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As cabin fever takes hold and the financial costs grow, there’s a movement of people who are starting to feel that getting back to their normal routine is worth the risk of catching COVID-19. In this video, we hear from some of those in the United States who feel their freedom is under attack and are demanding for the lockdown to be lifted.

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  1. i know this is a big fat Corona-viral farce, 100% something i learned many years ago! we are all sovereign people of ancient genepools, we are not just slaves for the big companies to use, here in uk we are traded in 1000people blocks, its the number on your birth certificates they use! we are also lied to by MSM FACT too many of us believe that govts hve our best interests at heart, Alas they do not! You should all push Your volition back into reverse to where You actually forgot that we all had rights and consents to e given dont fall foul of Pharma LIES XX

  2. Hi,
    In Denver, Colorado: Everybody is getting tired of being treated like elementary school children. Alot of US citizens are University educated adults. People are intelligent & smart: they can figure out what is a fake & what is a Reality. People are not dummies. People do have common sense. And people do read & understand in different languages.
    Thank You.

  3. ClO2 (Not Sodium hypochlorite=”bleach” as the people making fun of Jordan Sather and chased poor Jim Humble out of our country, call it) should stop our worries over CV. Big pharma will lock your account if you mention this in social media because it will destroy their vaccine agenda.

    BREAKING: Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate vs. covid-19 in 100+ patient trial conducted in Ecuador, using intravenous chlorine dioxide –

  4. Is it possible we are being De Programmed?? Our life as a whole is a Slave to the very Same System you all wish to Reopen. We are Not supposed to be paying Federal Tax or Property Tax. The Churches rob you blind & talk a talk they don’t even know. Schools teach your Children Fake History & False Science & Indoctrinate them to be the next generation of Slavery. University’s suck you into Debt for half your life. Health Care makes us sick & their Preventative care is a joke. So how much of your hard working money goes to Insurance? Break The Cycle, This is a Chance to Change Everything!


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