By Arnold Wheeler,

The Memory Hole is a grand thing, isn’t it? It’s like everyone is under perpetual amnesia, unable to call to mind relevant information about real events. It’s almost a magical phenomenon; perhaps a type of mentalism, or hypnosis, is involved. Who knows, it could be that Project MKUltra and similar endeavors have yielded great fruit, and so Mossad’s Mighty Media Wurlitzer is successfully at work, keeping the goyim comatose indefinitely. Oftentimes one is tempted to ask, rhetorically, “Hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there?” The answer, as they say, may surprise you.

Why is Benjamin Netanyahu not investigated by the FBI? Of course, he should be, and were it not for Israel’s disproportionate political clout over the United States Government, he would have been investigated a whole lot of time ago. We are living in a blood-chilling world in which in-your-face obvious things are pretended away, as if by ignoring a certain something, it simply disappears. We are pretending that Benjamin Netanyahu is a “legitimate head of state,” despite credible information about his involvement in a highly criminal Mossad operation against American law and American interests. It’s a truly ridiculous situation, in which plain facts are routinely denied and dumped into the calcium store at the heart and center of society’s collective Alzheimer’s.

The case-in-point I’m referring to is Project Pinto, the coded name for the operation in which affluent Mossad operative and long-time Netanyahu friend, Arnon Milchan, ran an espionage ring which smuggled 800 nuclear triggers, called krytrons, from the US to Israel. Netanyahu himself was part of the ring, according to declassified documents. And nobody seems to so much as faintly remember any of that, despite it being a more recent instance of hostile Israeli statal action against America than e.g. the assault against the USS Liberty. So let’s go over the reports one-by-one, digging the relevant information as we go.

Basic report from PR Newswire:

An espionage ring smuggled 800 krytons to the Israeli Ministry of Defense for use in the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons program according to newly declassified FBI files. The secret documents were originally scheduled for public release in the year 2036, but were obtained under appeal to the Justice Department by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep).

A kryton is a gas-filled tube used as a high-speed switch. Their export requires a U.S. State Department munitions license because they can be used as triggers for nuclear weapons. The U.S. government rejected several requests for kryton export licenses to Israel.  California-based MILCO International Inc. shipped 15 orders totaling 800 krytons through an intermediary to the Israeli Ministry of Defense between 1979 and 1983.  Heli Trading Company, owned by Israeli movie producer Arnon Milchan, brokered the transactions with MILCO.

The FBI file reveals that after the illicit kryton exports were discovered, a U.S. attorney tried to flip MILCO President Richard Kelly Smyth to implicate Milchan during intense plea bargaining. The gambit failed, and in May 1984 Smyth was indicted on 30 counts of smuggling and making false statements. Smyth and his wife promptly fled the US until extradited from Spain by Interpol in 2001. Milchan denied any involvement.

This report does not ascribe a special role to Benjamin Netanyahu in the operation. However, even from here we can already glean that Bibi, a long-time friend of Milchan, is personally, privately associated with fugitive Mossad agents who had operated on US soil and who have committed serious crimes against the US. What does that tell you about the “Closest, Greatest Ally”? Yeah, exactly. Such are dealings with jews; they can never be trusted – whatever measure of trust you extend towards them, will only be used against you.

Next, from the same website:

FBI agents interviewed indicted American smuggler Richard Kelly Smyth on April 16-17, 2002, at the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles. The secret interview report details how during trips to Israel Smyth‘s handler placed him in contact with Benjamin Netanyahu at Heli Trading Company. The FBI report suggests that “Smyth and Netanyahu would meet in restaurants in Tel Aviv and in Netanyahu’s home and/or business. It was not uncommon for Netanyahu to ask Smyth for unclassified material.”

Smyth was indicted in the mid-1980s for smuggling 800 dual use “krytrons” without proper export licenses through a multi-front company network.  Smyth fled the U.S. and lived abroad, supported by unknown means, until he was captured by Interpol and returned to the U.S. in 2001.  He was convicted in 2002.

