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  1. There are many intelligent and wonderful men in the world, but far too many continue to function in the belief of “if you can’t use it, eat it, fuck it: kill it.” Unfortunately, that type of thinking is affecting our beliefs about health – kill what you don’t understand. Don’t work with the immune system – destroy it. Because we have been programmed with this attitude, we live in ignorance and fear of the powerful elemental and divine energies we were intended to be born with. But over the centuries, the female body, the one that provides everyone of us a physical body, has been weakened by suppression, abuse, rape, making it very difficult to live a stress-free, healthy life and setting the stage for ignorant and down right stupid ‘education’ that fills our lives today. If that were not enough, today the female (and male) bodies are being contaminated by toxins – Round-Up, insecticides, in food air, ground and sex. There is a price to pay for everything a price greater each day. How sad we often hear “I don’t care” instead of ‘what can we do to correct the problem?’

    What we are looking at today is a wake-up call to bring our attention to what we are doing to ourselves. Answer the call or pay the price.

  2. This report, from June 30th 2020, shows how England’s policy regarding the pandemic, ends up with disastrous results, showing how far away the British government is removed from a sense of reality, and how much it has lost the trust of its people. While Scotland’s policy shows the opposite of it, safeguarding the trust of the Scottish people in their government. Scotland needs its sovereignty again, just like Ireland and Wales.

    “SCOTLAND is only weeks away from suppressing the coronavirus altogether, a situation that highlights the different approaches taken by the nation and England in recent months. While Scotland initially made many of the same mistakes as England, since late March, its government has acted on its own scientific advice.

    The two nations responded to the coronavirus similarly from January and up until March, says Devi Sridhar at the University of Edinburgh. “There are a couple of things where Scotland’s gone slightly earlier, but not radically.”

    One early Scottish success came in community testing for the disease. When Kate Mark at the National Health Service Lothian in Edinburgh realised that suspected cases were increasing, her team began testing people in their homes and set up one of the world’s first drive-through testing centres. But on 12 March, the UK government abandoned all community testing efforts to focus on testing in hospitals and other healthcare settings, due to a lack of resources. From then on, the disease spread fast until, on 23 March, prime minister Boris Johnson announced a lockdown across the UK.

    This wasn’t soon enough to prevent waves of deaths in care homes in Scotland and England. In both nations, protecting social care had been deprioritised in favour of healthcare. When Scotland began collecting data on COVID-19 in care homes on 11 April, 37 per cent of homes were already infected, according to a report co-authored by David Henderson at Edinburgh Napier University. “In certain weeks, there was a 300 per cent increase in care home deaths in England and 200 per cent in Scotland,” he says. “We could say we were slightly better, but I wouldn’t say a 200 per cent increase in deaths is something to shout about.”

    And a bit further on in the article:
    “On 29 June, Scotland reported just 5 new cases, out of 815 for the UK as a whole, and announced no new COVID-19-related deaths for the fourth day in a row. The nation could soon have days with no new confirmed cases. “Scotland’s weeks away from that,” says Sridhar. “England’s months away.”

    Yet in practice, Scotland is unlikely to achieve full elimination in the near future, because it has a 154-kilometre border with England. “Many people cross that border every day,” says Sridhar. “I think we will probably never get, without England’s cooperation, to full elimination.”

    Read more:

  3. June 7, 2011 – NEWS 2: “Eating dirt has long, maybe healthy, history. (Health Day News) While the notion of deliberately eating dirt (clean dirt, not dirt contaminated by today’s use of herbicides and insecticides, etc.) may be unappetizing to most people, the practice has a long history and may actually be seen by some as healthy, a new study finds.

    The analysis of existing research on the issue find that eating dirt or ‘geophagy’ may protect the body against invaders such as germs and parasites.

    People have been eating (clean) dirt for thousands of years, at least, and it’s been reported in almost every country, according to report lead author Sera Young the researcher at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. In fact, geophagy has been reported on every inhabited continent and in almost every country.

    The report goes on at:

  4. A friend of mine, in Britain, suffered a cold in November last year, which lasted a long time and was unusually severe, she said. She’s been in lockdown, not allowed to receive visitors and having her shopping done for her. She’s been in her home a lot, without much fresh air and sun on her face, finding her health weakening. Not happy.

    I’ve asked her about that cold of last year, and if she could test herself to find antibodies to COVID-19, so that she could let go of the restrictions and quarantine, free to visit her kids and grandchildren and invite them in her home.

    She told me that testing is hardly done and very expensive. It makes me shake my head about how Britain manages to complicate, contradict, concludes and programs its citizens so that the whole nation is disgruntled and in despair, with a repetition of dramatic discussions, arguments and sentimental slogans, just like during the 3 years of Brexit debate.

    My dear friend answered to my question about last year’s flu and told me that she knew quite a number of people in Britain, who had suffered the same unusual cold with her.
    I’ve suggested her to find out if she could order a reliable test online, I’ve got no clue.
    She didn’t show signs of an initiative to find out for herself, and that, in itself is, again. so very British. When evidence shows up, the British mind seems to ignore that fact.
    It’s an enormous challenge to my Dutch use of common sense and patience ?

