The fake end-times scenario now unfolding in the West will soon get more fantastical, so sit back and enjoy the show.  Although it may seem scary at times, the real aim is to create a better world.  “We have defined the duration of the theatre as 20 months,” says a European royal family source.  So far over 30 countries and a billion people are on lockdown as part of the show.

However, at the same time, we are also hearing from esoteric sources that a very real war that has been raging for thousands of years is coming to an end.  If humanity is victorious, the quarantine on the planet Earth will be lifted and humanity will be allowed out into the universe, according to sources in the family groups that control monotheism.

Before this is possible though, the old financial control grid has to be collapsed and that means there will be turbulence and some hardship, especially in the West, as the rest of the world stops paying tribute to the Khazarian mob, Asian secret society sources say.

Before we take a look at what will happen to the financial system, let us take a peek at some of the project blue beam fake end times show now being promoted.  The P3 Freemasons sent me the following images and video last week.

The first is of devil’s horns appearing above a church in Austria.

Then the devil appeared in the Persian Gulf.

The video is of a demon appearing on the roof of a church in Spain.  A short video of it can be seen here:

With a few clicks of the mouse, we checked out what the P3 sent us and found out the following: According to NASA, the first picture is of a partial eclipse of the sun that took place in 2003.  News reports say the second was a partial eclipse on January 7th.  2020.  Maybe, but the P3 does have the technology to beam such holograms in the sky, which they demonstrated to me when I visited them in 2009.

The gargoyle or demon on the church roof, it turns out, was created by what appears to be a teenager in Spain working on his home computer.  The six-minute video below shows exactly how parallel reality can be created on the internet.

In any case, the fake pandemic show we are now seeing actually represents a real war for the planet earth. NSA sources are now telling us that Covid19=Covert Virus Infection Destruction 2019.

The question is: who’s destruction?

The controllers of the old system are trying to stay in power by using bioweapons and 5G electromagnetic attacks to kill large portions of the population and force the rest into submission.  The resistance forces are neutralizing the bioweapons and preventing the installation of 5G towers.  In a counter-attack, they are using the ongoing economic disruption to end Khazarian mafia control of the financial system.  So far the white hats appear to be winning.

They are saying Italy now has the most deaths from the pandemic and the entire country is on lockdown.  However, if you look at the data, it shows the average age of the people dying is 80 and 99% of them had one or usually more pre-existing medical conditions.  In other words, all the cabal has working for it, is fear-mongering BS.

Since the Pandemic show and computer graphics may soon stop fooling people MI6 and CIA sources say the next phase will involve “a giant…

magnetic pulse that will pass through mother Gaia within the week.”  This will cause a temporary shutdown of the Internet and mobile phone communications.  MI6 sources say.

“The airlines have already started to be prepared.  Airplanes flying at the time of the huge electromagnetic pulse that passes through the planet will be knocked out of the sky.  Watch for any plane crashes over the next week or so.  This will be the cause,” CIA sources say.   Certainly, air traffic is being shut down.

This prediction of a massive asteroid or asteroid exploding in the atmosphere by NASA may be the “trigger for another big magnetic wave that will hit the planet within 10 days.  It may shut down all electronics on the planet for a few days until there is a reboot,” CIA sources say.

Let us see.  But, as a precaution, make sure you have the landline numbers or physical addresses of those closest to you.

Now let us look at the economic disruption caused by the pandemic show.  As a junior financial reporter, I remember the incredible fuss created when central bankers announced such things as a 0.25% change in interest rates.  Well now, we have James Bullard the president of the St. Louis Fed, predicting 30% unemployment and a 50% GDP crash.  This would be more than twice as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s.

So the FRB has:

  1. Cut interest rates from 1.25% to 0.15%.
  2. Launched over $700 billion in Quantitative Easing (QE).
  3. Launched a $1.5 trillion repo program.
  4. Launched another $1 trillion repo program….  daily!
  5. Announced it will begin buying commercial paper (short-term corporate debt).
  6. Allowed primary dealers to start parking assets, including stocks, as collateral in exchange for short-term credit.
  7. Announced it will begin buying municipal debt.
  8. Opened unlimited dollar-swap-lines to the world.

