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My dear friends around the world,

This is from my dear friend Susanne who is a holistic therapist
in North Yorkshire, England. This landed in my Spam folder.
Thank God I saw it.

I’m incredibly excited to announce the results of a new
“vaccine” study.
Unlike Pfizer’s recent announcement, this one is actually
solid, statistically significant data that has already been
published in a medical journal and peer-reviewed.
Get ready for it… This is mind-blowing stuff. (And make
sure to read all the way to the end).
First, here’s what the prestigious, top-tier medical journal,
the British Medical Journal said about the results of this study:
“Although this was a small trial, the intensive care unit (ICU)
results are so dramatic that they are statistically highly

Researchers randomly assigned 76 people with moderate to severe
C19 into the vaccine group (50 patients) or no-vaccine (26 patients)
group on the day they entered the hospital.
* NO VACCINE GROUP: 13 out of 26 patients (50%) were admitted
to intensive care unit (ICU), and two died in the end.
* VACCINE GROUP: Only 1 person out of 50 (just 2%!) required
ICU admission, and NOT ONE PERSON died!
This means that the vaccine led to a mind-blowing 93% reduction
in odds of ICU admission!
Amazing, right?
This vaccine could save untold hundreds of thousands or millions
of lives! It’s a huge breakthrough!
Here’s the best part… It wasn’t actually a vaccine that was
given in this study! …
It was actually VITAMIN D!
(So in my description of the study above, just replace my words
“vaccine” with “vitamin D” and you have the real study.) 🙂
Yes, really. This a real study — it was just published. See
Now, why did I present this information this way? Why did I
portray it as a “vaccine” instead of telling you it was vitamin D?
To make this one important point: Can you imagine the publicity
that this study would be getting right now if these SAME exact
results were on a vaccine instead of vitamin D?
We would be seeing MASSIVE publicity all over the world. It would
be hailed as an amazing breakthrough and the media would be talking
about its potential to save hundreds of thousands, if not millions
of lives.
But the same thing for vitamin D??? We have crickets in the media
and from public health authorities.
Isn’t that an interesting phenomenon to think deeply about?
Why aren’t the public health authorities and media talking
about this? (Please think about the whys behind this phenomenon).
Please be aware… no matter what you hear in the media, you DO
have options to minimize your risks. You do have power to do more
than simply wait for a vaccine.
You do have the ability to take charge of your health, improve your
metabolic health and dramatically reduce your risks. (We know that
metabolic health is by far, the best predictor of risk, next to
old age. And we now know that vitamin D status is one of the other
critical players in predicting risk of severe C19).
Just thought I’d share this little update on this new research and
hopefully give you some optimism, motivation and a reason to smile. 🙂
P.S. More research on the power of vitamin D coming to you soon!

Link to the study:

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  1. The human body is an amazing thing. It can recognize harmful pathogens and develops its own immune response to it. Vitamin D has long been known to be a necessary ingredient for a healthy immune system. Keep your core healthy, we’ve become a nation of poor dietary habits and an over reliance on pills 💊.

  2. Mind-boggling that people would clamor for a vaccine for a supposed disease with a recovery rate of 99.8%. Add to that concern the misuse of the PCR test. What makes you think vaccines work just because they teach that in our educational, I mean, programming institutions? Do you know that the CDC lost a lawsuit in 2020 and was forced to admit that it had NEVER done a safety study on any vaccine? Have you read the insert of any vaccine? Focus on proper nutrition.

    • Agree 100%.
      Do the research folks. We have been hoodwinked and the Tell Lie Vision is NOT your friend. Not are Big Tech nor Big Pharma. Why do you think TV shows are called ‘programmes’? It’s because they are programming your mind a.k.a. mind control.


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