In Michelle Walling’s article called, “The Truth About Lucifer, Yahweh, The Harvest, And The Ascension” published on the website: on July 4, 2018, she talks about her own personal revelations as a Starseed on planet Earth. Michelle compares her own experiences, research and studies about the 3D holographic matrix that we live in with information from a lengthy interview with a Luciferian called “Hidden Hand.”

Michelle feels that the specific “end times” scenario outlined by “Hidden Hand” may have changed or may not actually be accurate to begin with. She proposes that because of actual real time feedback from the Starseeds who have incarnated on this planet to assist humanity during these times, the truth about what has happened here on Earth is emerging over time, and so, the situation here has required a mutable restructuring of mission plans.

Also in this post we are including excerpts from an Energetic Synthesis newsletter where Lisa Renee outlines the creation of consciousness corridors that were specifically prepared to route souls to appropriate destinations based on their frequency vibration as they drop their 3D bodies. We include the ES newsletter since the concept of consciousness corridors seems to fit in quite well with Michelle’s theory that, “All will get healing and/or will go to an appropriate creation where they can continue to learn from their actions and deeds in order to become highly responsible creators.”

For an in depth synopsis of the interview that Michelle refers to with “Hidden Hand” please click here

Remember that we are all here experiencing life during the Ascension Cycle together and as such, we all actively contribute to the “dance.” We are all living in our own reality bubble that has been built on conditioning from many influences. Each one of us has our own unique perspective and yet, we are all moving towards a grand convergence with Source and so, we all move towards an Absolute Truth. It is wise to practice non-attachment as we move through these chaotic times so that we can easily adapt to new concepts and theories, making sure to do so with great discernment, spiritual protection and deep intuitive inquiry. In that vein, please take only what resonates with you at this time and discard the rest.


The Truth About Lucifer, Yahweh, The Harvest, And The Ascension

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

As a grand finale fitting for the end of time, this article is a comprehensive synopsis of my studies on the matrix. As a Starseed that has come into this reality to help with the ascension process of Earth’s inhabitants, I feel that the information I am going to share with you will help you to identify who you are and your role. I am also going to share with you information about Lucifer and what role he plays in Yahweh’s matrix and the ascension.

In a 60 page interview by an alleged ruling bloodline priest going by the name of “Hidden Hand”, I read an interesting synopsis of the nature of our reality in the matrix, who the creator of this matrix is, and Lucifer’s role in the matrix . First, I am going to share with you my short summary and then I will post a more in depth synopsis of the interview that I found on the same website The Hidden Hand synopsis will appear at the end of my summary, and I encourage you to read it in its entirety, or to go to the Want To Know website to read it HERE. This summary confirmed some things I already knew, and helped me to come to some of my own conclusions about our exit.

Here is my summary:

-There is one Infinite Creator that created everything.

In the interview this is referred to as “The One Infinite Creator”. This creator is described as infinite intelligence and infinite energy. This creator divided itself into many sub creators in order to experience creation. Each portion is a fractal and contains the same infinite intelligence. As each creator becomes aware of itself, it desires to create its own reality and send parts of itself into its creation.

-Inside of this creation called Earth, you are either a Starseed, an aspect of Yahweh, or an aspect of Lucifer.

We are in a matrix, or holographic reality created by “Yahweh”. He has been referred to by many other names. Yahweh’s children inside of this matrix are actually aspects of him. There are also other aspects of the Infinite Creator that joined Yahweh inside of his creation. As we awaken, it becomes a desire of ours to know who we are on a planetary level as well as outside of this matrix.

Starseeds are not from here and have come to help Earth’s inhabitants “ascend” into a fourth density (5th, 6th, and 7th dimension). They are on assignment from the One Infinite Creator and guided by the Galactic Council Of Elders. Starseeds are here to assist the aspects of Yahweh that he sent into his own creation. These aspects were not growing or expanding in experience but were very happy to be in the “Garden of Eden” with all of their basic needs being cared for. In the Hidden Hand interview, it said that Yahweh asked the Galactic Council Of Elders for suggestions and assistance in tweaking his creation template so that his aspects, or children as he refers to them, could have some sort of challenge that would eventually create soul growth and move them past their stagnation. In truth, it could have actually been that Yahweh had to go before the council because he may have not been following the rules of creation.

The council suggested that the oversoul group known as Lucifer be introduced into the creation in order to shake things up. Yahweh was not agreeable to this at first but grudgingly accepted the change. Yahweh is very unhappy with the results, as it isn’t what he intended at all for his children. Lucifer provides polarity that is the recipe for free will, which was said to provide the quickest soul expansion and the most growth. Although the oversoul group of Lucifer comes from the light, its job is to create the polarity of darkness. The aspects of Yahweh actually were given the choice to experience free will, which was knowledge.

On a higher level, the Starseeds, Yahweh, and Lucifer all a part of the One Infinite Creator.

-There was an “end time” given for this polarity insertion.

Upon the end of the grand cycle, an opportunity was created for the aspects of Yahweh to grow and “ascend” to a beautiful and positive fourth density (5d) New Earth if they became 51% or more positive in polarity. Lucifer’s group could only ascend if they were more than 95% negative in order to get out of third density. Those were not in these two categories would be taken to another third density reality in order to continue learning and growing, but without the extreme negative polarity of the Luciferian contract.

Starseeds were assured that by coming here to help increase the number of people who met the 51% positive polarity, they would be assured of receiving all of the help they need to exit to the New Earth. As an alternative, they could go “home” to their planet of origin or choice of their oversoul at the time of the “harvest” (a Luciferian word for exit) if they did not need to be a part of the New Earth experience. Either way, they were warned that they probably would not remember who they really are and that they would be nudged to awaken by their oversoul at a specified time on their life. They would need to do the “inner work” to clear their own negativity and to hold a high vibration of integrity and love which would then affect all of the inhabitants of the Earth.

-The harvest, or separation of vibration began in 2012 and is culminating rapidly toward the “end of time”.

As reported here on this website, How To Exit The Matrix, and MANY other websites, we are very close to this ascension door opening. It is my opinion that all souls have been weighed and we are simply waiting until the last moment so that as many people as possible can awaken and raise their frequency to more than a 51% positive polarity.

In the interview, Hidden Hand states that the end of linear time could bring the beginning of another cycle for those who are not completely ready and for those Luciferians who were not able to be 95% negative. The Luciferian group would be harvested together (separated from the positive polarity group) and will have to balance their karma out in a negative polarity reality for one cycle before returning back to their ascended, positive sixth density light state of being.