And the result of all this record amount of liquidity provision – almost $30 trillion of global wealth destruction (bonds and stocks)…

This graph below shows how the once almighty Fed has completely lost its mojo.  They pump astronomical sums of fake money and nobody believes them anymore.

The next step is going to involving handing cash directly to the people.  MI6 sources are saying each person will be sent one or two thousand dollars every month until the crisis ends.  U.S. Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin is talking about $3,000 for each family of four, more unemployment insurance and $4 trillion in liquidity to “support the economy.” European royal family sources say a write off of all debts is also now in the works.

The other thing that is going on is that the Western system of crony capitalism is being dismantled.  Since most financial institutions and large corporations will go bankrupt from the predicted 50% fall in GDP, they will end up being nationalized, P3 Freemason sources say.

This process has already begun in Germany where they have launched a massive quasi nationalization of every industry.

The system will be replaced by a communist/capitalist hybrid system modeled after the very successful system pioneered by Japan after WW2 and improved upon by Singapore and China, both P3 and MI6 sources say.

Ok now let us take a look at other aspects of the ongoing hybrid world war that is underway.

Pentagon sources say the “The 3/11 quake in upstate NY and 3/18 quake in Salt Lake City, Utah may have destroyed cabal underground bases.” The same applies to the March 22 earthquake in Croatia.

The sources also say:

Trump ally former house speaker Newt Gingrich appears to be the de facto Governor of Italy since he is ‘trapped’ there and his wife is U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.


The Zionists are losing control as Israeli shill Nikki Haley was forced to resign from Boeing’s board.  At the same time, the Shyster Israelis full of hubris signed their own death warrant when they refused to turn over 911 perps and source code for the iron dome to the U.S. military that was funded by U.S. taxpayers.

We also heard from CIA sources in South East Asia that there was a “massive electromagnetic radiation disaster near Wuhan.”  Furthermore, this caused “a tear in the space-time continuum,” they say.  The sources add, “The Chinese have technology and devises that we are not aware of.”

Regardless of these hidden events, it is clear that economic activity in Japan and China are now reverting back to normal despite what is going on in the west.

The Japanese are also disobeying orders from their former Khazarian mafia masters and are no longer going along with the pandemic performance art show.

However, there is severe warfare going on in the West where we are seeing all sorts of former top political and business players vanishing.  The latest appears to be German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is “under home quarantine.”  The 27-member EU block has shut its borders and Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy are under lockdown as mass arrests begin, NSA sources say.  Poland has gone as far as to shut its borders with other EU states.

We are also seeing possible cabal ecocide near Saudi Arabia as they threaten to kill the Red Sea by blowing up a tanker and creating a massive oil spill.

Despite these sorts of threats, wildlife has already been returning to cities and flourishing as a result of the ongoing changes in our economic management.  Soon our cities will be covered in green and filled with small animals.

Finally this week, I would like to share something unusual that happened the other night.  When I was relaxing in a meditative state of consciousness one evening, I wrote the following on a box of tissues: “Pseudo Caria effect = placebo jumps to higher fractal state.”  I can assure you that I had no idea what this message meant and it did not come from me or my sub-conscious but was dictated to me telepathically.

Internet research led to a single reference for “pseudo-Caria.”  It appears that by planting just a single species of shrub in the desert, a butterfly effect occurs that leads to the desert turning into a forest.  The shrubs allow trees to get started, and these then capture moisture and the entire eco-system changes.

This sort of process is also known as a fractal phase change.  A familiar example is boiling water.  The water builds up heat until it suddenly starts to boil and the water turns to steam.

What we are trying to accomplish with the “placebo” or fake pandemic and end times is to trigger such a phase change on a planetary level.  The aim is to transform the planet into a higher state, with details in the months to come so stay tuned.

When the White Dragon Society and its allies win this secret war for the planet Earth, before too long there will be humans living on other planets as our species undergoes an exponential expansion.  This is what happens when sperm meets egg in a womb only this time the womb is Gaia herself.



