From our friend Nyla Nguyen and 3D to 5D Consciousness:

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  1. Does it reminds us about Spear of destiny possessed by Hitler,another fairy tale.Jesus is the luckiest guy who newer existed,never suffered and never crucified,just a nice story cobbled by Piso family with help of Roman writers in year 65 A.D.It is the Banksters who have usury as their powerful tool to rule the World.Sadly for them usury now is .25% or zero% as Tonnes of B.R.I.C.S has fallen on their pyramid and popped out their watchful eye.In all their blindness they wanted to push nuke button but they pushed a fake bio button.

  2. Pharmaceuticals have No place in The White House. It is Not the job of The President to be Pushing Big Pharma “Lower cost drugs” OR Pushing Any Vaccine, Period. Health Care in of itself, has No Place in Congress/Capitol Hill. No where in the Constitution does it say it is the responsibility of The Federal Government to supply Education or Health Care or Free Housing or any Free Shit.

    • The problem now, LaVerne, is that our elected officials are too entwined with Pharma. Trump is trying to unwind some of that. We don’t like any of the big govt policies we are being subjected to but if we have a prez willing to expose and help unwind then accept it. Ultimately, citizens need to get involved again in their govt to help get it to a place that works for us otherwise we have the rabble of leaders that now exist. Humans need to get out of their entertainments and pay attention to who is and has been running things.

  3. Whenever a president is sent to the hospital or elsewhere for a while, I become suspicious that the original president may not be the same person appearing before the public. Everyone has a double and it has been said that clones have been replacing presidents. Just a thought. He looks different and in pain.

  4. Thank you very much, Derek, for posting this report. A gem called Nyla, in between the rubbish of mainstream media and shouters who love their own shout only. This beautiful lady is focussed, contained, and she explains so much in a relatively short amount of time. Her attention span is remarkable and this report of hers much appreciated.

    It was quite a surprise to me, that President Trump has chopped off the dependency on Middle East oil. If I’ve listened well, hearing Nyla say that the United States can provide its own production of oil, within its territory, if that’s the case, why wasn’t that reservoir made use of before?

    Regarding the destruction of artefacts and evidence, showing remnants of ET invasion in Iraq, former Mesopotamia, about 15 years ago, one of my teachers told me of a visit to a desert, where the group stumbled on a structure sticking out of the desert sand.

    It was a mystery to guess what it was. This same teacher told me that Saddam Husein had found an artefact in a desert, that, after studying it, seemed to hold power so great, that someone using it could conquer the rest of the world and bring it under its rule. According to this teacher, this seemed to have been the main reason why Saddam Husein was arrested and executed.

    It’s possible that this find of his has lead to the public announcement that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction secretly fabricated and waiting to be launched. And so, an excuse was created to do something about it. The war in Iraq. I’m still baffled by the silence in Britain’s society, about former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s war-crime. He joined the plan to start this war. The Bush-family needs to answer much of the same as well.

    • The U.S. never used any of its reserves before because The U.S. had to create a reason to do “Their Forever Wars” Originally fought for England’s failing economy in the 1930’s. All Wars are Bankers & Oil Tycoon Wars. Look at John Rockefeller ‘Standard Oil Company.’ The Psychopaths had to keep the World believing in ‘Oil’ rather then ‘Free Energy’ which would be another reason for taking down Germany. Saddam was taken down for the same reason as Gaddafi in Libya, to break away from the Ruling Psychopaths.


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