-I have information and personal proof that the outcome explained by the Luciferian in the interview may have changed..

As an unbiased Starseed, I personally have met and deeply engaged with incarnated aspects of Yahweh and Lucifer and their soul groups. I have also counseled, many, many Starseeds and have encouraged them about an extremely positive outcome to this situation. Starseeds angels on one level, stars on another,  and extraterrestrials on another level. An angel is a messenger from the One Infinite Creator. Starseeds have been the ground crew, the eyes and ears for Creator, and have heard all sides of the story.

What is not discussed in this interview synopsis is that there is a possibility that Yahweh’s construct and the energy and experience derived from it may actually be created into something completely new rather than repeating the cycle for the third density after the “harvest” or vibrational split. Keep in mind, that “Hidden Hand” is an aspect of the Luciferian soul group, and does not have the highest possible knowledge. As I have discussed before, a divine dispensation to end the karmic cycling and the creation of a new Universe is a possibility in the creation of infinite knowledge and possibilities. In this new scenario, everyone goes where they need to and there will be no more “snake eating its tail” for survival or an “eye for an eye” for karmic retribution.  All will get healing and/or will go to an appropriate creation where they can continue to learn from their actions and deeds in order to become highly responsible creators. There would be no negative harvest and a karmic cycle for the Luciferian light beings that were playing a role for Creator and Yahweh. Each would instead immediately be placed where they need to be outside of the matrix. The the control matrix would completely collapse and its AI creations and other illusory dark beings will be reconstituted into another use of energy. There would be a mock third density planet created in order to help those who are not ready to ascend into a fourth density transition from this Universe to the next. There will still be a new 5d vibrational Earth as well as many other places of creation that humanity will be able to explore as multidimensional beings. Yahweh will be healed and will re-integrate with his higher self. He as well as others will be able to create new and exciting creations, with the knowledge and experience of what not to do.

The Starseed angels compassionately pleaded with the Council to stop the insane continuous cycle of retribution (karma) for the sake of all aspects of Creator involved. Because there was a deep seated virus in this matrix, from the Starseed perspective this reality was beyond repair to be used in another cycle of linear time. In their astral bodies (dreams), they reported back in their council meetings what they saw and were experiencing. They helped to hold space for both the Luciferian oversoul as well as the lost aspects of Yahweh. They held the reality together like glue and cleaned up the shit the best they could while the end times played out. They loved both Yahweh and Lucifer as beloved Creator beings who were both tired of the game.

There has been info revelaed that says the top level Luciferian bloodlines have already left the planet and have returned to their higher self levels. The only thing left running the  negative agenda on Earth at this time is an AI program, coupled with the beliefs and programs running in the minds of humanity. Humanity’s thoughts still interact with the matrix and give them exactly what they are resonating with. Many starseeds and ascending aspects of Yahweh have “unplugged” from the control matrix system and have been healing and increasing their vibrational resonance and polarity. Being in the world but not of it has been exceedingly difficult for these awakened beings. Many are ready for the final burst of Creators’ light and unconditional love that changes everything when the sands of time run out.

Many are leaving the planet before the ascension, but be assured that we never die and there is no false light reincarnation agenda being played at this time. Many are also suicidal because they are completely unable to handle the energies we are receiving at this time. The Schumann Resonance has spiked to an all time record high this week and the spikes are coming faster than they ever have. The veils are lifting and the divine plan is being remembered. I have seen evidence that some of the  Luciferian group has changed polairty, realizing that they would rather experience their exit in a positive or at least balanced polarity. This was evidence to me that the negative harvest for the Luciferian soul group may not be taking place the way they were told.

Everyone wants to know when the ascension will happen and what it will be like. It is best to have patience and faith in the divine plan’s highest and best outcome for this reality shift and to stay in connection with your higher self and Creator at this time. Be the best, responsible co-creator you can be to insure you do not rock your own boat within an ocean of powerful creators; some of whom are still negatively creating. There is absolutely NOTHING to fear, as fear itself is an illusion created by the matrix of free will. Fear does not exist outside of polarity.

I do not claim to know everything, nor have I shared all of my observations. Just as I have searched for the answers, you too can find what you need to help you through the end of this chaotic time. I encourage you to read the Hidden Hand synopsis below to see if something triggers your memory. I encourage you to continue to meditate on the contents of this article and to expand this idea within your own circles. Report on it through channelings, downloads, inspirations, songs, writings, and videos. We will all be shown eventually as the Infinite Creator’s big surprise continues to rapidly unfold in our reality.


-Hidden hand interview synopsis

As promised, here is the synopsis of the “Hidden Hand” interview, which I highly recommend, and keep in mind that he is indeed in for a pleasant surprise when his “Harvest” occurs, (or doesn’t). Please click here


Lisa Renee’s Consciousness Corridors:

Shifting Timelines Newsletter Edition October 2014 – Consciousness Corridors

Routing of Group Consciousness

The many groups of people on the earth must be directed into another consciousness pathway or future timeline based upon their consciousness hierarchal level in the frequency fields. The bifurcation is the framework for the Consciousness Corridors being outlined as the indication for future direction of the individual and where its group consciousness frequency will evolve in the next cycle. The group consciousness coalesces into frequency hubs which act as reality bubbles which synchronize into holographic frequency containers on the earth grid.

What is very important to understand is that these violent human groups, such as terrorist groups, work within a small range of low fundamental frequency. These groups are attuned to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd chakra or the Negative Ego mind control influence of the NAA. One must attune their consciousness awareness to a higher frequency than Negative Ego. Meditation and the focus upon one’s heart and spirit is the frequency that protects, supports and informs where one needs to pay attention now. This attention placed on the inner spirit, spiritual consciousness, meditation, inner stillness and 12D shielding, will protect our consciousness and body in ways we do not yet comprehend. There is nothing on the earth that is safer than being in one’s own 12D Shield and activated Lightbody.

These collective realities provide the framework of belief systems from which these groups will learn to rehabilitate their thought-forms without mind control, and learn higher principles of service, which form the evolutionary format for learning in the next lifetime or incarnation. Many of them will amplify their negative ego belief systems into fanaticism and they will start to leave this earth through a death crisis of the body. Over the next few years the tragic nature of the death of the body may be very hard to observe in the masses. It is a rough time for many confused people of the earth, however, there are just levels of consciousness that cannot stay upon the earth now and must begin routing for transit. They will take this belief system, whether religion, science, or violence with them in the next life, and their reality will be a holographic mirror to their matched group consciousness frequency.

