By Mike Adams,

Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media are now actively colluding to silence all doctors, websites, videos and online content that explains why hydroxychloroquine can save lives and end the coronavirus pandemic in mere weeks.

Over the last few days, Big Tech and Big Media conspired to censor all videos of “America’s Frontline Doctors” who revealed how hydroxychloroquine is saving thousands of lives in Emergency Rooms across America (and can even be used as a preventive medication).

The video presentation by the doctors has been deleted everywhere across Big Tech platforms in a desperate effort to make sure Americans don’t learn that we don’t have to keep suffering and dying while waiting for a vaccine that might be a failure anyway.

Yet the evil tech giants and media publishers have decided that Americans are not allowed to watch this video of doctors offering lifesaving, proven information that can end this pandemic. Instead, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even Vimeo would rather see Americans suffer and die so that a vaccine narrative can be aggressively pushed that enriches Big Pharma.

In other words, Big Tech is now complicit in the mass murder of Americans in order to protect the profit interests of Big Pharma.

This is where we are now in America: A criminal conspiracy of powerful corporations is now blacklisting critical knowledge for human health. They are doing it on purpose. They know people will die because of their actions, and they don’t care.

Just to confirm what Martenson is tweeting above, YouTube is happy to continue hosting videos promoting a “science” study that has long been retracted and exposed as a complete fraud, but YouTube won’t allow legitimate doctors with firsthand experience to talk about what they see working to save lives in the ER.

All medical and health speech will now be 100% controlled by Google, Facebook and Twitter, all evil corporations that no nothing about health or nutrition

Even in a world where we’re told it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on anything related to health and medicine, Big Tech has now decided they will dictate what opinions are allowed to be expressed online.

This means that for every disease from this day forward, Big Tech will dictate the “allowable” opinion about treatments for that disease… even though tech giants obviously do not have a monopoly on facts, nor any special competency in the realm of human medicine.

Here’s the video Big Tech doesn’t want you to see. They’ve gone out of their way to remove it everywhere because it dismantled the entire narrative that’s pushing vaccine mandates in America:

Here’s the link where you can find the video on Brighteon:

Note: Facebook and Twitter have banned the entire platform of in order to stop people from sharing videos like this. They not only ban individual videos, they ban entire platforms.

And here’s a follow-up video where these doctors speak out against the outrageous censorship that has been unleashed against them by Big Tech and Big Media:

Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media are now enemy combatants waging a WAR against humanity

I’ve been warning humanity about the evils of Big Pharma for over a decade, and I was among the first to be 100% censored and blacklisted by Big Tech as I warned what was coming. Now, even doctors across America are waking up to exactly what I was warning about: If you don’t have the correct opinion that Big Tech says is the only allowable truth, you will be censored and de-platformed.
You will also be smeared on Wikipedia and relentlessly attacked by left-wing media.

This means that for every debate, every disease and every event that takes place in our world from this day forward, there is only one allowable point of view that can be expressed, and it’s the point of view that’s chosen by the insane, authoritarian lunatics who run Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, LinkedIn and other radical extremist tech giants.

Today we declare that all employees who work for Big Tech, Big Pharma or Big Media are, in fact, enemy combatants, terrorists and malicious bad faith actors who are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to mass murder millions of human beings.

Every person who works for Google is complicit in mass murder. Every fake news “journalist” who pushes propaganda for CNN is a treasonous criminal working against the interests of humanity. Every person who works for Big Pharma to push unsafe vaccines on billions of people is, in reality, working to destroy human lives and cause suffering and mass death, even if they have to see millions of people killed in the process of raking in their obscene profits.

It’s time we just said it straight out: There is a war being waged against humanity, and that war is being funded by at least 269 corporations such as Google, Netflix, Nike, Apple and Amazon. The goal is to achieve the mass slaughter of billions of human beings, whether through abortions, deadly vaccines, engineered famine or the deliberately provocation of social chaos and civil war.

We now live in a world where the gatekeepers of news and online information are actively, maliciously, deliberately suppressing medical information that could save millions of lives. This makes these corporations enemies against humanity and a clear and present danger to the future of human civilization on our planet.

See my recent interview with Del Bigtree here, as we expose the pure evil and malicious nature of Big Tech and its anti-human agenda:

If humanity is to survive, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media must be defeated and dismantled

If humanity is to survive, these evil corporate giants must be defeated and dismantled. We have now reached the point where the very future of human civilization is at risk of being obliterated by these evil corporate monsters who are conspiring to destroy our economies, our freedoms and our lives.

