By Spiro Skouras,

For months the global health pandemic known as the coronavirus or COVID-19 has been dominating the headlines while drastically changing the lives of billions of people around the world. With unprecedented restrictions of people’s fundamental human rights, while simultaneously destroying the global economy, what is really going on?

Many have questioned the response from governments and global institutions such as the World Health Organization from the very beginning. Now, the CDC admits the mortality rate of the virus is much lower than previously projected, but the question remains why are we all still on lockdown?

Although the question for the need of continued lockdowns is now more important than ever, it seems to be lost as we are witnessing massive civil unrest spread across the US just as quickly as we were told the virus was spreading.

Are these protests spontaneous? Or is there an outside force facilitating the unrest, as we seem to be entering the second stage of a much larger operation? Is this the stage between phase one and phase two of the outbreak? A summer of chaos? In an election year, does it resemble shades of a Soros-sponsored color revolution, or a new form of Operation Gladio?

Regardless, it is almost impossible to deny the US, among many other nations, is in the midst of a rapid destabilization operation.

LIST of areas currently rioting. ALL are DEMOCRAT RUN. 100%

I used the Broadcastify Top 50.
Tuned in. Listened and confirmed for some type of violence.
Once violence was confirmed, I moved to the next.

Jacob Frey
Mayor of Minneapolis, MN
Party: Democratic Party

Bill de Blasio
Mayor of New York City NY
Party: Democratic Party

Frank Cownie
Mayor of Des Moines, IA
Party: Democratic Party

Keisha Lance Bottoms
Mayor of Atlanta, GA
Party: Democratic Party

Thomas Bernabei
Mayor of Canton, OH
Party: Democratic Party

Andrew James Ginther
Mayor of Columbus, OH
Party: Democratic Party

Michael Edward Duggan
Mayor of Detroit, MI
Party: Democratic Party

Eric Johnson
Mayor of Dallas, TX
Party: Democratic Party

Greg Fischer
Mayor of Louisville, KY
Party: Democratic Party

Lori Lightfoot
Mayor of Chicago, IL
Party: Democratic Party

Bernard Young
Mayor of Baltimore, MD
Party: Democratic Party

Vi Lyles
Mayor of Charlotte, NC
Party: Democratic Party

Michael Hancock
Mayor of Denver, CO
Party: Democratic Party

Eric Garcetti
Mayor of Los Angeles, CA
Party: Democratic Party

Ted Wheeler
Mayor of Portland, OR
Party: Democratic Party

Sam Liccardo
Mayor of San Jose
Party: Democratic Party

Lovely Warren
Mayor of Rochester, NY
Party: Democratic Party


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  1. I do not believe the Minneapolis with George Floyd & Derek Chauvin is Real. Everything is an Illusion! Everything! The story was to serve ‘Antifa’ to come out and Play. In return we have the President signing an ‘Executive Order’ to tag ‘Antifa’ a Terrorist Group, which they are! & All those who are wearing mask, take them off. Watch ‘Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by the CDC’ posted on “Prepare For Change’

  2. Yes,, these protests are going on in traditional Dem areas,, duh… this author’s article is assertion is ridiculous, -respectfully, speaking, as follows:
    These are states and cities which have, heavy,, African American populations, people whom have been most harmed, by racial profiling, and these military trained cop’s (“Soldiers” trained to kill, first, ask questions later, whom may be unable to handle integration into civilian life, instead go into law enforcement, where all their fellow soldiers are) and whom, have most had to endure, their brutality towards civilians, tactics. It is no surprise therefore, that the protests are in these cities, after an innocent civilian,, -two key words here “innocent” and “civilian”), was deliberately and brutally murdered by these criminal cops, in one (amongst many lately) of our civilian city’s, streets.
    At least, African American’s “get it”,, that we do not live in a ‘free’ country. They know better. Sadly most caucasians, are utterly clueless, more concerned about how protests are going to affect them personally, and not caring enough about our fellow citizens being tortured to death on our streets, to get involved, speak out, or go out in their own cities and peacefully protest these brutal-military-police officers and their murder of over #1000 of us, in a lot of cases doing so without cause, every,, single,, year!!!

    What if instead, it had been your son, or your daughter, or your Mom or Dad, or even you, murdered by a cop (actually three, I hear, participated but, one maintained it=) kneeling for 4 solid minutes on their neck (I don’t care what anyone says, that is cold blooded murder in the first degree, of a man handcuffed and laying face down, utterly incapacitated, on the street!!
    The African American community have more family members in these cities, killed by these criminals in uniform, than anywhere else no doubt, as the stats, are clear, African Americans are targeted (admittedly there may be reason by crime stats as well showing more violent crime committed by but, I would add,, if the cops actually arrested the heavily Caucasian criminals like Trump, his administration, every Congressperson taking oath to foreign states like Israel, the Supreme Court for their countless (criminal) acts against Americans (like allowing huge money to buy, American politics and policy, and not,, doing anything to stop corrupt regime after regime in America),, and every state Governor and their administrations whom are guilty beyond question of supporting this foreign owned and operated illegal illegitimate US corporate regime,,, or if they ever went after corrupt mega corporations CEO’s and their administrations, which break the laws, killing people every day, and get only financial slaps on the wrists, it might even out, some of the stats, too).

    This is not a black/white issue (that is divide and conquer mind games), and these are not MayberryRFD Cops, these are brutally trained to murder civilians, military troopers, that belong on a military base, not in our city streets wearing uniforms, badges, and carrying loaded deadly weapons and high tech, “torture devices”,, ie: Tasers. This must stop, then,, undoubtedly, the peaceful protesters, will.

    The last thing we need is MORE SOLDIERS on America’s streets.

  3. I really like everything you said and how you said it. You had expressed with love in your heart and with truth. Thank you.
    Boni Irwin

  4. Yes the Trumpers may think it is just an antifa antic, and I am sure it could be to a lesser degree, but the reason it is mainly in blue states is because the blue states have been locked down harder and longer than the southern states… People do not like to be locked down at home with not much in the way of any stress reducing outlets…all it took was a match to set off the tinder…and that’s where we are at… For all of you White Hat Republican lovers… The Supreme Court Justice John Roberts just broke the tie and voted in favor of the Californian decision that the Government can stop you from attending church, and mandate that you get vaccinated… Yes, Roberts could have voted with his fellow Republican Conservatives who dissented, but he didn’t and we should all know by now that this left right divide is all show, a disgusting show of corruption and disregard for humanity… the Deep State always gets their way, because they own both party’s…. Trump is along for the ride….

    • None of what you said make any sense, just a bunch of nonsense words…
      Who lock the people in the blue state?whose idea it was?

  5. Lets make this viral:


    Let them know we don’t appreciate or want them near us, until they learn we the people are NOT the enemy.
    Until they learn to speak to people not at them, until they learn to come in peace, and not with weapons threatening and pointing at us.
    Until they stop going undercover and creating violence and disturbances.
    Until they learn to deal with the criminals within their own ranks.
    Until they learn enforcing a wrong order is not the right thing to do.
    Social distance at 10 feet all Police and tell them we do not want them near us.
    Forget colors, genders and nationalities, WE ARE PEOPLE, NOT LABELS.


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