We’re living in a moment when there is a bombardment of media information.  People are confused by the plethora of information. Whom should they believe?  Facts are spun to present a particular narrative. Who can be trusted?  One thing to remember, is that the mainstream media is produced, and has largely been broadcast over the years on “Tell A Vision.” We watch “programs.” The media use programming to control the narrative … and minds.

History is written by the victors. What’s important to understand is that there is a carefully orchestrated organization behind much, if not all, of the media narrative.  It is not random entertainment.  From a United States perspective, there has been a consolidation of media, so that there are now only six major media corporations. That is quite a narrow lens from which we receive our information.



This came about because of the Telecommunicatons Act of 1996, where media companies consolidated that once numbered over 30,000 independent media outlets from newspapers, local papers, radio, and TV stations.  These various news providers used to be held to higher standards and were often keep in check by liable or slander suits, and a more informed public.

“The 1996 (Telecommunications) Act was designed to usher in competition to telephony and cable by breaking down the cross-entry barriers that were put in place by the Communication Act of 1984. Yet immediately after the passage of the 1996 Act, telecommunication industries witnessed a deluge of mega mergers and acquisitions.”

– The Impact of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in the Broadband Age

Hanlong Fu, David J. Atkin, Yi Mou

Dept. of Communications Sciences University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut.

This Telecommunications Act changed those standards, and the effect is what we see now. The News transformed from reporting “just the facts” to a presentation style based on opinion or focused on its’ entertainment value.  Whereas the media used to be known as the 4th Estate – public fact checkers on Congress, Judicial and Executive branches – it became a way to control the public message.

And with social media as an even larger influence, we’re currently seeing a vast amount of control in the hands of only a few platforms, where users are subjected to constant censorship.  But we live in a free and open society! That is the illusion.  Right now, high powered organizations own large media conglomerates and that scenario leads to the media parroting each other – also known as Mockingbird Media – as seen in this Sinclair Media Group coordinated broadcast warning on the dangers of alternative news outlets.



The notion of fake news certainly isn’t new.  One of the greatest movies of all time, Citizen Kane, shows how powerful one media organization can become.  This has always been the case around the world.  Based on the real Spanish American war where news tycoon William Randolph Hearst infamously told Teddy Roosevelt,  “You furnish the pictures and I’ll give you a war.”

Media pundants through the use of their newspapers act to create the narrative that the highest bidder wants.  It’s not new that media use propaganda to sway public opinion to get people agreeable to enter a war.  This becomes dangerous when news media outlets are consolidated, and/or the main news anchors and news producers are part of the establishment.

Here are some examples:

Did you know that MSNBC’s News’ Chief Foreign Affairs & Senior Washington Correspondent Andrea Mitchell is married to Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan?

Or that Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt and a former CIA intern? The Vanderbilt family made their fortune as one of the richest families in the U.S. through their railroad empires. They lived like royalty at their Biltmore Estate.

Do you think they have the same financial and political views that you do? As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

One of CNN’s chief news shapers is David Axelrod.  You’ll be seeing a lot of him this election season. Pay attention to how he is revered by his associates.

He’s often in their ear directing their questions and guiding the narrative.


He’s what could be considered as a handler. Speaking of railroad tycoons, it’s important to note the late tycoon Cecil Rhodes.  Rhodes was the ultimate racist.  He was also a Vanderbilt contemporary.  He was a British railroad tycoon whose railroad empire stretched across the African continent.

He did a lot to enslave Africa and expanded the British Empire. So much so, that one country that he controlled used to bear his name.  The country was Rhodesia. The country is now once again called Zimbabwe.  His racist atrocities went so far that he pillaged the land.  What did he gain? “Blood” diamonds, railroads, colonial expansion, oil, slavery – all for the benefit of the mighty British Empire.

But he didn’t just exploit the continent of Africa – his reign of conquest was for Crown and country. His racist policy of “The ends justify the means” endures until today, though his endowment to Oxford University via the Rhodes scholarship that bears his name. This scholarship is awarded to those who might follow in the footsteps of his ultimate goal of returning the colonies back to the Crown.