They don’t plan to end the lockdowns — ever! — because they are rolling out a global depopulation scheme to mass murder 90% of the human beings living today.

Humanity must rise up and defeat that corporate demons, or we will be destroyed by them.

How do we achieve the defeat and dismantling of these evil corporations that now represent an existential threat to humanity? For starters, we must demand that our political leaders take them down for their violations of anti-trust laws and civil rights legislation.

Today, President Trump tweeted that it’s time for him to take decisive action against Big Tech:

However, executive orders won’t be enough. It’s now clear that because Big Tech is at war with humanity, they will never voluntarily comply with any laws or rules that limit their power to control all online speech.

That’s why Trump needs to unleash the military against Big Tech by first declaring Big Tech to be engaged in an illegal insurrection against the United States of America, then dispatching military police to arrest all the corporate leaders and seize control of these treasonous corporations.

Trump must order to U.S. State Department to seize the domain names of all the tech giants:,,,,, and others. He must shut them down both online and offline, while the DOJ prosecutes the CEOs for treason.

The continued existence of Google, Facebook and other tech giants is flatly incompatible with free society. These evil corporations have proven they operate with zero respect for human rights, the rule of law or any sense of speech fairness. They operate with malicious contempt for U.S. laws and the United States Constitution. They abuse and exploit their power to rig elections, interfere with the First Amendment and silence their political opponents.

Now, they’re even silencing doctors because they don’t agree with their “second opinion.”

This has gone too far. Big Tech must be stopped.

And if Congress won’t act to dismantle Big Tech, We the People must defend ourselves against their acts of war against us.

The day is coming when We the People will have to dismantle the tech giants or be enslaved by techno-tyranny

The People must occupy and dismantle the tech giants. They must disconnect every fiber optic line that feeds the Big Tech beast, and they must converge on Big Tech office buildings across the country and peacefully dismantle them, server by server, brick by brick, until this unprecedented evil has been banished from our world.

The “demon” of techno-tyranny must be defeated, or none of us will ever be free again.

Many in Congress are finally starting to fight back, but it’s probably too late. Republicans sat around for four years doing nothing, unable to comprehend how the internet works and therefore having no clue what was being engineered against America. As is now reporting:

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and a host of other House conservatives introduced legislation on Wednesday that would block big tech giants from censoring lawful political speech on the Internet. Reps. Doug Collins (R-GA), Ralph Norman (R-SC), Lance Gooden (R-TX), Steve King (R-IA), Jim Banks (R-IN), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Ted Yoho (R-FL), Tom Tiffany (R-WI), Ron Wright (R-TX), and Gosar introduced the Stop the Censorship Act of 2020, which would revoke big tech companies’ Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act legal immunity if the tech platform were to remove lawful speech on their platform.

But it’s already too late. Google already rigged the 2018 mid-term elections, allowing Democrats to seize the House, so no legislation against Big Tech is currently possible.

That’s why any real solution must come from the President’s declaration of an open insurrection by Big Tech, followed by military action to take down every last corporation that’s actively waging war against America and humanity.

We are far beyond the point of a political solution here. Now, Google and other evil tech giants must be forced to stop their war against humanity.

They will not stop voluntarily. And they will ignore all laws. They are not acting in good faith, and they believe they are already more powerful than any government in the world.

Let’s see how they do against artillery if Trump finally invokes the 3D world layer for this conflict. Send in the tanks. Anything less will be pointless.

And for those of you who say the government should never exercise such power against corporations, ask yourself this question: What about the far more dangerous power over all speech that’s now being exploited by the corporations themselves? Bad ideas (like communism) are more dangerous than bullets, which is why Google and the tech tyrants want total control over all ideas, speech, videos, memes and content. That’s a far greater threat to your liberty than any government action, especially if the entire point of the government’s action is to restore a level playing field for online speech.

The greatest threat to your liberty today is not Big Government, it’s Big Tech and the fake news media.




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  1. So Devon here is admitting that The Netherlands are Skilled at Laundering Money, that’s why there Economy is so Great! LOL. Does that mean All Roads lead to The Netherlands & Not to Rome??

