We are posting this video prior to any election results to once again present for your own discernment, another view to consider as this political nonsense enters the next phase.  Dana has been shutdown for weeks by our YT nemesis but comes back in time to share her bold analysis.  She shines the light on what we all need to ponder regarding what we think are our political options.  Although some seem to believe that PFC has political leanings, we hope this offers a broader view of what another four years of DT may (or may not) bring.

From Dana Ashlie:

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  1. The only point that I agree with the author on is that each and every one of us needs to return to the knowing of our Creator that resides within us. I am however willing to listen and keep an open mind. The bible as the word of God? Nope, sorry. Religion is a failed experiment; there is a church on nearly every corner of every city and the world is no better off for it. People still suffer and children are still being sacrificed. It is how the one percent control the masses.

    She would have been better off telling everyone to turn off their televisions, forget what ever label they identify with and what they have been taught by anyone up to now. Stand up people and stop following orders before it is too late.

    Trump is playing the chess game of the multi verse which anyone could see if they didn’t have the millstone of religion/mind programming laying squarely on their chest. Being Christed and Christianity are not the same. I honestly felt more resonance from the comments.

  2. You raise some valid concerns about Trump. Trump is a mixed bag with some contradictions. I believe he’s making deals with Jacob Rothschild constantly. Look at his early support of Israel. That’s a big tip off. Look at his support of the Golan Hts, Jerusalem Temple Mount takeover and embassy move. The Solomani execution.

    Reagan only lasted 2 months before the snakes tried to assassinate him. Trump has been spared a blatant assassination attempt like Reagan was subjected to. I believe the snakes make deals behind the scenes and Trump is a negotiator. He gives and takes. I do believe he is ultimately on the side of the White Hats who are assaulting the DUMBs and liberating children.
    I want to believe that Trump is going to help save America from the NWO take over. I believe he talks a good game to appease the snakes, like his support for 5G, but fails to follow through.

    I believe he’s shutting down the chemtrails. There are less of them. A big indication of where he stood early on, was his cancelling the TPP and the Paris Climate Treaty. If Trump was a hidden Deep State agent, he would not have cancelled these crucial NWO measures. They were counting on the US imposing a Climate Change carbon gas tax to fund global government. He has to talk up vaccines because he tows the line at times. Just like with his troop withdrawals, his actions show his real agenda. Not necessarily what he says to the public.

    Trump is walking a confusing trail at times, but I have faith, he’s our champion in the end. I believe he was recruited by the white hats and he’s part of a larger strategy to end the satanic adreno DUMB industry as well as disclosing off world antigravity, free energy and life extension off-world technology.

    I have faith in the larger optimistic picture many videos have shown us. Trump may not be 100% consistent, but he’s done a lot more for us than anyone else by a long shot. I have faith he’s not another sneaky, lying snake like Obama.

    I don’t have proof, but I believe he’s making deals behind the scenes and Jacob Rothschild believes he can win eventually by controlling 25% of what Trump says or supports in exchange for not assassinating him. Trump has obviously made a deal concerning Israel, Venezuela and Iran. His book was “The Art of the Deal”. That’s ok, I believe he will come through for us in the end and Rothschild will be defeated.

  3. Title hooked my interest because I have continually used “psi-op” and was one, stating PFC has been politicized by its overwhelming numbers of anti democrat pro Trump propaganda articles (in particular Q A Nonsense) and near nothing that could be interpreted as pro Democrat or,, anything I noticed, on, any other aspect of the election in regards to being, ‘pro any-other-candidate’…. One sided, is,, one sided and PFC the last few “years”, has been.

    However to the vid: Began video, she’s talking about channel backups (& allegations) so I skipped ahead a bit. Video starts again “America is the Whore of Babylon”.