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  1. I can vouch for the Persian gulf photograph taken in February 2020, as i witnessed it personally from Kish island, Iran at sunrise.

  2. I find (whenever I am bored, and looking for some fantasy entertainment) Ben’s posts “entertaining”… even if he is often, outright wrong (or spinning fanciful propaganda), much, if not, most, of the time.

    Whatever is really, going on behind the scenes, I doubt very much, Ben Fulford has much of a clue (from reading years of his fanciful posts, which rarely provide any evidence of such grandiose claims). Nor does David Wilcock it appears, after his “Q”-a-nonsense like videos in recent days, about how “Defender20” is the Trumpee “White Hats” taking down the cabal actors (The US Military ceased the European “Defender20” deployment, citing the virus as reason, I think, even before Wilcock posted his video. Seems to me, David got it wrong, kinda hard to do what he asserts, without the troops to back up “The Plan” – he asserts, is in progress).

    So seemingly, both sources, are,, unless dramatic events occur, “a wash” (although I personally believe both, “may have” at some points, occasional, pieces of valuable intel and thus, respect both men, for trying, to do good)…

    I do, expect, it is inevitable, the Global Debt Facility will ultimately be used to cancel ‘national and international, Federal Reserve based, country debts’, that seems pretty much assured, as the only option to restore any kind of economy, in a “post pandemic world”, because even with trillions in US Stimulus, it is like, using a thimble, to bail out this sinking Titanic. This just, will not, be enough, no way. The western banks are done for, the best they can hope, some quasi Treasury/Fed bailout deal which American’s cannot stand for, not after the 08 bailouts, any Congress person voting for such should be dragged out on the capitol steps and shot… IMHO.

    However, the SECRET TREASURY ACCOUNTS on all Americans, you may have heard of,, the one’s every American has in their name via SS numbers, must be opened, these funds given back to the people that own them ie: the citizens in whose name they are. No $1200 pittance, this spec, a mere crumb, brushed off the former cabal master’s table, is supposed to placate us? Don’t buy it, they owe EVERY individual Americans at least thousands, likely tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, or even, perhaps millions, per American.

    No, we fight until the Fed, is DEAD (our collective 2nd best weapon,, right to refuse to return to work when the order comes, they shut us down, now WE SHUT THEM DOWN), until th3 Federal Reserve is gone, and the funds in those secret US Treasury accounts, are turned over to the rightful owner, the American people, in whose name(SSN), they exist.

    Yes this is a war, the media, at least has, that word correct. It’s not, however, a war between us and an “alleged” virus, nor a war between right and left, Democrats and Republicans, nor is it a war between Capitalism / Socialism / Communism (all of which have been shown distinctly in recent decades, up through now, COMPLETE and UTTER FAILURES)…

    No this is a war at its most basic, a war between “good” and “evil” (or self centered, and service to others, centered reality, between amassing everything in the world for the few, and sharing the planet equally for the good of all humanity). A war between between the past (oil, industrialism, slavery) and future (individual spirituality, freedom, and unimagined by most, new technologies and human direction, which will transform humanity in ways we cannot even comprehend now).

    Yes this is, a war, for sure, but the first casualty of war, is always: “The Truth”.
    Just remember what, we’re fighting for, “FREEDOM” from the cabal, which rules every aspect of our lives, every day. We’re in it to win it. The collective unconscious can be applied, don’t let fear mongers take your victory, stay positive, KNOW,, in your heart of hearts ? that, WE,, TOGETHER, WILL WIN THIS,, and, “WE WILL”. It is just a matter of knowing, that is true, IF, everyone accepts this in their hearts, feels the satisfaction, (albeit unforeseen at moment, that:) we beat,, the cabal (internally prophesying our future, manifesting this reality), then their ruin, is inescapable, and our victory, complete.

    Victory to the light, truth, and love.

