The following was the preview for the David Icke interview with Brian Rose held on 5/3/20 and once the video was uploaded, it was almost immediately deleted from YouTube:

The Broadcast They Don’t Want You To See… The Ideas They Don’t Want You To Hear…

On May 3, 2020 at 5pm UK time, David Icke was LIVE on the DIGITAL FREEDOM PLATFORM for the largest LIVESTREAM of a conversation in human history. This single broadcast could change the course of humanity.

If we get the information now, we can act on it, we can change course.

If We Are Silenced, It Could Be The End of Humanity As We Know It.


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We are pleased to offer a partial transcript of this video put together by Veronica, and she has allowed us to post it.  You can see more at her Dutch website Veronica.

Thanks to her!

Hi, I’m Veronica, Dutch, and I have a blog on which I post Dutch translations of articles in English. I saw the above interview and decided that I wanted to make a summary in Dutch of this 3 hours interview. Now I’m asked to translate this summary to English. So, what you read is not the exact words of David Icke, but my summary in Dutch, translated again to English, of what he said in English.

David Icke discusses the forces behind the scenes, the purpose of the pandemic, and what purpose they ultimately have in mind for humanity. He ends with encouraging us to open our spiritual heart, recognize our infinite consciousness, realize that we have incredible power, and to say NO to the manipulators.


Intro by Rose: He had two previous interviews with Icke in late April, about Covid-19. The first had been watched by over 10 million. Second interview over 40 million; Video was blocked by Youtube half an hour later. Icke has now been kicked out of Youtube and Facebook. On the basis of the accusation: “Health information that could cause physical harm”.

Rose insists on Freedom of Speech! That is why Rose has realized this third part interview on London Real TV with crowd funding (more than 25,000 members) in 11 days. This third interview immediately had more than 1 million viewers. Rose calls on everyone to promote this TV channel as much as possible. This is where the videos remain, uncensored, complete freedom of expression, and free access.

Icke: Welcome to my world. You need backbone to do this job. You have to stand for what you believe in. But I am more powerful than they are and they know that. Because by trying to silence us (blocking videos) they show that they are afraid of us.

They must keep us under control to maintain power. Just like with this so-called deadly virus. This perception allows people to be deprived of their freedom. Few handlers are needed to keep huge numbers of people under control. By creating dependency: “you need this to survive and we are the only ones who can help you. And so, you have to do what we tell you ”.

We all need to get out of denial and realize that we now live in a global version of Nazi Germany. The structure is the same. A few people who dictate to everyone.

Many people who watch now will be new to this manipulation. That’s why I explain it. A very small group tells us there is a deadly virus.

Rose: but there is something.

Icke: I’m going to explain. Yes, there is something, and people are dying.

First some background.

Is essential to understand how it started. There is a global network operating through secret societies and it literally has Satanic roots. The top of this network dictates from a central point to the local communities. I am going to tell you where this cult wants to take our human community.

This has been planned for a very long time. That is why people like George Orwell (1984) could predict things, because it had been planned for a long time. This makes it very easy to predict the future. So, by predicting what the plan is it will work. What they want (I’ve been telling this for 30 years): a pyramid with a few at the top (1%), and at the bottom the rest of humanity, dependant, in poverty. And between these layers you have the police military state that imposes the will of the 1% on the rest of the population and stops the population from challenging the 1%.

This community would be controlled by technology, technocracy. Not elected politicians, but technocrats from all echelons who manage things (such as medical, etc.). What you need more than anything else: you have to destroy the independent lives of huge amounts of people. Because otherwise you can’t get that very big group on the bottom.

This fake pandemic was created primarily to have a company lockdown, especially small businesses that generally will not survive. Long enough to destroy the independent lives of vast amounts of people. They will continue this to the point where they think they have reached the point where they think they have destroyed the community, and it is irreversible. That is their goal. They will create new waves of the virus and make the lockdown come back. And to vaccinate the entire community.

Rose: why would someone from the 1% like Gates who is extremely rich, why would they want this.

Icke: it’s not about money. It’s about control. Complete takeover, not only physically, but taking over their minds, they kidnap the people community, the breed.