  2. Linda, this is my last comment on your rants here. To me, it seems that you ARE a person who’s always right, never happy. You might carry a burden on your shoulders that needs to be looked into. Maybe you’ll find the reason why you’re so triggered here. Besides, and it’s a shame that we can’t use private messaging here so that you ride on one of my comments that are meant for Graham, I’m well aware of the fact that my ancestors of royal blood, in particular William of Orange, designed the Bank of England, by the invention of interest to finance his war. To this day, The Netherlands are skilled, introducing forms of money laundering, and I guess it’s the reason why so much remains “sticking on the bow of the violin”, as we say in The Netherlands, keeping our economy in great condition.

    No nation is without blemishes these days, as far as their leadership goes. In that condition, we can’t enter the blame game and accuse each other. That’s quickly started in the virtual world. For how well do we know each other, eh? We make each other to the liking of our own ingrained patterns of preconceptions, labels and emotional imprints.

    • Devon, you seem a person who thinks they are so wise. You live in a life of Illusion & have a hard time with Truth because it puts certain people in a nasty light. The Burden I carry does Need to be looked at by people such as yourself that continues the Denial of Historical Facts, so you can keep your Candy Coated Lies so your People can continue to count the Shackles.

  3. On the frontline Drs, why with all the proof available to the contrary do people assume that Dr Anthony Fauci gives a damn about sick people or any people in general? That bastard is and has been on the payroll of the criminal el ites for years, if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be heading up health organizations that they run.
    Fouci as the head of these health orgs praised and supported the cure drug in the past and he has done more tap dancing and retracting than I have seen in a life time.

    They, the 1 percent at the top, stand to make BILLIONS from new drugs and the Gates poison vac that will kill more people than a virus ever could. Who do I blame now? The people. We are billions strong and they are few. Stand up people and push back against the system that has had an active plan to kill us off for over 60 years.

  4. twitter and Facebook can not control a piece of chalk being written on a sidewalk in a park or grocery parking lot with our positive web sites written, share messages this way!

    • Hello Linda, I have to laugh about the way you take my style of commenting. I’m used to be in communication with others in the comment section, after membership in Fora where you can sort of “meet up” in the moment of where you are in a conversation, 1 on 1.

      Here’s hardly any conversation going on, to and fro, and I knew I was talking into empty space, sort of, when I wrote that first part of my comment. Not to a person. It didn’t matter too much to me. You’re reading it and comment on it, I think I know where you’re coming from.

      I was all alone with this accident and in much pain, I simply felt the need to share it, that’s all. Imagine yourself in such an accident, alone. Besides, I came to the point in the 2nd part of my comment, remember?

      Your question about hiding Important Factual Comments is, to me, far beyond the use of common sense, making something out of it that isn’t there. I believe that you’ve taken on the scent of what you take as your enemy and in that way walked over to its side, suspicious of something you think you know is there, And, therefore, drawing it in your awareness. Where attention goes, energy flows, that’s helpful to keep in mind, Linda.
      What’s your choice, being happy or being right?

      • Of course it is There. If it wasn’t there it wouldn’t be There. & Yes Where Attention Goes is Where Energy Flows, & the Writer Made sure It was There. My Choice is Truth. & Truth brings Both, being Right &Happiness.

        • Well, Linda, I knew that my response to your comment wouldn’t result in clarification much, for you’re changing the subject that you yourself introduced, and that’s your question and assumption about why I shared my accident here. “The writer made sure it was there” yes, that’s a proper confession. Why talk in an impersonal manner and not bring yourself in as you, a human being? I think you’ll need tons of truth, chosen by yourself, bringing you happiness. If you are a human being. Let me make a bold assumption: are you a troll?

          • Last time I checked when someone tried to bring in a personal manner you attacked them, about a puppy?? Well yes on needing tons of truth to correct Tons of many historical lies, about a people that I hold dear. But no not chosen alone, there are Tons of us & We all bring happiness because we stand for Justice4germany & Truth for Our People. (& trolling isn’t my thing)

  5. I’m now listening to David Icke and Brian Rose in the 2nd bombshell interview of LondonReal, with a twisted ankle, forced to sit on the sofa and walking with a stick.
    The first time in my life that I twist an ankle, herding 8 geese, bringing them back in their enclosure, with many high and low parts and lots of goose-shit all over the place.

    With an all-day drizzle it seems, I slipped down from a bump in the field and felt my foot bend inwards. I was sitting on my bum with the geese around me, making their usual sounds, and realized “Gosh, I’m alone on the farm until maybe tomorrow or the day after!”
    I’m on holiday in Normandy, France, in a remote area far from the maddening crowd.