    On another note, here’s Sylvie Ivanova, who creates the “newearth” youtube channel and other channels attached to it, about her visits to, often remote ancient sites, investigating the locations in person with her team. She’s talented in sharing her comments and views, without false sentiments or dressing up in pomp and circumstance. Here’s her view on “Why there’s no reason to fear the Coronavirus and what can we learn….”: Common sense

  5. Colds and flu are an overload of mucus from acid foods (meats, dairy products, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and many fruits) toxins (from p-harm-aceuticals and vaccines, chemtrails, herbicides like Round-Up, insecticides and slow-poison-fast-food (pizzas, hamburgers, etc,., etc., etc. all of which are full of parasites, worms, germs, bad bacteria. Mucus is used by the immune system to protect the delicate human tissues, creating what we call colds and flu. Its an overload, a warning. The body needs to be detoxed, blood cleaned. The over-use of antibiotics (toxic pharmaceuticals) have made the problem by creating anti-biotic resistant superbugs.

    Dr. Peter Wina, Chief of the Patho-Biology in the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has this to say about parasites: “We have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the U.S., it is just not being addressed.” What he didn’t say was pharmaceuticals only make the problem worse by adding toxins and poisons. When parasites are dehydrated by food-grade-organic-diatomaceous earth, they cease to exist in the body, but it doesn’t happen over night, but a constant way of protecting yourself. Unfortunately, not all DE are the same, some contain the toxins left in the ocean by engines, etc. Perma-Guard is the only one I trust.

    Ann Louis Gittleman, a well-known author and nutritionists says this about parasites: “You may be an unsuspecting victim of the parasite epidemic that is affecting millions of Americans. It is an epidemic that knows no territorial, economic, or sexual boundaries. It is the silent epidemic of which most doctors in this country are not event aware.” (My note: Pharmaceuticals make the problem worse. And because vaccines are made with animals tissues, they contain micro-parasites that grow once they enter the blood stream of humans or animals.)

    Dr Ross Anderson, one of American’s foremost parasites infection specialists, has this to say about the problem of parasites: “I believe the single most undiagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites (my note: due to unsanitary conditions and meats, fish, chicken, etc.) I realize that is a pretty brace statement but it is based on the 20 years of experience with more than 20,000 patients.”

    How do you get parasites? From pets – smallpox is from a cat parasite. And polio was created by a similar parasite in the animal tissue used to make the smallpox vaccines. Therefore, pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the creation of polio, not the cure for smallpox. Forgetting to wash hands before urinating, sex, shaking hands, sharing someone’s soda drink, kissing (even on the cheek dust mites, touching the floor or ground, drinking water from any of the thousands of lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks where animals cross, drink, urinate, etc. From vegetables grown with fertilizers (horses carry the tuberculosis parasites. Cattle and sheep carry the anthrax). From meat, fish especially undercooked or raw; butchers working in an area with raw meats and fish, school, military, travel, hospitals, vaccines , restaurants, unwashed counter tops where bugs land and cats walk. Working in areas with mice and rat droppings and failure to wash hands before urinating, infecting females.

    • Hello Dhara Wood, I’ve begun to believe that all the things that are part of life, that we start to fear and hate, will come back to us with revenge. We can see it happen right now, isn’t it? During my 3-year training for nutritionist and health coach, a report was discussed in class, about an experiment in Germany, where children living on farms were tested to see how strong their immune system was, compared to children living in cities, hardly playing in the mud and be in touch with farm animals.

      The children growing up on farms had stronger immune systems while being exposed to germs and other miniature creepy crawlies that can affect our physical health. It seems, that there’s a side effect to hygiene that doesn’t serve our health, nor does it seem to prevent contamination of any sort of ailment. Louis Pasteur, on his deathbed, has expressed great regrets about the pasteurization process, his invention that was welcomed by many who live in fear of germs.

      Most fears we humans can experience are not realistic, nor does the remedy that tries to put an end to it. Look closely at all the measures that are taken to “control” the present flu-hype. They’re feeding fear in all sorts of ways and to every lifting of restriction, there’s a warning attached that it might move in reverse again. I’m taking Britain as an example.

      “Stay alert, stay home, save lives” we read in Britain, on Boris Johnson’s console when updates are announced. The first recommendation makes people frustrated, the second one makes people unhappy and the third doesn’t show up with evidence, of saving lives, on the contrary. The UK has seen large numbers of casualties, it’s one of the nations most affected. I’m sure there are those who try to answer the question “How is it possible?”

      I’ve wondered, at times, while living in Britain, how realistic my suspicion was about intense programming of an entire population for over a decade or more. In the reality of daily life, in Britain, there’s not supposed to be any action to save lives. To live in the illusion of doing so is enough, although it sounds strange.

      The anxiety to continue living in sentimental affectations, and worrying, British population’s new normal almost, although it sounds weird, keeps the whole circus tent in great form and cheers. And so, the recommendation and hypnotic message “save lives” is an advice of hollow words. We’ve never seen a more twisted version of what being healthy means.


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