals. An America that takes its equal place amongst the nations of earth and interstellar alliances and governments of the universe.

      There will be no need of greed nor war, and we will, form a unified planet,, eventually, it is inevitable, in fact one might say, inescapable.

      Some ‘people’ call me names (and surely worse if they could, often being brainwashed potentially violent fanatics), for my beliefs and actions but, that is what I believe irrelevant of such (after attempted fire bombing, bein* threatened with being shot, being assaulted in more ways than you can imagine from being hacked to my credit robber, jet fighters diving on and circling my residences, and black choppers buzzing my roof, well calling me, names,, haha – funny)… I have faith that, it, is possible, and coming in the Event, once the criminals like: Mr Trump; Mr/Mrs Clinton, Mr Bush, Mr/Mrs Congressperson Mr/Ms SC Justice, and the rest, Republican AND Democrat alike, ALL THESE CRIMINALS (whether you believe their tripe or not) are arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for their crimes against not only the American People but the people of the world in their crimes against humanity, AND an America where the technologies are released and finally most of all, UAP / UFO Mass Landings really occur and we meet or galactic cousins.

      To those that believe Mr Trump is their Savior, that Q is Trump, and he is going to drain the swamp here and abroad (while he spent an entire administration FILLING THE SWAMP WITH MORE SCUM THAN ANY IN HISTORY… I have but one message….
      LOL ?

      • Hi Tye,
        I wish you strength,and I too have doubts about Trump.
        He is either corrupt as I too have thought, or very clever to … play corrupt.
        Not taking up the offer by the GDF may also be a taktic, or so I hope,but
        then every time he pulls a goof I hope it’s a tactic to draw more rats out
        of the dark.
        You may like the youtube channel called “unrig” by Robert David Steele,
        a retired CIA spy. He recently interviewed a well known retired russian spy
        and they still both appear to have faith in Trump.
        But anyway … you still believe in COBRA … and I sit here and diligently
        comply with his request of doing the “freedom of the planet meditation”
        and hope it helps.
        Stay strong.

        Carlavagnen 13

      • Tye, thank you for speaking out.

        It’s a crazy phenomenon that Light workers, supposedly heart-centered folks, hail one of today’s most egoistical public figures as “The Chosen One of God” so to speak. Trump is a business man and, (people, wake up!) all elite business around the world today is steeped in greed for power. There is no noble feelings of kindness in the heart of Trump. Yes, he knows how to use people’s hatred for a corrupt system to his own advantage, lashes out at “the corrupt system”–but, really, it doesn’t take much thinking to see through his maneuvers, folks! Light-workers, c’mon!! Do you really just suck it up? Trump talk is nothing more than business-political underhanded maneuvers of language that seeks to lull in “corrupt system-hating” people and steer them away from what is pure, true, heart-centered Christ consciousness.

        If we Starseeds are here as beacons of light, to embody the true, pure Light of the Cosmic Christ, then we need to be able to discern between the words and actions of a beast and those of the heart of the Christ. If we cannot even do that, then even Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, I’m sorry to say, are lost, ensnared in language tricks that evil masters. Trump is a business man through and through. He himself admits it. Brothers and Sisters of the Light, return to your heart for what is true. The heart knows. The mind is easily swayed by tactical speeches and double-edged tongues. Trump may be a catalyst for change but his heart is a pit of anomaly.

        Practice discernment, return to your heart center. Wake up to the soft voice in your heart. It will tell you the truth you may not want to hear. The heart speaks to those who have ears to hear and opens the eyes of those who want to see. Do you?

        You may consider what comes from the heart versus what comes from the ego. For your sake, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, distinguish ego from heart and ask yourself, is Trump acting out of ego or heart? What is heart-centered behavior? It’s not complicated, folks. The truth is NOT convoluted. Kindness and egotism speak for themselves.

        Thanks, Tye.

        • I’m going to disagree with what you are stating. Yes, Trump is and was a Business Person, however I know in my heart he was chosen by God to step up and save not just our Country … but the World. He is not a politician and can not be bought by the Cabal. He doesn’t and neither does his family need the money and/or the heartache they endure. He works tirelessly behind the scenes with his closest military assets. This election is nothing but a fraud against all of humanity. The NWO has but all destroyed most other Nations. If America falls, all other Nations will fall like dominoes. That won’t happen because unlike you, I can discern, research and have God given instincts showing me the way to truth. We are moving into a new world, but it is not the Satanic New World Order. Our Country will stand as a beacon to all other Nations. Our ability to fight the EVIL currently running the world will spread from Nation to Nation as they awaken to the truth of how they were deceived. They too will rise up and claim God’s gift to humanity, which is freedom … NOT ENSLAVEMENT.