  3. Isn’t this what Fulford’s been promising for years with his ” merit based planning system?” Check what he says and then just passes unnoticed…:”The system will be replaced by a communist/capitalist hybrid system modeled after the very successful system pioneered by Japan after WW2 and improved upon by Singapore and China, both P3 and MI6 sources say.” ….Improved by CHINA???? China, as in the notorious Chinese Communist Party???
    That’s what’s coming and we have to look forward to???
    We have long been told this is a fight between 2 factions within the cabal. So when “communist/capitalist” Faction 2 gets in, hallelujah????

  4. that GOD protects everyone I know their plan here in Greece they put the millimeter transmitter while all the people are locking up in their house

  5. Some truths… some fear porn, it seems.

    The asteroid scenario seems unlikely as the article cited is from two weeks ago – the asteroid in question lovingly named 52768 (1998 OR2) has been watched since 1998, and by most accounts will do a friendly, non-impactful drive-by through the neighborhood on April 29:

    Might want to ask that “CIA source” for more explanation.

  6. Ah-so. Confirms my suspicion that the “other side” is communist. So they will get their capitalist pigs. I don’t doubt that Jews are running that side too. The Chinese leadership has “handlers”. They will get their Catholic Church.
    They always promise paradise. We shall see. It will be an impoverished world.

    Commentators like Fulford and William Mount always were on the Communist side. Maybe that’s why they were not taken down. Fulford’s site was blocked for half of Monday but looks like he was able to marshall his side’s forces.

    • Also, Fulford doesn’t seem to say anything about Europe’s borders being open to “migrants” only.

      What would he think of the Epoch Times’ editorial treatise How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World?

      And Steven Hassan’s BITE Model?

    • He explicitly mentioned a “communist/capitalist” hybrid. Communism itself doesn’t work. Neither does capitalism on its own which is self-evident, unless you get off on feeling superior for accruing colored paper and bank digits versus others who would like to just live their lives, without being part of someone else’s rat race. Duality is dead, and so is both capitalism and communism individually. Thank God.

      My intuition always told me that the only successful economic system that could carry Earth into the future would be one with a socialist foundation and capitalist expansion on top of that foundation.

      The lack of an effective socialist foundation is what has corroded America at its core. Last year I traveled to 5 European countries/capitals/cities: it’s clear they know what they’re doing and we/America do not. When I returned to New York City I was disgusted by the state of that city and this country. I deserve better. You deserve better. And so do all the people who have been run over by rogue, rabid capitalism.

      There is no “mutual exclusivity” in the New World. So you might consider getting off the train taking you in that direction.

    • Delete “Jews” substitute Khasarians. The ordinary Jewish people have long been victimized by Khasarian satanic fake Jews. Ordinary Jewish people were holocausted in WW2 by these Khasarians to create sympathy for creation of the Rothschild fiefdom, Israel, which was stolen in a genocide against the Palestinian people. Jews have been used as human shields against retaliation for these crimes under the Khasarian protest of “anti-Semitism.” It’s just one more horror show brought to you by the Khasarian Mafia.

    • Humanity is the way. You are the one who has your brain washed in division. Communist or socialism are not as you are brainwashed! Take a course in Philosophy at a local college. I loved the course in college, and have applied it all my life.

      • There is a very big difference between what is described as the ‘ideal socialist program’ and what actually occurs. In the end, it is always the same individuals who exploit economic programs to their advantage. And that is exactly what happened to Russia. Create an ideal in the mind of the masses and exploit it by a very few who end up rich and in suppressive control of everyone’s lives.

        It is time we individually accept responsibility for what we are creating by not relying on government for our prosperity and health!!! History has proven it to be much too dangerous and disempowering to do so otherwise.

        It is time to anchor and restore what was abandoned long ago (millions of years of unrecorded history) when we allowed ourselves to be exploited and ruled by the dark forces and their powers of contamination. It is time to say NO MORE! The Higher Schools of Learning are begging us to prepare ourselves for entry. No one can do it for us for each is responsible for what we create of ourselves. That is what the virus is forcing us to see, understand and learn – to see what truly is of value and where we must remove our energies from what is not worthy of us, i.e. the cruel treatment of animals that end up on our plates.


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