From David Icke, but you will have to go here to see the video:

David Icke

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  1. ALL good comments. The elite own the media, the banks and big pharma, and are the richest people in the world. Surely they wouldn’t do this to us, surely not!!!
    The elite know everything, are they the fallen angels spoke of in the bible? Have they been around since the beginning of time? If so why hasn’t god dealt with them? CAN god deal with them? Or are WE god?
    All of us are one, so maybe one day we decided to split ourselves into 7 billion parts that will always re-incarnate, and have some fun? Maybe we’ve just forgotten all that, or maybe we decided to forget that to make the game more fun? Did we decide to see just how long it will take us to figure this out?
    I wonder who will win that bet?

    As Blossom Goodchild Channels “The Federation of Light” who tells of a coming big announcement, we see the repeat of a further lock down by overstepping authorities. Further damaging our lives claiming they are trying to save lives.But I can tell you there is more to living than a beating heart. much more. I knew this when I risked my life for 10 years as a police officer. I was not paralyzed in fear at the knowledge that I would, Rather my Avatar would die ONE day in this realm. I still breathed freely, loved, laughed, married… I lived my life. Every day knowing that the next time I drove a car I could die, the next call I went on as a police officer I could die. But not ONCE did I consider not going to work or driving on the highway.I had a friend who had an aneurysm leaning into a washing machine and died on the spot, and yet I still washed my clothes. I did not wear dirty clothes to avoid the possibility that I was mortal. I always new I was mortal from the moment I dropped into the body. I don’t wear dirty clothes on the off chance that I might dieI will not dishonor life that way, I will look straight at life and honor Life with courage and an innate Freedom that gives me the right, the cosmic right of choice about how I will live my life. No Governor decides that for me. I do. The Constitution honors my life by stating the obvious for all to see. I AM FREE TO CHOOSE! Choice is freedom! Tyranny is not!No, the big announcement I believe that is coming will bring about a true awakening that will tell the controllers that the time of honoring yourselves is truly coming to an end. and it will in fact end as we enter the age of “The First shall be last and the last shall be first” as stated in the Bible.The revelation IS and will be this…”As the majority of the world has embraced the idea that the Mexican Beer is spreading like wildfire, and while scientists and doctors of the Medical Industrial Complex and experts and their minion the politicians have shown how wide spread this problem is… And when all have accepted this in their reality. It will then be shown in a moment of IN-spiration and Revelation that it is all TRUE!That many are sick and suffering, Not because of a Veyerus but because what they are identifying as a Veyerus is actually toxic cell excretions “exosomes”, due to pollution. pharmaceuticals, chemicals, toxic magnetic waves/smog and subsidies to big sugar, salt and petroleum, Flouride in the water and toothpaste, heavy metals dumped into the skies that all diminish the immune system. intentionally. The revelation that WE are our own doctors and that The healthcare industry gets rich off of a false germ theory.That those who produce the TV commercials that own and have captured our FREE PRESS are the ONE’s who benefit most. And are the ONE’s who are really at the bottom of the problem. Those who benefit from such pollution to prop up the artificially inflated stock market for the corporate welfare state on the dole.Those, who Americans honor the most as the Best and the Brightest among us and are called “the beautiful people” have been waging a war against our very health.I tell you the truth. AGE is simply IN-flamation of the tissues in 3-d due to a toxic environment designed to weaken your immune system to ensure repeat customers for the medical Industrial Complex and to “decrease the surplus population” as Scrooge (banker/corporate business man) stated in Charles Dickens “a Christmas carol”.If you doubt this, just look at a picture when you were 14 years old, then look into the mirror.This is the Truth and this is the big announcement. More to come, hold on to your seat belt! there will be a reckoning – ONE

    • Oh wow! Nobody could have said it better. How wonderful to know that here still are people like you around, and I believe there are many. This gives me a lot of hope for a “Great Awakening”, instead of a “Great Reset”. May sanity and the Power of Good prevail.

    • Greg, agree with most of your theory but the awakening and reckoning may not happen quickly or smoothly. Also, I believe the V was manufactured and could be triggered by emf; maybe as slight as wifi. The thing to be wary of is the maxvaxcine. That could have damaging particles to dna. It’s still about an election and disempowering certain people.


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