Benjamin Fulford joins the Highway Diary podcast from Tokyo for the 7th time.

We talk about an overview of his past predictions. Accusations about his work.

We talk vaccines. Nanotechnology. The 2020 Election. Q-Anon. Robert David Steele. Klaus Schwab. Whitney Webb. Charlie Robinson, and the landscape of the Great Reset.




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  1. #draintheswamp

    Hiliary Clinton, Putin, Dr Burkes Dead and many many more Gone !

    scroll to the bottom of website below and watch 2021 video below left titled Happy New Year 2021.

    Happy New Year 2021 !

    • Putin is still with us, but for his own safety he has always had many stand-in doubles. I personally hold that Putin has thus been “disappeared” for the same reason, while the real Putin pops up as an when Russian patriot leaders in Putin’s team, consider it safe for him to make public appearances on certain auspicious dates.

      Further, Putin and his team stand for global peace and cooperation and as such, Russia is not an adversary of the USA, neither Putin, an enemy of patriot America — that in fact at this point, Ben’s reports on Putin– is for the real Putin’s protection, because we must not forget, the Baddies avidly read all Ben’s weekly reports!

  2. Rajiv Shah joined ‘Gates Foundation’ & serves on ‘Trilateral Commission’ & ‘Council of Foreign Relations’. Ajay Banja serves ‘Council of Foreign Relations’ & ‘World Economic Forum’ & ‘International Chamber of Commerce.’ You can’t make this stuff up!

  3. Benjamin said in the first 30 mi., “go after the Fortune 500,” he must be talking about slims like Rajiv Shah president of Rockefeller Foundation, & Ajay Banja CEO of Mastercard & Mark Benioff CEO of Sales Force, lets keep naming them everyone…

  4. I do not think that is true because if it was why would Trump sign a law to come down hard on paedophiles if he was one himself. And of course he would not sue these people because mud sticks and that would be a bad tactic even though he is innocent. Trump had a landslide win. The media is completely on the attack against Trump and has been from the start. Fortune 500 the number 500 represents the devil. well we are all in a war for sure. Yes Ben is right about the information and the need for Guns to stop these people. There is a lot going on in the background. I do not think Q is BS and they are doing these mass arrests Gitmo is full – clones doubles

  5. This long video discusses how they have a technolgy whereby a person arrested and executed will re-appear by being cloned with all of the same memories as the original.


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