Central point, headquarters operating in the shadows. Family bloodlines. Networks in every country of this cult. They have to control everything in that country. Politics, Media, Banks, Intelligence, Military – Deep State. Part of this pyramid is control of the medical systems, health systems. Big pharma. This goes in any country, with the focal point (the spider in the web) dictating it. Two mass mind control manipulations they use,

– Problem, reaction, solution. The public must then say, something is going on, something has to be done.
– The other is perception. When people think there is something, they accept it. Climate change. Mass destruction of weapons. An example of this is now the worldwide pandemic.


It seems to be all different countries, but there are no borders at cult level. The blueprint for Orwellian society is China. Violent dictatorship in China. So not like in the West where things could be talked about until now. In China they could do whatever they wanted. China is a technocracy. Run by technocrats. For example: facial recognition, millions of cameras in cities. They can find almost everyone in the cities within minutes.

What has the west become since this pandemic. Now very similar to China. That has been the plan for a long time. The pandemic started in China. Wuhan, like northern Italy, is notorious for huge levels of toxic air. Result: huge amounts of lung diseases through inhalation.

Suddenly, about 200 people become ill, Dr. Andrew Gulfman, a medical researcher, said the Chinese government was looking at these patients and that it was decided without any evidence that it was caused by a virus. They took lung fluid and they looked for what they could find. And they found a genetic code (RNA), not a virus, and without purifying the lung fluid from other influences, it was said to be a virus that caused the disease. (note: watch this explanation from a nurse.)

The point of this genetic material is that it is found in huge numbers of people. And the covid-19 tests do not test for a covid-19 virus, but for this genetic material.

So first a new virus was diagnosed, and from then on all those respiratory symptoms were put under corona instead of the genetic material. The point of this genetic material is that it is found in huge numbers of people. And the covid-19 tests do not test for a covid-19 virus, but for this genetic material.

So first a new virus was diagnosed, and from then on all those respiratory symptoms were put under corona instead of the genetic material.

This is the key to understanding the deception

The Chinese response to this so-called virus was a draconian merciless lockdown; People were pulled from the street. And what happened… .when it moved west, the death toll began to drop. And they claimed this was due to the lockdown.

If they let go of a virus that was real and deadly, they would immediately lose control. And you lose people you don’t want to lose. You don’t want to lose the people who help keep control.

They give people the idea that a lot of them die; They instruct the doctors diagnosing covid-19 with every death with lung disease. As in Scotland: if someone tests positive for covid-19 – i.e. genetic material – and dies within 28 days, the diagnosis covid-19 must be placed on the death certificate.

Rose: In America there are many doctors who report this

Icke: If there is a real virus, why do you have to manipulate the numbers? Only if there is a scam you should do that. If there is no real problem, you have to manipulate the data. Give the impression. Crucially, when this started in China, the Chinese model of responding to it became the blueprint to deal with this. Draconian merciless lockdown.

WHO immediately called for the Chinese model to be followed. WHO, funded by Bill Gates who is 2nd largest financier and with that has the WHO in his pocket, was created by Rockefeller. The web also owns Silicon Valley, Facebook, YouTube, etc. These now remove everything that goes against the official version of covid-19. It is all owned by the same cult. Even the mainstream media, without which this pandemic was not even possible.

One of the hierarchical pyramids in every country is the medical system. Let me emphasize this, you only need to control a few people directly to keep the rest in the pliers. Only the key positions. For example, almost all people around Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister) are affiliated with Bill Gates. You can find this in all countries. Bill Gates has bought the entire worldwide medical system.

So they tell the doctors to diagnose anyone with breathing problems with covid-19. So suddenly everyone with flu and / or lung problems had covid-19. Like in northern Italy where many respiratory problems and lung diseases are due to the toxic air. Authorities there have now admitted that 99% of people in Italy who died have 1 to 4 or more other serious health problems. The heavily toxic region in Italy thus offered unlimited potential.

So many people who died from other causes now have covid-19 on the death certificate.

This virus kills old people, young people seem OK. So, they said they had to protect the elderly and the vulnerable. People with health problems who have great pressure on their immune systems. Old people already have many health problems. So when you create the illusion of a virus you have unlimited possibilities with old people

So, lockdown, destroy the economy, destroy people’s lives.