This may sound crazy, but it’s well documented. His well calculated strategies to accomplish this were to train candidates in subversive tactics, and to defy any laws that created an impediment to the ultimate goal. He created not only the scholarship, but also the secretive British Round Table and Club of Rome and was the inspiration for the Council on Foreign Relations.


We use him as an example, because there is a conflict of interest of mingling private policy and public media all the time.  One devout Rhodes Scholar is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.   Another is George Stephanopoulos.  Also Pete Butiteg, Corey Booker, Susan Rice and Bill Clinton. Remember the big club?

It’s important to note that subversion and infiltration is subtle, so you need to know their strategy, and what motivates it.


We’ll cover this more in depth in other episodes. But remember, the elite – the 2% who control the 89% don’t’ share the concerns of the 98%.  They think of themselves as better than us and consider us slaves and property.  Who are today’s Cecil Rhodes?  Many follow in his footsteps. How about Jeff Bezos? He owns the Washington Post, who along with the ultra-rich Ochs family who own the New York Times, shape public opinion.

Do you think they use their newspapers and news stories to “stack the deck” with articles and OpEds that support their political and financial views? You bet they do! Is this openly publicized policy? No. But, how hard is it to  at these papers and dictate the direction of the news? This is called “Manufacturing Consent” by Noam Chomsky.


We know that newspapers and news stations around the world are stacked with bias.  In the U.S., this came about because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which changed the rules on libel. It’s much harder to bring about lawsuits as a result as news can be considered entertainment. And with section 230 of the Act, publishers aren’t held libel.

But lately, there’s been lots of talk about changing the wording of Section 230 to bring it up to date with online social media platforms. Proving the point is the case of Covington High School student Nick Sandmann, who you remember was slandered when he was bullied by papers around the country for wearing his red MAGA hat.  Though liberal media won points on public opinion, Sandman settled a $250 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post, and also settled with CNN for an undisclosed sum.

How many times in recent history has the media lied to us?

Their job isn’t to tell the truth, but to protect their ownership class. NAZI Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said,



“Tell a big enough lie over and over again and people will eventually believe that it’s the truth.”

Manufacturing consent is a tactic of control. Mainstream media have been monumentally wrong about the most repeated stories on their airwaves.  But that doesn’t stop them from repeating them. Here are some examples:

Hillary Was supposed to win by 95%.

Trump was a Russian colluder.

The Mueller probe was going to bring down President Trump.

Adam Schiff had overwhelming evidence to impeach President Trump.

Trump was going to bomb the world!

How did those stories turn out? And furthermore, what stories have been missing from the mainstream media, that those on the alternative media are well aware of?

Where’s the coverage been on human trafficking?

Where’s the coverage been on black on black crimes? Or black on white crimes?


Why has no one asked the President who Q is?

Where are the voices of those who know of child abuse?  It’s an 800,000 child a year question. And billion-dollar industry.

Why has the media organized against Covid stories like hydroxychloroquine & zinc or natural preventatives like vitamin C, D, fresh air and sunshine?

Especially in the face of overwhelming evidence from physicians?

Why is there a concerted effort to censor independent journalists?

Could it be that people are finally seeing the news media for what it really is – a propaganda machine?

Why does it resonate with so many people when they’re called the Fake News?

Why are mainstream media viewership numbers plummeting?

Why are citizen journalists on the internet gaining so many viewers?

Why are audiences turning away from the mainstream media?

If they were doing real journalism in the face of a pandemic, wouldn’t an inquisitive journalist be able to follow a lead and report on possible cures, instead of being silenced?


This series will ask these types of questions that at the very least we need to consider. Researching is an intelligent pursuit.  Seeking truth is necessary. Exploring different avenues and narratives is an intellectual imperative – if only to “debunk” a theory.  Theories in themselves are good things.  Einstein theorized on relativity until he could prove it. Newton theorized on gravity until he had his equation. From questioning things, comes enlightenment, and is the basis of scientific method.


Let’s quickly look at how the media operates, by taking a look behind the curtain. Here are their rules:


1. Lying by omission– What isn’t being shown on nightly news is generally more important that what is.

2. Control the debate– Who is arguing and for what cause? Most commentators are vetted with accepted points of view.

3.Newscasters are groomed to play the game– Getting a network anchor spot isn’t achieved by merit alone, but by which narrative you will support. There’re only six corporations that own all media outlets – they protect themselves.

