By Ron Giles:

The Chinese Elders, who comprise the heads of the multi-colored Dragon Societies or families, have accumulated a massive amount of gold bullion that has been secreted away in vaults for safekeeping for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Why have they done this, you ask? Their highly advanced spiritual leaders had knowledge of what was to come in the future through their own word of mouth prophecies and written records. It was passed down through their generations in preparation for this Golden Age of Mankind.

It should be noted that there are certain people of many different faiths that have gained knowledge about things that are Unspeakably Sacred. Much of this history is kept away from the prying eyes of the Satanists and others who would destroy these sacred teachings and writings, and would do so out of pure ignorance of the value they have to mankind. Dragon Societies have this type of rich heritage.

Just as there are degrees of darkness that are hidden from society as a whole, there are hidden degrees of enlightened beings that are very advanced Spiritually. A Chinese Elder named the “Golden Dragon,” is the head of the Dragon Families, is affectionately called “Grandfather. He is over 400 years old and perhaps even as old as 800 years old. He is charged with implementing the Quantum Financial System (QFS) for this Golden Age of Mankind in coordination with the Earth Alliance.

So, we have the accumulated gold that has been set aside and reserved for this new financial system. How does the Alliance take the gold and turn it into a currency for each nation in the world as gold-backed currencies? It is not Magic, there is a plan.

Let’s take a look.

Here are some questions that need to be answered as we explore what is going to happen.

1. How is this QFS to be implemented as the New Earth’s financial system?

2. How does this huge stockpile of gold turn into digital currency within the QFS?

3. How do we go from a stash of gold, a very valuable and desirable commodity, to this commodity backing the new world currencies that will be referred to as the Global Currency Reset?

4. And More importantly, how is it to be distributed amongst the people?

1. The new Quantum Computer. In the New Earth or in the Golden Age of Mankind, we needed to eliminate all possible manipulations of the financial system to maintain the cleanest currency that would support each individual person as part of the Economic System. Greedy persons and those seeking financial power over others have polluted our present Central Bank System and have kept us in bondage for hundreds if not thousands of years. The QFS had to be created with all the cooperative components to ensure a sustainable, secure system that would eliminate the problems from the past. To do this the Alliance had to tap into the Universal Quantum Operating System that is the future of the Galactic Wide Web for the future of a Galactic Economic System of Star Nations. We will be joining and taking our position as Galactic level Human Beings doing G-Commerce, or Galactic wide Commerce. They want our metals especially gold, not to back currencies but for the use of the commodities as an application for their needs. We may be joining a Galactic Barter System.

The new Quantum Computer is the answer to the requirements that are needed to support the new Financial System here on Earth. This new Quantum Technology had to be able to digitally transfer trillions of transactions at a time without a computer glitch or a shutdown due to overwhelming activity. With each transfer, all the digital gold certificates that represent actual money value must be transferred at the same time, perhaps many billions at the same time for one transaction. Each transaction will account for each increment of money transferred using block-chain type technology but with the enhanced capability to permanently record and store each transaction far into the future and to do so at the speed of electricity.

There is no computer here on the earth that can do what this Quantum Computer can do. Without this computer, we could not have a secure financial system to support the world economy that will change how we live.

2. The QFS uses “gold-backed currencies,” meaning a specifically “Identified” piece of gold, is used to back a specific increment of money. It is transferred for economic purposes by using an Electronic, Digital Gold Certificate that is transferred from one account to another to make a purchase. It can be small, like a dollar or two, or large, like a tanker of oil. Without the need for a transfer system like the antiquated SWIFT system, it is just an account to account transfer within the QFS. The transfer is completed by the parties entering into the transaction without the knowledge or assistance of any third party or authority outside the QFS accounting system.

3. The Global Currency Reset, which will happen when we redeem our Zim and/or exchange our currency, means that each national currency will be on par value with another national currency. The Gold Certificate can be in any currency because they are all on par with each other. So, the QFS can transfer USN to any country in the world and put the funds in that account according to the currency of that nation. So when the QFS completes an account to account transfer, the receiving account will reflect the national currency for that account. There are no exchange fees from one currency to another. It is all on the same par value so it works just fine. This may portend a one worldwide currency, but that is a decision that may be addressed in time when the public is more prepared. Perhaps one step at a time is wise.