    I decided to “Stop” right there. No point in my, listening further….
    IMHO The “Whore of Babylon” is, the monetary system run by the cabal and of course, those supporting them (like Mr Trump).
    As Jesus (if you believe the rest of, the Bible, that is), demonstrated,, when he lost his cool overthrowing the “money changers” (bankers) tables in the Temple… I feel, if such person existed, were they here today, it would be the a White House, not the temple (isn’t that house the temple of Democracy…hmmm) then a Jesus would be overthrowing the President’s Desk, and dragging Mr Trump out to throw him into the street.
    Again IMHO.
    This, like everything else (including the video), is a matter of opinion but, with a life spent with the sole, real goal, in life, of spiritual/truthful understanding, asked thrice to become a minster, not to forget an immense amount of ufo activity in my personal life, and a plethora of experiences in this world at 58yrs of age, I would say I am as qualified to put that opinion out, as anyone, with any, credibility.

    I’m not going to watch the rest of this video, those few words were, by far, enough, and though I could pen much more here if I did, I think, this is enough,, too.

    PS: I support the original PFC goal, I feel it’s lost or forgotten today,, of informing the public of facts of what’s going on but, insinuation, allegation, unsupported claims against fellow (not supporting the Republican savior Trump) Americans, have become the method and means, of the Republican propaganda machine and there has been a crossover here at PFC, from providing balanced information, we hope real news, and viewpoints, to overwhelming, pro Republican propagandizing. Go back and count the articles pro Trump including all the Q crap (providing no one goes deleting past content), it’s utterly ridiculous the severity of this….
    This type of thing, cannot go unchallenged, I urge every,, not yet a, “Republican brainwashee”,, the “Truthers”,, out there, to continue to challenge these in the comments here (and everywhere). Maybe some “light” will reach these poor souls.
    Victory to the Light, Truth and Love

    • Tye,
      You are recognized as a regular contributor/commenter to our post articles and thank you for that. We apparently won’t convince you that we are not Trump supporters, so no point there. However, if you truly understand what our original mission was, and remains, without being blinded by the information being presented, or getting wrapped up in the “pick a side” narrative that is clearly being commanded, the big picture might be more apparent. Almost every being on this planet is a Lightworker, if not certainly possessing the potential for it. Even those we perceive in the 3D as the complete opposite. Our world leaders and authority figures certainly are there to provide us with opportunity to observe and recognize the Matrix for what it is. Perhaps that is the reason for Trump? It doesn’t matter what he does. You can buy into the “pick a side” view and take the blue pill, or the red pill. Your choice. That was always our mission and remains so. We don’t provide all information in our posts because we necessarily agree with it but each of us is at our own stage in the awakening process and so we want to provide various perspectives. It is not up to us what you do with it, it is up to you. Shooting the messenger should not be the focus, nor should providing judgement on information that, although you don’t need or agree with, might be helpful to others who may not quite be in the same position yet to understand. Have some compassion and respect for the process brother.

      • Derek Knauss, Thank You for your comment. As you’re one at PFC I’ve not known, or communicated with, I decided one more response on the article, was appropriate. I’d considered never returning to PFC after making the previous comment (I am that fed up with Q crap) but, thought perhaps staff might reply, so I returned to read your comment.

        To be clear, I’m not shooting the messenger, just throwing no light of truth on the false message, truth is true, and fantasy, is well, exactly that, ‘personal psychological entertainment’, some even call it, delusion.

        Certainly I agree with positive thinking, and we all here, are on ultimately, the, same side, that of truth. Even though in the beginning of the Trump charade, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt watching his inauguration. By the time he stopped speaking, I knew his administration would represent what his speech did, a lot of hot wind with no substance, and his administration over the last four years, proved it was, simply that, nothing but blusterbuilt on BS.

        So much posted here these last four plus years in regard to our now soon to be, ‘former President’, D.Trump, has been, the same, complete fantasy. Like these endless assertions Mr Trump, would bring about The Event. Hey, “Reality check” – It did not happen!! Not in 1400+ days of Mr Trump’s presidency… He did ‘nada’ nothing, no troops, no marshals, no arrests for the ‘alleged’ Sealed Indictments, so all those articles here all about Mr Trump and his great mission leads to nothing, nothing but, fantasy. We’re I, a Trump, Q A Nonsense, follower, I would be irritated beyond belief right about now and woulda voted Democrat outa spite, do you think maybe Mr Trump lost, his 2nd,, national election,, because he is a liar and so is the Q A Nonsense community? I do. You turn people off, with lies.
        Of course, one must be awake, to see the political lies, for what they are, lies….

