SWITZERLAND has made a shock move not to approve the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for use in its roll out of Covid jabs.

The decision makes it the only country in Europe not to authorise doses of the Oxford-produced jab for use. The Swiss medical regulator claimed there was a lack of data to reach conclusions on  the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. Approval of the jab had been widely expected by many in Switzerland.

SwissMedic said: “For the vaccine from AstraZeneca, the data available and evaluated to date are not yet sufficient for approval.

“In order to obtain additional data on safety, efficacy and quality, data from new studies are required.”

The move runs counter to the decision made by the European Union’s drug watchdog – which Switzerland is not a member – to green-light AstraZeneca’s Covid jab last week.

But there is a growing list of EU countries refusing to allow the use of the vaccine in older people.

France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Poland have all advised against use for people over a certain age.

SwissMedic said it will wait for further information from two clinical trials in North and South America before making a final decision.

It has vowed to move swiftly once the data is available.

Switzerland has approved the BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines for use.

Despite its wealthy medical industry, Bern has been sluggish with its attempt to roll out coronavirus jabs.

It has only managed to administer 315,000 doses of vaccines, at a rate of 3.64 per 100 people.

Despite a number of European countries moving against the AstraZeneca vaccine, its makers continue to defend the jab.

Director Andrew Pollard, of the Oxford Vaccine group, said people should be reassure that the vaccine is safe and producing a “strong immune response” for older people.

He said: “I think the first really important point is that the European Medicines Agency has approved the vaccine for use in all ages in all countries in Europe.

“Our regulator, the MHRA, has approved for all ages and another 25 or so regulators elsewhere in the world have also approved the vaccine for all ages.

“But individual countries have their own committees, and they have to look at what vaccines they have available, what they make of the data and what’s best for their population. And so that’s obviously up to them.”

As Europe lags behind Britain’s vaccine, Commission boss Ursula von der Leyen accused the UK of cutting corners over safety.

She said Britain had only managed to get a head start over the bloc after ompromising on “safety and efficacy” tests.

The German said leaving it late “was the right decision”, adding: “It’s a gigantic responsibility.”

Britain secured a three-week head start over Brussels by taking responsibility for any future liabilities for vaccines.

Downing Street said the jabs were safe.

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  2. If this alleged so called deadly ‘virus’ has no different death numbers as years and years past, then how is this any danger AT ALL, and why would ANYONE want to get a Bio EXPERIMENTAL Jab pushed by satanic creatures like GATES and Swuab who have no medical claims ,only very serious anti human AGENDAS to fulfill?
    At present more people have been killed or mentally damaged by these EXPERIMENTAL UNTESTED killer jabs than any Fake disease as claimed.

  3. What I would like to know, and I haven’t seen this covered (maybe someone can post a link in the comments if they know of a good resource) is:

    a) are there any “conventional”, NON-mRNA covid vaccines being produced?

    b) if so, a list of who is making them, and which countries each one is available in.

    Not that I personally believe there’s any need whatsoever for covid vaccines (because there are a variety of inexpensive, well-tested and very effective treatments available if someone does happen to get a bad case of it), but unfortunately I have a bunch of friends and family members who are still brainwashed/gas-lighted sheeple and are insistent that they “need” a vaccine. They refuse to even look at, let alone process the available evidence that these mRNA “injectables” are going to cause them (and very likely any future children they *might* be able to have) permanent harm. If they are determined to get a vaccine, I’d rather steer them towards something that does not permanently F* with their DNA…..

    • This push to inject everyone to push their depopulation program breaks ALL the Nuremberg Codes…
      Same insane creatures families pushing this as in WW2

  4. Switzerland is the playground of the elite, so after this theatrics, Switzerland will say, “Okay, the J&J CV vaccine is okay”, and the clueless populace will then elbow each other trying to get to the front of the line to get the much coveted J&J vaccine. Psyop!


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