The following video is from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who is one of the four member group of lawyers who has investigated and is prosecuting global officials on the pretense that COVID 19 is a deliberate crime against humanity.


Videos such as these are being censored from Youtube almost as quickly as they are uploaded to the Youtube site. In case of censorship on Youtube please click the link below to view this amazing commentary on Bitchute:




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  1. Fear of dying and going to hell, the greatest fear of mankind!
    We are seeing it all around us…..humanity is being unmasked!

  2. Wow, Such a horrid talk. And such false conclusions being made.
    yes, Covid needs to be investigated. Yes, the choices made hit the economy very hard.
    No, Sweden and Britain should not be compared and then concluded that they have the same numbers despite different measures. Sweden should be compared to it’s neighbours. And in that case it did very bad with keeping Covid under control; Sweden has a very high death toll in comparison to it’s neighbours

    • Yes, because Sweden had
      1. an unusually large demographic group of old susceptible people, which itself correlates close to 100% of the excess deaths compared to the neighbours, and
      2. a much higher share of people with dark skin in urban areas, and people with dark skin among health personell.

    • His experts, which include some of the world’s most esteemed scientists, have concluded the fatality rate is exactly the same as the common flu, therefore this pandemic dies not exist and has been engineered. That’s the point, do keep up. Admit it, you’ve been lied to.

    • Sweden has high deaths ? According to who ? because I look at stats here in Canada (statscan official site) and death % is 0.056% death or 99.94% of people that doesn’t die from it, of course not everyone catches it it seems and those that do are high 90% asymptomitic… From that 0.056% death over 97% of it is from the 70+ years old group and for the most part people that were already dying of something else… pure covid 19 death I have no knowledge of… the example of death by age group is the one from the most touched province of canada, Quebec and it is from their official stat site… The government messages do not match their own official stats, but the problem is people do not go see the stats. The people that do go look becomes conspirators, lol

  3. Well well well. Talk about proof that trusting your instincts is 100% the best gauge to measure these hoax’s.

    Anyone who studied this virus found all of these things to be true and so sent of alarm bells in Truth Seekers heads.

    Now can we go back to work and back to our holidays????

    • i want a class act law suit our govenor will not listen she will not open oregon i would like to see action like michigan

  4. Thanks you Dr Reiner Fuellmich. I watched the whole of your talk. I have from the beginning felt I had had the supposed CORONA 19 virus. It was flu and I did not feel too well and has taken a year to clear using natural methods like acupuncture . I am 78 but am now well and gardening and having an OK life.

    All you said I have been thinking is just what I feel. I do hope the truth will come out. I use natural herbs etc to heal myself. Please keep talking out, these money grabbing controllers of this world the Pharmas and big rich names make me so angry. thank you again. I wish I was a big name as I could shout very loud with my clear speaking voice like my Battle of Britain Pilot. please all of you us keep listening to our inner voice which is where he truth too lies.


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