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Bernhard Gunther from joins me to discuss a recent article he wrote regarding the great awakening, Trump & The Qanon movement.

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  1. In any organisation movement there are a mosaic of characters and opinions. Constructive to ask questions like
    what is the motivation of movement?
    how much was achieved or not achieved, yet?
    Did it bring much more understanding than before?
    Did it challenge the boundary of perception and bring further clarity?
    It is difficult to come to a meaningful conclusion if the subtext, pretext and context of life and wisdom is missing.
    Difficult to appreciate the fullness of the landscape if there are no shades , shadow, color, terrain, in the wind of change.

    Every body wants to rule the world, that is tears for fear for you.  The understanding of self is so very paramount to bring cognition in a deeper sense  according to the striving attempt of each person, family, or other unit of organisation. However in the stability of the thought train, is all so easy to be blown away by distractions and other bombardments of the mind  from indifference to indulgence in ithe daily being of experience and experiment in the choices made. 

    The power of the mind can be used to  clarify confusion, raise understanding and even project its power to the  beyond.  If only one were to come to understand this,  and then get to  know the self,  will the peace prevail and the fear famished, in a way to bring personal power never understood before,  and influence the world for the best outcome to be.  The outcome need not be defined prematurely because the  personal  power of petition in peace and privacy   will open up the pandora box to  ignite the domino effect in the karmic world of influence, and create multiple coherent stream of awakening for the truth to rise within  the psyche and consciousness, thus peace  raised to the  power of the infinity prevail for all there is. Turn to self when everything else failed you. Understanding Thomas will help you.

  2. Things are not what they seem-here is an incredibly well researched history of the dark side and the PLAN to bring us into the light

  3. There is zero proof or real evidence of these “indictments” yet plenty of irrefutable proof that Americans and the rest of the world have been totally screwed over and betrayed per the norm. I am trying with every ounce of my being to remain kind and patient with the most ARROGANT and RUDE people that I have ever had the “privilege” to deal with (that would be the Q Folk, without question) but my patience is wearing thin. Whenever I (very gently and respectfully, I assure you) even dare question Trump and QAnon, I am immediately attacked by endless “Christian” Trump Supporters to a degree that I find myself both astonished and emotionally drained. A movement of goodness would NEVER treat people the way that Q people feel entitled to treat others. The excuses that you guys make for evil behavior or promises NOT kept are really something to behold. I retweeted a Trump clip of him wishing Ghislaine Maxwell “well” and simply captioned it by saying “oh” and 24 hours later I am STILL getting shit from the Q Crew. It’s absurd and abhorrent! You all behave WORSE than the Communists that you like to continuously claim that I am. The Evil that is revealed to me the second that I even slightly hint that Q might not be a good thing tells me that I am correct. I actually see you all as a blessing ultimately and I thank Yahushua for you because it helps me to discern and validate things that are AGAINST Him. As I said, a positive and loving Movement would not be overflowing with such awful attitudes and ignorance. This is why I am no longer supporting it. It’s a PsyOp and you have all been fooled by Lucifer himself. It’s not my job to save anyone and I sure won’t be begging anyone to see what is OBVIOUS either. I am going to point out some serious truths here though in the hopes that someone who is struggling might see this. Truly good people are not arrogant to such degrees and they certainly don’t approach counter-arguments with ridicule, insults, or mockery. They should actually welcome it as it’s an opportunity to discuss a very important topic and bring their evidence to the table. In other words, it’s an opportunity to help others, not put them down. I have “done my research” on Q and I truly hope that others will put sincere effort into learning what it ACTUALLY is and it’s purpose. That’s up to the individual though, of course. “The Truth Shall Set You Free” is so crucial here. That’s my response on this. I look forward to the barrage of insults to my Intelligence that are no doubt on the horizon after I post this response. Please save your energy for your own benefit. I no longer care and it means nothing to me as my allegiance is to Yahushua and not man. Thanks for reading.

  4. As a true skeptic, I have researched Q Anon. The ideas that come out of Q Anon, thinking for yourself, doing your own research, are not bad per se. And the theories behind Q Anon, myself I have known for at least 10 years. It was nice to see other people wake up to what has been going on with the corruption with the central bank system which is ultimately the source of ALL corruption. I did not know they were Satanic until Q. As far as Trump goes, I agree I’m still holding my breath. Nothing SO HUGE has happened that I have 110% faith in the guy. I know he has not gone down the Hillary agenda. If so, we would have seen WW3 and Fema come into play. Open borders. We have not seen any of this. So with a cautious and very skeptical mind. I do not think anyone can make a complete judgment on Q or Trump yet.

  5. Thank you David Whitehead and Gunther Bernhard! You men are beautiful beings! Both of you are another wonderful example of how Light Workers express themselves – – so fun, creative, loving, and thoughtful!!!! You are helping people like me in the midwest, USA. USA loves you David Whitehead and Gunther Bernhard!!!!!!

  6. Been waiting 4 plus years for what? A small fish fry at best. If Trump really had any aspirations of greatness that went out the window when he swore allegiance to Israel. If you notice these days Trumps right hand is not working so well. Looks like he had a stroke or maybe he was poisoned. Either way he is not on our side. Ask yourself did he declass JFK? That was 50 some years ago why the problem. Also every other promise made was not kept. Congratulations we’re given to Bill and Hilary for their great service to the American people. His words not mine after he won the election. Look at who he surrounds himself with. Son in law an Israeli asset. The same Zionist bankers that bailed him out when he went bankrupt. These are the very same people that pretty much control everything on the hill at this very moment and since back to the Nixon Era with Kissinger.. If you look closely you realize that the satanist faction in Washington has gotten completely out of their control so it was time to change puppets. Since both sides of the isle are completely corrupted they had to start over. This is their great reset and we the American people that will be once again paying the bills. Oh, fun fact and if you don’t know we now owe the people of Israel 28 billion over the next few years. Both Congress and the Senate pushed this through with zero problems or arguments. I wonder how that happened? Ain’t blackmail great! Yeah it’s a Fuh King Psy-Op

      • Hello Quinton, you can begin by trusting yourself and watch if you live up to being truthful yourself. What follows is a natural result of that choice. Be curious, be creative and allow yourself to make a new choice, each time you find out that it’s time to do that. Or when you find out that the choice you’ve made isn’t working for you. We’ve got a mind of our own when we pay attention. Your comment has no spark of truth that brings you light, in your groping in the dark. Believe in yourself.

    • Obviously you know little or nothing about how Trump operates or his huge successes taking down the Deep State. Thousands of indictments are prepared with many arrests already made but your Deep State induced hatred is blinding you to the truth.


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