The first principle of medical and health care practice is to do no harm. Furthermore, evidence-based medical information should be the determining factor in all governmental healthcare rules, policies, and procedures. The current government measures regarding COVID are not supported by evidence-based medical research and many of these measures are harmful to individuals, families and society in general. In partnership with Canadian Health Alliance, based on the lack of medical evidence and harm being caused, we call on all levels of government to immediately stop promoting the following measures:

· Lockdowns and physical distancing · Promoting the use of masks · Handwashing and cleaning surfaces with toxic disinfectants · Quarantines of asymptomatic people and social isolation · Using RT-PCR testing on people · Advocating inadequately tested gene-modifying COVID-19 vaccinations (insufficient human and animal trials) · Unnecessary COVID-19 policies at hospitals and other health care facilities · Business closures or restrictions · Restrictions on churches and places of worship · Closures of public facilities including schools, playgrounds, parks and recreational facilities · Misrepresentation of the COVID situation in the media · The use of fear and other psychological coercion techniques

The CANADA HEALTH ALLIANCE is a non-profit collaboration of medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners from across Canada whose common goal is to protect the rights of our patients to access the highest quality healthcare available, continued freedom of choice, and autonomy through informed consent.

Our goal is to halt the misuse of power by politicized public health “experts” currently being conveyed through damaging COVID-19 public health policies that are destroying Canadian society and the health of Canadians.

You can watch the video here:  Canadian Doctors


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  1. We understand this but the doctors are asking too much politically, and so they will get nothing. You could start with some individual points that might be politically realistic.

  2. Finally, some straight talk from Canadian doctors. Yesterday, while watching the UK debate about vaccine-passports, after the government received a petition with 300,348 votes against it, a remark was made about the slowness with which Canada was rolling out the vaccination program. The explanation for it was, according to the person who made this remark “Canada doesn’t have its own vaccine production, for the investment in it has stopped due to a decision in Washington. It was thought of as unnecessary to continue this investment” It was said with an undertone of disdain.

    I realized how extreme Britain reacts towards President Trump’s presidency in the last 4 years. When I lived 4, 5 years in Britain, and he was cut in pieces in papers, and by people, who I’ve met in person. I’m realizing in fast forward mode, how each person’s narrative, nowadays, stands alone almost. In my personal close circle and in the vaccine-passports-debate of yesterday, in the UK.

    There were pro-and-contra arguments, presented in that typical British style, with much pomp and circumstance, each member of the debate addressing others with “your honourable so-and-so” and “gentleman” or “lady”. It makes my toes laugh and curl.
    At any rate, the true reason for Canada’s slowness in rolling out a vaccination program may be the presence of these doctors who present a sensible, straight talk.

    Tomorrow there’s elections in the Netherlands, after the government fell in January. The number of “parties” in the 2nd Chambre (2e kamer) is the highest ever, and one party is outspoken about returning to life in freedom asap. It’s called Forum for Democracy, and the founder, Thierry Baudet, is a man who stirred the pot 4 years ago by gaining huge votes, by surprise. Many remarks I hear around me now, like “It’s time this comes to an end, it’s been enough”. I think so too. I’m still holding this vision inside, about this month of March, offering a gamechanger that is unheard of and unimagined by most of us.

    My sister is flabbergasted by the fact that I’m a fan of this man’s throwing of the applecart with rotten apples in it, for she believes the slander and gossip, about this man, that is mixed in the soup of tv, pulp-magazines, and Facebook. I asked her “Don’t you know that what the telly tells you is controlled and fabricated to fill the manger for the sheep?” She didn’t respond, and I’ve decided to not discuss politics or the pandemic with her. I’m all the time surprised by the opinions of those eating from that manger.
    Thank you for this post, it’s much appreciated.

  3. Does anyone realize that a virus can pass through a mask the same as air? A virus is not an insect, it’s a molecule. We just want to block moisture droplets.
    So a mask should be one thin breathable layer of fabric and hang loosely around the chin. Can you dig it?

  4. Well you certainly catalogued the whole sorry business there. This should be a world wide class action for criminal fraud and genocide and this gene editing medical procedure should be completely stopped in every country immediately because it is injuring and killing healthy people who are not being told the truth about what it truly is and what it truly does and that it is experimental ad not certified . When is someone in authority going to stand up and stop this from continuing. Take action on it NOW!

    • Hallo Rachel1469. How about taking action yourself? NOW? There’s always something you can do, when you feel the urge that something needs to be done, about…. whatever it is that you don’t agree with, and feel it should stop or change.