        Feeding people, ‘fantasy’, instead of reality or truth, I must, respectfully say, I obviously feel, very strongly, is a disservice, to the truther community and because it ‘plays into’ the Karl Rove Plan, the Republican brainwash plan (as I call it, dictated by Mr Rove when Obama was elected, to discredit “the opposition” (a reference to anyone,, not pro-Republican), by lies, manipulations, personal attacks, and outright propaganda – which they have followed exactly), and has played a part in the two sided division, our country faces, now, four years of Trump & Republican nonsense later, which is utterly divided along the line which divides reality and fantasy.

        The Q-A-Nonsense community, and those behind this campaign of lies, a campaign which PFC ‘latched onto’ running so much of their propaganda it really made me sick of hearing the same lies over and over, has itself, misled and lied deliberately to, the World, about Trump, and, a lot more. In a large way the Q-a-nonsense people are very much responsible, for the outcome we see in the elections, of so many people that are deceived and brainwashed voting for the madness, representing the last four years of US administration. People actually believe this tripe, and I am sure, once the Secret Service relieves Trump of that desk chair on Inauguration Day, and throws his butt onto the street (he’s lucky it’s not prison), the Q people will no doubt say it’s still, a master plan, that Trump will somehow rise again in some non sense scenario like their ‘JFK is Q’ garbage, in which Trump, politically risen from the dead, saves America, kind of tripe.

        If PFC Staff somehow feel personally attacked because I challenge this false “Q narrative” so often, did anyone consider that perhaps not running, fake information articles, ie; propaganda, and outright lies, might not be the best use of this forum or what is right, for the truther movement, then I apologize if anyone felt offended or personally attacked because I challenged PFC on their clear pro Trump, pro Republican propaganda, stance. I’m sorry if you were offended but, I am not incorrect in my assertion. However, I noticed you did not address how many pro Trump articles + pro Q A Nonsense articles, outnumber the (zero) pro any other candidate articles… I was shocked to find just before the election, there was a Libertarian Candidate that would have “Legalized” Cannabis as their first official act. Yet, not one media outlet said a word about this candidate, not one media outlet even showed Libertarian vote total during the days of counting going on (1.8% btw, I had to do a sea4c( to find out), not even at Prepare for Change, one of my most important sources of information, even run 1 article saying ‘hey, we have a candidate on the ballot that will legalize pot’, here’s her story… not one, I’d bet not even 10% of the US Population ever even heard her name, it’s all red/blue Trump/Biden BS., how can the people even be expected to make an informed decision when the truth ie: a candidates entire opening message is denied, and lies and propaganda published so widely. Wha5 ever happene$ to Mr Trump whom held a National Emergency Declaration Authoriry and had full wa4 power authority t9 enact his ‘Truth in Media’ but, did nothing to enact it. However, go back and cont from 1/2016 forward, how many pro Trump articles, is it hundreds, which appeared on PFC? Seems like…

        That is propagandizing the public, in line with Republican goals, stated agenda and p9licies, and if it annoys you, I called PFC on the carpet over it, my apologies for hurting anyone’s feelings but, truth is truth, and w3 canno5 bur6 our heads in the sand, a5 least, I can’t because I care about the ‘overall goal’ of end8ng cabal rule, something we happen to agree on, even if we cannot agree whom the real enemy is (I have stated countless times, I am certain, it is the people that own, both,, of the cabal political parties, the deep state, Democrat and Republican Cabal, Illuminati and their various known and unknown, secret societies).

        I have watched as PFC has edged a little at a time to the extreme (I hate to use the term ‘right’ here and every time because this is far from right or correct, it is only in the extreme political spectrum sense) ‘right’ or ‘Fascist Right’ might be a better term all things considered, by running more and more pro Trump Q-A-Nonsense (is there any thing in even one of the countless articles pro Trump regarding him bringing about “The Event” by direct leadership and legal or military intervention against the cabal, which has turned out to be incorrect, to date 11-8-2020?
        Not that I know of, which seems to me, an extreme, waste of all, our time, at the least, and downright propaganda lies, at worst).