    I breathed deeply, relaxing my muscles as much as possible, feeling the pain and heat in my ankle and calve. After a few minutes, I stood up, thinking that difficulty moving would set in later, and stumbled all the way to the house, about 60 meters… FAR…!

    I immediately applied arnica cream and took arnica internally from the homoeopathy kit, plus Rescue remedy. I’ve been up the stairs on my bum, for a bandage, and collected my things from the table, placed them on the sofa, which is a long one with a part at a 90-degree angle, offering comfort. Now, I’ve put my legs up, feeling the heat in my ankle and lower leg, where a tendon is stretched, and the muscles in my knee are hurting. When I sit still (for a change!) it’s bearable, the pain. Don’t know yet how or if I can stand up and walk with the stick that I’ve found in the house. So far, so good. I can always call someone.

    The kitten called Boy is keeping me company on my lap, sleeping and I’m watching the interview. I’m all alone with my adventure, it’s why I’m telling you about it. I’m a poor girl ?

    The line in this page here:
    “If humanity is to survive, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media must be defeated and dismantled” could well be replaced by
    “If humanity is to survive, Big Human, Big Human and Big Human, all sizes of human beings, need to stand up, say “No” to the debilitating, distancing, silencing regulations and disobey to lockdown and its effect on people’s survival on many levels.

    To me, seeing the symbols and signs of COVID-19 pandemic causes many shakes with my head, a big “NO” inside, with my gut feeling, my use of common sense, it’s all ridiculous and mad. NOT TRUE. It’s a scene similar to what’s happening in the fairy tale “The emperor has no clothes on”, where everybody pretends to admire the emperor’s outfit, in order to be favoured by him and 1 small boy shouts “But the emperor has no clothes on!”. It must have been a moment when the world around him held its breath.

    Disobey without fighting, without protesting in the streets, simply join in disobedience, by NOT doing what the authorities demand. And start doing this “en masse” in mass numbers. In the interview, David Icke shares a typical example of a mass gathering where no control is possible:

    A few weeks ago, British people travelled to the beach by the thousands. They disobeyed social distancing and the government proclaimed an emergency alert, with no consequences. It’s not possible to control such a large number of people, especially while having fun on a day at sea, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sun on their skin.

    Alas, here’s LondonReal with David Icke and Brian Rose:

  6. Wow, The Continued Disinformation on Adolf Hitler Never Stops. One, He was Not an “Enemy of Humanity” Quite on the contrary, he had ‘The Balls’ to go up against the Same Evils, All around the World are Forced to Confront today, The Bankers, The Communist. Two, The Books he initiated for The German Population to Burn were Porn & Communist Propaganda. & The Germans did so as a People, they were Happy to Rid THEIR Country of Parasites.

    • He certainly did have some good ideas, and the Germans were the most up to date hi tech country in the world at that time. They were light years ahead, we still haven’t caught up yet. I believe that we lost WW2 and were never told about it, otherwise why did they let him go to Argentina, why did all the top nazis move to American and start the CIA and why do WE have nazi loving Germans as our Royals now? Also Hitler was funded by Churchill and Prescott Bush, something that never gets to much of a mention.
      As for this article, i read somewhere a few days ago that the worlds most peaceful religion, Buddhism, actually says that it is ok to kill if they are going to kill you and you won’t incur any karma. Time to get those guns out of their cupboards Americans. WE over here aren’t even allowed that freedom.

      • IF Adolf & Top Military officials escaped, it certainly was Not Argentina. However there were Germans that made it there, whether military or not, who knows. As far as your Blind faith in believing “Nazi’s” in America in the CIA, is as Ridiculous as believing Hitler was funded by Churchill or Prescott Bush. People are Afraid of The Truth, that We were Wrong & had absolutely No business over there.

        • Devon, Your pretend compassion for killing a man is pathetic, while you refuse to acknowledge the Crimes against my People, the Germans. The Scientist that you & others believe was some part of a “great escape” If existed, should be examined of the Scientist that were Expelled from Germany way before the War. Us Germans cannot help that people of your Ilk feel inferior around us, that is not our problem but yours. To my fellow Germans, Always Stand Tall in your Pride in Knowing We have nothing to be ashamed of. We were only fighting “The Money Lenders” whom originally came out of Holland into Britain. You see this is what ‘OL Devon has her panties in an uproar about, the very same people she takes pride in “The Dutchy” are the Thieves of 1685 into England, a Dutch Prince arrived from Amsterdam surrounded by “Money Lenders” to shackle the nation in debt, this is what “They” do. Germany did Not start WW1 nor WW2, England was already weighed down by the ‘Parchment Bonds’ of Debt.

