Joe Biden doesn’t need to talk about his Jewish family — he’s already proven himself to be a mensch. The fact that he has Jewish grandchildren is merely icing on the cake.

The night after Joe Biden officially announced his presidential campaign and five days after he won the election, I learned that all of Biden’s children married Jewish partners.
I’ll admit, I was surprised. There I was, gushing over our new Jewish second gentleman-elect, Doug Emhoff, when I discovered there was a gaggle of Jewish grandchildren to coo over, too. But here’s what makes Biden’s extended Jewish family so significant to me: I didn’t need to know they exist in order to believe that Joe Biden supports the Jewish community.
For the past four years, President Trump has used his daughter Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner and their children as the “I have a Black friend” of Judaism. Any time he’s been accused of antisemitism, he and his surrogates hold them up as proof of his support for America’s Jewish population — with nothing more to back it up.
Case in point: At the vice presidential debate with Kamala Harris in October, Mike Pence deflected concerns that the president failed to condemn neo-Nazis when he told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” because “President Trump has Jewish grandchildren. His daughter and son-in-law are Jewish. This is a president who respects and cherishes all of the American people.”
But the way you treat those closest to you is not an accurate representation of your support for an entire community, especially a marginalized one. It does not matter that Trump loves his Jewish daughter or doesn’t seem to mind that his grandchildren attend a Jewish day school (or did, until they withdrew their kids after fellow parents raised concerns about the couple publicly flouting coronavirus guidelines, but that’s a shanda for a different time). The fact is that despite declaring himself “the least antisemitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life,” we know that Jews have been less safe during Trump’s presidency.
Antisemitic incidents in the US skyrocketed between 2016 and 2017 when Trump took office. The Anti-Defamation League reported a 12% increase in antisemitic attacks from 2018 to 2019, the highest jump since they started collecting data 40 years ago. And it’s no wonder when the president has consistently engaged in behavior that does not reflect support for the American Jewish community.
During the 2016 election, Trump tweeted a photo of Hillary Clinton on top of a pile of money next to a Jewish star that says “most corrupt candidate ever.” In 2017, he famously refused to denounce the literal neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville with swastika banners and causing members of a local synagogue to flee. Just this fall, Trump referred to Israel as “your country” while on a call with American Jewish leaders during the High Holidays, a confusing notion to many American Jews like myself with virtually no connection to Israel.
According to one poll, in the 2020 election, 77% of Jewish voters favored Biden. There are many reasons why Jewish voters like myself voted for Biden without needing to know about his many Jewish relatives. Biden’s entire candidacy stemmed from seeing white supremacists march in Charlottesville “spewing the same antisemitic bile heard across Europe in the ’30s.” He has repeatedly spoken out publicly on antisemitism — a far cry from the “good people on both sides” rhetoric spewed by Trump.
Biden also understands that American Jews care about more than just Israel. His website lists health care, climate change, immigration, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights and gun violence on its page about Biden and the Jewish community. These are issues that American Jews actually care about, not whether or not the president can tolerate a Jew at Mar-a-Lago.
The issue is not that President Trump wants to talk about his Jewish family — to be honest, it’s kind of nice to hear him speak about his family at all. The issue is that he only trots them out to defend himself against the valid claims of antisemitism. No one wants to be tokenized, and that’s exactly what Donald Trump did with Ivanka, Jared and their children. His treatment of his Jewish family members isn’t representation, it’s exploitation.
Thankfully Joe Biden doesn’t need to do that — he’s already proven himself to be a mensch. The fact that he has Jewish grandchildren is merely icing on the cake.
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  1. Opinion – Joe Biden did not win the election and he is a satanic elitist pedophile. His son is a drug addict and also a pedophile. Honestly, I do not understand why this post is on a site about planetary liberation.

  2. Nobody has said Biden is ethnically Jewish. Is that the point? Last I heard he was Irish. The unspoken?
    Like Trump? Jewish marriages are the giveaway. Connect the dots with Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, and on.

  3. I’m curious why this article was put on PFC. Clearly its roots are divisive. Is this a test, to see how we all respond with our various opinions? Does you feel that people who go to this site, are not aware that career politicians or most likely corrupt criminals?? I will hold my personal opinion on this matter. -Considering how close we are to the light revealing all that is needed to uplift the collective conscience of humanity.

  4. How did this go from the jew and their control over the USA. To the con man Trump, look Trump is a con and lost the election period.

  5. Good for you, Sophie! To my knowledge you are the first brave soul to speak up on Trump’s fascist agenda. I am with you and I am shocked that the community of “Lightworkers” continue sputtering hate and violence–as some of the comments demonstrate, posted by the same “Lightworkers” who supposedly want a world based on love and peace and harmony.

    Just because Trump took up the anti-establishment rhetoric does not make him a Lightworker. Over the course of his presidency, Trump did everything he could to destroy the ecosystems of our national parks, drilling in the high seas, and logging Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the only pristine forest left in North America, among many other devastating programs to our National Forests and wildernesses!

    How do “Lightworkers” reconcile Trump’s devastating drilling, logging and mining projects with protecting Gaia, nature, the wild animals and Gaia’s leylines?