During the 2002 Smyth counterintelligence debriefing, the FBI learned that the Israeli Ministry of Defense ordered and paid an Israeli company called Heli Trading for krytrons. Heli in turn sourced them from California-based MILCO in a clandestine operation codenamed “Project Pinto.” The report reveals how MILCO illegally shipped other prohibited military articles under general Commerce Department export licenses rather than smuggling them out via Israeli diplomatic pouches.

Well, there we go. Netanyahu would regularly ask the American smuggler Richard Kelly Smyth for nuclear triggers; and given the information provided here, would just as regularly receive the material. The current Israeli Prime Minister, in other words, was personally involved in a Mossad-operated conspiracy against America. And we are all supposed to just pretend like that never happened. Would any other world leader involved in a similar affair be treated with such great leniency as to completely go under the radar regarding his or her crimes against the US? Probably not! Now that’s a lesson in jewish privilege.

Anti-War provides some crucial details:

On June 27, 2012, the FBI partially declassified and released seven additional pages from a 1985–2002 investigation into how a network of front companies connected to the Israeli Ministry of Defense illegally smuggled nuclear triggers out of the U.S. The newly released FBI files detail how Richard Kelly Smyth — who was convicted of running a U.S. front company — met with Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel during the smuggling operation. At that time, Netanyahu worked at the Israeli node of the smuggling network, Heli Trading Company. Netanyahu, who currently serves as Israel’s prime minister, recently issued a gag order that the smuggling network’s unindicted ringleader refrain from discussing “Project Pinto.”

FBI agents interviewed Smyth on April 16-17, 2002, at the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles. The secret interview report details how during a trip to Israel Smyth was “spotted” by Milchan, who claimed he worked as an exclusive purchasing agent for the Ministry of Defense. Smyth was introduced around to high military officials including then-general Ariel Sharon.

Milchan pulled Smyth into his glamorous, star-studded movie circuit. “While in the United States Smyth met with Milchan numerous times in Los Angeles. … Milchan and Smyth would have dinner frequently and would visit one another’s house often … it was quite common for Milchan to invite Smyth to various Hollywood parties and introduce Smyth to celebrities.”

During the 2002 Smyth counterintelligence debriefing, the FBI learned that the Ministry of Defense ordered and paid Heli Trading for krytrons. Heli in turn sourced them from MILCO in a clandestine operation codenamed Project Pinto. The report reveals how MILCO illegally shipped prohibited articles under general Commerce Department export licenses rather than smuggling them out via Israeli diplomatic pouches. The last time Smyth saw Milchan was in 1985. The Ministry of Defense issued a burn notice on Smyth after discussions with U.S. officials about the krytron smuggling. According to the FBI report, “Shortly thereafter, Smyth fled the United States.”

That’s what it is: “Netanyahu worked at the Israeli node of the smuggling network,” and to protect his own diplomatic reputation, subsequently “issued a gag order that the smuggling network’s unindicted ringleader refrain from discussing “Project Pinto.”” And lo, Project Pinto is virtually never discussed anywhere, by anyone. That’s pretty crazy, when one thinks about it. Milchan may be under Bibi’s gag order; but why is nobody else talking about it? We once again return to the issue of psychological operations. The thing is, psyops are not only designed to get you to pay attention to a certain thing, but are equally designed to distract you from noticing some other things. The Mossad seems to be quite proficient at the psyop business; when the goyim know, they shut it down. No one dares to suggest that Bibi should be investigated. No, that idea is just “beyond the pale,” we are led to believe.

As per usual, the jew-to-jew media reports on things that the goyfeed media refuses to touch upon. That’s how you know that you’re getting ZOG’d. Here, for example, is the report from Israel National News:

Declassified FBI documents from a 1985-2002 investigation implicate Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an initiative to illegally purchase United States nuclear technology for Israel’s nuclear program.