        I support the goals of PFC (overall) certainly, and have respect that the site was created for this purpose (much as my own TrueView site was back in 2001-2003 that of spreading information – although I couched it as opinion not fact) though of course PFC is on a much larger scale with an actual staff (and yes this was well prior to my more recent decade being a UFO “pictorial documentarian”).

        So I am not ‘shooting the messenger’ here, I’m one of the ones that started this movement, or at least, helped it along… I admit, this constant dribble of “Q” propaganda combined with all the election BS really irritated me (constant for more than 4 years “considering Mr Trump stole 2016 far as I am concerned and I am pretty sure, tried to steal this one too by flooding the polls with his brainwash zombies in order to discourage legitimate Democratic voters and after they did that 2016, this time, the population was permitted to vote securely, privately, and return these through the most secure public system we have, the US Post Office preserving democracy and ensuring our freedom with a free and fair election everyone can rely and trust in… However,, saying that, would be assumption, insinuation, and propaganda to say that without evidence, and wouldn’t be right, would it? Even if it ‘sounds good’ and manipulates the reader into a false sense of security, when it’s more likely true, nothing could be further from the truth (except that I do not consider the US Postal service nor polling employees to be involved in any big election fraud as Trump alleges in any way, because if there was fraud, it would not be at the polls, it would instead be someone somewhere whom would just change a number in a computer somewhere in the system to skew the result and it would takes weeks of recounting to try to even find, if at all,, such fraud, let alone result of such investigation be in time to change the transition of powers weeks away, so no, even though I do no5 trust US Elections, nor in any way support the continued use of a corrupt electoral college seated against constitutional law, I believe the votes cast and counted, are accurate at that level of the count rooms, having participated myself in the process once as an observer, I feel these are mostly good decent honest patriotic people, working the polls doing their best under extreme circumstances and yes, if we have to take a month if necessary and count every legal absentee vote – we do not stop as Trump suggested, counting ballots in this country just because one candidate says to, because he is ahead on the “temporary tallies”.

        I personally may not like the results apparent in this election but, it is, what it is, and proves more than ever Truth Seeker sites are a necessity and PFC continues to be a relevant entity and we hope, a source of truth.

        Perhaps if there had been less propaganda the last four years out of the media, we might have a real change, away from both the corrupt Democrat and Republican parties, to an independent candidate whom might have actually made a difference in 2016 or even more so, now but, that did not happen, what happened happened, and it is not I; ‘dividing America’, not I, propagandizing the public, not I, that is urging to as you put it take the ‘red pill’ (Republican) over the ‘blue pill’ (Democrat), I advocate clearly, against BOTH. By the way, “Red Pill” does not to my knowledge mean that it was Republican, red pill, ie: the correct choice for Neo in the Matrix movie, it was not political,, and this is offensive because taking of the “Red Pill” in the movie, means, -a willingness to awaken from the dream- “a symbol” as Morpheus puts it in the movie if I recall correctly of Neo’s willingness “to awaken” and “awakening” has zero to do with Republican / Democrat politics, or have you not seen the movie?

        You assert I am taking the blue pill (aligning Democrat over Red Pill’ed Republicans – truly makes me laugh, as any longer time reader here, knows, I am not Democrat, not Republican either and yes, I swallowed the red pill of awakening in my parents back yard outside Medina OH in watching what I believe was the Coyne Incident in 1973.
        Yes, I took that red pill then, and yes, I actually was stupid enough to vote for Republicans and Democrats alike over the years of my adult life starting with voting for Reagan and Bush Sr. (something I cannot undo, but soooo deeply,, regret), which looking back now between Democrat and Republicans, I see zero difference between, and little has changed in my opinion there, today.

        I may defend Democrat ideals ‘some times’ here, but, only because PFC’s pages have become so overflowing in the Q-A-Nonsense garbage bucket of lies, someone has to try, to provide “balance”, and I was not seeing it here. Why? PFC seems more into running assertions, insinuations, and outright lies (propaganda) in regards to Republican agenda’s, real or imaginary, most, the latter..