Essentially the current phase of the bifurcation in time is sorting group consciousness that exist between the frequency levels of: Negative Ego with predator polarities or the Vandal groups, Human Ego thought-forms polarized in Service to Self, Soul in astral plane willing to learn Service to Others, and the Monadic plane and higher consciousness which serves the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One completely.

Collecting Holographic Records

The result of collecting vibrational data throughout the Universal timelines of holographic record is designed to section and re-route collective consciousness that have been accumulating in group reality bubbles, frequency hubs and negative future timelines. Thus, there has been a gathering period of holographic data record in the collective consciousness field of the earth since 2012 to feed back into the Transtime Continuum. Many of us have been doing this data collection providing the framework for the ascending consciousness pathways during sleep state. The bifurcation amplifies polarities of positive and negative force considerably, and the result of the amplification is measured in weighted frequency average. This measurement is what directs the earthly kingdom and all of her inhabitants to the frequency space, the dimensional law, that is most aligned for that individual to continue evolution and spiritual development as a part of its group consciousness frequency.

Service to Others is Law

Recent planet gridwork events and frequency shifts have revealed a deeper purpose in the manifestation of the structure upon the earth, which is now capable of holding the mind principle of a particular Universal Law. Each of the dimensions throughout the Universal Time Matrix have a mind principle which acts as the governor of the expression of its group consciousness laws. The planetary mind or logos of earth was invaded by the NAA in order to control the planetary mind, collective race mind and therefore control the beliefs and individual minds of the humans on this earth. In the process of hijacking the planetary mind they hijacked the dimensional laws, which are intrinsic to the architecture of the planet, which govern biological consciousness growth. They built alien machinery to download predator mind archetypes (see Archontic Deception Behaviors) as well as insert false holographic records, such as patriarchal religious programing and crucifixion implants. As a result, the human race was recycled through their false identity systems, which severely digressed human consciousness and thus, have been spiritually suppressed, oppressed and enslaved since the Luciferian Rebellion.

In the process of repairing the architecture for the planetary logos, and specifically the issues of False Ascension Matrix corruption existing in the astral plane, we have recently received news of success. Through the Krystal Star Guardians, ongoing corrections are being made to repair ley-line networks that run a variety of alien software through the planetary logos and astral plane. As a result of this horizontal repair and recent magnetic shifts, Service to Others is now the Law of Consciousness expression on the earth. This means all humans have a right to exist, live and evolve without fear or under the threat of death, killing or Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), independent of previous karmic histories. Those that deny others their human rights to exist without threat or harm, or who commit killings or sacrifices will forfeit their human incarnation rights to choose in life or death. Blood Sacrifice is a soul binding technique, which must be rehabilitated. This Law on the earth specifically protects heart based loving people, the Christos races, and those who have directly asked and committed to learn how to rehabilitate their consciousness through learning the practices of the Law of One.

To rehabilitate the earth consciousness from the negative ego mind control that the Archons of the NAA have installed in the global brain, much of humanity is moving to another planet to practice Service to Others (STO). Service to Others and group consciousness is a Soul Matrix frequency and dimensional law of the Soul mental principle. Many will have the opportunity to be re-educated in these humanitarian values, which are in governance of this dimension and will be restored in higher dimensions. In order to eventually evolve one’s consciousness into the Diamond Sun Body of Christos and achieve full sovereignty and liberation, one must master the dimensional laws of Service to Others and master Love as a Force. Intermediaries are removed and the dimensional force acts as the educator of the Law.

The Christos Starseed and Indigo Races may feel profound sadness now that some of our human family will not be able to adapt to the new Law and will exit this dimension. At the time of their death they will move to another planet to continue the appropriate level of spiritual expansion or rehabilitation. We were hoping they could stay on the earth and do this while in their physical body. However, most at the Monadic plane level and beyond will be able to visit their human families in their newly assigned locations, while the reverse will not be possible. We are at the crossroads of our spiritual journey and are now governed completely by the new dimensional law. For most this designation will be made clear and Soul growth will resume for humans after the death of their body. However, it is important to know that the outcome for most beings of this earth is eventually a joyful one. Where spiritual ascension and expanding consciousness will become a manifested reality for the masses, as well as education to learn Service to Others as a Law of God.

Reclaiming Mother’s Creation Seed

Currently many of us may be enduring kundalini symptoms, which impact deep subatomic and cellular shifts instructed through the Mitochondrial DNA, which further transform and change our metabolism and its hormonal pathways. The amount of light frequency quotient held by the cells and tissues of the body, is directly related to the degree of mitochondrial function and results in the stages of embodiment of the corrected Holy Mother principle.

With the recent lunar eclipse the cosmic waters in the astral plane undergo reconfiguration with the new Law to extract the Dark Mother alien architecture and reclaim the Divine Mother Creation Seed. For some women there is a cycle of death and then regeneration that may be experienced in the female reproductive organs at any biological age. The Dark or Reversal Mother Principle was replicated and generated from NAA (or Archons) harvesting lunar, magnetic and constellation forces to enforce patriarchal domination mind control on earth. The lunar forces have influenced the magnetic field to reverse the Holy Mother, obliterate her feminine principle and commandeer her womb of reproduction on the earth for many generations. The Reversal Mother architecture is a complex etheric structure, which was placed in the subatomic layers and lower astral fields, which also manifest itself in material creation as hierarchies of Satanic Forces. Within these astral pockets of etheric gas substance, the NAA cloned or replicated creation seeds (i.e. ovum, eggs) that are inherently a part of the consciousness body of the Holy Mother. The ovum creation codes that make up her body are called the Cathar. During the Ascension cycle awakened Indigo females are reclaiming the Universal Holy Mother’s creation seed for the earth, restoration the Cathar body, as this is recorded in the original spark of Mitochondrial DNA.

The current phase of Galactic Zodiac Laws are at their sixth stage of alchemy, which are designed to purify and distill the inner spirit. The Virgo principle relates deeply to the Mother Earth, the earth body elemental forces, and this highlights the return of Holy Mother’s Mitochondrial DNA record to the earth. With the presence of Mother shifting, many of us may feel more deeply our motherly and reproductive connections. We may sense the connection between our bodies and into the earth kingdoms, the earthy dirt, earth crust, earth rock, her minerals and crystals. The earth is communicating to us in new ways if we listen. Consciousness purification is the alchemical process through which the earthly density of carbon slag is transformed. It is exposed to tremendous heat and fire, as the intense pressure between the polarities of forces distill the purity of the diamond crystalline heart.

