U.S. sends over $3 billion to Israeli military during the pandemic. For additional information and citations see below: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RL332… https://ifamericansknew.org/stat/usai… https://israelpalestinenews.org/despi… https://israelpalestinenews.org/congr… https://israelpalestinenews.org/israe…

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  1. The people of isreal are among the most wonderful people in every way. Unfortunately just like every country in the world they also have scumbag pedophile lying cheating you name it politicians and oligarchs in charge
    I promise you if you hate on the Jews god will strike down on your life just look at the ones lives who want to kill isrealis
    They really are gods chosen people
    God will bless those who bless isreal and curse those who curse them
    True story tread carefully
    Americans if you are in trouble run to the lord and dedicate your soul and you will see the power of god
    Believing is seeing

  2. you think the money go to oppress palestinians? think again! you money goes to oppress your own fans, your friends and soulmates in Israel,. It goes to oppress children who are victims of pedophile supporting communities. It goes to blood thirsty savages who enjoy smearing their dirty soles in Christian children blood and bodies, who take pride and joy in depriving human rights from good people, Israel is an sworn enemy of American and humanist values, every dollar you give will turn back to tear you up. Medieval death cults that run Israel and hijacked the honest people is who you are paying. you are paying for another day of torture and geave injustice in the land of Israel for another child, a lonely elder,even holocaust survivor. Heaven vengeance will be upon anyone who supported and supports the state of criminal-hell. the most brutal and dishonest regime in the middle east.

    • israeli, Here is more facts, in all of German-occupied Europe, there resided 2.4 million jews before the war, according to the ‘World Jewish Encyclopedia.’ After the war, 3.8 million jewish “Holocaust survivors” were receiving pensions from German government.

    • I am Jewish born Canadian my father is is really and I’ve visited isreal multiple times and stay in touch with my family and I can assure you that none of that money goes to the people of isreal and their well-being other than it does help the army protect them from surrounding Arab countries that want nothing more in life than to slaughter every Jew and Christian on the planet
      I also agree there is a lot scumbag politicians there just like there is everywhere in the world
      Why? Because bad guys kill people and good guys are nice to people and get killed

      • Asso, I am referring to “Private” (Allege) holocaust survivor pensions. & Most of jewry collecting these private pensions do not live in Israel.

  3. Hi,
    I read & heard on the news that there are 30 million Americans who are unemployed now. So I guess the unemployed can’t pay taxes now until the economy gets stronger.

  4. Sorry, I read & heard the news that Trump use to send alot of taxpayers money to Israel.
    I guess that right now there is alot of unemployed people in the US, so the unemployed people can’t pay taxes right now. Alot of poor people in the US right now.

    • Trump’s lawyers did a fantastic job of exposing corruption today though. Anifia, BLM, and violent politicians were exposed in the hearing.

  5. Americans, including myself, have been supporting genocide just by paying taxes. This is why the world hates America, and justifiably so.


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