From the X-22 Report:

Report date: 09.25.2020 The walls are closing in on the [DS] players, more information has been declassified and the world is getting a sneak peak into the real corruption. As soon as the data was released there were major outages across the country. The information that was dropped shows it was an orchestrated plan and the FBI, CIA, DOJ had no predicate to start the investigation. Judgement is coming, operators are standing by some will exit early.

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  1. Comments from Jose could be correct. The higher lesson in this “game” is that the people, the citizens, the humans of Earth need to take responsibility for their home. Stop looking to the politicians for a fix. There are billions of us! We wake up and demand what We want. We need to get out of this slumber we’ve been in and move the direction of events. Waking up and courage are the keys.

  2. Dave from X22 is just like Alex Jones….good intentions but bad analysis of the data, or maybe they are both being allowed to operate and provide disinformation… Alex Jones has openly called out many Cabalists, and yet he was only threatened with being sued…most people would have been killed if they did what he is doing…the same with Dave at X22…this game is a lot more complex than you think… Dave and Alex believe Trump is a white hat…well As Richie Allen on Podomatic says….”Trump is a Zionists Wet Dream” and he is….but he is playing the role of the Maverick politician….he is a puppet…a puppet who’s strings are pulled by the same people that pulled Obama, and Biden’s strings….They call it a Pyramid for a reason…and Trump is no where near the top…he is just the Executive in Charge of Public Perception…minister of Propaganda…. Trump will win the election….he is the stooge they prefer ……

    • Jose, you are so wrong. President Trump and our military are taking down the satanic cabal behind the child sex trafficking, the endless wars, Big Pharma, etc. worldwide. How can you not see that? You need to do deeper research. You’ll see soon!


    • I do not agree with you Trump is not a Zionist wet dream more like a Zionist night mare because he is going after them and he has arrested a lot of them already Gitmo is huge and it is full of them he has cut them off at the legs is bringing peace to the world and resetting the financial system from a maritime debt slave Lucifarian System to a Quantum system. There are also people who are very rich and powerful who do not agree with the globalist demonic NWO and want the world to revert to a God Conscious quantum system where the individual the family and the elderly are important and when you see all the things that Donald Trump has achieved and has done to completely reverse their evil system and set us free form it – it is clear that he and the people behind him want something better for the world and the people. I consider all the actions of Trump to be for the good and that is what I am making my decision on. He is an amazing man who has taken on this job – miracles have occurred against all odds . His executive decisions are helping the people so that adds up to he is miles apart from the demons who have been working against humanity and plotting and scheming to kill us all and I say God Bless him because he took that job on with no pay and a loss of his own wealth. Trump is being Trump and he is the best person for the job and he is doing a very good job . He is the real thing !


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