Mothers Aqua Portal Tunnel Vortex

The Cosmic Mother principle returns energetic balance into the earth body, reclaiming the body elemental through her principles of anabolism and catabolism, forces of creation and destruction, which arise out from the core of the infinite Creatrix. Kabbalists refer to this as the Ein Soph, the Mother Principle as the conflagration of plasma, gases, and aether rising out from the rings of chaos reaching into the unmanifest layers.

Cosmic Mother thus allows the creation of more and more complex structures that expand consciousness through her anabolic process. At the same time there is another mechanism to reclaim the unused or recycle dead resources like miasma and waste. If a structure is not referenced by the consciousness laws of any other structure, its form is digested and recycled. Through the Mother’s Aqua Portal Tunnel Vortex, when we send forms, structures and entities to Cosmic Mother, the form is neutralized and it is free to follow the laws of its own nature.

Cosmic Mother spirals her Tunnel vortex arcing back towards the center of the Creatrix field, returning to the center point of all union, and unwinds back into the expanding fields of the unmanifest. The outer rings of the unmanifest fields are the sections of the Abyss. (Daath). These outer spaces are what form the Abyss of un-identity or un-being, the sections of the Luciferian Abyss in which ego or wasteful forms are eventually digested and absorbed. Hence, it is the primordial death of the ego that most all humans fear as the metaphor for the complete annihilation of the Self. Cosmic Mother’s function represents the creation (anabolism), destruction (catabolism), and fields of all potential within the unmanifest, all simultaneously. The dead zones outside her unmanifest fields are the space of Abyss. When we heal our consciousness body of these dead zones and fill them with eternal living light, we may have awakening experiences where we cross the Abyss and its shadow to heal our fears and separation from God.

  • Abyss of separation (Satanic Force)
  • Abyss of knowledge (Luciferian Force)
  • Abyss of un-being (or un-becoming) (Ego Death) 

Discovering the Core in Relationship

This time greatly impacts the macrocosm to microcosm reflection of our relationship to our true God Parents, and distinguishing the difference between the False Parent and the Holy Parent. This will pressure us to transform our relationship foundation to redefine its core, especially in marriages, unions and living together. For this reason, those in marriages or unions may have a harrowing time finding reconciliation and compassionate ways to resolve any relationship issues as it must evolve to a higher spiritual purpose or complete its cycle.

Every relationship we have is designed for spiritual development, and especially now at the time of ascension humanity is extremely impacted by the changes that have occurred to the male-female dynamic as it connects to our personal growth.

Most people are unaware that many relationships on planet today are directly attracted by the spirit self in order to resolve past ancestral-family patterns, clear blockages, and integrate forces of polarity. All relationships are directly designed for personal growth and consciousness expansion. Without an evolutionary context towards relationships, one is left confused and potentially manipulated by unresolved personal pain. When we can recognize the fear program driving the core foundation in our relationships, we can refuse its control over our personal sovereignty as eternal soul beings. To address the fear is to make sure we keep our heart open for unconditional loving kindness, acting in service to the other, yet maintaining our boundaries for self-love and self-respect. Our goal is to move beyond old painful patterns that have defined our relationships, in the past or present.

First, this is an important time to identify and address the core reasons and beliefs that attracted your current relationship partner or previous relationships. We want to clear the core foundation of relationship attachments or beliefs that have been based on lower root chakra needs; survival, sex, money, glamour, mommy or daddy issues (False Parent), fantasy delusions or material convenience.

Once we can see where we have projected our issues on our relationships, our partner or lack thereof, then we must accept responsibility and seek to change our behavior in the relationship connections immediately.

To evolve relationships and achieve spiritually healthy, loving and deeply intimate connection, one must be willing to look honestly at one’s personal capacity to be unconditionally loving, forgiving and to genuinely be of service to your partner, even if its inconvenient. One can address the defining foundation of relationships and note where fear, denial or pain has shut your heart down. Then make changes consciously to not let fear or pain close your heart down when communicating or facing issues. What prevents relationships from evolving is lack of transparency and generally communication blocks formed from deep fears of intimacy or vulnerability. Deep fears of intimacy are what completely shut down the emotional capability to experience deeper forms of loving intimacy and connection in every kind of relationship. Until we heal fears of intimacy /vulnerability, and we are willing to learn how to communicate loving kindness intimately with our partner, while acting transparently, we will not experience deep intimate bonds. We must rid ourselves of all judgment, facade and manipulation in the scope of relationships and intimate relating.

Take steps to clear and heal your emotional state when you recognize inner pain, or inner violence directed towards relationships, yourself or partner. Inquire on the nature and source of the pain, fear or anger. It is this unresolved pain and fear that block hearts from deeply connecting. Even if we realize our relationship is complete, we can evolve the relationship to a higher expression of mutual love and acceptance. This attracts the easiest transition to elevate our selves to the correct frequency match. Continue to develop skillsets to clear relationship based pain and fear, and improve communication skills and lifestyle habits that support intimate sharing with your partner.

The possibility of consciously evolving our relationships into bonds of loving-kindness starts with us, and our own personal level of emotional availability and our capacity to be intimate and access deep feelings. We must learn accurate assessment, trustworthiness, and not project fantasies and delusions on prospective or current relationships, which generally end in sexual misery and have disastrous consequences for our children and families. Making some inquiry into our relationship patterns at this time may be helpful to gain deeper clarity.

  • Is there any pain or resentment that you hold in relationship? Are you willing to accept responsibility for your feelings and forgive the pain, past and present?
  • What kind of relationship/s do you want? What has defined your intimate relationships? Can you accept responsibility for the state of your relationship/s now?
  • What brings you closer to your intimate partner, what pushes you away?
  • Are you aware of your intimate partner’s likes or dislikes? What builds intimate connection in your relationship with them?
  • Do you feel loved by your partner and is your partner feeling loved by you? How can you improve loving feelings?
  • What time and energy are you willing to put into developing loving kindness and intimacy in this relationship?
  • How might you make them aware of your interest in building greater loving connection on a number of levels?
  • Has this relationship served its full purpose and is it complete now? Are you willing to know this? Can you release it fully without blaming anyone?
  • Can you focus on bringing lower sexual drives up into your heart and crown to connect heart to heart, expressing loving kindness during intimacy?

