PROFESSOR DOLORES CAHILL, PROFESSOR of TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH (FORSCHUNG) AND MOLECULAR GENETICS, School of Medicine, University College Dublin, chairperson Irish Freedom Party, speaking at, predicts impending mass death from RNA vaccines (paraphrased):

Professor Dolores Cahill, speaking about RNA vaccines

“I suppose there are potentially three adverse reactions (from messenger RNA vaccines—MODERNA, PFIZER).

You can watch/listen to Dolores Cahill here: Dolores Cahill


Beginning with anaphylaxis (severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction) in the first week.  Therefore, these vaccines shouldn’t be given in the 2nd dose.

Then the real adverse events will happen, against whatever is the real mRNA in the vaccines, and when the person vaccinated comes across (this coronavirus) sometime later …. what happened in the animal studies, 20% or 50% or 100% of the animals died!

Among people over 80, maybe about 2.5% will experience severe side effects, adverse events where people cannot work or live life normally.

Then with the 2nd vaccination it could be 1 in 10 or ten percent.  For the over 80-year-olds, I would think that 80% of them would have life-limiting reactions or die when they come across the messenger RNA again.

For others (not elderly) it could be half of the people who could be severely harmed.

What it does is… this gene therapy or medical device is setting up an autoimmune disease chronically.  It’s like injecting people who have nut allergies with peanuts.

It’s anaphylaxis in the first wave.  It’s anaphylaxis +allergic reaction the 2nd wave.  But the 3rd reaction occurs when you come across whatever the messenger RNA is against (virus, bacterium, etc.), and now you have stimulated your immune system to have a low-grade autoimmune disease, not immunity to yourself per se because the mRNA is expressing a viral protein.

Now you made yourself a genetically modified organism, and so the immune system that is meant to push the viruses or bacteria out… now the autoimmune reaction is attacking your body low grade.

Now (months later) when you come across the virus that stimulates the immune system to get rid of the virus and when it (the immune system) sees that you have viral proteins in your own cells and organs, then about a week later (the adaptive immune system kicks in, the mechanism that makes specific long-term memory antibodies against a pathogen) and you go into organ failure.  Because your immune system is killing your own organs.  Those patients will present as sepsis initially.  Then (later) you die of organ failure.

If you have one or two co-morbidities, the energy the immune system requires to boost your immune system will make the older person very tired and exhausted and they don’t have the capacity to survive if you have underlying conditions.

Normally, because the mRNA is in every cell of their body, it’s almost unstoppable.  It destroys the heart, or the spleen, or the lungs, or the liver because the mRNA is expressing the protein in every cell.

Just as a solution, what we urgently need, just as a repository, 1 in 100, or 1 in 200 vaccine vials injected, to be set aside, especially into the elderly in the care homes. They need to be stored in a biorepository of the vaccine vials randomly, so when the people start to die, we can actually see what is in this vaccine.  We should be doing this now.

I am concerned that there are maybe multiple mRNAs in this vaccine, not just something for coronavirus.  If it is influenza or other viruses, we would be priming these people to other natural (cold and flu) viruses that are circulating.

We urgently need quality control to randomly require doctors to give 1 in 100 vaccine vials to a repository and someone like me could forensically analyze what’s in these vaccines.  So, when the elderly start dying, we will know.  We should be knowing now what’s in them.

It’s absolutely a dangerous gene therapy. Should not be given to the elderly,” emphasized professor Cahill.

The allergic reactions and deaths begin

Moderna, maker of the RNA COVID-19 vaccine, reports only 10 of 4 million vaccinees had an early (within 10 minutes of inoculation) allergic reaction.  However, there is no data for 80+ year-olds with this vaccine, the group Dr. Cahill warns about, that typically have weak immune systems.

Now suddenly there are reports of a number of individuals at one vaccination center in California experiencing allergic reactions from an RNA-vaccine.  While health authorities claim allergic reactions are rare, 10 patients are reported to have required medical attention for severe allergic reactions within 24-hours after vaccination at one site in California and six health care workers had allergic reactions at another vaccination center in San Diego in one day.

Hot lot withdrawn

Health officials withdrew one lot (41L20A) of the RNA vaccine.  Inexplicably, health officials continue to offer false assurance it is “safe to use” the Moderna RNA vaccine when no conclusive safety data among large populations have been completed yet.  No one knows if the Moderna RNA vaccine is safe.  It is an unlicensed experimental vaccine. Remember, according to Professor Cahill, the really severe reactions will be latent – occur months later.

Then again, news agencies report of 33 deaths among 48,000+ people age 75 and over following immunization with the Pfizer COVID-19 RNA vaccine.  Health officials continue to blame these deaths on the frailty of older subjects.  But that is precisely the point – they may be too old and frail to benefit from vaccination.

The COVID-19 coronavirus is an RNA virus.  The MODERNA COVID-19 vaccine is an RNA vaccine.  Gene activation involves transcription of DNA into messenger RNA and then to gene-derived proteins.

Merle Nass MD, calls attention to the fact messenger RNA (or any RNA) can potentially be converted to DNA in the presence of the enzyme reverse transcriptase. That DNA could then become linked to your native DNA.  There is the possibility of vaccine-RNA being converted to DNA and then permanently inserted into our DNA.  (Resveratrol, a red wine molecule, by virtue of its ability to inhibit reverse transcriptase, could put a halt to this potential biogenetic hazard.)

It would be wise for people undergoing any vaccination to supplement their diet with vitamins A and D, zinc and resveratrol which normalize the immune response, especially individuals that have experienced allergic reactions or are allergy prone.

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  1. They have shut the world down and restricted travel in order to harvest as much of the worlds wealth and resources before they flip the scrip and run the table. Anyone at this stage of the game that is still believing any of this nonsense deserves what they get. The Corona virus animal testing was very conclusive in past studies. The reason they avoided it this time. Most all the animals died after being exposed to the pathogen post vaccination. Hyper immune response killed them. Anyone wonder why they demanded legal immunity for prosecution? That was Clue number1.
    Let the foolish take the shot. I for one am tired of throwing my facts at a brick wall when dealing with these indoctrinated idiots.

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    • These actions Ms Fitts speaks of is really something every American should have been doing for years to do our part to stop feeding the corrupt system.
      Take your money out of a federal bank.
      Stop using medical doctors and RX drugs
      Take your kids out of public school
      Pay off credit card debt
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      If more people did these things, we could collapse them.
      Buy as much physical silver as you can too.
      Ive been listening to Ms Fitts for years, and she said years ago buy land and metals.
      Buy land and metals
      And here we are…..


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