    Trump’s “border wall” speaks for itself as a racist declaration against Hispanics. And Asians and Jews and Native Americans and Afro-Americans have also been heavily targeted.

    Trump’s white-supremacist, master-racist ideology has somehow convinced Lightworkers that he is the “savior” of the world! How do you reconcile his hatred, Lightworkers?

    Do you support the agendas of a man who is supported by openly declared neo-nazis?

    Trump has attacked women across the US with misogynist agendas. How do you, Lightworkers, reconcile that with “Goddess meditations?”

    That Lightworkers continue hailing Trump as God sent tells me the Lightworker community has been brainwashed by neo-nazi fringe blogs and websites and conspiracy media into nature-destroying, misogynist, neo-nazi white supremacist groups that would defend a reign of terror at the hand of a hater like Trump. I once followed Lightworker blogs but when they began to go dark by supporting Trump, I took the lone path: a Lightworker who saw the hate growing in the minds of Lightworkers as they continued to support Trump, marching in the streets with guns and neo-nazi verbage.

    I thought Lightowrkers defended love, nature, women, diversity, harmony and peace but from all the comments on many conspiracy blogs they have proven themselves otherwise.

    I will continue to stand for programs that defend nature, women, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Jews, Afro-Americans and all other “non-white”, marginalized groups.

    Lightworkers, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!
    Lightworkers ought to be supporting love and harmony across the globe, not at the mercy of terror but because we hold a higher vibration.

    I defend Life.

    • Rima, Nazi, neo nazi, anti semitism & white supremist are key words used to stifle debate & to cover up War crimes committed during WW2 against my people, the Germans. The real Racist here are people as yourself ignorant of these historical facts. We will win at the end of all this because ‘Light only responds to Truth.’

  6. Wow, Edward…. this is shocking on oh so many levels. Where to begin…. Just as Teri said- Joe Biden is a satanic pedophile. He and Hunter have committed treason and posed to turn our country over to the Chinese communist party/cabal. He is completely corrupt and will be arrested soon. Sounds as if you support him. Wow.

    In addition- he most assuredly DID NOT win the election. The election was rigged. So much evidence. Why you are not reporting on that is beyond me. I’m thinking CNN might be a better place for you to work.

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble but Biden never won the election. It is not the media who decides who the president will be, it is the votes and the electoral college. He will never be president especially now that he has conceded something which he never had and he is now under house arrest wearing a boot (ankle bracelet).

  8. Myself I am tired of the us backing the jew state. Every person in public life comes in clean and within 2 years has sold their soul for money and fame.
    The USA is controlled by the Jew state thru the congress who are being blackmailed by the jews in both parties. Look who runs the Jew State one of the biggest cabal controlled people.
    Wake up!!!!

    • You are the one who needs to wake up
      Its China who has all the Congress people, Governors and Biden’s by the Cojones.
      Turn off the media and do independent research.

      • China, China, China. Russia Russia, Russia. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler. Jews, Jews, Jews. See the pattern?? I’m sure it’s None of them!

  9. Teri, you’re exactly right. Biden is a profoundly compromised soul, on so many levels, and he has provably – unambiguously – been selling public office for decades, laundering the money through family members. With this in mind, who gives a F*** about the genealogy of his grandchildren? It bears absolutely no substantive relevance. Furthermore, what is PFC doing publishing such puff-piece aggrandizement of a longtime cabal puppet? PFC, please, how do you reconcile?

    • Yep, Josh. Right on.
      “Awakening” is a long, frustrating, and arduous task.
      And the proverbial, “You can lead a horse to water…”, is definitely, applicable.
      ‘Nuff said.

    • PREPARE FOR CHANGE ADMINISTRATORS: we’re still waiting for clarification from you. Why are you allowing such an intellectually shallow defense for a longtime cabal operative (BIDEN) on your website, presentationally in the interest of diversity of opinion? You might as well allow all CNN enthusiasts to freely write your op-eds. Please provide a sober defense of your choice to give prioritized voice to this contributor? If you cannot, we, your longtime readers, will use our discernment — and quickly and permanently place our attention elsewhere.

      • You are not understanding the message and purpose of the article. PFC is not praising Biden in any way. We are letting you know Biden’s roots which most did not know until now so you may keep connecting the dots…

  10. Define anti semitism. No group is 100% saintly. Look at Israel and Palestine. Jews have different views on this issue.

    What’s the point of this article? Mentioning “humanitarian” issues does not make Biden a humanitarian. See what he does, not what he says.

    I know politicians are corrupt, the question is who is less so.

  11. Opinion-
    Biden is a Satanic pedophile who had inappropriate sexual relationship with is daughter, which she writes about in her diary (made public). Hunter has obvious problems with drugs and pedophilia as well. And your happy that he’s Jewish? Grow up and do some research!

  12. Define ‘Jew’ please. No one really knows who they are or even if they exist. Seems to be a made up term to describe a group of people that are dark skin who bread with a European bloodline. Jews in of themselves are not white. They are never mentioned in the bible till the last book of ‘Revelation’ that says “Those that claim they are Jews, but are not.”


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