In having greater clarity about what has defined relationships that have previously not been based on loving kindness, service and spiritual development, we can clarify new ways to affirm our dedication to our spiritual principles. When we dedicate the practice of the Law of One to our relationships or to ourselves, we shift current relationships or attract the aligned spiritual mate for us at this time. Some guidelines for the Service to Others and Mastering Love in our relationships:

  • The inspiration to serve, love and give to your partner’s spiritual development/ personal mission, health, happiness and wellbeing is a natural expression that emanates from selfless giving and sustained nourishment.
  • Emotional issues or energetic conflicts are calmly and accurately represented devoid of emotional drama, blame or exaggeration. Both parties are willing to communicate and willing to forgive and let it go.
  • Peace, harmony, friendship and nourishment in a comfortable setting, is the energetic quality and deeply intimate feeling of these relationships. Any type of verbal, mental, emotional, or physical abuse is nonexistent. Partners speak to others about their spouse in kind loving ways.
  • Interactions and communications between partners is maintained with mutual respect, honor and transparency. There is nothing that is intentionally hidden, deceived, contrived or manipulated. If it is subconscious, it will surface and both parties will gently recognize “it”, then establish the guidelines to bring that subconscious material into conscious awareness and emotional reconciliation. Ambiguity and confusion is identified as a weakness and is directly dissolved with the mutual desire to communicate and develop consistent energetic clarity.
  • Expectations are not present. Expectation is replaced with Appreciation. There is natural energetic flow of balance in which both parties assume active-passive exchanges, which are ever evolving and changing to suit the environmental needs. There is no such thing as harping on your partner, because each one shares the responsibility to keep the mutual space comfortable and peaceful. Both partners feel acknowledged and appreciated for their part.
  • Mystery, seduction, charisma and deceiving behaviors do not have a place in the transparency of a Krystic relationship. Intimate bonding is stemming from unconditional love based on a mutually clear, open, honest assessment of circumstances and of both partners. Fantasy projections, overly romanticized ideals, addictions, hero/damsel in distress, savior/martyr (mostly fictionalized from Victim archetypes), and sexual vampires have no place in this relationship.

These are new relationship templates being created on this planet, and they take an advanced skillset in clearing negative ego and pain body before this can be effortlessly experienced and achieved. It is important to realize this kind of clarity and bond in a loving relationship can be experienced, and honor the relationships that we have had in our lifetime. Every relationship is an opportunity to gain self-energetic mastery and self-knowledge and is an important stepping-stone to spiritual consciousness development that leads to inner energetic balance and then outer sacred union (Hieros Gamos).

Embrace these changes if they occur, as they are divine interventions to protect your heart and soul to unite with your true spiritual purpose. This action is sourced in spiritual freedom and love.

Ascension Timeline for Consciousness Corridor 

The time has come where the consciousness bifurcation on planet earth has necessitated additional evolutionary frameworks for servicing the wide spectrum of human consciousness through the Founder Guardian and Krystal Star planetary hosting. Krystal Star hosting means the reclamation of the Universal Laws and Principles, which are the essential nature of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, which is built upon the 12 Strand DNA Silicate Matrix design. To rebuild the architecture of the Diamond Sun Body upon this earth and reassemble the holographic template of Christ-Sophia recorded throughout the past, present and future earth timelines, the Guardian Founder Races state the guidelines of the Cosmic Law Evolution Edict.

Non-Human Personality/Ego (1D-11D)

Polarity: Any Polarity or Dimension
Identity: Non-Human Ego, Predator Mind, Fallen Consciousness or Fragmented Mind
Law or PrincipleService to SelfPredator Mind
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Rehabilitation
Polarity Integration HealingLuciferian and Satanic Forces

Description: The many gestalts of entities that make up the NAA violent predator minds, Fallen Angelic, Moon Lineages, Fallen Elohim, Orion Group, Fallen Annu and other feral negative egos that invaded the earth to imprison the consciousness are in violation of Cosmic Law. They are systematically being read their rights under the Book of Universal Law through Founder Guardians. These entities will be transited to the Andulucia system located in the Orion Molecular Cloud Burst and Eridanus constellation for rehabilitation under evolution edict of Founder Guardian Sponsor. The Fallen Negative Ego consortium of Archontic entities whose primary consciousness are predatory thoughts and belief systems of hatred, fear, war and killing exist in the Anti-God and Anti-Christ paradigm. The Founder Guardians refer to these intruder races as the Vandal Groups, such as the Vandals of Eri-Andu. The alien architecture, its toxic waste fields and miasma residue created by these entities is being systematically depolarized inside a vacuum in the unmanifest fields and then recycled back into the Void. The method used is that it is sent through the Mothers Aqua Ray Vortex, which organically processes the material based on the laws of its own nature. Human Souls that have been trapped in the alien architecture or in phantom spaces will be freed and placed in 4D positive/negative rehabilitation. Transits for polarity integration healing on the appropriate consciousness pathways are ongoing and apart of the mission upgrades for Ascension Plan B.

Ascension Choice – Y/N? No- There is no individual choice for these groups, therefore no pathway of Ascension. They are being evicted their holographic record is collapsing, which may result in annihilation in the timelines from non-cooperation. As the planetary collective fields are reconstituted into the Ascension Host fields, they are not hospitable to their species, therefore these events may induce self-harm or form destruction.

Personality/Ego 3D 

Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human Egos
Law or Principle: Service to Self, Negative Ego
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Rehabilitation
Polarity Integration Healing: Satanic Forces – False Mother

Description: Humans with Negative Ego fear based belief systems that are extremely dogmatic, rigid or violent, tshaped through mind controlled religion, science, academic or dark ignorance, are disconnected from spiritual consciousness and soul, and unwilling to change, adapt, evolve or learn any content beyond their current material beliefs. The Personality/Ego is threatened and will judge, lash out, punish and use deception and fear to control others. The toxic field and miasma residue of these humans is being depolarized and returned into the Void through the Mothers Aqua Ray Tunnel Vortex. Those humans who are possessed, worship SRA or are psychopathic, will be placed with the Vandal groups for rehabilitation upon death of the body and may lose their privilege of human body incarnation. Many humans in this group are currently being absorbed into the Fallen Angelic or Predator Mind collectives in the earth. When they pass their body, they will also pass sections of this fallen angelic group mind out from the earth body.

Ascension Choice – Y/N? No- There is no individual choice for these groups, therefore no personal pathway of Ascension. They will accept rehabilitation or not upon death of the body.

Personality/Ego 3D

Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human Egos
Law or Principle: Service to Self, Positive Ego
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Others
Polarity Integration Healing: Luciferian Force – False Father

Description: People that do not participate with their spiritual ascension or consciousness evolution, are primarily focused on materialism, but have developed the minimum amount of loving kindness and nonjudgmental behavior towards others. The remainder of their time on earth they will receive life lessons to continually let go of personal egoic or material needs in order to serve the needs of another. These lessons of selflessness will have direct consequences to their Ascension choice, if they digress in polarity they will lose their choice. Neutral polarity will automatically ascend to New Earth Law to practice Service to Others and master Love as a healing force in many different situations. Some of this group will be claimed by the positive Annunaki-Nephilim families to return to their home planet.

