By Paul Rosenberg,

As we grew up, nearly all of us were inundated with stories of our glorious national fathers, our beautiful democracies, and so on. And being young, we for the most part believed them. The system gave us our prosperity, our comfort, our medicine, our sense of importance.

Soon enough we learned that the system was also stupid and perverse, but we found a way around that contradiction by blaming one segment of the system or another: The Blues or the Greens or the Red are the problem; it could not, must not, be that the system itself is the problem.

Then came 2020, and the system revealed its true face.

I suppose I should be fair and add that the system wasn’t always as rotten as it is now, but regardless, it wasn’t able to prevent the rot that overtook it.


2020, In A Nasty Little Nutshell

The system would like everything except the daily outrages (one for the Blues, one for the Reds) to go down the Memory Hole. So I think it’s important to recap the revelations of 2020:

The system decreed who could work and who couldn’t. This was not done democratically; it was done by edict. “Democracy” did nothing to stop it.

People were arrested for going to church or synagogue. This was the real disgrace of the police forces. Are there any orders from their paymasters they won’t enforce upon us?

Political gangs roam the streets, beating, threatening and burning. Make no mistake, these are covertly authorized political gangs, serving political ends. This vile tactic goes back to ancient Rome at least, where gangs of thugs beat opponents in the streets.

Science” said one thing then the opposite, supporting whatever power wanted. Not every scientist, but more or less the entire grant-seeking, position-seeking complex showed themselves to be without integrity; they said and did whatever power wanted them to do.

Mass media was as a fear delivery system. They were devoted to capturing eyeballs with fear and monetizing outrage. Journalistic integrity was a joke at best.

Social media silenced thousands of dissenters, purely at the behest of political power. This was no less that the suppression of speech. (If you want to profit from becoming the public square, you have to act like a public square.) Free services have always been parasites, but these have shown themselves to be sycophantic to the point of fascism.

The mandatory school system, around which millions of families had arranged their lives, was ripped away in an instant.

Hate was legitimated. Political loud-mouths and televised faces have treated hate as the voice of justice, instead of the disease it is. Millions have joined in the barbarity, pretending that hate is actually duty, honor, and truth.

More could be added, but this is quite enough to make my point: The system is not what we were taught it was, and 2020 has revealed that quite well.

The System Doesn’t Deserve Us

By referring to “the system” and “us,” I’m dividing the world into two parts, and so I should be clear on what those parts are:

Us refers to producers: the people who grow food, transport it, process it, build machines, provide medical care, and so on. Everyone from the construction worker to the small business owner to the cleaning lady is a producer, and deserve great respect for what they do. We owe all the comforts of our lives, and frequently our lives altogether, to these people.

The system refers to the entire governmental complex that takes our money and couldn’t survive without it. It also includes everything that couldn’t be what they are without them: Central banks, government school systems, businesses that live on government connections, television networks, social media behemoths, and more or less everything high and mighty.

What I’d like is for the producers of the world to become clear on the fact that we don’t need them. Everything they “do for us” is done with our money, which they take from us by force and fraud.

And let’s be honest about this: The system is a violent, corrupt and control-obsessed entity. Millions of us would choose other arrangements if we could, but the system forbids them. Forcibly.

We should also understand that this has happened before. Here, to illustrate, is a passage from historian C. Delisle Burns on the real reason Rome collapsed:

Great numbers of men and women were unwilling to make make the effort required for the maintenance of the old order, not because they were not good enough to fulfill their civic duties, but because they were too good to be satisfied with a system from which so few derived benefit.

The system is not worthy of our labor and treasure. Whether or not it once was (and if so, when) no longer matters.

2020 has made this much clear. It’s time to drop our child-training and look at the world like the adults we’ve become.


Paul Rosenberg

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  1. There isnt going to be any vaccine.
    Have you seen Bill Gates out publicly pushing his poison lately? The answer is No
    Dont you understand thats why the President used Therapeutics so ppl like you would stop panicking.
    The Covid was created in a lab too just like HIV , do you assume Trump doesnt know this?
    This Covid response was so rooted in theatrics, the vaccine is just part of the theatrics.
    So please lets all get a grip and stop thinking Americans with hand guns or assault weapons could stop a military like we have now.
    Americans have guns to protect us from other insane Americans and insane illegal criminals that other administrations let flood our country.
    You say you dont believe in violence, well open your eyes ;violence is everywhere and its probably going to get worse before it gets better.
    All of this was orchestrated by the left in their attempts to once again bring down President Trump because their crimes are now being exposed.
    Nothing can stop this now.

  2. Our green-back money – U.S. citizens’ owned money – was replaced by the Federal Reserve with fake monies, not gold or silver backed and worthless due to the reduced percentage of value.

    It is time we out-smart the criminals by bringing back the green-back money even if we have to print them ourselves. Money without gold or silver backing will continue to destroy a healthy economy because it can be manipulated and given whatever value those who manipulate and control money desire. Therefore, the responsibility is our and we who will pay the price if we fail to act responsibly.

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that the ‘plan-demic, fake virus scam’ is intended to program the population to believe that the virus is a killer, in spite of the fact that it is nothing more than a FLU (from parasites, germs, harmful bacteria and mutilated e-coli that destroys brain cells, acquired by eating slow-poison-fast-foods, etc., especially meats, fish, chickens).

    If the criminals are successful in forcing the public to accept the vaccines and people begin to die in large numbers from the BIOWEAPO VACCINES, the public will believe it is the virus that is killing them and not the vaccines.

    Carter’s population reduction agenda was signed into law during 1976 to reduce the population. And then the AIDS virus was created in a lab to selectively kill. (The AIDS virus, as with any virus, germ, parasite, mutilated e-coli, harmful bacteria) can be removed from the body naturally and easily, but the pharmaceuticals don’t want you to know that.)

    The dark forces criminals fear the expertise and discipline of those in the military. Abilities the dark forces do not have. The reason everyone in the military is forced to be injected (directly into their blood stream) many vaccines to make them too sick to talk and easily manipulated as they struggle just to survive) is if those in the military (many who access to military weapons) join forces with a public with guns, they could lose control and all illusions would disappear. Therefore, the illusion of a killer virus is essential to their plans.

    (I do not believe in violence and do not own a gun, but I do believe in the freedom to own a gun because it affords protection from criminal governments.)

    Extremely vulnerable, the criminals dictating government policies and stealing from it and us, fear they will lose control if people understand it is the vaccines and not the virus that kills – bioweapons of mass destruction.


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