        Edward Morgan wrote one, editorial piece against Q-A-Nonsense / Trump platform of nonsense (which even Trump himself denounced as fringe fanatics). I noticed coincidentally, Edward Morgan was replaced not long after,, as Editor here it appears. I don’t know you Derek but, I would hope to see more ‘rational’ information out of PFC in the future, facts, truth, real information, backed by verifiable sources, over fantasy.

        As for the ‘fantasy’ parts, the ‘psychological entertainment’ (so it must be called without fact, to back it) of ‘The Event’, We all get that, this side of the PFC Story, is unprovable,, until it occurs, tha5 there will be a US Military/Marshall’s intervention and stop the cabal (I get that, it cannot be proven but, there is enough evidence to indicate to me anyway, there is some resistance to their rule, just not enough,, apparently, to get, these mass arrests of the top US National, US State, US Justice System, US Corporations, arrests, accomplished, and the 65k UFO’s in atmosphere estimate+ by Steve Basset, 2000 of which I have photographed personally, probably more, to do a mass landing, a fact, I feel a necessary prerequisite to any Event that changes this world, because tha5 alone would halt everything, everywhere.). I have even backed Cobra repeatedly on some of the claims through my own observations. So I, and all of us, I think, accept that ‘fantastical side’ of PFC’s information because it’s a given, there is no factual verifiable evidence that what he says is actually occurring but, we all, I think, we all: Hope,,, it’s true.

        Finally I would like to add my own insight on the close of this election:
        We know, Mr Biden is 78yrs. We also know, at his age, it is possible, he might not serve long and we would suddenly have, a South Pacific heritage, black, woman,, president.
        That would change everything… if,, it occurs, will it happen and will it be for better or worse, I can’t say, but, that is my intuition, she may well,, become the President of the United States in short order but, although I would not necessarily want tha5 as I vote$ against them, one thing we can take comfort in… At least, she,, was, elected by, we the people, something Mr Trump can never, say.
        Trump is over, and so is the entire Qa nonsense, be8ng proven now if nothing happens ie: the Event, by Inauguration Day, we know, as I said all along, it was just lies and propaganda ie: “psi-op controlled opposition”, and y’all, fell, for it.

        I hope this Q subject and all the lies, are done with. I and others, will be reading here, and watching your utube channel (which I am very sad to say, is off to a very sad sad start with the most recent vid espousing how this election, not 2016 was stolen, this time parroting Trump’s lies about how, with fake ballots from China – claim with no evidence, of course.). After 4 years of this constant BS dribble, It’s high time to deal in facts, and in truth, not what we have seen here the last 4 years.

        Again, I do respect the goal of PFC as an organization, that of preparing for the event and advocating change on a global level but, we must always beware; For like 1980 when the ‘Republican Christian Fascist Right’ swept into power on their “Christian anti drug platform” -for the children’s sake, that led us into 40 years of misery and Shame worldwide as we imprisoned so much of, our population, for smoking a joint…turning innocent children (like when they raided, my HS) civilians and children, into criminals and giving them a terrific “free prison education” on becoming, better criminals….gee thanks to Republican Party for that 4 decades of corruption lining the pockets of and militarizing their newly corporatized police to enforce their world rule, new world order, agenda. Republicans played exactly into their hands for 4 decades…
        The Trump era will be seen as their latest attempts to co-op the truthers out there that came to awaken being raised in and our attitudes derived much as a result of this agenda, against America, and we, the people must fight their agenda at all-times, everywhere it pops it’s ugly head,
        Democrat or Republican does not matter, we the people Democrat and Republican alike, are all, their, declared enemy under UCC Code (look it up, it’s true)..
        We cannot allow, as a people, propaganda, emotions, wrapped up in lies, (from drug fear to baby eating blood drinking cannibalism fear to religious holy roller garbage,, without,, any proof) to dominate our political spectrum and discourse ever again,, and likely doom us to 50 or hundreds more years of Republican (or Democrat) Cabal Deep State (open and behind the scenes) rule,, which has literally terrorized,, the American people, as a result, ever since.
        That is, was, and continues to be my point, both,, are evil, both are corrupt, as is the money system they both, under their cabal masters, control, propagates. I do not like a Joe Biden presidency, I like i5 about as much as the Trump White House, in other words, not at all but, that, is pers9nal opinion and ever6 article PFC runs without any credible evidence, without verifiable sources, should be labeled in big black lettering at the top preceding any such political tripe article, ‘This is Opinion and cannot be verified in any way nor should it be given credibility or legitimacy without such evidence, and should be treated solely as entertainment only”.

