By Edvinas,

Distilled water is the purest water there can be.  In the process of distillation, water is boiled, and clean steam moves to another container where it condensates and becomes liquid again.

That’s why water is purified. It doesn’t contain contaminants, bacteria, or even minerals.

So this special water has a lot of good uses and I wrote 21 ways to put it to good use.

Simply for drinking

Probably the first thing that comes to mind is that distilled water can be used for drinking. Yes, it’s safe to drink distilled water because it doesn’t contain any chemicals that are found in tap water or a few other types of water. On the other hand, distilled water doesn’t contain minerals that are beneficial for our health. Tap water, mineral water, spring water, and other types contain minerals that distilled water doesn’t. Despite that, distilled water is great for drinking and that is definitely one of the most common ways of using it. One more advantage of drinking distilled water is that it helps to detoxify your body which might help with weight loss.

For cooking and baking

If this type of water is good for drinking, it makes sense that it should be great for cooking or baking too. And indeed it is. That simple 2-minute process of boiling water before cooking foods in it will destroy bacteria.

Nevertheless, people also use distilled water when cooking or baking that the made food would be as safe as possible.

It’s common knowledge that vegetables or rice cooked in distilled water taste better. Also, distilled water absorbs more flour than tap water into a batter so a cake or pastries will have a smoother texture. The good taste factor applies to baked food too.

boiling water

For baby formula

Water free of toxins is especially important for babies because of their growing organism. This is where distilled water can help. Already covered cooking benefits do relate directly to making baby formula.

Pure, filtered, or spring water won’t harm babies drinking it. Sure, distilled water is pure but lacks minerals that are vital for a growing child. But even if we take into account this fact, the baby formula itself is made of vitamins that baby needs. Because of this reason distilled water can be safely used for baby formula.

Canning and preserving food

If you’re a keen cook you might enjoy canning fruit and vegetables at their best when they’re in season to preserve them. It’s a wise choice to use distilled water for that.

Using distilled water in the canning process will help those fruit and vegetables to keep their vibrant color. The other type of water, especially tap water, that is hard, could leave your goods looking cloudy.

Distilled water also helps to make sure that the flavors aren’t altered. There are no salts and minerals for your food to soak up, which could change the taste.

Brewing homemade beer

Homemade beer can be an interesting craft project. The process involves boiling, fermenting, and brewing so the quality of water is simply essential for the best overall result. Tap water will have many sediments and other compounds that will be reacting with the main ingredients throughout the brewing process. So it only makes sense to start with the cleanest and purest water for the best taste of your future beverage.

For ice cubes

Contaminants in tap water lower the freezing point of water. While distilled water doesn’t contain any impurities so it freezes much faster. Also, ice cubes made of distilled water end up looking more shiny and transparent. So distilled water is definitely the best choice for ice cube production and stellar looking drinks.

ice cubes

For tea and coffee

If it makes sense to use distilled water for drinking, cooking, and baking, it should be good to use it for tea and coffee. I’ve already mentioned that distilled water helps to avoid the altered flavors in your food. Well, this also applies to drinks too. People usually drink tea or coffee every morning. So it makes sense to use distilled water to avoid contaminants. Keep in mind, though, that natural water minerals do affect the taste of your hot drinks for the better. It might be good to neutralize water pH or add a special mixture of minerals to soften it to a certain level.

For pets

People already recognize that distilled water is beneficial for their health so they are giving it to their pets too. Even though a dog or a cat won’t tell you that tap water tastes bad you should feel better when you think of the fact that your pet isn’t consuming water that contains toxins.

Also, distilled water is often used in aquariums to treat the fish better. Just don’t forget to get the right pH level when you fill the aquarium with distilled water. The recommended pH level in aquariums is 6.8 to 7.6. Of course, this mostly depends on a type of fish but that given range should be safe.

dog drinking

For ironing

Distilled water is even recommended by manufacturers for use in irons to safeguard the iron from crusty buildup.

Steam irons work longer if they are kept clean from mineral deposits. The distilled is water reliable to use as it prevents mineral build-up inside tiny metal tubes, boiling chambers, and steam dispensing holes.

Distilled water for iron

For cleaning

Have you ever noticed white traces on your glass table and windows? They are being caused by tap water which people might use for cleaning their home and around. Distilled water doesn’t contain salt or minerals so it won’t leave any traces after cleaning.

For air humidifiers

Simple tap water will have a higher content of minerals and other particles. These can build up in your machine, shortening its lifespan and preventing it from working properly.

