From Magenta Pixie:

Magenta asked the Nine to clarify further, regarding a recent social media post she put out. This resulted in several downloads and further questions from Magenta, with responses from the Nine. In this fifth and final video in the New Earth Teachings series, Magenta continues to analyse the Nine’s responses to her questions looking at the various outcomes within the probability fields regarding the US election and a Turmp win. These Wisdom Codes and New Earth Teachings are delivered for awakened starseeds and truthseekers on the path of discovery and self-realisation. The third dimensional play out is discussed and Magenta presents her readings on the probability fields that are Earth’s potential future manifestations, whilst delivering enlightenment keys for all on an awakening and an ascension path.

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  1. Surrounded by servants of the dark forces, aware of it or not, Trump is all too often viewed as ‘guilt by association.’ Because he is not part of the dark forces, he is in my mind viewed as our only hope of someone doing his part to resist, if not destroy, the dark forces’ agendas of absolute control of the Earth and Humanity.

  2. There will not be a negative result Trump will win it is part of the great awakening. The deep state will keep trying but they have been cut off at the knees and the people are now awake and too will not comply. These people will meet their fate and very soon. Donald Trump walks in Golden radiance doing what is right for the planet and the people. Keep the faith we are going to win!

  3. I’m not dismissing the content of these messages. But each time I hear and see this person calling herself Magenta Pixie, I sense that she’s a very sick woman, at risk of serious health problems. I wonder how much she’s conscious of what else is calling her attention that needs to be addressed in her Toko with draperies, and what seems to be a daily dose of Victoria Sponge-cake.

    • Magenta Pixie’s picture behind her is of the ELEMENTALS, the Goddess behind all things physical, our bodies, the trees, plants, everything. She is obviously very connected to the higher energies of the elementals, explaining her name Pixie. Many of the elementals take forms that are not acceptable to the human ego but without them, we could not exist – could not breathe because it is the work of the Higher Elements that help the trees function – Her energies and consciousness. Without them we would not exist because our physical bodies are of the ELEMENTALS.

      And Magenta obviously was overtaken by the timelines that were being shown to her. Channeling can be very difficult and overwhelming.

      The Bible was written by males who experienced it. Rarely was a female allowed to channel and given credit. The information of the New Testament was deliberately changed by the Catholic Church so they could sell their CROSS-WORSHIPING PROTECTION RACKET and then they burned books in libraries that told the truth. All references to the Elements were removed from the Bible because the Elements are female. What was not burned went underground, protected by those who know the truth. Only now is truth being told.

  4. There is another earth planet, like the Earth but without what we have to work with here – transportation, commerce, etc.. The message was subtle, but suggested that that smaller Earth-like planet is where the dark forces will be sent, along with those who are not of the dark forces but whose lower vibrations control them; where they will be forced to begin again to learn to create and think in terms of the responsibilities of outcome for their desires and creations. (Timeline, however, is in question.)

    Separated from those who are not of the dark forces but lower vibrations and consciousness’, the dark forces spirits will be destroyed and returned to Source without memory, abilities or form.

    The planet Earth will then proceed with the ascension to 5-dimension consciousness and the responsibilities that goes with it, including working with and respecting Mother Nature and Earth Goddess Sophia, etc. This means males will need to acknowledge the need for female/male balance and respect in everyone. Single-energy males will have a hard time adjusting to their loss of absolute control of females, animals and the Earth – if you can’t use it, eat it, fuck it, kill it attitudes. Fortunately, the male has been weakened by his loss of ‘Y’ chromosomes. Unhealthy from the use of toxic drugs, vaccines slow-poison-fast-foods, males and unfortunately many females are being forced to recognize the need for change in habits and attitudes. Rape will no longer be tolerated. Gaining favor, it is hoped that castration will not have to be used to end rape.

    The time line is what is in question here. If the democrats win the election, the above will be delayed. If Trump wins the election, the possibilities of moving to 5D will be greatly accelerated (depending upon the increase of attack he will have to endure) and we will begin the process of cleaning the Earth, our bodies (meat lowers the vibrations and vegetarianism makes the ascension easier and possible). We will then proceed to remove GMO, Round-Up, insecticides, chemtrails, artificial fluorides in the water, etc. – transmuting energies with our projections and intensions. We will be free to learn about and use natural healing practices (that today are suppressed). Manufacturing and sale of toxic pharmaceuticals will cease to exist.

    There is so much that needs to be done including using electric cars and removing as much as possible anything that continues to pollute the air – coal burning, gas run cars, airplanes, busses, etc.

    Donald Trump is outside of the insiders, but is surrounded by them, having to deal with them each and every day, so the information he is receiving is not always good. He is doing that best with what he is working with. The dark forces are attacking Trump (trumpet) in any way they can, including making it appear he has been infected with the virus. (A virus that has been living in humans and animals for centuries because humans continue to eat animals adding more and more viruses. Weakened immune systems are the creation of slow-poison foods (white flour, artificial sweetners, etc) and medicines that contain parasites (in meats) toxins, etc and the virus is not a threat.)

    The virus is not a killer, but he planned vaccines are.

    • I am confused, Dhara. You seem to think that Trump is a higher being of some sort. Yet he is very low. He eats garbage and speaks garbage. “Some” of the things that he has implemented (presumably favored by his advisers) are good. Withdrawing troops for one. But most of his policies, such as adoration of the fossil fuel industry. racism, etc. are bottom level. I can’t figure out where you are coming from.

  5. zzz….More Info to put you to sleep….nothing new…Cobra…Fullford…all these channeled did bits are just a waste of time….There is a future, a past and now….and living in the Now is a joke on Planet Earth…and any lower case god or deity that is OK with what has happened on this Prison planet for the last 50 thousand years is a psychopath… I can’t watch a movie made in Hollywood, so how could a divine being watch what is playing out here on Earth…well it is either a stupid mindless creator being….or a damn nut job…. So hey if you want to hear a real wise man listen to George Carlin…may he rest in peace….he got off this prison planet before the real stupid shit start happening… I know any minute Trump and his cowboys in their white hats are going to save the day….but lets try to be somewhat realistic in our expectations… Trump is a piece of shit, always has been, always will be…and so is Biden…we are ruled by psychopaths because thats what this Planet is about….don’t like it…? Then do what I do and stop the lovey dovey bullshit and call out the real God for the asshole that he, she, or it is…..

    • Trump has sacrificed too much of himself to be as you say. And he and his family have done so benefiting humanity. TV news does not post his long list of accomplishements, nevertheless he has done so very much for th US which will, in turn free humanity globally. A Satanist would not be freeing hundreds of thousands of children.

      We are the ones we have been waiting for. And we are responsible for our own vibrations and those we give off to the collective.

    • Trump is not a Satan worshipper when you see all that he has done you could not possibly think such a thing and the truth of that will come out despite overwhelming attempts to completely denigrate Trump in the satanic owned media – you are not going to sow your seeds of doubt successful my friend the truth is the truth and it speaks for itself.


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