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  1. Walt Disney cannot speak for himself, 24 minutes the stunt man said “CIA help Disney buy all the swamp land in Florida.” So here we go folks he sees this on “History Channel” that’s where we get our history. Walt Disney Studio was the only motion picture company that was not controlled & Walt believed he was discriminated against. Hours after Pearl Harbor his studio was visited by U.S.Army. During the war Walt made numerous films for the government at great financial lost while other studios profited. Disney was forced to go several million $$ in debt. By end of the war he was on verge of bankruptcy & felt persecuted by communist & union activist. If anyone interested in a true article of Walt Disney life ‘The Barnes Review’ has it for sale at $10. in March 2011. It’s a Great story.

  2. It’s a shame that after 75 years that the United States has to keep pounding away at blaming Germany. Please use your own discernment when viewing this video. I do not disagree with there being these media mind control that has encompassed American society for the past 85 years, that is why I do not have a television since 1990 or been to a movie theater. What shouldn’t make sense to anyone is if these Nazi’s came to America before WW2 then why would they want to destroy Germany?? Think about all the movie propaganda they made of the holocaust, why would they?? Who is the real victim here?? There were a lot of Hollywood people that did come from Germany by the millions when Adolf Hitler threw them out of Berlin in 1933. They were considered to be degenerates. But were they German?? They flooded New York harbors by the millions in the middle of the night, perhaps that’s where your missing 6 million went.

    • Hi,
      didn´t feel like the documentation was blaming the Nazi´s from Germany. The Nazi´s just helped perfecting the scheme/methods. the “dark” faction is active for hundreds of years (or massivley longer 😉 ), they just concentrated research-efforts to the USA after world war 2. the dark faction does not allign to any country at all ….

      • Greetings, I appreciate your optimistic outlook. However I feel they are as usual, trying to pull the same mind games as always by using catch phrases like Nazi & Third Reich. Kevin Shipp clearly states “experiments on the jews in camps” yet there has Never been any documentation to prove Hitler’s Third Reich was conducting experiments on the jews at any campsite. There has Never been any documentation that there were any orders to exterminate any jews at any Work camp. & They were not intern into camps until 1941 when a booklet surfaced by: Theodore Kaufman “Germany Must Perish” he calls for the complete extermination of the German people. If they wanted to prove the same point of mind control why not bring up the fact that June 1933 the Zionist Globalist Federal Reserve chairman, Eugene Meyer buys The Washington Post. He quickly changes policy & transforming the paper to be pro Franklin Roosevelt & anti Germany & soft on communist Stalin. 1940 Meyer fires the editor for refusing to endorse U.S. intervention into WW2. The Post would be handed down to Meyer’s daughter Katherine Meyer Graham. So The Big 4 media giants CBS Paley, NBC Sarnoff, NY Times Ochs Sulzberger & Meyer Washington Post all distort truth about Hitler & Germany. Perhaps this MK Ultra was being conducted here by this group. Perhaps it was being conducted against the Japanese & Germans here in the United States, after all we did intern them during the war.


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