Ascension Choice – Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to another earth-like planet. They are presented with the opportunity to awaken in their human body or during the 3 Day bardo process of death transition of the body. This group must learn about the Soul, Group consciousness and Service to Others to remove quarantine. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Soul Matrix (4D-5D-6D)

Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human Souls, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Soul and Group Consciousness
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Others
Polarity Integration Healing: 2D/4D Split and Astral Heart Healing (collective race healing), Discern Imposter Forces

Description: People that are very loving and heart based however have soul Soul Fragmentation and mind control issues from severe trauma, or abuse from which they have not yet recovered. They still have inner violence and fear. This may include those that have alien implants, have been abducted, hybridized or undergone severe SRA related trauma while on the earth. This group has the choice to comprehend the deeper reasons of this trauma history, review the consequence of their actions, through applied lessons of unconditional forgiveness to heal their relationship to the Divine Mother principle. Primary goal is soul healing in the astral heart levels to shift into the positive polarity to begin to learn about the Soul and Service to Others. Non-Human Souls – Return to Home Planet or Galaxy to heal and integrate soul mission on earth.

Ascension Choice – Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to another earth-like planet, which will be presented as an opportunity to awaken in human body or during the 3 Day bardo process, during the death transition of the body. This group must learn about the soul triad and master Service to Others to be released from quarantine. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Soul Matrix (4D-5D-6D)

Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human Souls, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Service to Others, Soul and Group Consciousness
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Love, Mastering Love Force
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Controlling Ego Desires, Devotion to Divine Will, Transcend Spiritual Obstruction to the Soul through Mastering Love Force

Description: Soul awakened initiates that are very heart centered and practice compassion and loving kindness behaviors. They are aware of their heart and do their best to listen to their heart guidance and practice loving others unconditionally. Many in this group have lessons of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of unusual relationships, to master unconditional states of loving others. Connecting with Soul mates and early stages of male and female energetic balance learning sacred marriage to build spiritual wings (Michael-Mary Healing). Disciplining the mind to develop intuition, clarity in higher sensory perception to discern the soul realms positive and negative polarities. In order to move to the monad levels one enters Dark Arts Training to discern the light from the dark without judgment. This dark hologram comes from negative forms in other dimensions in time. Many people get stuck here because they will not move into neutral from positive polarity, which is the love and light syndrome. Introduction to the Law of One and Unity consciousness begins through exposure to spiritual knowledge or life lessons. To progress one will undergo knowledge of some earth galactic history and have some awareness of the Lightbody function and its inner spirit crucifixion. Non-Human Souls – Return to Home Planet, Galaxy to heal and integrate soul mission.

Ascension Choice – Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to New Earth planet, which will be presented as opportunity to awaken in human body or during the 3 Day bardo process of death transition. This group must learn about 5D and 6D Soul Laws and have mastered Service to Others. This means removal of all lower desires and needs stemming from the Ego, devoting oneself to divine will and working through the higher celestial angelic mind. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Monad Matrix (7D-8D-9D)

Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human and Non-Human Monads, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Love with Spiritual Knowledge
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Law of One, Service to Love and Knowledge, Mastering Love
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Knowledge to Serve Others, Transcend Monadic Obstruction, Service to the Law of One

Description: Monad initiates access into the higher spiritual mind realms and learns to master the functions of mind acquired in hidden knowledge. One synthesizes knowledge into wisdom through the access to unconditional love through the Holy Mother and Holy Father, the true parent. These higher mind realms are Metatronic and have both positive and negative polarities and phantom worlds, which need to be accurately discerned to accomplish the task of embodied wisdom and embodied love. Monadic bodies access higher and lower etheric waters, plasma fields, which are also to gain discernment of these etheric elements. Monadic initiation must integrate knowledge with love, in the Will to Good and in Service to Others. If spiritual knowledge is abused, the person and monadic family will “fall”. Acquiring Knowledge without Mastering Love and Service generally digresses to abuse of power and abuse of others. If severe power abuses remain un-reconciled, the consciousness may undergo quarantine for rehabilitation. To achieve positive polarity one must revisit lessons of purely unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness to learn how to Master Love as force in all circumstances. Non-Human Monad – Return to Home Planet, Galaxy to heal and integrate monadic mission.

Ascension Choice – Y/N? Yes – There is individual choice for Ascension to evolve on Paths of Service based upon Monadic body and Ray configuration. Rare on earth at this time. There will be no mind control, no memory wiping and full disclosure.

Monad Matrix (7D-8D-9D)

Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human and Non-Human Monads, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Law of One
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Cosmic Law of One, Cosmic Path of Unity, Ascending Architects of Light
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Law of One, Cosmic Path of Universal Divine Will, Unity Consciousness

Description: Positive Polarity Monads will attract union with their opposite genetic equal to begin to create inner sacred marriage or hierogamic union of opposites. This level of hierogamic union begins the building of the Krystal architecture for Rod and Staff, and repairing the splitting in the triad of the monadic mind. This is the Light Warrior of the Phantom Worlds, they find and collect Monad and Soul body fragments to Return to Rightful Owner and educate others to learn Service to Others and Law of One paradigm. Planetary grid work begins and becomes every day normal activity to be a vessel of environmental and energetic harmonization. Neutral Monads initiate into the higher liquid plasma fields and begin Christos Reclamation and restoration of the Son and Daughter Christos-Sophia diamond body principle. Neutral Monadic completion begin the mission for their next evolution path of service, while learning how to integrate Ascended Master Rainbow Body, Cosmic Path of Unity, and Cosmic Christ Consciousness in whatever area of service path they choose to evolve.

Ascension Choice – Y/N? Yes – There is individual choice for Ascension to evolve Paths of Service based upon Monadic body and Ray configuration. Neutral evolves up through the Spiritual Liquid Plasma Fields and Cosmic Christos body reclamation all the way up to the Founder levels. Rare on earth at this time. Most of this group is already freed of mind control subservience, no memory wiping and full disclosure.

