By now we all know that every revision of the ‘pandemic’ narrative is always followed by new policies. So after months of promoting the idea that the public should be living in fear of a “Second Wave” of COVID19, public health officials are attempting to revise the old script in order to keep the public on edge, and willing to accept rolling lockdowns and a supposed ‘cure’ in the form of a vaccine.

Earlier today, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Margaret Harris, took to the podium in Geneva to admit that there is no evidence of a ‘Second Wave’ per say, but that COVID-19 will now be one long, continuous ‘big wave.’

Speaking to Reuters, she said, “People are still thinking about seasons. What we all need to get our heads around is this is a new virus and…this one is behaving differently.”

“It’s going to be one big wave. It’s going to go up and down a bit. The best thing is to flatten it and turn it into just something lapping at your feet.”

Her wild claims seem to go against clear, proven scientific trends recorded across the world which show that COVID-19 has all but disappeared in most countries. In other worlds, the virus does appear to be seasonal.

The latest bizarre propaganda push by the United Nations WHO comes just a day after the spurious claim by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who warned of yet another “second wave” of COVID, supposedly meant to be starting ‘within a fortnight’. How the British government could know such things is beyond anyone’s comprehension, unless there is a planned emergency in the the works.

“Cases” and “Test, Test, Test!”

What is now clear, is that WHO, along with governments like the US and UK and their mainstream media partners, are heavily invested in the idea of Coronavirus “cases” or “infections” as being the new trigger for declaring a rolling emergency and snap Lockdowns of cities and towns. As there are no sign of any significant levels of death and hospitalizations, invested health officials have decided to switch their propaganda program away from deaths and ICUs, to “positive tests” – even though very few if any of these alleged “cases” is requiring any serious medical treatment.

As many leading epidemiologists have said already, using “cases” as a metric of a COVID epidemic will be highly problematic and ultimately unreliable. Unfortunately, the government and media seem to be running with “cases” in order to perpetuate the perception of a ‘global pandemic.’

More likely, the reason for so many “cases” is the fact that mass-testing is underway which is picking up so many ‘positive’ tests. But how accurate is the testing regime for Coronavirus? According to multiple reports, medical experts are on record saying they have serious reservations about COVID-19 test accuracy across the testing spectrum.

Vaccine Motivation

All of this leads back to issue of vaccines. Tens of billions of dollars from US and UK governments and pharmaceutical corporations are currently being ploughed into the urgent roll-out of a coronavirus vaccine. Maintaining a ‘state of emergency’ is essential in order to create a public imperative for adopting the coming experimental vaccine. Certainly, the late push for mandatory masks can also be viewed as a prelude to vaccine roll-out.

Now painted into a corner by the media and their Big Pharma sponsors, politicians are all suddenly making the bold claim that this new vaccine will be both safe and effective, despite the fact that it usually takes 4 to 10 years to properly develop a workable vaccine – not 6 months. Normal standard research, testing and safety protocols have all been waved in order to rush to meet the “emergency.”

WHO do can trust?



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  1. What they are working on is the “12 Monkeys” scenario, in which everyone is living in an underground police state after 40 years of virus paranoia. First it was masks, now it is goggles, then it will be face shields and after that domestic passports showing immune status and then microchips; ultimately there will be cybernetic control devices implanted in those who assent and involuntary psychosurgery in those who do not.

  2. The link above to an NBC News article about test inaccuracies,, only talks about “false negatives” and doesn’t even mention any of the “false positives” that are also being uncovered. At least the 60 Minutes report did.

    Such bias.

  3. The WHO thinks we are all idiots obviously.
    Rolling waves of Covid, Im guessing they wish they could have something like Covid to control our every move with but it wont happen.
    Its more than obvious what they are doing.
    Obama is at a Funeral giving political speeches? Whats up with that?
    Have you ever seen such an ego ridden past president who just refuses to step out of the limelight.
    Obama and his chiming in as if Americans actually care to hear from him ever again after what he did to this country.
    If Americans dont stop this division people like Obama have sowed we are doomed.
    If we keep allowing them to divide us by sex, race, gender we will implode.
    Its happening now all over our country, this is what they want.
    America is Not divided by race, color, gender or sexual orientation.
    America is divided into wise people and fools.
    I’ts these Fools that divide themselves by race, color and sexual orientation.
    Dont be a Fool people.

  4. When the 5 g microwave system is up and running is when you will see people dropping like flies in the streets. The powers that be will shout from the rooftops we told you so. This is nothing but a power and money grab on a global scale. We need to organize while we still can. High band microwaves are a weapon. The army calls it active denial system. The Army has done some very interesting studies that go back to the 1960s concerning the use of microwave frequency on people. Look what Russia and Cuba did to our embassy workers. This technology is not new. It will just be rolled out on a global scale to literally enslave the entire world. They scream for equality and what they really mean is everyone is a slave but the top1% psychopaths in charge.

    • 5G is already in place in many areas in the US but I dont see people falling down like in China.
      Im not disagreeing that 5G is a weapon but its already here.
      I moved out to the middle of nowhere to get away from it.
      They brought 5G and LED street lamps and I was done.
      I feel better and I sleep better now but I have to drive an hour to shop.
      Oh well, the sacrifices we make.


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