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Article written by Elaine Buxton:

The Event is a cosmic solar wave reaching the Earth from the Galactic Central Sun, causing what Cobra describes as the activation of  a  “Compression Breakthrough.”  The Event is linked to the Precession of the Equinoxes,  each cycle lasting about 26,000 years.  We are in a third revolution, triggering a 75,000 year cyclic ascension process.  It is a dimensional shift in which Earth and our solar system will  transform to a higher dimension, from 3D to 4D, then 5D.  It was expected  by most to occur at the end of the Mayan Calendar in December, 2012 (or 2013).  However according to Cobra and others, the event was delayed because not enough of humanity was ready for ascension that will change our way of life in a profoundly positive manner.  The Law of One books describe the process and purpose.

In astronomy, precession of the equinoxes refers to the gradual shift in the orientation of Earth’s tilted axis of rotation, which like a spinning top, traces out an ecliptic circle , called a cone,every  25,920 years.  The equinoxes move westward relative to the fixed stars so the constellations are viewed at different positions in the night sky.  Major catastrophic events or climate changes such as ice ages, have occurred  at certain points along the path.


Liberation of  mankind from enslavement by various malevolent beings and ending of the atrocities occurring on the  planetary surface, in  deep underground bases, and in space is essential before The Event can safely occur.  We have been held hostage, with threats of planetary destruction by toplet bombs according to Cobra.  Never again will we  be kicked  back to the stone age or sink beneath the ocean like Atlantis.  This time we will have Victory for the Light.  This is critical, not just for Earth, but for the entire galaxy and beyond.  We are the last planet to be liberated and beings everywhere are watching us, with many assisting.


The exact date of this Event cannot be predicted.   But we do believe that we are getting extremely close.  Cobra updates on the PFC website have been providing limited  progress reports regarding  the removal of  controlling Dark Forces by Lightworkers, above and below the Earth surface.  It will be a time of full disclosure and having direct contact with the extra-terrestrial beings that have been supporting us in a  cosmic war going on for eons.  Because of war-time operations, much of the information about what is occurring has remained secret.

In the meantime, waiting for The Event has been difficult, since the suffering on Earth has increased substantially along with divisions between us greater  than what we could ever  have imagined. The awakened  prepare  themselves for ascension by expanding  consciousness beyond the five senses, operating from the higher chakras, and through  service to others.  As humans we are doing our part by cleaning out the Deep State/Cabal responsible for the atrocities.  We are pushing for full disclosure, because knowledge is power and we are divine beings that deserve truth.  We must not give up our free will, as far to many people living in fear of a flu virus appear willing to do.

Probably very few humans know exactly what form The Event will take,  or how much life will improve beforehand.  But the list of changes would include the following items either in 3D or 4D.

  • Sovereignty over our bodies.
  • Restoration of truth to mainstream media.
  • Honest leaders who work for our benefit, not cheap labor and profit..
  • Access to advanced technology like free energy, med beds, replicators, space travel.
  • Full disclosure about our history and extra-terrestrials.
  • Re-set of a fair financial system and funds to cleanup Earth pollution.
  • New educational system
  • Housing for everyone.
  • Peace and harmony; no more war.


After ascension, everyone will be separated into groups consistent with their development level,  according to The  Law Of One.   When Gaia ascends, life on the surface will no longer be compatible with 3D life.  People who need to repeat 3D reincarnations will have to do so on another planet.   Each person must complete 3D lessons successfully before moving into the next density.  People who ascend to 4D or 5D will need instruction from beings in higher densities on skills like manifesting from thought and telepathy.  According to David Wilcock, who has studied Law of One closely, harvests occur every 25,000 years for those moving up.  At the end of three major cycles (75,000 years – now) everyone will be harvested to the level they have attained because our planet will go through a pole shift.  David  and others say Earth already has 4D vibrations, but the transition has not been smooth and delayed due to human incoherence and confusion.


Join us for a discussion on your thoughts about The Event such as  when it might occur  and how we can prepare.  We have calls each week on zoom.   The zoom call this week is at a new time on Friday, February 26 at 9 am PST, 11 am CST, noon EST, 5 pm in the UK.


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  1. Its obvios trolls are editing our comments real-time. Let’s laugh it off . As long as the message gets out to the important personnel.😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Intense call with a diverse input. Strong energy from all. Special input from Diane A Stars. Massive energy and enlightenment. Thank you our Pleadian sister . I grew alot talking to you today. I hope to here from you again as do we all. Let us move forward and create our new world.

  3. The call was outstanding. Can anyone put up any recording of it they have. (Pfc)?. Amazing info from Diane A Stars. Felt her energy big time. Massive. Anyone there knows what I am talking about. We need to here from her more. Love to you our human sister.

  4. If you are having troubles with the email link it’s because there is a space in the email address. Make sure you remove it or the email will be rejected.

  5. 50% of Chimera spiders were removed by the end of December 2020, which included Chimera from the solar system to the near earth orbit. See-

    So only underground Chimera spiders are remaining in 2021.

    On February 17, 2021 Cobra posted-

    “The Resistance has managed to clear the vast majority of Chimera underground bases and made a significant blitzkrieg breakthrough there on February 10th and now holds the upper hand in planetary subterranean domain.”


    Thus it will probably take full March to clear Chimera and other 15-20 days to remove all kinds of bombs. Therefore there is 99.99% chance of the Event(global arrests) to take place in April.

    This is the end of the cabal. They have nothing more tricks left with them.

    • I am having the same problem and when I went to the volunteer page to sign up Read in …….English was not a choice I hit a return and everything is now in Portugese. I want to sign up Chris Pratt at [email protected]


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