4. To implement the fullness of the QFS means the funds created by the Chinese Gold needs to be released into individual accounts within the QFS. So, how do we get the actual funds into the accounts? – it is done by the QFS purchasing a currency and putting the new funds in the new account with an “active status.” The funds are extended out from the value of the Gold and projected into the economy by us selling our currency to the QFS. Initially, this will be done by the Redemption Centers created for this purpose. They will “purchase” or “redeem” the currencies using a financial transaction. All funds received from the “selling” of our currencies to the QFS at the redemption appointment will be deposited in the accounts one sets up at the RV appointment. If a person is part of an RV group, they will get a contract rate for that group. This is true for the revaluation of currencies, but not for the Zim. There are NO CONTRACT RATES FOR THE ZIM. NO ONE HAS BEEN GIVEN THE AUTHORITY TO CONTRACT FOR WE SOVEREIGNS. All Zim rates are negotiable as Sovereign Rates. The rates you receive for the redemption of Zim is determined at the appointment by the Humanitarian projects you have planned and the individuals ‘capacity to do the humanitarian work they have planned. The Alliance prefers a face to face redemption process for each person owning Zim. The redemption process is personal between the interviewer and the Zim Holder. It would be wise for each Zim Owner to redeem their own Zim. This will avoid entanglements as you try to do your own projects. Imagine redeeming for your group and then signing an NDA for your entire group, and while trying to honor that NDA you need to distribute the funds to your people, let alone trying to figure out how to pay your Structured Payout each Quarter to your people. For this and many other hidden problems, it is best to redeem your Zim for yourself, you will get the right amount for your humanitarian needs and the NDA will not be hard to comply with personally. Signing for a group NDA could be a nightmare.

This is the process used to activate the QFS gold-backed currencies. It is placed in an account using a “purchase” transaction. This is different from the Central Banking System where they create Fiat currency out of thin air and then “loan” it into existence with interest attached. Nowthen, a loan with interest attached is the old system, vs, a clean purchase to activate the currency in the new system. This contrast is the Key to the New Financial System.

Question: if one does not go through a redemption appointment or a currency exchange how will their Fiat currencies in their present bank account, be credited into their new QFS account?

When the time comes for the public to “Sell” or trade their fiat currency to the QFS, a person will access the QFS with a specific Application to create a personal code or ID number that will identify their new QFS account. The QFS will do a one-for-one transfer from their present bank account to their new account in the QFS where the gold certificates will be permanently assigned to the currency. The old bank account will reflect a zero balance. This exchange will be completed by the QFS using your information. Once this is in place you can do all the account to account transfers you want. Each account will have major security functions so that when you give your account number out for a transaction, there is no risk of it being used by anyone else. The sentient being that is the Overseer of the QFS will constantly monitor each and every account for possible fraudulent activity. The QFS will sense the appropriateness of the transfer request and if it is not done by the right person it will be blocked. You may think this is WOO WOO stuff, but this is God’s financial system given to us at this time for the Golden Age of Mankind. Do you think God would create something that is not perfect for this pivotal time in the History of the Earth? Truth is, we are catching up to the technology that has existed for eons of time. Welcome to the Galactic family of Human beings with many other species or entities. I hope we get along with our new friends who are our brothers and sister.

The many different bonds, bank instrument, and fiat currencies that have been stored for periods of time will have to go through a reconciliation phase to determine if the funds or bonds are clean, clear, and non-terroristic in nature, before the QFS will assign them a gold certificate so they can be used in the QFS system. This may be a problem for those who have funds that are not clean, clear, or are terroristic. There are specific aspects to the reconciliation for sums of money obtained illegally or for immoral purposes obtained against a person’s will. Such a person may not survive this process without being charged for their crimes against humanity. DO NO HARM will be the operational determination. If you have “Done Harm” in obtaining the funds, they will be scrutinized and may be blocked. If one thinks they can trick God’s financial system and get away it, it’s like a snowflake’s chance in hell, they won’t survive.