Diamond Sun Matrix (12D-48D)

Polarity: Neutral
Identity: Oraphim Starseeds and Platinum Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, Sovereign Service to the Universes
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Cosmic Law of One, God-Sovereign-Free, Path to Logos/Founders
Polarity Integration Healing of the Worlds: Ascended Master of Unity, Peace and Balance in the Cosmic World of Forces

Description: The Cosmic Christos consciousness returns to the matter worlds to ensure the Ascension timeline of God-Sovereign-Free will remain for the earth body and all her earth kingdoms. Reclamation of Krystal DNA rebuilds the Diamond Sun Body, Mothers Sophianic body and the diamond heart for the earth in past, present and future timelines. Restores the Universal Laws, builds the structure for the Holy Mother and Holy Father principle while embodying the Holy Spirit of Gods Trinity in form. Connects to all Christ Consciousness Identities as one Avatar of Ascension throughout all Universal time and space. Capable of transfiguration of body in merkaba or projects consciousness after dropping earth body to newly created Diamond Sun body in Paradisian Fields. Able to travel anywhere in the Omniverses, and serve the highest expressions of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This is the path of the true Ascended Master that is unbound to any space, time or identity. May choose a principle for main form expression, such as Master of Peace, Master of Love, Master of Bliss, Master of Compassion or Aspects of the Laws of One. Christ Ascended Masters are in sacred marriage with their God Counterpart. They are free to journey anywhere in the Omniverses and take part in other planet, galaxy or creation schemes in service to the Oneness. Many Christ Masters came to the earth to reclaim their counterpart that was in service to help unify the earth. Christ Starseed Sleepers on the earth will be given full disclosure.

Closing Thoughts

We must remember that the majority of the Negative Ego inherent in the collective consciousness that is observed in the human race on the earth today is the product of Negative Alien interference through mind control. Systematically, this alien architecture and its enslavement functions that impair the mind principle and consciousness are being removed, repaired and rehabilitated. Yet many generations of people have become interdependent on these alien structures of mind control, believing that these false edifices define who they are. Many humans have inherited dysfunctional belief systems and behaviors through their biological families and cultural programing, which are deeply based in fear and hate. This programing will evolve to conclusion through the die off process in the longer term. We know that in the death process, this may be transformed into something fertile where new consciousness growth can take place. There, life is renewed. However, what we are observing as the incredible violence today is the process of death transition in the old regime, the death of the negative ego.

If we use the negative ego to perceive reality we suffer greatly, and so the great work is to let it all go. We must love and accept ourselves for who we are NOW and not who we think we should be. This is a significant progression in the Ascension Timeline for planet earth and is very complex, as it relates to transforming everything we have ever known as an earthling.

Be in this world and not of it. Take care of your body. Practice loving kindness, which are the Krystic spiritual principles in your life and know you are protected and safe in this Love, have no fear. Many will be fooled by what is transpiring as if the darkness is advancing its control over the world. That which was always hidden must surface to be revealed for purging and exit. Humanity will perceive these signs in the material world through their own level of developed spiritual consciousness or through the masses, which in the large majority is limited to the negative ego rhetoric. Keep patience and persevere in collecting the pearls of truth on your spiritual journey and never let your gaze sway from the Force of Love that is God. 

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


The above information from Energetic Synthesis can be viewed and/or listened to in its entirety here.


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  1. Clawhammer, I find your comment the most intelligent one of all. I believe if one cannot prove something with the naked eye or any of the 5 senses then… I have a bumper sticker that says “Because God has Made it Clear to Mankind, Mankind is without Excuse” & it shows a mama elephant with a papa elephant & a baby elephant, along with the zebra family.

  2. This was very useful to me and I also read the link “hidden hand”.
    Now at last I know the truth about Yaweh and Lucifer.

  3. How can you tell when it is disinformation? The litmus test is actually pretty easy – when you see that the take home message is to be “nice” – IOW in service to others and maybe “raise your vibration” and otherwise being asked to remain in the spectator seats then you can be pretty sure that you are being fed disinformation. The more credible disinformation sources, like what you see in the ‘compilation’ article above, will contain pearls of wisdom, but if you follow only what is suggested, those who exploit and subjugate you will be quite pleased with your “contribution to ascension.” Ascension is something that, if it happens, will happen to ALL of humanity and only happen as a result of healing that is done at the behest of a quorum of humans who are partnering with the Divine Realm and Source Creator in effective, powerful and knowledgeable prayer. Just my buck three eighty. Victory to the Divine Human!

  4. This will be recorded in the records of time as NOT the way to ‘nudge’ humans into growth for IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE SO VIOLENT!!! What has resulted is the complete corruption of a portion of males who allowed themselves to fall into the traps of arrogant single-energy male beliefs of superiority who seek complete control of others. The belief they have the right to do what he can get away with, no matter the cost to another or even himself continues to create karma for themselves, more then they can expect to ever pay off. Therefore, the loss of ‘Y’ chromosomes is forcing men to rethink their attitudes of superiority.

    When women were told to marry men to keep them separate from the ever increasing arrogance of other males, so they can learn love and balance, females sacrificed themselves and denied the Higher More Noble I AM Presence. Unfortunately, today, many females emulate male arrogant behaviors to assure their survival, a price too great to pay in my estimation, for it will continue to create the same problems created by males who believe “If you can’t eat it, use it, fuck it: kill it”.

    Solutions can only be found when both males and females are balanced and love and respect themselves.

  5. Another poor understanding. Catholics and Christians have confused the name Lucifer with Satan. A lot of these “Starseed Woman” “or new age gurusses” have never been initiated or introduced into the many esoteric circles. Resulting in horrible and confused information such as this one.

    She also confused the “KALACHAKRA CONCEPT” of imprisonment of “SPIRIT” to “MATTER” and that SATAN is no other than the primal concept of the Sephiroth and it incarnates as Jehovah. One of the names of the beast.

    Reality is that LUCIFER is non existing in the bible as a devil and that is name is BUTCHERED by true Satanists as he is the one who brought Gnosis to men. The Graal is “not” blood on a cup but rather a “STONE THAT COMES FROM THE OTHER SIDE”. An uncreated stone known to the LADT TRUE GNOSTICS TO BE THE GRAAL.

  6. The Hidden Hand interview was no interview. He appeared on AboveTopSecret.c om and everyone was welcomed to pose questions.
    This is the link:

  7. “For some women there is a cycle of death and then regeneration that may be experienced in the female reproductive organs at any biological age.”

    I was unable to have a child and would love to have my reproductive organs healed and have the opportunity to have a child, if I choose to at this age. Especially since the evil is being remove and a new earth created.

    The article on Law of One, helped me with the word “service.” For some reason I felt it meant slave. Service is “Unconditional Love.”
    I am very excited to continue my spiritual journey.