      • your the one who needs to open your eyes and wake. trum works for the eople and country. everything takes time. Do you know how much corruption there is in this whole world? i bet not Its not just DC. He does nit work for himself never has. God bless you so you may ien your eyes to reality. thank God for president trump.

    • Well said, been saying that since he started running for Pres and insulted people like a schoolyard bully which he is!

    • One paragraph from the Rushmore speech:

      “We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed. Every child, of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God. (Applause.)

      We want free and open debate, not speech codes and cancel culture.”

      You agree with this statement?

    • If all this is true why would big tech be so scared to try and CANCEL him.
      Why are news media working double time to try and make our president look bad.
      Why would media not show him and his achievements.
      Why would the Democrats try to put in a candidate that they won’t even let out of the basement to speak. We have eyes, ears, and brains. We can see what is happening
      In real time.

  7. You’ve linked the wrong video guys, should be this one

  8. Wake up people, Communist Dems and Fasist Republicans are the same puppets of the Cabal, Trump&CLINTON=Israil,

  9. QAnon is Psy-op created by the same people who brought you the new age hocus pocus meme that everything is OK, our friends from outer space are on their way, it’s just the last days or the end of an age…really…? WTF UP People…since the time of the so called Christian Messiah, people have been waiting for someone or something to change this place…Guess what..? 2000 Years later we are still waiting, and you will probably have to wait for another 2000 years, but I doubt humanity survives that long…… As a person who has studied just about every major religion as well as human behavior, I can say for certain that their are no decent minded people running the CIA, NSA, DEA, DOD, none of them…Nobody rises to the head of any department or agency that is not fully cabal, or a member of the machine. These Humans are incapable of change, because like many of us they were created to be flawed, and when some people do manage to become or act more Christ like, they are destroyed by the monsters that own and control this planet…. Planet Earth is nightmare, it has always been one, but the controllers have kept it hidden from many of us… Hey if your making piles of money the world seems good, and for 10% of the world it is great…but the other 90% suffer every day… Now the cabal or monsters do not care if you see how demented they are, they will lie right to your face, because there is no where to run to…They own it all.. Q-Anon….what a farce, what a sad joke….

    • Q-anon was a simple distract and delay psy-op meant to keep the people from burning it all down. Three years they have been dragging this out til they got all of their ducks ina row and the time for them to pull the trigger is now. Notice how the mayor of Champagne Illinois just suspended 90% of the constitution. If Q were real that mayor would be under arrest right now for treason and sedition. They will kill the internet to keep us from organizing on a National level. This is agenda 2030 in your face. When you see the NATO troops in the US know it will be game over. Off to a re-education center. Remember it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Ezra hit the nail on the head on every point.

    • you must be totally clueless about the stuff thats happening in the last 6 months. this is not a psy op, thats what the cabal wants you to believe, so dont talk like a shill. this time its real my friend. and i say that as a very cynical person.

    • COMPLETELY AGREED, there is a big problem on this platform. There is a lot of confusion. There is a lot of (((CIA PEOPLES))) and a lot of people that DO NOT UNDERSTAND the Matrix called earth is controlled by (((JEWS, Men in black gov access folks aka deepstate, and Kunat Sumara’s army))). Not only no saviour will come but WHITES (The Builders) as a ethnic group are being decimated.

      Qanons are (((Jewish))) in their origin as they use GEMATRIA for the basis of their comms. Nothing good will come from US MILITARY as it is crippled with Jewish and Mossad agents.

      No chance QPSY OP goes through and if it does the new fake (((JEWISH CONTROLLED))) Synarchic gov will be worse than ever. Therefore preparing the world for a Monoreligion and race driven by Jews and their God Jehova who may finally show up.

      I know it is far out but of you pay attention all leads to Jerusalem especially Donald Trump the president of Israel.

      NIMROD EE ROSARIO explained all of this many times and diagramed how to exit thisworld just like Neo in the Matrix on the basis that this world is a prison and hell for the Brave and heaven for slaves.

    • Your post is the only farce here. You rejects are going to look and feel awfully silly once this whole worldwide assault on the cabal has ended.


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