Netanyahu was allegedly helped by Arnon Milchan, a Hollywood producer with ties to Israeli prime ministers and U.S. presidents. Milchan’s involvement in Israeli intelligence and arms dealing has been the subject of reports for some time, and was described in an unofficial biography published last year.

The documents rely on testimony from Richard Kelly Smith, a U.S. citizen charged with illegally selling Krypton triggers to Israel and Taiwan. Smith was the president of a company called Milco that worked for NASA; he allegedly sold to the Israeli Defense Ministry through the Hailey company, which was owned by Milchan.

The sale of nuclear technology to Israel is illegal under U.S. law because Israel is not a signatory of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Smith fled the U.S. in the 1980s to avoid charges. He was arrested and extradited in 2001, and in 2002 was sentenced to 40 months in jail and a $20,000 fine.

Netanyahu allegedly met with Smith during his time at the head of Milco. The two met in Tel Aviv restaurants, in Netanyahu’s home and elsewhere. At the time, Netanyahu was in touch with heads of Hailey, as well as with senior political and military figures in Israel – among them Ariel Sharon, another future prime minister.

Very well; so why aren’t there similar reports anywhere else? Is it because the jews have placed a collective gag order against incriminating information about themselves? Food for thought. We don’t get access to the information; we must dig for documents all across the internet, even as new documents have been released in e.g. 2016 and 2017. The latter, for instance, has been summarized thus: “U.S. Department of Treasury files released by DHS and ICE. Shipping documents, code word “PINTO,” conspiracy to use general license rather than munitions license, evasion of end user certificate, reference to krytrons as “pentodes,” denial krytrons were used in nuclear weapons program by the Israeli government, rap sheet, Israeli promise to deliver “unused” krytrons back to the United States.” Yep, all that was revealed as recently as in 2017, yet we’ve heard absolutely nothing from our media about the matter, so now we have no choice but to dig ourselves for such potent revelations all over the place. It doesn’t look like we have all that many decent journalists left nowadays. Seriously; nobody (well, almost) has bothered to inform us about Israel stealing 800 krytrons for its nuclear weapons program. Because… look, a bird! And so, Bibi remains un-investigated and un-arrested. “One rule for me, and one rule for thee, goy.” That’s what it feels like when the jewing doth intensify.

Funny enough, the pathological liar Netanyahu has been issuing some patently absurd, incredible denials about the whole thing. As the Tikum Olam blog reported:

Milchan’s role is also interesting.  He worked for Israel’s economic espionage agency, LAKAM, under the direction of Mossad master-spy Rafi Eitan.  Eitan also “ran” Jonathan Pollard and had a short tenure as Israel’s political flavor de jour where he founded the short-lived and now defunct Pensioner’s Party.  He later went on to produce the Power Rangers movie franchise and 120 feature films.  One wonders whether it was Israeli intelligence which set him up initially in the film business as a front for whatever activities he was doing on Israel’s behalf.  Shimon Peres was also one of Milchan’s proteges.

The Marker notes that Netanyahu denies ever having worked for Heli Trading (at the time, the newspaper says, he worked for a furnishings company called Rim), though his statement makes no reference to Smyth and the claims that he met him regularly and asked for unclassified materials from him.  If Bibi is telling this truth (a dubious proposition), it would make Smyth the liar.  While that’s possible, keep in mind that the man is being debriefed by the FBI, who are weighing how heavy a jail term he should receive.  He’d have very little motivation to lie.  Bibi, whoever, would have every motivation to do so.

Bibi further claims he never met Arnon Milchan until the 1990s, which is of course irrelevant and non-responsive.  It’s Bibi’s relationship with Smyth which concerns us and concerned the FBI.  Although Milchan owned Heli Trading while Netanyahu allegedly worked there, the former was undoubtedly an absentee owner given his residency in Los Angeles.  Not to mention that Bibi may be lying outright.