In America, a senator in Minnesota, who is a doctor, said medic care tells hospitals that they have a new payment system. They pay $ 4,600 for a dead person with pneumonia, and $ 13,000 for a death with Covid-19. For a Covid-19 patient on a ventilator $ 39,000. This is explained by a doctor, as has now been explained by many doctors: “these machines behind me are first stage oxygen machines, so someone who needs oxygen gets a mask on. When Covid-19 started we were instructed to stop using these machines. We had to crash the patient and put it directly on a ventilator, so we made $ 39,000. So, there is financial benefit to be gained.”.

It is said: it seems that people do not become immune. But you cannot get immunity if there is no disease. People have been tested on genetic material that is part of your body, not a virus.

They had to take the Chinese lockdown model to destroy people’s independent lives

I saw a graph where numbers of deaths from Covid-19 went up, but numbers of deaths from other causes went down. Clearly because it was diagnosed differently.

They couldn’t create the people who died of what is known as a deadly disease, so they created computer models. It is so easy to fix something because what we put in it is processed and it comes out. So, if you put certain data in, data comes out based on the data you entered. Like the fake predictions of melting ice caps.

First Johnson (British Prime Minister) resisted lockdown. Prof. Neil Ferguson, who has repeatedly been shown to be wrong, came up with computer models that said half a million Brits could die from this virus. And that up to 2 million could die in America. Johnson immediately responded with the Chinese model, urged by politicians. Otherwise, he was held responsible for all those dead people. The same pressure put on Trump.

So they have this idea:

– Destroy the independence of billions of people
– Continue the lockdown in any form and tell them, as Gates says, that it normally cannot come back until everyone has been vaccinated.

Rose: Everyone has stories about people who have Covid-19

Icke: There are also many stories of angry relatives who know due to what their loved one died, but the certificate indicates covid-19. Who compiles these figures? John Hopkins University. Six weeks before this started in China, there has been a simulation of how the world would respond to a corona pandemic. Search the internet for “event 201”. The result was that they have to keep everything in the pliers, stop the anti-vaccination people. This was all preparing for what was about to happen.

Now they let the lockdown continue as long as possible so that people become dependent on the state. Hunger game society, as described by Icke in one of his books.

Huge dependency by giving people a guaranteed basic income. That would come with tires, you have to do what the state says. The Pope, Francis. Talk about guaranteed income.

Humans have a survival mechanism in the brain, the reptilian brain. When you trigger that, all rational thoughts disappear. So, people think if I survive by staying at home then I will, and if I can survive this way, I will do everything they tell me.

Without the media, none of this could have happened. They are disgusting. Have all those people directly looking  in their (grand) children’s eyes and let them declare that they are not lying!

Media says one of the reasons for lockdown is that we shouldn’t overload the medical system, so treatments and surgeries were cancelled.

Hospitals are quiet, medical personnel has been sent home. As a result, many people die, such as cancer, from lockdown. 80% of operations in America stopped. Medical staff who have nothing to do.

At the same time, the media talks about warzone hospitals. Someone who took photos and recordings of silent hospitals with his phone has been imprisoned. This is the real reason why once a week the British government has organized a mass applause to thank the medical staff.

This is a psychological war, to maintain the illusion that hospitals are war zones. Hospital visitors are not allowed. The result is little children dying alone without their parents who were not allowed to be there when they died. No visitors are allowed to come, otherwise they would see that the hospitals are empty. And many people are sick at home and die there.

Doctors in private hospitals: we do not treat anyone, turn our thumbs and do nothing. There is a horror show going on.

The real killer of human beings is not Covid-19, it is the lockdown and its consequences.