Since distilled water is 99.9% pure, it lowers the bacterial growth inside the humidifiers and keeps it long-lasting. Various minerals will not be able to collect inside the tubing and dispensing head of your humidifiers. This will allow the unit to function as good as new for many years to come.

air humidifier with distilled water

For diffusing essential oils

Essential oils are great for all-around wellbeing. Diffusing them in the air is among the most popular and simple method. It involves dripping a few droplets of essential oils into the water and pouring the mixture into a diffuser.

Essential oils diffuser basically is an air humidifier with some extra functionality and often a bit smaller and less powerful. However, the inner mechanisms are the same so it only makes sense to use distilled water for diffusing essential oils.

For laboratory use

Water after distillation does not contain other components so it’s perfect for laboratory experiments. In laboratories, there’s no question about which type of water to use. Every specialist agrees that distilled water is the best for accurate test results. Usually pH level of distilled water is 7 which is neutral. And this is also one of the main factors getting proper lab test results.

water in laboratory

For medical tools treatment

Distilled water is required when cleaning tools that were used in medical procedures such as dental check-ups or surgeries. Instruments of such procedures need top-level treatment. So distilled water must be used to remove the detergent after washing. Also, tools will not have any spotting after being washed with distilled water.

For cars and engines

Distilled water is used for coolant systems in automobiles. Minerals, that are found in other types of water, can cause corrosion so it’s recommended to use distilled water only. Also, some car batteries allow water to be added to a battery to maximize its lifespan. As water after distillation does not contain minerals it’s totally safe to use it in car treatment.

For neti pots

If you’re suffering from sinuses then a neti pot might be able to solve this problem. However, do not fill that pot with tap water. That might lead to increased infection because of bacteria or toxins that tap water have. Put your water into a distiller and afterward, you can fill your neti pot with it. Finally, you will be able to get rid of that sinus infection without any sad consequences.

neti pot

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machines

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine is a life changer for people suffering from sleep apnea. Snoring is very common for those with this disorder. The CPAP machine takes air and pressurizes it so that when breathed through the attached mask, it helps with the proper breathing. Many CPAP machines have a small water tank that adds moisture to the airway. So using distilled water will help prevent bacteria from breeding and the machine will function longer and easier since there will be no extra mineral build-ups.

CPAP Machines with distilled water inside

For cosmetic products

Every cosmetic product manufacturer should know that their products will be used by thousands of different people whose skin reacts to things differently. This becomes sensitive when water that was used in a production process contains toxins or even bacteria and microbes. That’s why distilled water is being used in the production of cosmetic products. It prevents skin irritation and other bad consequences.

For hair washing

80-90% of the water in the US is hard. That makes your hair dull, dry, and heavy. Also, hard tap water contains such chemicals as chlorine and chloramine which are also harmful. Using distilled water for washing hair helps to make your hair shiny, soft, and healthy.

For soap making

To be able to totally remove dirt from skin soap needs to be free of contaminants or bacteria. That’s why only distilled water is being used in soap making. Also, with this type of water, all the beneficial materials can be dissolved into a solution. You should keep this in mind if you’re thinking of making your own homemade soap.

For watering plants

Plants need minerals and they get them from the soil. Plants generally don’t need the extra contaminants that some people give by watering them with tap water. That can be harmful to the plant.

In the short term tap water will work and your plants will grow but in the long run, it might not be the best choice. You can avoid this scenario by watering plants with pure distilled water.

Distilled water for watering plants

Final words

I hope these 21 uses of distilled water will help you to understand that distilled water can be used more than just for drinking. It can make you, your pets and your plants healthier. Make your home cleaner, food, and drinks tastier.  If you found some of these uses matching your needs I highly recommend getting a water distiller.



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  1. I just bought a home distiller. Not cheap, but not too bad, around $250. But in 8 hours it produces a gallon of distilled water that hasn’t been soaking up God knows what in a plastic container for weeks. According to the reviews it will last quite a while. As the comment above says, if you want minerals, choose fulvic. My distilled water is ZERO ppm (parts per million), my RO was 75ppm, my tap water…wait for it… 500ppm. And I live out west, where my water comes from the mountains, away from much industrial pollution. My friend in New Orleans said he measured water from Lake Pontchartrain there at 20,000 ppm. Don’t ask.
    But now I know I’m not slurping up fluoride and chlorine which is in every municipal system. Not to mention the pharmaceuticals everyone pees out into the water.

  2. True …distilled water does not contain minerals …but the minerals it does not contain are “inorganic”, are not available for use by the body, and would have to be removed from the body by the liver and kidneys thereby further taxing the bodies immune system. Only “organic” minerals are able to be assimilated into the body. Minerals in Fulvic or Humeric form are the only ones available for use by the body. We have been drinking mainly distilled water for over 30 years …and we look 30 years younger than our age!


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