4.Scripting and Synchronizing the News– Anchors often read the “news” verbatim from city-to-city, station-to-station. What? They don’t have journalists anymore?  Not so much. Just people who read the news that look good on TV and get paid very well to do it.

5.Politicize Everything– Everything is calculated to further the Controllers divide and conquer tactics. Conservatives vs. Liberals. Democrats vs. Republicans. Right-wingers vs. Left-wingers. Left vs. Right. Whites vs. Blacks.

6.Label Everyone– No one is a human being anymore, now, everyone is a label. You are a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you question the official narrative. Remember Bernie the Socialist, Trump the Reality Show Actor, Clinton the First Woman Presidential Candidate. Sleepy Joe Biden.

6.Ask the Wrong Questions and Answer Questions that Weren’t Asked – Have an interview on current topics but ask irrelevant questions and get into an argument while avoiding any real issues.

7.Closing the Book Too Soon– The jury may still be out on an issue, but the media makes up its mind as soon as they can to fit their narrative.

8.Triviality and Distraction– a.k.a. Fear Porn. How many times is something escalated to catastrophic levels? “If it bleeds, it leads.” But does that really affect your life? Not so much directly, but indirectly, you will worry. During George W. Bush’s Presidency, there was a banner on television every day called the “Terror Alert Level” programming people to live in fear for the day – at a pre-described level otherwise known as predictive programming.

9.Outright Lying– When all else fails, just make it up. There will be another network anchor to back you up.

10.Attack, Attack, Attack– Your point of view isn’t so good? Accuse your opponent of what you would do or have done. These lines of attack show just how the attacker might think. Give your opposition a label such as “conspiracy theorists” or say they are crazy to make them look bad.

11.Wear ‘Em Out– Outlast your opponent.


Now what is the objective? Simple: Propaganda.

There’s always more to the story as we’ll try to show you. We bring this up, because we are in a blitzkrieg of informational warfare. Simple as that. We are at war. The war is for your consent. The war is for control of what the elite owned media and their financial elite buddies desire. Their aims are the same as Cecil Rhodes’ over a century ago: control over the slaves.

As one observant poster said, “I’d rather get incorrect information from an honest person with good intentions than evil information from a source with bad intentions.”

So get ready to dive into deep information. Bring an open mind. Truth has a resonance. You’ll learn a new perspective to challenge the narrative. We are Prepare for Change have been reporting and presenting this information for almost a decade. We gather the information from high level sources and have thousands of articles online at Prepareforchange.net

Our site isn’t for everyone. It is intended to help those who question the narrative or want to explore history or challenge the mainstream. We are often paddling our boat up that mainstream.

But due to the many hundreds of great writers who’ve lost their jobs in the media consolidation, the information is out there. The truth is best hidden in plain site. We strive to show you how to sort through it. With a sound basis in history and through whistle-blowers, intelligence agents, and reporters who sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice, we have tons of support to stand on.

The time is critical to make this series that will bring together the methods, the actors, the religious beliefs, and the stories to put a spotlight on darkness and provide some sense from the Planned Chaos.


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  1. Yeah. I’m impatient and I’m probably not good at finding a happy medium between nature vs nurture…or can’t leave well enough alone.

  2. “It is not necessary that we be alive to influence the future of our people. Germany will outlive this terrible war. In the future you must know only one duty, to prove yourself of the great sacrifice. Do not let yourself be confused by the uproar that will now reign throughout the world. The lies will one day break down under their own weight & the truth will again triumph. The hour will come when we shall stand pure & undefiled, as our aims & beliefs have always been.” Dr. Goebbels, April 28th 1945, Berlin

    • We don’t have time for that. Look what happens when we just sit and wait for things to sort themselves out… Nice quote… But, confusing in its use here.

      • Of course we have time for this, because it all started within that time period of what we are fighting today. I keep saying “The Universe only responds to Truth.” We cannot go on until we recognize the Lies. The quote should not be confusing to you now, look at how they always use that time frame to keep us stupid.

      • Melinda, I should have used the word “Intensify” WW2 was where the global stage (that we can trace, easily) Intensified. (not began)


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