What they are going to say is: those computer model predictions, those numbers didn’t go that way thanks to the lockdown. But there are plenty of examples of countries without a lockdown. Lockdown was not necessary, but only for destruction and control, and to make vaccines mandatory

Bill Gates, how can you find a vaccine for a virus that you have not isolated. You cannot. The vaccine already exists. It takes years to develop a vaccine. You can’t do it too soon. You have to give it some time to come up with it. It’s a scam to put something in a vaccine to control everyone on the planet. (red: more on this below)


We talked about it. That does not cause the virus. I said the British broadcast watchdog says there should be no link between 5G and Covid-19. 5G can produce symptoms similar to Covid-19. Crucial is what 5G does at 60 GHz. It reacts with oxygen molecules, nature changes oxygen. As a consequence, the human body is unable to absorb the volume of oxygen it normally needs.

All G’s (like 3G, 4G) have an effect on our body. Parts of our body are electromagnetic fields, so anything that disturbs them causes problems.

Texas School: Children and staff had fallen ill, only inside the school, feeling better outside the school. Researcher studied this. Searched for school images on the Internet. Saw one of the WIFI routers different from the ones she had seen before. This warned her that this was an unannounced trial with 5G. The next day, all photos were gone.

Then she saw a photo of a Samsung WIFI router at a trade fair that looked like this one: 60 GHz. Telecommunications industry openly talks about relationship between 60 Ghz and oxygen. But only because of Its advantage: if that 5G goes through oxygen, they can bring many frequencies into the same space that do not disturb each other. So, people can use many devices in the same area without any problems. But this affects the amount of oxygen that people can absorb.

Doctor in New York said we were told to prepare for this covid-19 infectious disease but what I see is not a disease. It is something I have never seen before. I see lungs that look like people have been at a high altitude without a pressurized cabin. Altitude sickness: lack of oxygen. Insufficient absorption of oxygen in the body.

So with regard to 5G I did not say that it causes the disease, but that oxygen deprivation is something the doctors cannot explain.

What happens during the lockdown. While we are under house arrest, they work around the clock to put more 5G masts. It goes on, tens of thousands, this 5G is expanding.

At the moment, few devices use 5G. The more dangerous it becomes, the more appliances are used. 5G requires many antennas, has short range. The ultimate goal: technological cloud around the planet, connecting everything to it, that is the plan. So we are then connected to artificial intelligence (AI). Once AI is connected to the human brain, it takes over the brain until the human brain stops working. At least 5G is required for it to work. And if it is first tested and examined, it will never be rolled out. There are already tens of thousands of satellites.

Human thinking is then over, because it will be AI. Now they still have to manipulate us to control us. But in the endgame they no longer have to manipulate because everything comes from AI.

They are psychologically preparing people to become stupid, fuse with machines. What they want is a people-machine relationship and not a people-people relationship. It is all a psychological game.

Personal assistance already exists, internet connected, exchanges with you as if it were human. This prepares people. Especially young people today have a relationship with their phone, not with people.

People are pushed apart in the lockdown, they have to fear each other. That’s the underlying theme of climate cult, hoax … people are dangerous, people are terrible.

Keeping your distance is not there to protect people from virus, but to keep them apart. A mask no longer gives human interaction, you don’t see a face. Horeca closed, because those are places of human interaction. It is a psychological game.


Substances in the vaccine are for health deterioration, but it is the purpose that nanotechnology is included: chips, smart dust, nano bots. Little nano machines, and the idea is to put that in the body, and these machines are going to replicate the body and change the biological body that we have to create a synthetic body. Reproduction is turned off, so there is the transgender agenda. Because the next human being created is synthetic. They prepare children for this with transgender discussion, fusion of gender.

About America and FEMA. This one has huge power in an emergency. There is a whistle-blower, former FEMA employee. She says what will be in the vaccine: Nano chips in gel, nano shell, and described it as a darpa gel. Darpa is techno arm of the Pentagon: all technology, Silicon Valley, military intelligence complex. Huge web. Darpa gel microchips: once in body they replicate, what they need to do is change the nature of the body. That’s why they want to get this vaccine in everyone. They connect us to this AI, we become terminals of it.

Elon Musk has been granted permission to place a million ground antennes in America that are connected to satellites he orbits.

I have been trying to get all this public for over 30 years, I have been laughed at, I don’t care. But we must now find maturity to see what we are in. World version of Nazi Germany. Fascism.

Blocking our videos, it only happens in fascist regime. Watch the press conference of two American doctors also removed by YouTube.