        I hope PFC takes it to heart and ceases the Trumpee Propaganda, now he lost the election and is soon, not soon enough I know but, soon, to be removed.

        Just run a more balanced site instead of constant pro Republican brainwashing, everyone will grow spiritually, inevitably, as a result. If you must present pro cabal propaganda for political opposition control, then you failed in your mission because you missed the entire point wrapped up in your personal political one sided beliefs, slandering the other side >> without evidence or fact.

        Losing direction; in this site, would be a real shame, I am just pointing you back to the stated,, site goals. It’s not about one election, or one candidate, it’s about – preparing the public for real- world wide change, that removes the cabal, Republican and Democrat, from power, forevermore.

        That is a goal, we all share.

        • Holy cow. My, how unhappy we can be judging the world from the safety of our parents basement. Take some of the energy you put forth into getting weed legalized and research the drug adrenochrome. What it is, who’s using it and how it is manufactured from the blood and adrenal glands of tortured babies and small children. Then take a seat while you ponder the fact that Google had 2 operating systems; adreno and chrome. Right in your face but you missed it.

          Then while still seated, listen to the Michigan whistleblower accounts from postal workers of how they were directed by higher ups to back date all incoming ballots and move them on. Also watch all of the video by private citizens from collective polling sites where poll workers cherry picked ballots and used sharpie markers over legal ballots to make them useless.

          Sorry but my vote went to the guy who tweeted a veiled warning to the elites who have a little too much iron in their blood from blood drinking while he enjoyed his morning coffee. Don’t worry, some day you’ll tune in to the news and they will explain it all to you.

  4. You give a very hopeless account of humanity
    All things are inverted that’s the devils plan.
    MAGA actually stands for magnetism as in life force.
    As far as Trumps 2020 win being rigged ?? To win. Did you see the rallies… weird
    History goes through evolution changes. We are coming out of Babylon.
    Pessimism isn’t a great quality. Reality based balanced informed is productive. There are many factors influencing planet earth not just the political arena. Higher forces of light returning to burn away and expose untruths crimes and people posing and standing for things they are not.
    The Veil Has Lifted!!! It’s called the Great Awakening
    Hope u can see it you’re video was like news of 5 years ago
    God Bless

  5. Yeah Dana…and yeah for Prepare for Change for showing the evidence that I have been posting here for years….Trump says what we want to hear…and we love it…but he is also a pathological liar so he was perfect for the job….Trump….Rothchilds….doing business together for a long, long time… Trump was actually a Democrat leading person for many years when he lived in NYC…. Hey it was it is…a den of vipers, left and right just a game….we have monsters running this nation….no matter who wins….

  6. Christianity is a Psy-op as well. Just look at all the Symbolism. Christianity is derived from Paganism, just look at all the symbolism.

    • Jesus, the Christ is God’s psy-op to disillusion us of the world’s deceptions and to bring us back to Him as a more advanced creature than were were when we came to this plane of existence. I am sorry about the way that some people have corrupted the teachings of the Christ.

  7. Truly a sigh-opp. I found the MAGA reference on the COS website. I went to the wayback machine at archive dot org to find out when it first appeared on the COS website. Per archive dot org, the first time they crawled that particular page was September 19, 2018 at 12:43:38. That was 2 years after Orange Man Bad was elected. Two years after MAGA was a thing. Here is the link to the wayback page. Note the crawl date built into the url. https://web.archive.org/web/20180919124338/https://www.churchofsatan.com/hierarchy/. Would the COS lie to us about their hierarchy?


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