Two great videos from Dr. Vernon Coleman

Why There are so Many Zombies

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains who is responsible for the confusion and fear which rule our lives. And he points out why law-abiding citizens who wear masks are collaborators and traitors. He condemns protestors, and explains why he thinks so many people are suffering from cognitive dissonance. 



The Richie Allen Show with Dr. Vernon Coleman

The Richie Allen Show in the UK is joined by Dr. Vernon Coleman and Maryam Henein. Dr. Vernon Coleman demolishes the coronavirus fiasco in three minutes on today’s Richie Allen Show. Vernon illustrates 10 irrefutable facts that demonstrate the virus is relatively harmless to the vast majority of people, that it is no worse than flu and that the governments own figures prove as much. Do NOT miss this interview. Maryam Henein is a terrific investigative journalist and filmmaker. Dr. Stella Immanuel gave a speech on the steps of the US Supreme Court in Washington on Monday. Along with other medics from a group called America’s Frontline Doctors, she said that Americans were being denied a potential cure for Covid-19. “Nobody needs to get sick. This virus has a cure – it is called hydroxychloroquine, I have treated over 350 patients and not had one death,” said Dr Immanuel. Today she has been denounced as a lunatic who talked about demons and devils in religious sermons. What’s going on? Maryam Henein has been following the story and has been looking into the background of hydroxychloroquine. She’s a brilliant reporter. Don’t miss this either.

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  1. Dr Coleman. Common sense told me what you are saying from the start but FB won’t let me post it. If I post anything on vaccines or dangerous medicine FB blocks me for 3 days saying it goes against community standards. I was one of the idiot zombies until 16 years ago when a group of corrupt greedy doctors fabricated cancer and other female problems to exploit me as a guinea pig at a teaching hospital. These shster doctors bullied, threatened me with chemo if I didn’t have a radical hysterectomy in 2 days, saying I would die in 30 days if I don’t have one.. They chopped out all my female organs and lymph nodes I did NOT consent to and botched the surgery irreparably. The next day the bullying doctor who threatened me with chemo if I didn’t have the surgery smugly told me that I was as clean as a whistle.. ALL MY REMOVED ORGANS HAD BEEN HEALTHY.. No malignancy whatsover. He got promoted and I got discredited and slandered by the whole system in the aftermath.. That sadistic rogue KNEW he would NEVER be accountable…

  2. I have developed a Vaccine for Stupidity , so far tests have shown conclusively that a sudden surge of natural intelligence predominates which results in the willing recipients a freedom and sense of wonder unimaginable .The vaccine has gone viral and best still it is free , admittedly one may require a few jabs to remove the final vestiges of antiquated thinking .
    Some caution though , you may have the Thought Police knocking on your door saying you have been thinking too much and could face a period in some mental prison .Meanwhile carry on polishing your lobes with lashes of natural common sense .
    thanks -Tara White -Author & Freedom thinker -Sonkajarvi -Finland.

  3. I agree with this 100% this is not about a pandemic this is tyranny the traitors who signed up for preparedness programme should be arrested this was a simulation drill it has caused untold damage and it is agenda 21 created by very evil corrupt Satanist who hate us and want to kill us they do not have our welfare at heart they have an agenda . It is up to the people to simply refuse to go along with it do not put your life in danger by wearing masks or cause yourself psychological and economical harm by obeying these criminals. You have a God Given right to breath and the very ones who are oppressing and bully us are the ones who hold the patents for these lab made bioweapons and they are threatening us with them. I call out the WHO WELLCOME foundations The UN and other donors they are all listed on the WHO website with pictures for all to see . They must be rounded up and arrested. This abomination that was signed up for by governments years back from 193/196 countries needs to be overwritten and extinguished because they have all committed treason by breaking their oaths to the people by signing up for this harmful and corrupt Agenda 21 eugenics plan. Do your research and get the truth. You need to do your part to protect yourself and your family. This is important!

  4. Everyone in hospitals from surgeon to cleaners all wearing masks all day long, I can see will take up the beds with nobody to look after them – because their oxygen levels have dropped.

  5. The voices of people like Vernon Coleman, Tanzania President, Belarus President, Madagascar President, Stela Immanuel, whistleblowers of corrupt health officials, pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies are the lone voices in the wilderness but no more. These voices will increase in numbers and get louder. The truth will eventually come out. They who are perverting the course of justice will be exposed. Rest assured.


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