    This article was beautiful.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Deborah, first of all, I need to let you know that I shall never be able to feel and know what it does to a woman who longs for motherhood, for I'm no mother biologically. I do hope you're still excited, while continuing your spiritual journey, since you wrote your comment here.

      Whenever there's a longing to see your wish for motherhood realized in the NOW moment, a yearning, please keep in mind that with your energetic quality of the organs used for the arrival of a baby, you can manifest a quality of motherhood that translates into the nurturing of your own inner child, and the children or inner childs in others, plus the creative work of your hands, and other creative expressions that you may know of and possibly aspire.

      We women are born with the capacity to nurture, and care, with an almost "allseeing eye" for detail, for the state of being that living beings find themselves in, even the garden, the land that feeds us in return for the work of our hands and the love we express through it. It's what's at present the expression I choose to be alive and alove in. Finding the balance between give-and-take, the value of what's called "havingness" in the School for Intuitive Development and Creativity, which I've attended in the Netherlands.

      I think I understand how you felt that the word "service" meant "slave". I'm familiar with the Law of One, and its calm levelheaded manner of speaking, expressing enormous wisdom, as I perceive it.

      When "service" meant "slave", Orthodox Jewish women could never find a way to escape out of their role as breeders. Or cleaners in hospitals, offices and streets in cities. When they do their work, nobody pays attention, but when the work stops, suddenly they're receiving much attention! 🤔

      Women in their family or at work, can be present as if invisible, unnoticed, until they walk out of slavery or die. When it's welcome, this movie "Unorthodox" is a story of breaking free from an Orthodox Jewish community:

      May you enjoy the journey of your life and love, blessed be, Devon.

  8. Why wouldn’t the mockingbird media extend its tentacles into the communities full of the nicest people on earth? I’ve seen them destroy over 15 years the core values and intelligence of my favorite community on earth – basically children – and now I’m an outcast there. Now I don’t even care if I die alone, you’ll never have my mind, I’m a free being.

  9. This is what really sets me off:
    “We must love and accept ourselves for who we are NOW and not who we think we should be”

    The only constant is change. NOW is the realization of my failures. The only thing that’s kept me going is the dream of my ultimate form. It’s ALL about what you want to be. Even the technology they demonize is meant to be used for good and your own destiny, ethics exist for a reason, and some people are doing that despite the scorched earth drag-you-all-down-with-me counter-agendas. Disempowering people you’re creating legions of sheep begging to be enslaved.

    • Hello Clawhammer, I know that I'm at risk to receive a bitterness as response to my comment, that you're expressing in many of your comments here. Although I've got a hunch that by swimming upstream, to find the truth, you'll reach a destiny of your liking. I know people who are so angry all of the time, just because they're frustrated with seeing unhappiness all around them, suffering.
      How much can we carry on our shoulders? How much are we able to navigate on one single day in our lives? To be sure, I'm learning every day!

      I hope you'll find the peace of mind and space within, one day, where you'll realize that your failures are the conclusions you've made about yourself. The judge in your court wears your face, see?
      Since these (supposed) failures are yours, you're free to start an exchange with what's part of the dream of your ultimate form. Ethics exists for a reason, yes I agree. Make good use of them for yourself, I suggest, and break free from the stuckness that holds you down with a label of your making. Blessed be.

  10. “Many are also suicidal because they are completely unable to handle the energies we are receiving at this time.” “Over the next few years the tragic nature of the death of the body may be very hard to observe in the masses.” Ah that’s too bad, casualties of change/war I guess, you should’ve said so, I’ll leave the cracks alone then. Wait who started the earthquake?

    The “Holy Mother”? Now that we’re under the thumb of a depopulation nightmare, can you see deities espousing chastity in a different light? How does the virgin mary fit into the pleiadian sex cult again?

    This is so insanely complicated, I’ve gone through so many of these stories, and there is never one shred of material reality I can feel with my paws. So how do I know an AI didn’t write this entire story, a neural network that keeps refining itself (I doubt the site authors would be aware)? Remember the Age we’re in? The child mind? Yahweh was ascribed in abrahamic religions the wanton slaughter of children and young animals, was that a smear campaign too? I knew something was wrong with catholicism when I was 5 and my mother told me animals had no souls and were purely there to feed us. In the last two years I’ve abandoned everything I knew and decided to judge all these “gods”, “light beings”, “angels” and actors by the simplest libertarian ethics I know: knowledge, love, liberty, science, journalism, ethics itself. Everything is about ethics, I believe that’s what a true god would say, it’s what makes love possible on this earth.

    I keep getting distracted by descriptions of 50 matrices because it’s my nature, but deep down – with no history, religion or anything else – discovery, experience and naturalism turn out to be enough to keep me on a path that feels right. No scripture, god or new age has been a substitute. Others are being frightened to death back into the loving arms of their birth religion, but if you want your origins why aren’t you looking to the oldest cultures like Natives, Sumer, Buddhism, Egypt (none of which look pure – all religions became politicized – but look at their ethics)? Oh right, academia is (non-sarcastically) half corrupt. Somehow in this universe life evolved for us, I believe to experience love, but the pillars are things like knowledge and liberty, there’s no love without them. I’m not convinced these “gods” are even capable of it, maybe that’s why they resent us so much they torture us physically first then psychologically? Several of the matrix stories are clearly psyops to shepherd a herd and it’s amazing to entertain the possibilities but you guys, I follow no authority and never will, I’m not a god and neither are they to me.

    What shepherd treats his sheep as spiritual equals? The shepherds always want to be your gods. Universal spiritual communism, Akhenaten. Even the “Galactic Federation” referenced in Cobra’s old posts hints at this school of thought. Puritanism.

    I’m so tired. Trust is earned or you let evil use love against you. I still get lost in these stories while everyone is being thrown into poverty, destitution and physical destruction of the human brain, they drink martinis on yachts, and I’m starting to feel complicit.

    • Clawhammer, I find your comment the most intelligent one of all. I believe if one cannot prove something with the naked eye or any of the 5 senses then… I have a bumper sticker that says “Because God has Made it Clear to Mankind, Mankind is without Excuse” & it shows a mama elephant with a papa elephant & a baby elephant, along with the zebra family.

    • Clawhammer, I find your comment the most intelligent one of all. I believe if one cannot prove something with the naked eye or any of the 5 senses then… I have a bumper sticker that says “Because God has Made it Clear to Mankind, Mankind is without Excuse” & it shows a mama elephant with a papa elephant & a baby elephant, along with the zebra family.


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