We must stand up, very few people impose this on us. We are much more powerful. We have to say no and tell them that we want to live our lives the way we want, and not the way they want to.


A non-human power has infiltrated our world. I’ve been ridiculed by everyone for saying that for years. They already exist in very old civilizations; They all speak of the same power that manipulates the human community.

These creatures operate outside our frequency. But they have a network within the frequency band that we work in and their job is to manipulate the human world. These bloodlines, which are partly human and partly non-human, hybrid, they only mix together because they want to keep their information pure. All blue bloodlines are representatives of these non-humans in our world. These interbreeding bloodlines are the source.

The Bible describes this power Nephilim, Fallen angels, symbolic terms. Satanic rituals, offerings to their gods

Gates has dead eyes, they never smile. There is no human energy in him. His eyes are dead. No light, no love. He is a psychopath.

Dumbs (Deep Underground Military Bases): The technology needed to get humanity fully into technocracy was developed there. This is why people predict things in times when it didn’t even occur to us. They could see these things because this technology was always present outside the public arena. In 1969, Rockefeller already described the internet.

As the process of more and more advanced technocracy rolls out, there are no gaps in which people develop, it rolls out because it has been around for a long time.

They need a cover story and cover people so they have errand boys who play the role of different emerging technologies; Being such a front person makes you very rich. But much of that wealth needs to be spent moving forward with the agenda. That’s why you have those heartless psycho billionaires setting up foundations called charity. Follow this, it is financing their agenda. Like Gates: $ 750 million to push vaccinations. Soros, financier. How intelligent you have to be to make a lot of money with up and down markets, you don’t have to be intelligent. He must spend enormous amounts of money on the agenda; $ 32 billion to his fund.

This is how it works. By specialization. Vaccination, get them chipped. Quantum tattoo. Tag each child, as in the developing world. Technology that shows whether or not you have been vaccinated. (Note: watch this about Israel’s children.)

Gates, what’s going on, he knows there’s no virus. He is happy… death and destruction literally for billions of people. So, he says the lockdown cannot end until everyone has been vaccinated.

Prof Neil Ferguson of the computer models is connected to Gates. Technocratic dictators.


Ask yourself why this man can dictate billions of people. We must insist that our lives are not dictated by these technocrats.

If you let yourself be guided by your head and your belly, emotions of fear, that gives you every reason why you should not do anything. What are the consequences for me of doing this? Percentage connection.

Narrow band frequencies, visible Light. That’s the only frequency band we see. We are stuck in this TV show. The head is connected to this channel. So, if you only come from the 5 senses, that channel is all you get. They manipulated people to see everything only with the 5 senses. Check the info we get, media, education, etc. They isolate our consciousness in this narrow band, that is the human world.

It’s changing, but most of it is so predictable. It’s like a program, like many people react the same.

There is a vortex here (indicates the area of ​​the heart chakra), this is the true spiritual heart. Love is more than ‘I love you’. Love will always do what it knows is right. Consideration is not there. The heart connection that brings you from the 5 senses into reality.

Open your spiritual heart, you see a completely different world. Because your perception is now expanded. Unconditional love. You look at the situation and know what is right. Don’t think but feel. Doing what you think is right is not as difficult as you think. You get incredible self-esteem and satisfaction.

Worrying about consequences makes you a slave.

Icke says he was told to proclaim the message 30 years ago. It said:

“One man cannot change the world but one man can communicate the message that can change the world”.

He then received a lot of information input. Like that the transformation of human consciousness was coming. A vibrational energetic change. People who wake up from their coma. Everything that was hidden would come to the surface. People’s consciousness changes, goes to intuitive knowing.

You lose the fear of human prison. This has such incredible power.

Those psychopaths don’t have an open heart

This awakening of humanity is not a maybe, it is happening. This lockdown has awakened many people. Now we have to show that.

Because our open heart knows that we are part of an infinite flow of consciousness.

What we are experiencing here is only a brief experience of an infinite consciousness

Go live and stop life living you

We are love, everything else you think you are, that’s what we’re programmed to do.

Summarized and translated by Veronica

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