One also wonders what role Bibi was playing in Heli Trading.  If the company was serving as a conduit for illegal arms deals with the U.S., what other skullduggery was it involved in, and how did Bibi fit in?  What precisely might have been his relationship at the time with Israeli intelligence?  As a fluent English speaker and son of Vladimir Jabotinsky’s former personal secretary, Bibi would’ve been a desirable catch.

Gee, you think? Bibi is incapable of not lying. We all remember how he boldly lied about Saddam Hussein having WMDs; at least the video evidence is well familiar to everyone with some knowledge and memory of the lead-up to the Iraq War. It’s all coming together, then. Netanyahu, a psychopathic anti-American criminal and Mossadnik, has been artfully manipulating the international public for decades upon decades, concealing the truth and disseminating ridiculous lies at every turn. Instead of releasing some “limited hangout” stuff occasionally, Netanyhau’s strategy is identical to Putin’s: Deny, deny, deny. Not coincidentally, both were intelligence operatives before becoming heads of state. In a sense, Bibi and Putin are like twins separated at birth. Putin did the horrendous false flag in 1999; Bibi the krytron smuggler has been false flagging us all ever since he learned to speak language. Ultimately, both of them are cold-blooded tyrants who use deception and assassination to remain in power; and both of them are deeply in cahoots with the Jew World Order Cabal, of which they are members.

Let’s go on, now. MintPress News reported:

Additionally, the documents reveal that former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worked for the Heli Trading Company, an Israeli firm now revealed to be a front for obtaining nuclear technology.

Once detained, Smyth was interrogated and convicted of exporting 800 nuclear triggers, called “krytrons,” to Israeli sources. The information provided by Smyth has given U.S. intelligence crucial information regarding the intimate relationship between Israeli and American business partners in the illicit arms trade.

One has to wonder what Ariel Sharon’s role was in all of this. After all, Sharon was highly and actively involved in 9/11; it should not be put past him to having been entangled in myriads of other Mossad operations, influence campaigns, and so forth; his overall lifelong perniciousness is second only to Netanyahu’s. A key difference, though, is that Sharon’s dead, while Bibi can still be arrested and interrogated about all of his own and his illegitimate country’s zio-crimes. But who’d arrest him? Certainly not his agent in the Anti-White House, the Zogald, installed by Likud, Mossad, Roger Stone, Hoan Ton-That, and the rest of that murderous gang.

Finally, we learn the following:

An investigation is unlikely to happen – because it’s illegal for federal officials to talk about the Israeli nuclear weapons program. There are two gag orders, punishable by imprisonment if violated, that prohibit U.S. security-cleared government employees and contractors from disclosing that Israel has a nuclear weapons program. Our own government officials can’t even discuss the issue – let alone initiate an investigation into it.

Welp, it is what it is then; ZOG is here to stay, at least for the time being. And this ZOG is a nuclear one. Do consider how mad it all absolutely is, as everything that has to do with the inhuman jews is bound to be rife with madness: Benjamin Netanyahu — personally — facilitated the theft of 800 American nuclear triggers by the illegal zionist entity of which he is a Prime Minister, and due to the ‘alliance’ between the American and Israeli branches of the global ZOG, no investigation — full or partial — will ever be initiated by the US Government into what Bibi and co. have truly been up to all these years. The dirty work will only be done by independent journalists outside the jewstream media, as the authorities are all phony, unreliable, and psyop’d. Netanyahu’s crimes should be known to everyone; lamentably, very few are aware of them, and fewer still had the mental fortitude to report on them. But the truth cannot be hidden forever; Project Pintowill be unraveled.

One can only imagine what else lurks in Bibi’s true treasure trove of spook-handler secrets. Presumably, the kind of stuff that literally makes one’s hair stand on end. And the day must arrive — and, indeed, will arrive — when all of that hopeless darkness shall be finally exposed to the sunlight.



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