      • Hello Graham, please, can you make up your own mind about killing a human being, instead of following a thought expressed in Buddhism, which is also a man made interpretation for a certain part, since Gautama Buddha lived on planet Earth?
        As far a the question goes why Hitler escaped to Argentina, or was helped to go there, and why Nazi scientists were invited to joint the American scientists, as far as I’m informed, the Nazi party was greeted by a faction of Draco reptilians that shared the same idea about the superiority of their race and by introducing themselves, meant to serve their own agenda through that initiative.

        They offered to help re-engineer certain ET crafts they were familiar with, and powers beyond the human capacity. These crafts, supposedly bell-shaped, were capable of, or so the Nazis expected, to be used as weaponry devices, and made invisible at will, surprising the enemy.

        Regarding Adolf Hitler’s character, he seems to have been quite an intuitive child, with clair-knowingness of some sort, but heavily punished for expressing his skills.
        I’m not sure at all if this is true, you know, but he seems to have turned to anger and fury as a response to this punishment and in that way chose the more dark path, using his intuitive skills. There are always entities waiting at the sideline of humanity’s football-field, ready to jump into the energy field of us footballers, very eager to assist in the development of dark schemes and creating more of the same

        I believe that when German people in our present time, feel shame, anger and pride, for being born in Germany, experiencing WW1 and/or WW2, trying to defend the past by seeing Adolf Hitler as a hero that isn’t understood or given a chance, the arguments are pretty feeble. When factual truth is served, there’s no need to look back in time with remorse and other negative feelings. Not all German people followed Adolf Hitler and many German citizens who lived near the Dutch border, remained friends with the Dutch neighbour on the other side of it. The paradoxes of wartime that show how human beings live a path with heart, no matter the outcome.

        At any rate, on the subject of Adolf Hitler’s life story, I can believe how a child with extraordinary powers, in relative innocence receives a treatment that turns it into a devil from a young age. What better way to create psychopaths, isn’t it? I believe it’s what is being done to those people who now belong to the dark forces fully, ruled and brainwashed. Underneath the dark veil of horror-practices, is an equal horror-life story often and I always try to keep that in mind, although I don’t mean to condone these practices.

        Who knows how Germany would’ve developed when Adolf Hitler was given the chance to use his intuitive powers for the good of his nation? If it’s true that he possessed them? How will we ever know if it’s for a reason that evil shows up in places where a decision is made to balance the forces at play?

        When we choose our path in life before we descend toward the 3D density, aren’t we choosing the light as well as the dark side of the street to walk on? Or maybe the middle of the road, learning the skill of diplomacy, the role of a king’s jester? Or wartime-journalist aka activist or spy?

    • yes Linda, Hitler was a regular mensch! One thing can be said for certain, though, he was an enemy of Jewish humanity, black humanity, polish humanity, and others. He was a monster through and through. Were there other evils operating on the world stage as well during the same time? Of course, but you leave out FDR who stood down on the Pearl Harbor attack even though he knew if was coming, whos policies extended the Depression in the US so they could destroy the middle class who were demanding power in the political realm.

      • Hey Lisa, IF Adolf was an enemy of jewish humanity, why did he Help with ‘The Transfer Agreement’ ?? Why did he have more then 6,000 jewish Soldiers serving in ‘The Third Reich’ ?? Why was some of his Top Officials half jewish?? Black humanity, Why did FDR Snub Jesse Owens, (Jesse’s owns words to the Press) but yet you had Adolf Hitler Congratulating Jesse Owens (Jesse own words to the Press) & Luz Long & Jesse Owens became Pen Pals. Polish Thugs on the Danzig Corridor are the one’s who were Mutilating German Men, Women & Children, so I don’t think you want to go there considering that is All on Record, Adolf complained to ‘The League Of Nations.’ I will add to your pile about FDR, he hung out with Communist Stalin, so that is how Communist came to America at high levels, through FDR & Churchill.

  7. it is obvious the writter is a zionist of anti eastern countries faction
    i can not see the main devils like churchill and harry truman

    you are some undercover zionists


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