The implementation of the QFS will be a real game-changer for gurus who have spent their energies and time lying and doing harm on purpose. Will these people redeem Zim or exchange currencies? The Alliance will have the final say.

And so, it is

Ron Giles

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  1. QFS is 1000% New to me. Interestingly wonderful but also frighten. At the slip of a button are funds could disappear with no recourse.

    • My understanding, from a few other sources, is that all current funds would be transferred automatically. Unless they are crime oriented.

  2. If the new system is based on taxes, I sit well. if it is based on those who have dealt with corruption being compensated, I sit well. if it is based on doing good deeds, then I sit more than well. what concerns me is people who have lived good lives, but don’t have property. they have no mortgage to have “forgiven”; no debt, but also no assets. If it is based purely on dollar for dollar, and these people are english, to boot they will get 1* per pound which is even worse than if they live in AU or NZ or Canada for instance. How is that equitable? I really want to believe this GESARA. I see that the world around me is increasingly difficult to live in with tightened restrictions and legislation/ closing of loopholes and al so. raised taxes, taxes on everythIng, even after you ‘ve paId tax on Income. being a professional is no longer a guarantee of a good life now. Onl;y criminals have prospered in the past 20 yrs.

  3. Request for help;
    A year ago I helped a friend close an estate of his uncle.
    We recovered ZIM,DINAR,DONG with authorization letters of authenticity.
    The attorney closed the estate 2 months ago said the currency was a scam.
    I listened to you on Charlie Ward and thought you might have some idea.
    Thank You

    • Yes, scam. You may find this interesting, a link, here you’ll learn who is in charge of the Global Financial System and how it works:

      • You need to consider the source of any information, or mis-information, out there. You Tube is as corrupt as Amazon, Google, Uber, Flakebook, Twit'er and many others. I personally will not be giving any real consideration to anything coming from any of those platforms without doing some research of my own first.

  4. All these various comments from people who have absolutely no first hand knowledge about what they are saying. Ron Giles has done a good job at illustrating a potentially just system. Lets keep our hearts and minds open…open To the wonderful possibilities and see what comes of it!

  5. I don’t believe any of this GFR. When everyone becomes rich then what? Everything will attract hyperinflation.or are they saying that there will be no buying and selling anymore? What if one wants to sell their house and multiple people want it? With unlimited wealth you would get unlimited inflation or price hikes.
    It’s all very good and well if you have Fiat currency to trade in, but what if you are in Africa and have nothing to deposit or trade in? Like most of the world right now?
    I think this is part of the DS story that is complete BS as it has not been worked out at all or at the very least it’s geared towards the wealthy which sends alarm bells ringing straight away.
    The real funds are supposed to come from Saint Germain, not from some BS benevolent Chinese family with 800 yo grandpa’s.

  6. Ask ‘The Chinese Elders’ when they are going to release All information on our ‘Aryan Pyramids’ that are located in China. & Lets see if they admit as to Why our ‘Aryan Pyramids’ are within their borders.

  7. For another view i would suggest you look up “Kim Possible” (KIMBERLY A. GOGUEN).
    Either Ron is right or Kim is right, one OR the other, but not both.
    You decide.

    • I was never a follower of Kim Goguen nor the storyline. Until this year when my timeline crossed into her narrative.

      She speaks 100% TRUTH.

      • Totally agree, Kim Goguen is humanities ambassador and is in charge of the QFS. We need to get on the same page of the Life Force movement… supports we the people and support for the Golden Age, humanitarian projects will be funded, as the assemblies are formed. See her most recent broadcast, very important message.

      • Only took me a few moments listening to ‘Kim’ to know she is an opportunist in all of this…she mixes things from various sources and presents them to be believable…she is in this for herself…. So NO Kim is not reliable.

  8. Irrelevant, disinfo. Dragons are never, ever, despite what you may have heard, beneficent. Mankind has no reason to fear, nonetheless. Know that gold reserves are not a component of the Golden Age. Seek on, pass on this false info. Chinese elders are not “it”.


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