      Here’s an example:
      Recently, I’ve met a neighbour, who bangs a pot every evening at 21 pm, as his protest against curfew in the Netherlands. He’s been ordered to pay several fees and was taken to a police-cell for a few hours, last week, arrested after continuing his pot-banging.
      To this day he continues with it. It’s been in local papers. Every evening, a member of the police is recording the pot-banging.

      It’s due to this neighbour’s request to correct his grammar, in a letter he sends to his neighbours, regularly, that I came to know a bit more about him. It was a surprise 😮

      His background is Chile, he grew up in a dictatorship, and in the week he left his parental home, for school in an internat, at the age of 12, huge demonstrations were going on in Santiago, with a strike of the school-system. No school for the time being, when his schooling should’ve begun, in sync with his first-time-leaving his parents’ home.

      He stood in the central square and felt empowered, powerful. Or so he told me, when I asked him how he felt. When I asked him if the result of the mass-protest was rewarding, he said “Of course not, we were in a dictatorship”.

      In Chile, pot-banging was an activity all through society, for a long time as well. The sound of an empty pot is also a message of living with hunger, that’s where it’s been practiced too, in times of scarcity, and suppression.

      When I asked my neighbour how he felt while banging his pot, he answered “Powerful! Empowered! and he laughed like a 12 year old boy, with much bewilderment underneath it. That was an eye-opener for me, but I didn’t say anything. I asked him if he felt that his activity was rewarding.

      He answered, laughing “Yes, my neighbours all agree with me, and they’ll wake up more and more. It’s only 2 neighbours calling the police. We’re all supposed to wake up, for we’re in a curfew. We’re not supposed to be locked up in the home, after 21 pm at night. I feel much empowered by pot-banging, almost like being in love, the adrenaline. My heart is warmer and grows bigger”. Hearing this, I felt something was out of sync, out of phase, in this man.

      What’s my conclusion about this story? This man smokes cannabis every day, all day long, for 20 years. You can imagine that it shows, in his appearances and in his view on himself and the world. It’s like living with a cloud covering the sun. One’s own sun. Sweet smoke in a world of his own, a sublimation of bewilderment and pain.

      To me, the short interval with this neighbour (I’m taking a step back from being in touch) is a teaching in how we all find our solutions in dealing with trauma, with bewilderment, and sadness. And also, it shows me how intelligent talk can be a cover up of an immature emotional condition in a person. It changes my outlook on the slogan I love: “Walking one’s talk” (or the reverse) Amazing 🤔 My own standards can put blinkers on!

      It seems that many people are stumbling, falling over their core-issues, now, me included. I believe it’s why clashes are fierce, between 2 people or 2 groups, in political parties. Take the United States for example. But it’s not very different in the Netherlands, where there’s an election today, March 17. Clashes have turned into the crashing of the government, in January, with the cabinet falling. We’ve been without a government, for a while. How great it feels 😉

      If it wasn’t so serious, in a way, it could be watched as a Monty Python sketch, or episodes of the Adam’s family, or the Simpsons. Or the Bold and the Beautiful (Gosh!!)

      Coming back to your comment, why I felt triggered to respond to it, I believe that the time of waiting, until the nightmare ends, is over. You may ponder this: how likely is it that “someone in authority is going to stand up and stop this from continuing?”.

      Ponder the possibility that it’s not intended to stop, by those in positions of authority. At least, a small portion of it, that seeks to keep their manger filled eternally, by minizing the world-population. We’re not supposed to live in freedom, health and harmony, according to those feeding from that manger.

      I’m not waiting until the nightmare is over. I’m cleaning ship, sweeping with new brooms, as we say in the Netherlands. We’re the ones we’re waiting for, if you see what I mean.

      There’s a precious beauty, in how the laws of life join the grace of spirit. To me, it’s a realm where words are absent, in a silence that speaks 1000 words in no time, 360 degrees. All held inside the 💗🙏🌹

      Here’s my video-recording, recently puslished, with my research-results, and views on the the nature of our present pandemic, the management of it:
      The Emperor’s New Clothes – a metaphor
      There’s a 2nd part as well.

      Just be the best version of yourself that you know how to be, that is enough. In that attitude, you won’t need to compare yourself with others or judge yourself 😌. For you are alright, you’re doing the best you can, no more is required or expected from you. Live in freedom 🙋‍♀️

  5. There is no virus. Although much of this info is optimistic, the time has come to stop speaking about this so called “infectious virus “ that has never been scientifically proven to exist, at all, ever. As much as we all crave hearing that we have T cells protecting us from SARS Cov2, it is misleading the public by perpetuating false information that sets us up for the next psyop. We have to come to the understanding that there simply is no scientific evidence that any virus exists. It’s just a word.


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