A CDC update Wednesday says individuals are more likely to survive the coronavirus after contracting it. The health agency says if you have the virus between the ages of 0 to 70, you have a 99% survival rate. And if you’re over 70, the survival rate is nearly 95%.

While this CDC update is a relief for many, doctors are extremely worried, and an NCH Healthcare System doctor hopes you still take precautions.

“My first thoughts are, ‘This is what I thought all along,’” said Pam Pischner, the owner of Grouper and Chips.

Pischner says she’s glad the CDC released the percentages.

“It will make people not so fearful,” Pischner said. “Get over the fear.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis also tweeted about the update, saying people in the age groups of 0 to 19 have a 99.997% chance of survival if they contract COVID-19, the age group of 20 to 49 a 99.98% chance, 50 to 69 years old 99.5% and 70 years old and above a 94.6% chance.

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“Obviously people can tell you there are people who need to be careful with any sort of disease,” said William Wehunt. “Other than that, let’s live our lives and open up.”

While some think only certain people should take precautions, doctors say everyone needs to keep their guard up.

“I am absolutely terrified we’re going to become too lax with precautions,” said Dr. Benjamin Abo with NCH.

Abo says the numbers are promising, but it’s not the time to be careless.

“While I’m happy about some of the numbers, and I’m happy we are going in a certain direction, it doesn’t mean we can let our guard down,” Abo said. “Otherwise, we will be right back to where we started.”

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  1. I work in an infectious disease office and they are making the vax mandated. I have to prove medically that I could be harmed if I take the vax. A few co-workers are similar and not wanting the vax. We are all being bullied by company made policy, even threatening our jobs. How do I tell these avid followers of the CDC that the vax isn't needed for safety. They are all fear mongering stating it is in the best interest of the patients. NOT! However, I need to not get vaxed or lose my job. Any ideas? Not leaving or moving to another state. They are strangely not open to data, as they are data driven all the way. I have data stacks of it to state my case, but they are all yelling Conspiracy theory. ARGH!

  2. It's still BS and a psyop, magically made better soon as CCP Biden installed as marionette in chief.
    CDC stats for normal flu season:
    2019-2020 38,000,000 cases
    2020-2021 1,822 !! Wow. Looks like "Covid" cured the flu! Or did they just move one into the other category to pad the stats?
    And how do they know how many "Covid" cases they have? By misusing PCR test conveniently now adjusted, once again, soon as Beijing Biden is put in.
    Game isn't over yet. they have been exposed as liars and phonies, and all the "worried" medics out there are either not healers but do-as-we-say Pharma drug pushers, or dupes going along for a paycheck. Disgraceful bunch of virtue signalers.

  3. How can we go right back to where we started when this is survivable by 99% of the population, Dr. Abo? I’m thinking those whom like the control over us with their other agendas against us are lamenting losing that control. Hence the fear of opening up. The lie is over though. We’re on to them. Open up…we’ll be just fine, just like we have been for over a year. Those whom like to control others will just have to get over it. We the people win.


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